The G2 'Swedish Rhapsody' Challenge
Welcome to the G2 Challenge. Below is a link to a complete transcription of a G2 transmission, recorded at ????GMT, on ??????, frequency 6201usb. It features 100 five figure groups. G2 transmits its messages in German, using the voice of a female child. Nothing is known about the content of G2 traffic, and absolutely nothing is known about the origin of this station. During the recent catastrophic flooding in Germany however, 'The Swedish Rhapsody' went off of the air. This is unprecedented in the stations history, and must give some indication of where the transmiter/s or station staff are located. The schedule of G2 is well known and very complex, and it appears on a wide variety of frequencies. 
Your task is to use whatever crypanalytic attack you can to decrypt this message. This cryptographic challenge is more daunting than the RSA challenge, because nothing is known about the algorithm used to encipher G2 transmissions. If it is possible to decrypt some if not all of this message, using a  massively networked brute force attack, we may be able to discern something about what the G2 transmissions really are, and who is responsible for them. Use whatever crypanalytic attack you can to decrypt this message. 
N.B. All email concerning this challenge must be PGP encrypted. 
All claims to the prize must be accompanied by a full written description of how the crack was executed, along with any software that was used to achieve the crack. It must be demonstrated that the crack is a genuine mathematical soultion, since we do not have the original plaintext in our posession. 
The Prize for the first person to email us a deciphered text along with the method employed in the crack will be an ancient Gold Roman coin.  The Judges decision is final. 
 Let the cracking begin!
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