Saturday, January 26, 2002

Great Minds Drink Alike.
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My name is Fedia
I am from St.Petersbourg,

I just want you to know my name and my music.
The music made on the wild side of the world. The mix between
western culture and natural russian soul.

Let's break the boundaries together, the world is one and so
All you have to do is click any of these links and check the

I bet you should like it!
And if you can, do not hesitate to help me!
Thank you in advance
looking for a deal
seeking for

sincerely yours

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Friday, January 25, 2002

One of the simplest, strongest, and safest models is to enforce a rigid separation of data and code. The commingling of data and code is responsible for a great many security problems, and Microsoft has been the Internet's worst offender.

Here's one example: Originally, e-mail was text only, and e-mail viruses were impossible. Microsoft changed that by having its mail clients automatically execute commands embedded in e-mail. This paved the way for e-mail viruses, like Melissa and LoveBug, that automatically spread to people in the victims' address books. Microsoft must reverse the security damage by removing this functionality from its e-mail clients, and from many other of its products. This rigid separation of data from code needs to be applied to all products.
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This is freaky. 3rd test where I got the same results as Akin. Something is definitely wrong, but I can't make out what...

also, <- A weird russian site that appears to break several copyright laws. The search field gets you books. I found some nice ones there... Both english and russian :D
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A MASSIVE bungle threatens to halt production of the euro and land European Central Bank. They used a copyrighted sat image for the reverse of ten BILLION €uro notes without permission.

There has been a frantic scramble to re-design the notes, and the new designs are here:
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"Later I got a modem so I could browse the uni network from home. And that's when I became a cracker. Not a particularly good one, mind you; the sexless wimps who ran the network were impossibly inept."
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The problem with the future is it's already out of date. Are you impressed and awestruck by the technology of today or the near future? Is this the result of too much science fiction making us immune to the reality when it arrives?...coupled with corporate capitalism which cannot afford radical innovation and only provides what the relatively rich think they need? ... What has blown your (or, more appropriately, societys) mind since the moon landing? Why aren't we on Mars already? Why do we still use cars as the major transport system? Profit (greed), idleness, secrecy, isolationism, beaurocracy... can we blame these 'forces', or should we (as end users) be demanding more innovation and usefulness, rather than accepting more and more 'labour-saving' functions for existing technology packaged under the guise of innovation? Or am I wrong, and living in a world populated by a bored, disappointed minority of one?
This is Friday, the human political world is destroying the rest of the world faster by the hour, or so it seems, and my inherent optimism is taking a battering. But I continue to believe in the 'goodness' of people and the progression towards a more responsible society (with regard to .. everything). What other option do we have, except extinction? Anyway, it was in light of these 'Friday feelings' that I was reminded of how humanity appears to be letting itself down. But who to blame? I can only blame myself, get off my arse and do my best to follow my beliefs. FUNCTION NOT OBSERVATION. Try and ensure this comes to pass.
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Testing....also, you cannot ping more than once every five minutes, otherwise, you get this rather "I am a sysadmin" esque message:

"Thanks for the ping, however we can only accept one ping every five minutes. It's cool that you're updating so often, however, if I may be so bold as to offer some advice -- take a break, you'll enjoy life more."

You are bold, and no, you may not be so.
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OK people:
Whenever you post to BLOGDIAL and you check your post, please click on "ping" on the right.
I will fix it later so that it opens a tiny window that you can easily dismiss.
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-> 6am; It looks like it to me. Had a discussion with an american about it the other day via a news forum. I could post it here when I get home from work...
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-hold on a minute. is this a manditory mil service as is required in some
european countries? it's a bit hard to parse bills and government docs sometimes
but this is a coup no doubt.
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Thursday, January 24, 2002

Later, there will be a button on the "control panel" so that you can click the above link to tell that you have updated BLOGDIAL. For now, just click the link above to do the job every when you post.
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Back in the 1970's, there was a "man" called "Eddie Wolfram" who sold cassette recordings of live Rock concerts. His lists were legendary, containing literally thousands of recordings, that you could order by post.

There is aparently only one entry on the entire internet that refers to someone who might be him:

"People like Eddie Wolfram in Manchester and the guy who became Kenny Wisdom in South London provided a great public service, and it meant an awful lot to me to be able to get hold of supplementary recordings by the likes of Subway Sect, Prefects, the Postcard groups, the Postcard groups, Fire Engines and so on. Even now, I have stuff that's not appeared officially. Like the early Jazzateers recordings just before Postcard folded. This was the incarnation of the Jazzateers that envisaged the Velvets performing Jim Webb songs in an after hours Manhattan bar, as part of some strict anti-rock movement. These then were the years before Peel Sessions (Subway Sect, Slits, Prefects etc) were officially released, before the Buzzcocks' Times Up legally came out, and so on.

A hissy, muffled tape could count for a lot, and comparing notes later it is astonishing how cassettes were circulated. A chance conversation with James Dutton, the man behind Motion records, showed a tape of Vic Godard's infamous Northern Soul set at the Music Machine in 1980 which I got off Bobby and passed onto Vic many years later had reached James. A Jonathan Richman tape I got from Kenny Wisdom of the Modern Lovers live in the mid '70s was copied for Stephen Pastel or Aggi and in turn turned Everett True onto Jonathan Richman, and there are loads of stories like that. Even what we thought of as the 1978 Subway Sect demos later re-emerged on the 20 Odd Years compilation as tracks salvaged from the Gooseberry Studios sessions for the abandoned LP."

This is interesting for two reasons. Firstly, its amazing that someone so influential to the music scene for many years has only one mention on the internet. That is astounding. The second reason is that there is a new piece of software that someone has released to share live recordings of bands

Someone, somewhere, (or at least several dozen people combined) must have the entire Eddie Wolfram casette archive. It would be totally amazing if these recordings were ripped and then made available on rootnode.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

stop selling me drugs!!
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"The future seen here falls very much in the 1970s vision of the future as seen by the likes of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), The Andromeda Strain (1971), THX 1138 (1971) and Zardoz (1974) that the future had either become or was becoming such a place of technological perfection that we were all in danger of being drowned in sterility. Here society has been made perfect (some nicely futuristic locations in Dallas) but in all of it there seems a sense of serene dissatisfaction. One of the film’s most potent images is a frighteningly decadent one where a group of bored partygoers detonate trees with a flaregun. Although ironically of all 1970s dystopian futures Rollerball’s is the closest to actually having come true with its visions of a corporate elite ruling the world and cathartic ultra-violent sports being used to placate the masses - if you have any doubt about this look at the popularity of the Superbowl and the WWF. (Although contrary to what the film here says, both of these obtain mass catharsis through the promotion of individuality rather than its suppression)."
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(thanks km)

re:#1 i support the FMP! artists can make money at their
day jobs!!!!! do they need to be making millions and sleeping in till noon to be
creative? get a job and shut up musicians(term used loosely)!!!!

re:#2 if warner drops tori amos they are morons. which they already are. basically what
is happening and going to happen is that the industry will realise they cannot create a
market anymore without being too obvious. music is made by people in their studios
not by '"breaking" an act'.


grrrrrrrr and more crap. i went to the movies last night to see complete crap(place movie
name here___________). it was a disheartening experience of kkkonsumer kkkulture.
nonetheless they are remaking the classic rollerball. I AM MORE THAN PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAD AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

has everyone lost their minds???????
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Carthag: oh damn
[ soy boy ]: ?
Carthag: there was a police raid on christiania
Carthag: they got 1 mill DKR of hash :p
Carthag: thats roughly 120k USD

Annoying :P
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hmm let's see. dubdubdub dot google dot......c.o.m ok ok...
(*thinks "pretty coloured o's"*) ok ok here i am so now i type...
...........teen boys in no *grumble* uh hum....oh
i meant to type..mein fuhrer.....ok now hit enter. ah there it is!
at last i'm here! now i can cut taxes let the cities crumble and
make money for 'ol jack de westinghouse all in one fell swoop. just follow the
masters plan, it's gotta be here somewhere. speak to me ronnie
sprechen sie mit mir!!!!!!!!!
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Copehagen is a great city. Well recommended. Nice location, sea air, architecture... christiania.... bars that don't shut at 11pm.
Is London still the only major capital restricted by 1st and 2nd World War lighting laws?
I think it is.
Anyway, personal observations on Scandinavian women (for your information) after nearly 3 years living there... Swedish women are beautiful. As an Englishman you are struck dumb by the sheer numbers of them for the first few months. Then you realize they are all clones. Go to Copenhagen, Danish women are beautiful, but in a different way. There is a diversity lacking in Sweden. But both are cliquey and cold/stand-off-ish. Distant admiration is the most satisfactory ploy. Then move back to London. By christ, there are some ugly women here! BUT!!! London wins because, more than anything else (and on a purely aesthetic basis), variety rules and in such unparalleled variety there is a depth of beauty I've never found elsewhere (Paris, Milan, NY, SF, Madrid...). And to negate this sexist image, my wife thought the same about scandinavian men. Or so she says...

silent sound...
posted by Alun , 2:39 PM Þ Esoteric Tales. Quite interesting little comic.
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okay, not as exciting as designer vaginas et al.
BUT a big fat bald eagle just flew right past my window
with carrion in its claws! dangling and dripping!
and then another flew right behind it!

is this a sign???

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"Only a few days later - in 1993 - he was killed by a special military unit"
-the fastest way to heaven? aka el directo routo! reports!!
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Pablo Escobar
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Google image search for: prostitutes in glass cages
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doc,can you make mine look like this?
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"All this scratching is making me a biatch"
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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

hey dj
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Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch.
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"So this Friday I danced with a Latvian girl, got the phonenumber
of a German girl and ate the pussy of a Russian girl. Spend a million
€ and did not have fun." ok wait, i got it...... the reason you had no fun
is that you were spending euro's and not good 'ol bengamins. cold
hard tried and true us greenbacks. the only true currency in the world!!
(ok, let me have it...i'm ready. i have broad shoulders....)


are you feeling ok claus? is everything ok?

dav can you explain that last thing where you got f'd off at? i'm a bit
confused with those refs.
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Wow Claus, you sound like you have plenty of life to me...


posted by captain davros , 11:52 PM Þ 

Forget Danish girls.

" ......... perfectly acceptable ...... " they are not.
Never will be, because no hacks, no cracks, no knocks or numbers will get you past their bars.

So this Friday I danced with a Latvian girl, got the phonenumber of a German girl and ate the pussy of a Russian girl. Spend a million € and did not have fun.

I want more life fucker.
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go to gallery>>>>>...nuff said!
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Oh dear:

Note that the target of this site is NOT a political one; it is NOT the motive of these pages to promote any form of racial or ethnic supremacy.

NB: None of the individuals whose picture has been used on this site is in any way involved in this project. I have used them as examples of the physical anthropological features which make them representative of certain subracial categories. They do not necessarily share the views presented on this site.
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" ......... perfectly acceptable ...... "

i noticed something very odd when in arhus last may ....... 98% of the danish women below the age of 40 were of the incredibly beautiful, very healthy, scandinavian cliche type [ if( landscape == flat ) && ( bicycles == plentiful ) { population = healthy } ] .... after this age, the womens' bodies were, well, following the traditional route that bodies tend to take after a certain age ...... men were too, i would guess, but i wasn't paying so much attention to them ....... the odd thing is, that there appeared to be no signs of gradual decay, almost as if one day, the body all of a sudden decided to not conform to the stereotype
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True words. But I see none in my town. And I certainly don't stay at home twiddling my thumbs every night. I go out every weekend with some friends, and sure, there are girls, but none of them really seem worth the trouble. Maybe once I move to Copenhagen I can get to start fresh, cause this old town has offered all it has and I have declined the offers. At least the blind date will be for real. So I'll hold my bets on that for now. After all, I'll be there for a month minimum. At least back in gymnasiet (see high school/college or something), I met girls on a regular basis that weren't nasty. Hum.
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If you cant smell it, its not real.
If you cant look into its eyes, you cant tell what its thinking.
If you cant touch it, you cant pick up the vibe.
"Love locally, admire globally".
That's the safe bet.
Anyway, Danish babes are perfectly acceptable....
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"-- No. 3 retailer Kmart files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection."
If you know anything about America, then you know how incredible this is.
Imagining America without Kmart is like imagining America without PanAm.

ummmm... what it said.
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Knew it. She got a bf now. Heh. Oh well. I'm taking it lighter than I thought I would. Guess I'm relieved to know for sure. Also, now I don't have to concentrate on all that. Weird. I should be more depressed or something. Bah. WTF! I feel like chuckling.
posted by Mikkel , 2:44 PM Þ 

OH YES! The way monkeys run is absolutely hilarious and awesome. I love that. I do it occasionally just for fun. Hee hee hee. After reading that, I'm positive my blind date will be better. I'm even looking forward to it. We were watching photos from my uncle & aunt and their trip to my cousin (their son), and I got to see a picture of the back of her head. Heh. Oh well. she has a nice neck. And she's asian, but I could care less. If she's pretty, she's pretty, if she ain't, she ain't. But I know a lot of people are asiophiles for some reason. Hum.

re:[Vanilla Sky]: no, haven't seen it. Heard enough good and bad things about it to do it. I mean, if people can get riled up about something, it's usually interesting enough to take a closer look at. I was told the ending, though (well, I read it on purpose in some forum), and if that's true, it sucks. But the movie itself is supposed to be somewhat good.
posted by Mikkel , 2:23 PM Þ 

Just had an email from Simon Mason, to tell me that the recording of "The Lincolnshire Poacher" from The Conet Project is in "Vanilla Sky", anyone seen it yet?
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Speaking of botching, that link looks a bit weird, Akin.

My cousin called last night, and everything looks good. I'm leaving on feb 8th, to be gone for about a month. I'm so goddamn nervous. And speaking of that, I haven't seen her online in a week now. I wonder if she's avoiding me or what. <:-/ Guess she's just busy, but one can't help but wonder, ya know? Update: Her online journal states that today, she is the happiest girl in the world (and I know for a fact that she made a new male friend the other day ... 2+2 ya know?). So I will officially forget about her (not getting anywhere anyway, damnit), and concentrate on this blind date thing my cousin is cooking up. Cause shiet, too much heartbreak the other way. Fuck it.

I've been trying to take some time off the net to clear my head, but I can't. Heh. Sucked straight back in again.
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Barrie = Edmonton... yikes! Are you freezing your a*s off right now? -20! I would make that a brandy if I were you...

It's lovely in Vancouver btw +4 and clear. :p
posted by mary13 , 2:35 AM Þ 

You'll only botch it if you think you will, mikkel.
Mmm, festival of ales. I could go for a nice thick stout right now.

Interesting story about Gateway. There used to be a Gateway store here in Edmonton. My friend Paul went to go look at computers for it, and had them make up a new comp to be picked up the next day, when he would buy it.
So come the next day, they get there, and the storeplace is EMPTY. Gateway cleared out all of its Canadian offices OVERNIGHT. That's fucked.
"Fuck! It's head-office on the phone! Move out! Go go go go!"
posted by Barrie , 1:59 AM Þ 

Bombadier Premium Bitter
Rules your ass.
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Monday, January 21, 2002

Yes, it's true, as soon as one garish marketing season ends, another sidles into its place, ready to liberate us not only into the noble areas of love for our neigbours, partners, family and pets, but of our spare change also.
By this we mean February 14th is Valentine's Day.
We wouldn't ordinarily add to the burden of how to go about spending those hard-earned pennies / cents / yen / beans, because most of the time we've much more interesting but not necessarily worthy things to be getting on with.
However, we've been given the oppurtunity to sell to you a product so fiendishly enticing, we felt compelled to act upon it, safe in the knowledge that you will thank us for doing so.
We feel certain that you will be hard-pushed to declare your love for your partner in more profound a way than by buying them one of these so-sickly-sweet-it-hurts gifts.

You can follow your heart's purest desires by going to :
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Bought a new box of 12 leads for my PILOT Super Grip 0.5. Faber Castell Super-Polymer 2B; its a smooth write!
posted by Irdial , 4:26 PM Þ 

AOL to buy Red Hat; dont laugh, my Aunt Grace is 70, and she uses Mandrake 8, no probs.

Gateway are in trouble aparently. Joe sixpack cant get wood for thier bland boxen. The solution is clear; get a world class deigner in house to revamp and vitalize the product range, and then customize one of the advanced Linux distributions, brand it, and ship every product with it without exception.

They would then have something to offer the public, something to fire the imagination... and it might even be cheaper in the stores since they dont have to pay royalties for the OS.
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I flashed my BIOS this morning. It worked.
Finding the manufacturer of my motherboard, finding the exact motherboard model number...
Award no longer exists, bought out by Phoenix...
"Go to your manufacturer s homepage"...
Selecting the precise ROM image...
Prepare the floppies...
Finger on the return...
The Fear...
Could destroy the motherboard...
Could fry the BIOS EPROM...
No way out.


It's all there.

We call this "Fun":
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On the note of politics, I read a somewhat positive review of Black Hawk Down, and it made me not want to see the movie. I went to see Fellowship of the Ring though, and quite liked it. Didn't look at my watch the whole time. There were a lot of idiots coughing though. And some lame bitch behind me talking a lot. But all in all a good experience.

I'm going to america to visit my cousin next month, and hopefully someone else as well. With my luck, I'll botch it, though. :P
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Google is so totally the most amazing tool; try putting in your BIOS id string into it...NOTHING ESCAPES GOOGLE!®
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Sunday, January 20, 2002
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