A212: Burn Baby Burn
Presented in close association with HardWax records Berlin, Irdial-Discs presents Operation A-212. There are now only an average of 100 copies of each Irdial-Discs vinyl releases in existence, and Hardwax has every single remaining example. The last place that you can get these items from is HardWax. Period.
With one swift stroke, many of our problems are solved. With one manouvre we ramp up the level of potential energy that we store and voilently expell.


When we compressed our first WAV file with L3ENC in 1996 in we realized instantly that something amazing was going to happen. A pandoras box was opened, and a fearsome genie was released from its bottle.
Now, with operation A212 (the name of our old Storage Unit) we are “embracing dematerialization”. Our entire catalogue is being released for free, and all of our future releases will be [160/128]/44/MP3 released under the Free Music Philosophy. Linux is free. Tens of thousands of superb software works are free. All the best things in life are free, so why should not music too, be free?
On the sixteenth day of the sixth month of 1999, at 3:15PM, Irdial-Discs destroyed all of its legacy stock. Only one hundred examples of each catalogue item (where more than one hundred remained) were spared. All of the Vinyl is gone. All of the CDs are toast.
In the Irdial-Discs notebook, there is an phrase, dated June 17 1987 "Harnessing subversive thought to productive ends". Today in 2002 we are able to take the bull by the horns and make that phrase a reality; the idea that music in the form of software should be free, like the already popular free software that performs tasks, is subversive, radical and dangerous.
Our fight is against entropy. Time is the enemy of all men.

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