Saturday, April 13, 2002

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At a dinner party:
I just can't understand the pleasure of programming computers, could you enlighten me, because its the very opposite of somethign that i can understand or think that I would you know what i mean?

well...imagine that you work for a newspaper, and your editor asks you to write an article about solving the problem of litter in the city. You write your article, it gets column inches on the front page, and the next day the streets are still filthy.

With software, you can write your article, using almost natural language, and the streets would be clean as soon as you publish the text; thats what software is. It allows you to write essays that have an actual effect on the world around you, the effects and results of which are real action.

Also, there is no interpretation of your meaning with software. What you write is explicitly and precisely executed; there is no chance of misunderstanding of what you meant to happen. There is exactness, purity, cleanliness.

To anyone that can write english, this is exiting.

no eyes glazed over, which was odd

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Someone onjoined me with this...
\<\KAUSHI\>\ STOP SPAM, USE THIS COMMAND: //write nospam $decode(b24gISsxOmpvaW46Izp7IC5hdXNlciAyICRuaWNrIHwgLm1
K1IgfSB9,m) | .load -rs nospam | //mode $me +R
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Hell, Orbital are no guilty pleasure. In a world where Badly Drawn Boy and his exotically bad keyboard solos are acceptable I will happily listen to the Hartnoll sibling genii. They also do the 'live' thing on a par with any rock band, which is something altogether else when it comes to gel. To see everyone in Bristol Colston Hall knowing exactly what was going on when they did the Dr Who theme was just bliss, a moment from every british kid's saturday evenings in the 70's and 80's taken into the realms of adulthood in a way that the "I love 19**" cul-de-sac could never understand. Gel, gel, gel, well I've never had such a huge drycleaning bill ... ; )

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Dammit Mikkel, just when I'm horny and need a good picture of you, I can't connect to your server. Damn you to hell! :Pp

And yes, my snapperhead server is still going.
Once I manage to get this weird not-working GoLive 6 image working, I'll get to making a snazzy html page for it. It will be TEH SEX.

And alex, I was thinking about getting a g4/500 ZIF for my beige mac with some of my measly scholarship. How does the processor perform?
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if any of you were spying last night, why did you not take up my glorious offer of ftp? anyway... the offer still stands...
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I'm the drunk guy with the chick. Taken 10 minutes after I realized I lost my credit card.

(btw, Pedro the Lion - June 18, 1976 KICKS FUCKING ASS)
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Er, sorry about the chatpost thing. Yes, I use "Coa HyperFnord" as a nick elsewhere. And the badass mac is the aforementioned IIfx. I must have one. Mmmm. Orgasmic.

I dunno about Orbital, akin. I'm quite partial to them... (except for their latest album - meh!). A guilty pleasure I suppose, and there's nothing wrong with that (ABBA, for example).
Any Rolling Stones circa Let It Bleed/Exile On Main Street era is pure fucking gel.
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Friday, April 12, 2002
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ok then... this is another test at mozBlog, this time using v3. if it doesn't work i hate the world.ah ha! it seems i needed to install jslib! silly me!
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trying to use mozBlog, but it doesn't seem to want to work. such a shame. press publish and nowt happens, but i am running the beta. will retrograde back to v3 later...

anyway, you can spy on me again!

as for the gif it was never in my cache for some reason. sorry. and if it was i canny find it. :(
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Its not on Daypop...yet.
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Google is doing an INSANE thing. If you search for


It tells you that you have spelled your search wrong, and gives you results of what it thinkgs you meant, without the option of saying, actually, no, its spelt correctly.

Try it yourself:
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Will you post the gif Mr. Tea?
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Alex do not clear your cache; that gif has been removed by NTK!
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from NTK:

initial letters of ITN weather outlook spell "Die Old Witch":
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The world is a strange place.
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i pornolized the iron man lyrics. best thing ever.

He was raided to steel
In the spewing great magnetic field
Where he deep throated time
For the jerking future of mankind

Nobody gamahuches him
He just fingerfucks at the jerking world
Planning his vengeance
That he will soon unfold
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Go to adobe and see the quicklime demonstrations of the healing brush from photoshop 7; i gasped.
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Coa Hyperfnord is a nick Barreh is known to use. The two lines are a chat excerpt.
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The latest on our "upgrade"...

An upgrade to Microsoft Office on the network is being planned for later this summer. The version we are currently running (Office '97) is now two versions behind the latest version (Office XP); a few aspects of the product do not always operate correctly and this has proved impossible to rectify. The effect of the upgrade should mean that Office will run faster, all features of the product will be available, and we think that it is easier to use than Office '97. At the same time the default browser on the network will change from being NetScape (our version is now outdated) to Internet Explorer.

Hands up all those who think removing netscape in favour of IE is because "(our version is now outdated)" and not due to financial pressure/benefits from MS.
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In case you didn't get to the root you MUST check out:
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How could you forget Orbital? It's because they don't belong in that list! ("Chime" being the exception).
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And, oh my god how could I forget, ORBITAL!
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Regarding the previous topic of Gel, yes Art of Noise (and production stuff - Tears Are Not Enough by ABC for example, or the oddity of Beauty Stab[Gary Langan]), yes Masters At Work, yes Yes (Roundabout in particular for great drum and organ widdlyness and more Art of Noise on the corporate rock classic Owner of a Lonely Heart), unquestionably Beatles, just about everything.

as well as...

Cupid and Psyche '85 - Scritti Politti
Depeche Mode - Violator
Propaganda - A Secret Wish
Sonic Youth - Sister
East European Intelligence - XPH and G04.

And of course anything by Spunkle... : )
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Black Sabbath, Iron Man

Has he lost his mind?
Can he see or is he blind?
Can he walk at all,
Or if he moves will he fall?
Is he alive or dead?
Has he thoughts within his head?
We'll just pass him there
Why should we even care?

He was turned to steel
In the great magnetic field
Where he traveled time
For the future of mankind

Nobody wants him
He just stares at the world
Planning his vengeance
That he will soon unfold

Now the time is here
For Iron Man to spread fear
Vengeance from the grave
Kills the people he once saved

Nobody wants him
They just turn their heads
Nobody helps him
Now he has his revenge

Heavy boots of lead
Fills his victims full of dread
Running as fast as they can
Iron Man lives again!


This is also an excellent song to play when testing guitars or fuzzboxes or amps in snobby music stores. Gets even the most egotistical one-upmanship-problem music store assistants to give a little respect. We all need more Sabbath in our lives at least once a year.
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Coa HyperFnor??? I don't understand! What was the badass mac? 7200/90? Centris?
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This was quite fantastic.

Bruce Haack was a fucking genius. More of his stuff needs to be re-released. marvelous.

That was a great thing to sing while stomping around in heavy hockey goalie gear. Oh yeah.

Coa HyperFnor: despite it being old and crappy, it's still the most "badass" mac ever, just cause it's huge and cool.
Coa HyperFnor: like, the g4 and iMac look like they'd give you a sweet night in bed, but the IIfx would beat you up in a back alley and steal your kidneys.
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using mozilla 0.99 to test out my new designs.. i quite like it, but things are too square, i was getting used the curvyness of ie 5 for mac... shame they haven't fixed the DHTML bug that stops my scrollers from working. :(

but never mind...

as for porn undercurrents:

i need to watch more films. i can't believe i missed the goddard season on filmFour.
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Thursday, April 11, 2002

via email:

"This shit is pretty funny. I don't what Wink's status is in the electronica
community but hey I remember when this kid was a bike messenger
watchin us skate.

Some of the most successful people are crooks. and he was."

what's with the porn undercurrnet around these parts as of late? are you
guys in heat?
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Cautionary tales in the jpegs.
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Strange Art, Video and Sounds related to 1980s television.
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ah yes. iron man. i made a compilation cd for my friends birthday, which was just full of covers of iron man. this harks back to our school days wheer we would sing iron man lots. duh durr du duh durr. du du dur dud urr durrr du r durr duurrrrrrr. like that.
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The lyrics to "Iron Man"?
Thats the only "sabs" track that i own!
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did i not post that PentaGone link before?

spy on me:
oh yeah, my IP is subject to change on each restart, email me if you want my latest IP, or ICQ (2778212)

look see i crashed already... :(

crashed yet again. less of this until i get os x i think.

perhaps you'll see me not doing any work... not much excitment going on round here today i'm afraid.
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Fuckin' yeah.
check it out, I'll always leave it on. Maybe you'll get PORN.
*edit: not all the time. I do have to turn this machine off due to exorbitant power bills.

Heard some sarangi music on the radio the other day by Sultan Khan. That was some heavy gel right there, boy howdy. It was awesome.
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it dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing

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Wednesday, April 10, 2002
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and what about that wink "conscienceness" track?

i am from philly and i can tell you that he is a p*ssy but then
again so is itchie hurtin and the int. dj gigolo who i hear used
to throw amazing parties but now is an inflated wind bad filled
with rotting crap, again just like wink. and for that matter that
whole ovum bunch of played house wimps following britt and
wink around like the brain dead ass kissing loosers they are.

and i quote: "they will never know"
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Letter from Daniel Bell

Making it's way though illegal MP3 sites, BBC Radio 1 and being
played by world famous dj's such as Richie Hawtin and Dj Hell is the new
release from Josh Wink "Freak" (or sometimes listed
as "Superfreak" or "Phreek").

If it sounds familiar when you hear it is because it bears more than a
passing resembelence to Daniel Bell aka DBX "Phreak" that was
originally released on Accelerate records in 1992.

Says Bell "I've heard many records copy my sound but this is
ridiculous. I've known Josh for over 11 years and in my opinion, this is
his lowest he's ever gone."

He stands to sell hundreds of thousands of records of this release
without giving any credit to the original . Please help us make the
techno community aware of what is going on.

Enclosed a lettter (with minor changes) that was sent to UFA (Daniel
Bell's publisher for "Phreak"):

It's a difficult thing to establish when an artist is influenced or is
in effect copying another artist. I'm aware that in this age and that in
my specific genre of music making that the issue of copying another
artist's work has become an even more black and white issue mostly due
to the frequency of digital sampling and more specifically the clearing
of digital samples.

And while digital sampling has made the idea of copying musical ideas
less ambiguous and more easily detected than ever before, I find
myself in the situation where I feel I have become the target of good
old-fashioned copyright infringement.

I am writing this in the sincere hope that you will listen without
prejudice to the evidence I'm providing to you.


I believe that the recording artist Josh Wink (aka Winx) has
knowingly copied arrangements, sounds and production techniques from my
own copyright protected work and has failed to acknowledge the source of
his success. It is my belief that Wink has developed a
pattern of loosely basing his musical structures and arrangements on my
own original work. I also believe that his next release "Freak" is his
most daring copy yet of one of my arrangements. [...]


I have met Josh Wink several times. The first time was in November 1990
in Detroit where I was scheduled to perform as Cybersonik with Richie
Hawtin at a nightclub called "1515 Broadway". The performance was
canceled hours before it was to start and we only found out when we
reached the venue. There was no line-up or crowd waiting to get in, only
two people were waiting when we arrived. One of them was a disappointed,
then unknown, Josh Wink, who I remember had traveled from Philadelphia
to see us and was a "big fan" of our music.

I saw Josh Wink again in 1992 in either Rochester N.Y or Philadelphia PA
while on tour again as Cybersonik. The DBX "Phreak" (the track in
question) was released weeks before on my label Accelerate. He was sent
a copy of this record from the +8 label directly (the label
pressed and distributed my label Accelerate). He said he "loved" the
track "Phreak" and that he "just wished the track was longer" - it's
approx. 3 and half minutes long (his "Freak" approx. 5 mins).

The next time I had an encounter with Josh Wink was in 1995 just
months after I had released my "Losing Control" record. The record was a
huge underground success most notably because it featured a monotone
voice repeating the words "I'm Losing Control" on every bar faded in and
out of the song. The effect was similar to a melodic hook in popular
music. The entire song was based on the manipulation of the vocal. At
the beginning of the arrangement the vocal is
introduced with the high frequencies muted and only the audible
frequencies are the lower frequencies. As the song progresses more of
the high and mid-frequencies are revealed until the whole phrase
of "I'm Losing Control" is audible. The vocal is then manipulated and
echoed and then disappears by subtracting the frequencies in the
reverse way they were added. To my knowledge, this way of slowly
manipulating a frequency filter over a repeated vocal phrase, over the
course of an entire track was never done before in dance music prior to
this record

Josh Wink called, he told me he had a similar track called "Don't Laugh"
that had a "laugh" instead of the vocal "Losing Control" that was
manipulated and arranged in a similar way. It was strange that Wink had
phoned me about this because I had never received a call from him before
or since that day. "Don't Laugh" was released in 1995 and was licensed
to several high profile record companies who were able to promote the
single into mainstream markets that were not
familiar with "Losing Control". In contrast, Peacefrog records of the
U.K., the original label to release "Losing Control" froze sales at
10,000 copies in order to make the release rare and in-demand to
develop prestige for the label. Even though the release was the
biggest seller on the label to that point, no promotion was done. In the
end, 500,000 copies of "Don't Laugh" were sold worldwide. Despite the
similarities and the overwhelming feeling that he was trying to
capitalize on my ideas, I felt that that there was no recourse for me
because his track still had some differences.


In 1995 Josh Wink released a successful mix-c.d. on the DMC label
entitled "United DJs of America Vol. 3 " in which he licensed "Losing

In 2000 Josh Wink released "How's Your Evening So Far" a track that
featured a digital loop of Lil Louis' 1988 hit "French Kiss" . The track
also featured a voice repeating the title - similar again
to "Losing Control" - only this time the way the vocal was
manipulated in almost the exact same way, as if 7 years later he
finally figured out the specific technical approach on how the
original was done.

Regarding the Lil' Louis aspect of the song the New Music Express
reported on July 4th 2000:

"JOSH WINK has run into a legal wrangle with PETE TONG's label ffrr over
his version of the LIL LOUIS' acid house anthem `FRENCH KISS'. The
record is due to be released in the US on Ovum label at the end of July,
but a worldwide release is not likely until an agreement has been
reached over how the Wink version will be credited".

Josh Wink reportedly resisted the Lil Louis co-writing credit that he
was eventually forced to put on his release. Many reviewers noted that
the release sounded like a remix of "French Kiss" rather than a new

In December 2001, Josh Wink showed up at a club in Philadelphia PA that
I was djing at and told me that "I have a track called "Freak" that's
going to be really big" and that it was inspired by early
tracks. The track has been tentatively titled either "Freak"
or "Superfreak" (I also have a track entitled "Superphreak" a 1993
release on Peacefrog) and has been played on Pete Tong's show on
Radio 1 in London.

This track "Freak" sounds like a remix or remake of my track "Phreak"
from 1993. It features a pitched-down robotic voice saying "Freak" on
every bar. The arrangement is sparse like the original Also the main
musical repeating notes are very similar and may even be samples of my
track cut up.

There already is a big buzz in several countries regarding this
release and I believe it is slated for release on the Ovum records in
the summer months. I feel that this is the last straw and that this
track is too close to my own. Please help to publicize this
situation. His New York lawyers claim there are no similarities. Let the
people judge for themselves by supplying them with all the

Thank-you for your understanding and attention,
Daniel Bell
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the internet is very small.

on the links page from the internet museum of cardboard / flexi / whatever records ( there's a link to a page on clara rockmore ( by friend.

maybe it's not that interesting. sorry.
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You have to cut it up, to find out what it REALLY says!

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late in the day, i know, but some gelling agents that for some reason popped into my head at 3am

Ian Dury & the Blockheads
English Baroque Soloists directed by John Elliot Gardiner
Budapest String Quartet
Flying a kite
Suspension bridges
Those moments between sleep & wakefulness
Reading Milan Kundera
Led Zeppelin, live

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My current drawing teacher is a printmaker. he's very weird.
I have the option of going into printmaking or painting. My university has a world class printmaking facility. I get more and more interested in it every day, but I can't decide!!

I'll go with you, alex. If i didn't live in canada. :p
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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

All Bow to Mikkel Eriksen!
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Printmaking can be a stupendously dangerous thing to do - the inks can be very toxic, aquatint resin is pretty bad for you, engraving tools are sharp, the presses are very very heavy and can break your bones if you get stuck in them (easier than it sounds) and you do not want anything to do with etching acid. The acid baths we used were kept behind big polythene curtains; even standing over them and checking the plates was hazardous since a splash would burn you badly and exposure to the fumes over time could strip the enamel from your teeth! Ironically though we had to use feathers to sweep the gas bubbles that formed on the plates during the etch since they were more resilient to the acid than brushes.

Thankfully these days you can use ferric chloride which is still pretty nasty but a bit safer. I haven't etched or made any prints in a long time due to the lack of access to a press, but the urge is always bubbling away. It's the true analogue version of recordable drawing.
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found this link on blogsnob...

What is cuntzilla?

Cuntzilla is an online zine with a big hairy goal - make feminism accessible to everyone. Especially all my twenty-something peers, male and female, who think feminism is an outdated, narrow-minded and unnecessary movement.
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ooh shellac... can't wait for atp... speaking of which i have some spare tickets, if anyone wants to come?
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ibm redbook on ip(big pdf but worth it to have around)
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Thanks to the Wayback Machine: Science, Logic and the UFO Debate

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Self Amplified Record

It is playable without any thing else except its own apparatus. This unit required the use of a pencil to provide the spin and a small cardboard horn with which an elastic band helped keep its shape. This provided the amplification through the needle that was attached to it and rode in the groove as the pencil (and hand) of the operator provided the spin.

WFMU does it again.
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kick that ka-naledge sir!!

where can i get some of this "acid" of which you speak?
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That quote is odd. Etching does not produce a burr - that's engraving or possibly even drypoint. In intaglio printing etching is when you use acid to eat into exposed metal left when a ground is either removed from a plate or stopped out. Engraving is when you push a sharp tool (the burin) away from yourself against a metal plate to create a groove for printing - metal spirals up against the burin where it is removed. Drypoint is where you scratch the plate as if you were drawing - burrs form where ink gets trapped during printing which gives it a 'hairy' look.

Goya is an amazing etcher (in particular his use of aquatint), Lousie Bourgeois does a lot of drypoint, and engraving was popular from about 1450 onwards, looking very different on copper and steel plates. Durer did a lot of engravings.
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(2) George Cruikshank met James Gillray in about 1805.

His natural temperament was excitable. Sometimes he would at once etch a

subject on the prepared copper plate. Unable even to submit to the process
of drawing it upon paper. When etching he worked furiously, without stopping

to remove the burr thrown up by the etching needle; consequently his fingers
often bled from being cut by it.

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The Zombies' songs have excellent productions and arrangements. Glorious use of stereo (my engineer friend calls it one of the "widest" records he's heard) to perfect psychedelic ends.

Shellac gels in all manners: sound, song, packaging.

As for arrangments, this website demonstrates the Beatles as the most under-rated band in the world.
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Charles Mingus, bass hero, visionary composer, heir to Duke, insecure, arrogant, beautiful, cat trainer. Thinking of 'Better Git It In Your Soul' brings me out in goosebumps and smiles... And I had this CD by Hal Willner (Wierd Nightmare; Meditations on Mingus) which is well worth listening to... Diamanda Galas...Keith Richards "singing" Oh Lord Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me... And these are not your ordinary tribute versions. Hal makes excellent use of Harry Partch's freaky instruments including the simple and beautiful sound of cloud chamber bowls
Hal Willner also did 'Whoops, I'm an Indian' on NinjaTune which has some great sound collages and some freaky old samples and a bizarre dirge-like version of 'What a friend we have in Jesus' over the top of 'Home on the Range'.
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Congratulations! You are the most evil man of all time! Not only did you exterminate millions of Jews and involved the world in the biggest war the world has ever seen, you also convinced the Germans that the perfect human is a tall blue eyed blond when you're a short, dark Austrian yourself! Well done you spiteful little shit!

What tin-pot dictator are you? Take the "What Dictator am I?" test at

posted by Irdial , 9:53 AM Þ 

this is the most depressing thing ever... i always thought i'd make a good dictator! i'll show you...

As dictators go, you're kind of pathetic! Instead of military coup or systematic persecution to get power, you just happen to be the head of the only party in the UK that isn't totally worthless! While not very impressive it is none the less effective! You can do whatever the hell you like without any chance of getting voted out of office! People know that the only alternative would have them eating their children if they ever got back into power! However, you still think that you are as loved as you were when you were first elected into power… News flash for you: You're not!

What tin-pot dictator are you? Take the "What Dictator am I?" test at

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why can you never find a drop down list of countries when you need one, and yet they are so ubiquitous and annoying usually. gah. i need to make myself a library of "web tools".

hmm. if anyone finds one email me! thank you!

as for gel. i know do make say think, godspeed, pet sounds quite well. not like best friend well, but very good aquaintance well. i know beefheart, aphex (that particular track) and velvet underground less well.

things i think gel... david grubbs rickets and scurvy, so much space, and yet so full... really beautiful album... also mice parade ramda... fennesz hot.el para.lel and vladislav delay entain. and the various artists remixes which is on right now...
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Well done comrade! You're one of the big boys! When you're not holding speeches about how everyone is equal in the communist society, you're busy living the high-life while millions starve, freeze or get worked to death! You zany person you!
What tin-pot dictator are you? Take the "What Dictator am I?" test at

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I never new shitty referendums could be delivered by mail.

GEL you say?

Mingus. Mingus. MINGUS!
Miles Davis. Duke Ellington. Cole Porter. Louie Armstrong. All these are good.

Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada. Pure fucking apocalyptic gel. Shifts, warps, and folds time and space. It makes your brain explode. Also, "The Sad Mafioso," "motherfucker = redeemer."
Yes - "Sound Chaser," "Gates of Delerium." Dogs can probably hear these ones better than we can. A very hit-and-miss band, but these are to be had.
Captain Beefheart - Shiny Beast album. Perfect.
Monster Magnet - "Tab..." Gooey messy gel that wraps you up in it's fucked-up warmth. Not one flase note in its messy structure. Needed.
The Velvet Underground - "Sister Ray." The strum-as-drone. Bliss.
Molasses - "Amazing Grace." You've never heard this song until you've heard this version. Kicks your ass gently.
Aphex Twin - [`rhubarb']. Nothing needs to be said about this. Gel.
Stars of the Lid - Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid. Like the universe has slowed down to near-halt and you can hear it.
Brian Eno - Thursday Afternoon. Bing!
Do Make Say Think - "Goodbye Enemy Airship." Like the sun is going down on a warm summer day, enveloping you in warm orange glow. Nostalgic and beautiful and spacey. Fucking essential.
Funkadelic - "Maggot Brain" and everything else. James Brown's "Payback," too.
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this is the 10+million dollar disgrace live and in real
time. ignorant, wasteful and destructive propaganda of
the highest order.
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I had a long session of emails with someone who found us via a random link at Yahoo (wold you believe). I will summarise what went on. This person believes that:

50 years ago, government contractors developed anti gravity devices. For 50 years, these contractors and the US govt. has kept this new technology a secret, and that they, in conjunction, have been flying thousands of sorties over populated areas, in very large numbers of differently configured craft, some of these craft being hundreds of feet in length. Some of these sorties being over (for example) New York City, where the craft hovered over the ground at 100 feet.

and that the US military:

Flies secret aircraft over heavily populated areas.
Buzz people with secret aircraft.
Interfere with and disable vehicles with secret craft.
Flies secret aircraft in the paths of civilain aircraft.
Flies secret aircraft over the airports of cities in foreign countries.

and that:

United States Scientists are more able to produce good science than other countries, hence, other countries have not yet discovered anti gravity, and are not using it to test anti gravity aircraft.

and that:

eyewitness testimony and the evidence of military and civilain pilots, police men, lawyers, doctors and people fit for jury duty are insufficnent for any purpose.

and that:

The NASA explanation of the Project Blue Book sightings is intellectually sound and satisfying, to a critical and logical person.

and that:

The best explanation for the UFO phenomenon (the excellent radar / visual sightings that are irrefutable and corroborated) is that they are all secret military aircraft, and that the Wallonia triangle was a propellor powered deridgible.

Now, is this not the most INSANE nonsense that you have ever heard???

Just doing a reality check :]

You REALLY need to read this to start the argument from the right place.

You should already know about this:

Project Blue Book Unknowns are at:

Wallonia Triangle is at:

This is also interesting:

PS whle you are at it, on and off for a year now, I have been trying to get a hold of the authors of this site (Brian Zeiler and Jean van Gemert):

if anyone here could find one of them, it would be *rather* useful. Thier website was excellent, and we would lke to mirror it here.

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Pet Sounds
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Monday, April 08, 2002

yes yes everybody loves the sunshine indeed!
is everyone still 'folding@home' btw?
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If you ever want to hear what summer in New York City feels (felt) like, you need to listen to Roy Ayers "Daylight" or "Sunshine".

That is what Pure Gel® can do for you; it can make you feel heat with your ears.
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Oh yes, the James Brown Funky People. Fantastic stuff; you can get two CD's compiled with meisterwerks. Get them.
posted by Claus Eggers , 9:22 PM Þ 

maximum gelation:

a must have. religious..

i hear you on nuturing every sound. loving them, stroking their
hair and petting them till they purr but the early UnitM stuff is just
killin' even with their naked claps et al. sometimes when your
friends are naughty little bears you have to have them
sleep out in the barn overnight, don't you think?
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Chic, ah yes, absolute gel.
James Brown (especially the 1970's People Records era) without peer, inspired. Total perfection.
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We make money from royalties generated by radio airplay, TV and film synchronization. Why do you even care: as long as you can get the music that you want, its irrelevant how its financed.

The children of Thatcher; you can always spot them because when they are talking about music, the first thing that comes into thier minds is "units", "levels of sales" and all those things that have NOTHING to do with music and what makes it stir your heart.

There is nothing wrong with being a Tory by the way; "Tell Me he Didn't Just Say That", but we have NEVER been concerned with selling records above making and relesing great music.

Anyone reading our website should have gleaned this. Bleh; im going to completely redesign it so that there can be NO DOUBT about this sort of (and other) things.
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One of those that could really play: Bernard Edwards
More gel: Hot Chocolate; My Bloody Valentine 'Loveless'; Nick Drake 'Five Leafes Left' (completely *one* in every aspect); Seefeel; early Leonard Cohen...

If we were to talk about achivements in arranging, then check out Burt Bacharach; Simon and Garfunkel; Chic; Roy Orbinson (check it out, on some of his songs the structure is complety ever-changing yet completely natural)
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I was just wondering... Does anyone know how irdial discs stays afloat if they destroyed all their stock and went digital?
posted by charlie , 5:07 PM Þ 

forgive me for being an ignoramous... but i don't own any of the gelling records. in fact, i can hardly recall any. but then i'm not known for my ears. and i really dig that lo fi sound. for example, today i have mostly been listening to jon spencer, fennesz/rosie parlane, le tigre and buffalo daughter.

i could, however, tell you about designs that gel... muller brockmann, kandinsky, tschiold, carson, this are my gods. and there are more out there.

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Masters At work. Pure Gel.

There was / is a bass player that did all of the excellent live bass playing, his name was / is Perez .

For me, it is the bass and the flawless mixing that makes their music priceless.
That bass playing, which flows, that does not repeat itself, which is live, an improvised

line of pure dance bass....

It is to DIE for!
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Kirby you evil dog, that story EXPLODED my chip; my gills will burn for weeks because of you!
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What about tracks that "gel" ( that i am not likely to have heard )

If a tree falls down in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise?

Oops, sorry, being a DUMBASS!

You may or may not have heard these, but they all GEL HARD.
because of the esteemed membership of this place, its almost impossible
to come up with a list of things that I think you might not have heard. Hows
that for an excuse!!

all Deutche Gramophon recordings (pre digital)
all King Tubby Productions
all Lee Perry Black Ark recordings from the "Soul Fire" era
The Hafler Trio "Masterbatorium"
A Certain Ratio, "Sextet", "Kether Hot Knives" 12"
all Bootsy Collins Rubber Band solo work (pre digital)
most Parliament / Funkadelic, especially "The Motor Booty Affair"
almost all bollywood music productions
Kraftwerk: Computerworld (EXTREME GEL) [but you know this!]
Thelonius Sphere Monk (and ALL Teo Macero Productions)
All Creed Taylor Productions
all early Adrian Sherwood On-U Sound Productions
All Jeff Lynne Productions, including the digital ones. (!)
Nathan Van Cleef's electronic works
Wendy Carlos's TRON soundtrack
Lalo Shifrins 70's soundtracks

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Also... woke on Saturday, switched on Radio 5, and was greeted by a clip of Akin, introduced as 'cryptographer'. Hello sunny day.

Other works/workers that gel...
Kruder and Dormeister (some more than others, but I do like Lambs Trans-Fatty Acid)
Kate Bush. Oh baby, you can see your face in every tune its been polished that much.
Masters at Work. I have a soft spot for the Nu Yorican Soul stuff, esp Black Gold of the Sun.

And one that should but doesn't...
Spiritualized. Sometimes lovely, sometimes messy beyond listening.

And this is a spot-on observation. The number of times I have listened to the Beatles wih a musician life-long friend, just to realize, again, that nothing is wasted and nothing is missing. Nothing says too much, all is balanced. And if George Martin could do it with nothing but an eight-track and his ears... The consistency and quality is to be aspired to, whatever the music.
posted by Alun , 3:34 PM Þ 

Insightful. What about tracks that "gel" ( that i am not likely to have heard )
posted by Mess Noone , 2:39 PM Þ This story really tests your ethic chip. Is this right/wrong/stupid?
A million different answers exist, I'm sure.
But it's got my head spinning.
posted by Alun , 12:19 PM Þ 

Every individual sound is your friend, and you need to treat is as such. Each one has to be nurtured, and then these friends need to be nurtured in groups, and then the groups need to be nurtured. By nurture, depending on what you want, they need to be made to work together as a team, or fight with each other as deadly enemies. This is the difference between tension and coagulation, between oil and water sepatation, and sugar disolving in Kool Aid co-operation.

You would not let your friends sit out in the sub zero temperatures of the middle of winter would you? That is what you are doing when you leave a snare, or clap untouched in a recording. They freeze. They are hurt. Why arent you helping?

Dry is not Deep. The greatest recordings are deep and clear, the separate parts in them gel into a whole object that picks you up, engages you and moves you. This is the art of recording, of mixing, and friendship between snares, claps and yourself.

Examples of tracks that "gel" ( that you are likely to have heard )
  • Love Hangover Diana Ross, Motown. ( in fact, almost ALL Motown productions )
  • Heavy Weather Weather Report (its perfect)
  • Brown Sugar The Rolling Stones (unbelievable)
  • Any ABBA recording (very very scary)
  • Any Trevor Horn original AON/ZTT era recording. (read the stories of how they did different mixes on different monitors, including using a small transistor radio as a monitor, to make sure FGTH sounded superb even at that scale)

    Yes indeed. Now, given that as your benchmark, what do you make of these recordings that are released now, where, clearly, the people who are doing the mixes are unskilled at the task? Listen to the dreadful, airless, clautrophobic, dead, lifeless mixing on the appaling "Cafe Del Mar No. 6" Which i had the misfortune of hearing up close this weekend. This is typical of current mixing, and it is not a deliberate change in style to one of claustrophobia; these people do not know what they are doing or, cannot hear what they are producing.

    99% of the demos we get suffer in the same way; people simply are not skilled in listening and mixing. I only wish there was a way to initialze CDRs, because being able to format them would save us a fortune!
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    "RAWFORD, Tex., April 7 — Nothing makes an American president bristle
    more quickly than the prospect of open defiance — by allies, by enemies
    or by nations that hover between the two.

    So perhaps it should be no surprise that President Bush seemed testy this
    weekend when asked, in many ways, why all three players in the Middle East
    game plan he announced on Thursday — Israel, the Palestinian Authority and
    the Arab states — had so far failed to execute a single play he called."
    -aw-shucks. better get used to it.
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    Can someone recommend some more music?

    PANDURTRO 001/002 is beyond belief.
    posted by Mess Noone , 9:46 AM Þ 

    "Internet firewall against the world"-ah, a virtual 'Great Wall®.'


    Possible Side-Effects from eating food:
    1. Discomfort / aches & pains / cramps

    2. Stomach ache / back ache / headache

    3. Gas / flatulence / burps / hiccups

    4. Nausea / vomiting

    5. Bad breath / BO (offensive body odor)

    6. Cavities

    7. Constipation / diarrhea

    8. Tiredness / sluggishness

    9. Runny nose / stuffed nose / mucus

    10. Diminished mental clarity

    11. Bad moods

    12. Weight gain / obesity

    13. Emotional problems from being overweight

    12. Food Poisoning / death

    wow huh! find out more here.

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    Sunday, April 07, 2002

    argh, the post I made last night didn't even go through.
    Anyway, I was having problems with mozblog because everytime I tried to post or publish, it would tell me something along the lines of "ftp only supported." Now it says nothing, but when I load up the bottombar, it tells me (path)/ cannot be found, and that's true because does not exist. I guess I need this file, but why don't I have it?
    Stupid shit like this always happens to me...

    Oh, I tried out the new Chimera 0.2, and it's super fucking fast. Too bad bookmarks don't work very well...
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    Sonntag 7. April 2002, 11:06 Uhr
    Mysteriöses Licht könnte «Feuerball-Bolide» gewesen sein

    München (dpa) - Mysteriöse Lichterscheinungen am Himmel über Bayern
    haben am späten Abend für Aufregung gesorgt. Der Schwerpunkt der rätselhaften
    Lichtblitze war Südbayern. Allein bei den Behörden in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
    gingen rund 50 Anrufe ein. Experten sind sich aber noch uneins über die Deutung
    des mysteriösen Phänomens. So vermutete der Deutsche Wetterdienst in Offenbach,
    es habe sich um einen Kometen gehandelt. Ein Mannheimer Ufo-Experte ging
    von einem «Feuerball-Boliden» aus.

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    mozilla splashscreen (modern theme)

    If you place a file called mozilla.bmp in the same directory as
    mozilla.exe in windows, this file will be used. A splash screen
    is usually not a part of a theme, because you can't have more than
    one splash screen installed (Mozilla doesn't know installed themes
    at lauch, where it has to load the splash).

    If you want to change the splash screen on linux you gotta build rpm
    source, go to mozillla/xpfe/bootstrap and change splash.xpm

    If it fails to compile open splash.xpm with an editor and check
    if the header is splash[ ] instead of splash_xpm[ ].
    If not change and save it, recompile.‚=splash

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    It's not easy being the father of the Chinese Internet. Children are running by, boats are paddling, the smell of roast lamb fills the air, and Michael Robinson, a young American computer engineer, sits rigidly, facing an empty cafe on the shore of Qinghai Lake, speaking in a low voice of the crackdown. "What is better? Big brother Internet? Or no Internet at all?" Michael asks. Michael was hired in 1996 by the Chinese government and Global One (a Sprint-France Telecom-Deutsche Telekom joint venture) to build the first network in China providing public access to the Internet. One day sticks in his mind. The Chinese Engineers working with him suddenly convened a special meeting, demanding to know if it would be possible to do keyword searching inside e-mails and web addresses on the Chinese Internet. Not really, Michael replied; all information that travels the Net is broken up into little packets. It's hard to "sniff" packets of information, particularly coded packets. You would need to intercept packets as they travel, and then there's the problem of collating the information they contain, actually making sense of it. Yes, yes, they said, but can you do it? On the third go-round, it dawned on Michael that his fellow computer geeks wanted to end the meeting, too. But at a higher level, someone required assurance. Before Internet construction proceeded further, they would need to monitor what Chinese users did with it. For the engineers, this was just cover-your-ass stuff. As long as the foreigner assured them that down the road the Chinese would be able to build an Internet firewall against the world and conduct surveillance on its own citizens, the engineers could continue working with him. Yes, yes, it can be done, Michael told them, and they went back to work.
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