Saturday, October 05, 2002

man, dav, my lingo is spreading! this is a good thing.

I'm currently listening to an advance copy of godspeed you! black emperor's new album, yanqui u.x.o.
It's pretty fucking good. Really fucking good. I think all their pretensions evaporated over the 2 years since their last release. I was headbanging pretty fiercely to "motherfucker=redeemer."
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Just purchased this morning from the HMV sale...

Nuyorican Soul
Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden
UFO - Obsession
Van Halen I
Van Halen II ; )

I'm currently playing Van Halen I and remembering when I first heard it, on tape, back in '85. I am, as Lord Barrie of Sutcliffe might say, going (periodically) batshit crazy as well and air guitaring when I should be hoovering.

Ye King of Widdle
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Strain Andromeda, The

A M G S T R A I N is freely available software written by Barbara Lattanzi, 2002.
It was developed within the authoring environment of Macromedia Director and includes the Director runtime engine.
(The source code written for the core action of "AMG STRAIN" software is available separately at the website -- see download page).

Visit website to download PC and Mac versions of "AMG STRAIN" software:

A M G S T R A I N is based on the structural algorithm conceived by Anne McGuire (AMG) for her deconstructive videotape, "Strain Andromeda, The" (1992).

McGuire's "Strain Andromeda, The" detourns the Hollywood feature film, "The Andromeda Strain" (directed by Robert Wise, 1972), which closely follows the novel of the same name (written by Michael Crichton, 1968)...

A M G S T R A I N translates McGuire's structural algorithm by dividing the viewer-selected quicktime video into variable length segments and playing back the segments in reverse order.
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Friday, October 04, 2002
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The Cascaid Form has studied your responses,and calculated that you are best suited to the following careers.

-Office Worker
-Future Chemist
-Rapist (like Craig Charles is)

Telephone conversation between my flatmate and his girlfriend last night.

FM: Do you like Paco Rabanne?
GF: Yes but what band was he in again?
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Copy of the Arabic version of a leaflet dropped in Iraq, launching a U.S. propaganda war. Coalition forces dropped thousands of leaflets over southern Iraq Thursday Oct. 3, 2002, warning forces of Saddam Hussein against firing on British and U.S. planes that have been patrolling the no-fly zone. Iraqi forces fired on the plane that was delivering the leaflets and allied forces bombed an air defense operations center in response, said officials at the U.S. Central Command. (AP Photo/US Central Command)
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Cascaid Form has studied your responses, and calculated that you are best
suited to the following careers.

Window Cleaner



Prophet Of Chaos

attempt to defy these results may result in a lifelong dissatisfaction
with your lot. If you are not happy with these results, please feel free
to try again.

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David Grubbs Tour Dates
September 2002

27 Cork Triskel Arts Centre
28 Dublin Whelans
29 Belfast Auntie Annies

October 2002

01 Manchester Night and Day
02 Birmingham Flapper and Firkin
03 Nottingham The Social
04 Bristol Cube
05 London Spitz
06 Paris, La Guinguette Pirate
07 Leuven, Stuk
08 Cologne, MTC
10 Hamburg, Schilleroper
11 Berlin, Knaack
12 Dresden, Star Club
14 Graz, Forum Stadtpark
15 Vienna, Chelsea
16 Munich, Substanz
17 Switzerland, TBC
18 Switzerland, TBC
19 Bologna, TBC
20 Rome, La Palma Club
21 Napoli Marabu' club
22 Catania, Ass.Music.Etnea-Zò Club

It would do you well to hear this man and his acoustic guitar spin tales of a modern epic variety. be sure that his stop in London will be attended by yours truly.
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Thursday, October 03, 2002

Did you mean:bullfights

Homeless Men Suing Creators Of "Bumfights"
KVBC, NV - 2 hours ago
Two homeless men who took part in the infamous "Bumfights" tape are

now suing the creators of the video. Donald Brennan and Rufus ...

2 men in 'Bumfights' video sue producers - San Diego Union Tribune
US homeless men sue makers of 'Bumfights' video - South China Morning Post (subscription)
Homeless Men Sue 'Bumfights' Makers - Newsday
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It would do you well to hear this man and his acoustic guitar spin tales of a modern epic variety. be sure that his stop in NYC will be attended by yours truly.
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Cock Rock Disco

some of the mp3s are out of control in that lets-cut-up-our-old-records-and-make-them-new kind of a way.
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Fantastic political sketches... epecially of Blairs hands.
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Peeter Gabriel was on Top Of The Pops 2 last night. He looked like Edward VII.
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Thanks Mikkel!

On other planets...
US hardline on Iraq leaves full-scale invasion a 'hair-trigger' away

Another day, another threat to world peace.

And somewhere, in the distance, a lone poodle echos...
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Of course I have it! Me & my brother usually sing it loud in our drunken rage every weekend, cranked up to 11. It's a classic. I'll have it ready later today when I get home from work. :)

I'vn't seen Jay & Silent Bob yet, and I'm kinda reluctant to do so. Seems to me as though Smith is pulling a Shyamalan, making progressively worse movies after a stunning debut. Sad, innit.

Speaking of scandinavian, the Fjord Focus sampler that came with The Wire 224 is brilliant. I'm definitely going to check out those artists.
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Wednesday, October 02, 2002


This is sprayed on a wall in 6 foot high letters near Old Street.
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To Mikkel in particular.... I have the Thomas Rusiak/Teddybears Stockholm song 'Hiphopper' in my brain and it won't leave. Do you have it? Can you burn it? Reminds me of summer in Lund. Also very funny, if not very subtle. Apparently it was in the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack. Anyone seen the film and like it? Or not?
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I've seen Strain Andromeda The twice. The first i walked into a screening at the end and recognized the film as the Andromeda Strain, but something seemed a bit strange. The original film does have a unique feeling, but it seemed that expressions of horror were being given BEFORE they were happening, answers before questions, &c. i knew this as the begininng of the film, and finally i got what was happening and then it was over. the second time I was prepared and was quite into how well the film worked in a reverse sequence. it is not "re-assembled scene by scene" as told in that posting, but SHOT BY SHOT. really quite extraordinary.
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Peter Gabriel's company
has organised the campaign.

And the BBC readers have spoken:

It's still too expensive. If I pay for music I want to be able to copy it to CD, the fees quoted indicate a charge of £1 per song to enable you to do that. Albums costing £10 at the supermarket usually have more than 10 tracks so the maths doesn¿t add up. On top of that they have none of the CD manufacturing & distribution costs nor do they have to lose a cut to the record stores ¿ the record industry is still being too greedy.
Olli, London

No, why should I when I can get CD or even DVD quality for free with unlimited download? Legitimate sites also don't offer the huge variety that is available on peer2peer networks.
Jame, England

*** And the inevitable shill: ***

I think it is a great idea and would be happy to pay to download high quality digital recordings. I am not interested in illegal copies, and downloading is much easier than getting to a shop to buy the music. As it states in your article, people do not know such services exist, and even though I know they exist, I don't know which providers are reputable. More advertising is needed, and at £4.99 per month it is great value!
Clare, UK

*** Gosh, we would never have spotted THAT one! ***

Let's see if I understand this correctly. They are generously offering me the opportunity to burn a CD at the cost of £1 per track. With a typical CD consisting of 10 or more track, I'm being offered the opportunity to pay over £10 for a CD i.e. the same as now, whilst the record companies cream off the savings they get from having no distribution network as pure profit. Sounds like the the vinyl to CD price rise scam yet again.

They just don't get it do they?

When they finally get around to offering us the opportunity to purchase music for just the cost of the copyright and publishing royalties, they might finally hit on a winner.
Was, UK

Well, it's okey to use pay sites if they actually have the music that you want to download. The world is made up of a LOT more music that Britney Spears and Westlife, try and download anything that isn't mainstream from an official site and you'll draw a blank. The unregulated file share applications are the only place to find music and spoken word that the big labels don't advertise, the shops don't sell, or are so old that nobody has copyright on the material any more.
Mr E Machine, England

This is just another disgusting trick from people rich enough to know better.
Joanne, England

Why should I pay £5 for the ability to download five songs from a possible 110,000 songs, when I can download 110,000 songs for free elsewhere?? It is time for record companies to stop being greedy and reduce the prices of CDs, and pay the artists a larger proportion. Just look what happend to TLC - biggest selling female band, who had to declare bankruptcy.
Anon, UK

Useless - none of the sites work with Macs!
John Bloor, UK

\/\/\/ SHILL SHILL SHILL! \/\/\/

Many of the pirate sites stink - Napster came a cropper and many of the files are infected. I'm going to give the legal sites a go!
Simon, UK


When I see Peter Gabriel busking on the street for money, then I will stop downloading.
Nicole, U.K.
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Digital Download Day!!!!!!

Quote: The Future of Music
Maybe it WAS the future. The genie has LEFT the bottle. The bottle has been recycled into optic fibre. And people have used the optic fibre to download music freely for years. This 'free' Day (free if you only want 5 tracks) is not a cork. It's a reminder to people that they are being conned and will encourage more free swapping.

Charles Grimsdale, chief executive of OD2, denied that Digital Download Day was a sign that the legitimate sites were losing the battle.....
"Frankly, most people don't know that legal sites even exist,"
he told BBC News Online.

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Changes the Sexual Taste and Scent of the Male Body Secretion:

If you want to enhance your oral sex life and surprise your over with a fantastic new experience, then Sweet release™ masculine formula is for you!

Sweet Release™ is a dietary supplement, when taken twice a day, will within 7 to 28 days change the scent and taste of your semen. Your semen will change from an unpleasant salty flavor to a delicious apple flavor. Sweet Release™ is a 100% natural herbal and totally vegetarian food supplement specifically developed for men. There is not a product like this anywhere!

Sweet Release
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Security agency selects San Diego firm for help sorting data

30 Sep 2002

SAN DIEGO (AP) - The largest U.S. intelligence agency will spend millions
to upgrade the technology it uses to sift through the huge volume of
telephone conversations, e-mail and other worldwide communications
chatter it monitors, under a new contract.

The National Security Agency has signed a $282 million contract with
Science Applications International Corp. of San Diego to help develop a
more refined system for culling useful intelligence from a flood of data
it collects daily. Officials disclosed the 26-month contract on Monday.

Most details about it are classified, as is most information about the
security agency. But analysts said the deal reflects the growing
challenge of electronic eavesdropping.

``There's a ton more communications out there and how to sift through
that is an increasing problem for the NSA,'' said Richard A. Best Jr. of
the Congressional Research Service.

The advent of e-mail, pagers, cellular phones, fax machines and the
growth of international telephone service has left the NSA with
``profound 'needle-in-a-haystack' challenges,'' Best said.

The Sept. 11 attacks underscored the need for such monitoring. Among the
millions of communications intercepts the NSA collected on Sept. 10, 2001
were two Arabic-language messages warning of a major event the next day.
The Arabic messages were not translated until Sept. 12.

Two years ago, the Fort Meade, Md.-based security agency launched what it
calls the ``Trailblazer'' program to use commercial technology to help it
keep pace with the growth in global communications.

SAIC could be in line for additional lucrative NSA contracts if the
agency decides to buy its solution. The company referred all questions on
the contract to the NSA.

The NSA, part of the Defense Department, has in recent years been taking
advantage of advances in the commercial sector.

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Dave Hills thumb has been stuck in that position since a nasty incident with a Pot Noodle in 1974. Dave, however, used the mishap as the springboard that led him to discover his unique guitar sound.
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Very constuctive. Unfortunately the UK government has seen fit, this morning, to back this position.
So the US will go through the UN, but only as long as the UN does exactly what the US wants. And the UK agrees with this. And these hypocritical warmongers have the temerity to justify this (in one of their less inflammatory ravings) as defending the authority of the UN, whilst directly undermining the democratic principles of the UN.

Truth will out....

President George Bush toned down his rhetoric on Iraq, suggesting that disarmament, not regime change, was his primary goal. "A military option is not the first choice. Disarming this man is because he poses a true threat to the United States"
Really? Is this the 93rd or the 94th excuse given for this action George? In all the excitement, I seem to have lost count.

But whatever soothing effect the president's words might have had was rapidly undermined by his press secretary, Ari Fleischer, who pointed out that the expense of an Iraqi invasion could be saved by the "cost of a bullet". Asked if he was calling for President Saddam to be assassinated, in contravention of US law, Mr Fleischer said only: "Regime change is welcome in whatever form it takes."
Go Ari! Puts the US government in a MUCH better light, all but admitting political assassination as a policy is just sooooo macho! Ari Fleischer! Crazy name! Crazy guy! (Copyright Glenda Slag, Private Eye).
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King Tut looks like Ronaldo

And Niarts Ademordna.... I will be here on Friday instead. Arse.
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Tuesday, October 01, 2002
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Friday 4 October (7pm)@ Whitechapel, 80-82 Whitechapel High St., E1 (020.7522.7888) Tube: Aldgate East Price: general £5 | concessions £3.50 Links: Whitechapel | Film Comment On Anne McGuire | The Andromeda Strain As part of "a programme of rarely seen work and cutting edge film", American video artist Anne McGuire is personally presenting her Andromeda Strain The at The Whitechapel gallery. Film this love you'll backwards it like you if. That gives you a rough idea of what this is all about. Andromeda Strain The is the 1971 Robert Wise film The Andromeda Strain painstakingly taken apart and re-assembled scene by scene starting at the end and finishing at the beginning. This may sound like the work of a mad-woman, but hidden poignancy can be revealed when a narrative unfolds in reverse with action preceding motivation. Anyone who's read Martin Amis' Time's Arrow, will be familiar with the technique and reviews indicate that Mcguire's film is worth the effort... just don't arrive late or you'll miss the end.
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Oh my
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alan ester! More!
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Tom Cruise Missile of Dogs
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The existence of the Kuiper Belt was postulated by J. A. Fernandez and by M. Duncan, T. Quinn, and S. Tremaine in the 1980s to explain the origin of short-period comets.

no relation i presume... (never presume, it makes a PRES out of U and ME, oh shit sorry.)

500 word report? on what? foreign students? foreign lands on which i have travelled this year? coming soon i guess, haven't really stopped since i got home, in fact i've just been to iceland for a few days. privileged? moi?

just like to say thanks to chris and john for helping me with the send mail problems.

mary celestia.
muay thai me kangaroo down sport
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Amazingly,Varuna is in Celestia.
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WTF? Varuna?
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Music Co.s to Pay $67.4 Million in Price-Fixing Case

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The five largest music companies and the three largest music retailers will pay $67.4 million in cash to settle a CD price fixing case launched by New York and Florida two years ago, State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said on Monday. [...]

USA Today
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Where is your 500 word report AT?
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My girlfriend is a foriegn student, I will ask her if this is true.

Still not as scary as Singapore where to sign up for a free internet account whilst I was out there I needed to use 'my' ID Card #. Obviously I don't have an ID card, so I just used my girlfriend's as she is a Singapore resident. But she is a French national, and therefore part of the European Union, so the police check may not apply. But I know some non EU students as well.
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Did you know that foriegn students coming to the UK have had to register with the police upon arrival at thier place of residence? This was certainly true in the '80s.

America survived Mcarthyism; it may well survive this, and hopefully come out stronger (more sensible) when the insanity retreats.
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Racism. Paranoia. Against human rights. Innocent until proven guilty. I can't describe this properly.
And America wonders why large sections of the world hate them?

Which countries are affected most? Are these the countries from which the hijackers came?
What has caused more deaths in the US in the past year, handguns or terrorism? And which is more preventable?
Two children a day...
Eight and a half thousand people dead in 2001 from handguns in the US. And that was 50% DOWN on 1999.
(See tables here)

Shit. This is getting ranty and obtuse. I'm stopping now.
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"It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes"
"I'm getting so hot, I'm going to take my clothes off"

Property? Debatable.
Intellectual? Oh yes.

With some high school friends, Nelly formed a band, the St. Lunatics, who scored a regional hit in 1996 with the self-produced single, "Gimmie What You Got." Frustrated in attempts to land a record deal as a group, they collectively decided that Nelly would have a better chance as a single, banking on his winning stage presence and superior rhyming skills. See above for details.
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I never liked Ayn Rand. Pure objectivity is very silly. Why limit perception? How can one be objective about imagination? How can one objectively know what another person is percieving?
On the other hand, Bergson was cool, but pure subjectivity is also very silly.
There always needs to be balance, why do people limit themselves so much?

That intellectual property thing is sticky. It depends on how it's defined, I guess. I consider a piece of painting I have made my intellectual property. It can be duplicated and printed all I want and whatever. People can make jpegs of something I make, and send it all over the green earth. I don't care, but the image is mine because I made it, and I would be upset if someone called the painting their own and marketed it. The only problem is if someone else makes money off of my work, for example, and I get none of the share (under some circumstances this would not be a problem - an organization's newspaper or something, you get my drift).
Example: if I was a musician, I'd promote mp3s of me, and then suggest that, if the customer likes what they hear, perhaps they could consider helping me out by buying a cd, or a printed piece of art, or whatever. If not, enjoy the image or the music. It's not like you're stealing my soul away or anything. Is this argument sound?
But I don't see how 14 year old girls downloading music could possibly make money off it (except for burning cd's for friends - oooo, impinging on the market share!@#), let alone be STEALING money from the RIAA.
So I suppose "it's mine so gimme money if you wanna llisten to it" is a different stream of thought pertaining to intellectual property, and maybe a different definition of the entire term. It views it's work as commodity to be profited from (that's what the RIAA is), not a service of entertainment and cultural enlightenment, which is how I view art/music/anything in that vein.

I wonder how much B.Spears/M.Elliot/Nelly are being paid for their little campaign.
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Monday, September 30, 2002
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Farenheit 451 speak written at BBC Newsround. News for kids. "You say you like to steal music. Stealing is wrong. You say you do it anyway."

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and btw: in canada the liberals(liberal party) ARE right wing. opposite
of the states.

nelly? nelly frittata? yo, i just nelly foo'. = pathetic.

britney? britney jeers? no just britney tramp ho tramp looser shithead.

m.elliot? no, just i am idiot. though thankfully i have never heard of you, you still
get pittied.

mellyfrittataidiot spears?
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rush are jackasses but they didn't use to be. so sad when people
fall off and try to be brainny or when they show their true stupid colors as clearly
as general tzo's chicken. his lyrics always sucked too but 2112 was dope. and before
that they sucked. moving pics = killer and the next one. but roll the bones is total shit.
everything just went down the hill faster and faster. the ramones though never
sucked, ever!!

they rule the wasteland of crap music from the domain of pure dopeness!!!?!®

so that top dragon toy you posted akin has made it into our lives apparently. what
a sad device, so wastefull; like dog fighting for kids. very sad again, just like rush.
when i was a kid in philly we use to play a great game!! we would fill bottle caps with
hot street tar(ooh yeah baby!) and smooth the tar accross the bottle cap top until it
hardened. you end up with a smooth "flickable" tar filled cap. then with chalk we would
draw a large box segmented into smaller boxes on the street with numbers in them.
not in order though so it was harder. then you would try to flick the tarcap like a marble
or something to get it into the next numbered square. you could also try to bounce the
other players cap out of the board so they would have to start over. now that is a
game!! healthy and resourceful just like skateboarding. which is incredibly
healthy for kids.....and the rest of us!

jamie oliver is fucking lame and i now truly hate him. he can take that pink set he
has and shove it into his gf. harsh but when you cook for firemen and your "mates"
just off of work i feel like slapping you with a glove and kicking you in the nuts oliver.
i want tickets to a j.o. taping if poss or i at least want to egg his house. anyone down??
let's egg jamie oliver. in the immortal words of steve martin: comedy is not pretty.
speaking of comedians, if he is one, i also wish a horrible life on jerry "whinner" seinfeld.
he sucks badly with his central park east apt. i also want to egg it but it's up to high
off the street so i may find his local grocer up by the movie theater on 6th ave and
60 whatever street and egg him too. your upper east side spolied whinner yell comedy
sucks terribly jerry. egg. ayn rand is a cult who needs to be stopped!!!!

i saw maryln manson on letterman a couple of years ago and he came across like
a rambunctious 15year old. he is sad. i feel bad for his lost life. the minutemen however
were the real deal. they are also members of the domain of pure dopeness. mr. johnny
cash is the king of that domain. it is what it is.

good night all and love to the most special girl in the world. you know who you are. i
earth wuv you. ;)
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From the zeropaid forum, re the Billboard Poll/RIAA "no downloading" *point gun down shoot bullet in foot* campaign headed by B.Spears/M.Elliot/Nelly:

"Rush's drummer is an Objectivist. The Objectivist version of a free market involves recognizing Intellectual Property. Ayn Rand never noticed the inherent contradiction in trying to enforce both free speech and intellectual property simultaneously. So that's why Rush is on the list. What a bunch of idiots."

"lets see here:

Britney Spears - People are downloading your nude pics, not your songs you washed up whore
Brian Wilson - sorry noone listens to the Bitch Boys anymore
Eminem - no sane person would want to download your bull$h1t anyway
Stevie Wonder - not even the oldies station plays your $h1t anymore
Shakira - I bought your latest cd because I DOWNLOADED your spanish cds, and bought them too. Lets see if I buy your next one, bitch.
Madonna - only 40 year old fags like your music.
P.O.D. - too $h1tty for me to comment on
Marilyn Manson - same as POD
3 Doors Down - damn another $h1tty band.
Bare Naked Ladies - there goes all respect I had for BNL.
Elton John - HAHAHA. Who downloads his $h1t?
Gene Simmons: you used to be cool.. 30 years ago.
Hootie and the Blowfish: I doubt even their moms listen to that $h1t anymore.
Vanessa Carlton: way to go, Michelle Branch ripoff. People only bought your cd because it cost $5.
Rush: jackasses.
Wallflowers: how can such a cool guy raise such a moronic kid?"
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Sunday, September 29, 2002

Eerie winner: N.Y. lottery draws 911 on Sept. 11

Associated Press
ALBANY, N.Y. -- Officials say it was just a coincidence, but many people found it chilling nonetheless: On the anniversary of Sept. 11, the winning numbers in the New York lottery were 9-1-1.

Lottery officials said Thursday that 5,631 people had selected the tragic numbers. They won $500 each.

"The numbers were picked in the standard random fashion using all the same protocols," said lottery spokeswoman Carolyn Hapeman. "It's just the way the numbers came up."

The 9-1-1 combination was picked so often, it reached the lottery's set limit for combinations and sold out by Tuesday evening, Hapeman said. On any given day, seven to 10 sets of numbers are "closed out," she said.

For the drawing, which is televised live, the lottery uses numbered balls circulating in a machine. When host Jolanda Vega pushes three levers, three balls pop up randomly. On Wednesday evening, there wasn't the slightest trace of a quaver in Vega's voice as she read out: "Nine ... one ... one."

There is a 1-in-1,000 chance of the numbers 9-1-1 coming up in the lottery.

"I'm a bit surprised, but I wouldn't characterize it as bizarre," said Christopher Rump, a probability expert at the University of Buffalo. "People tend to read into these things. I'm sure that whatever numbers come up tonight will have some special meaning to someone, somewhere."

Lottery players said the eerie number sequence didn't make them think the draw was rigged.

"It's not that unusual," said Bob Matusiak, who bought a ticket Thursday at a convenience store.

A similar coincidence occurred Nov. 12 when the numbers 5-8-7 came up in the New Jersey lottery the day American Airlines Flight 587 crashed in New York City.

Lottery ticket vendors said some people seemed reluctant to try their luck on the sequence even as they bet on it.

"I think some people were disgusted with the idea of playing that number because it represents a black day in the history of America," Farzad Khosravi said.

Hapeman said Wednesday was the first time in more than a year that the 9-1-1 combination had come up in the New York lottery.
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trying to carry a wet matress up a spiral staricase...

trying to staple jello to a ceiling...
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and since its been long since blogged off the edge:
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The last words of the Music Monopoly

Britney Spears, Multi-Platinum Award Winning Artist "Ooops! I Did It Again": "Would you go into a CD store and steal a CD? It’s the same thing, people going into the computers and logging on and stealing our music. It’s the exact same thing, so why do it?"

Eminem, Grammy Award Winning Rapper: "I'm sorry; when I worked 9 to 5, I expected to get a paycheck every week. It's the same with music; if I'm putting my heart and all my time into music, I expect to get rewarded for that. I work hard and anybody can just throw a computer up and download my music for free. It could kill the whole purpose of making music. It's not just about the money…It's the thrill of going to the store; you can't wait till that artist's release date, taking the wrapper off the CD and putting the CD in to see what it sounds like. I've seen those little sissies on TV, talking about how 'The working people should just get music for free,' I've been a working person. I never could afford a computer, but I always bought and supported the artists that I liked. I always bought a Tupac CD, a Biggie CD, a Jay-Z CD. If you can afford a computer, you can afford to pay $16 for my CD." Wall of Sound – May 17, 2000
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the delicious sound of silence ( products / sid workstations / futureclient )
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how the fuck does that work?


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"right wing liberals?"

how the fuck does that work?
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good god. I'll have some cheese with my whine a bit down.

The following is my input into a discussion on voting/not voting on another board. Search the archive for "voting from ignorance" if you want to see what started it.

I voted blank at last election. I got home a bit past 9 pm, and the voting places closed at 10. I met my parents when walking home, but went home, got my voter brief (it's mailed to you here, to everyone over 18, and you have to bring it if you want to vote - ie you are automagically registered to vote). I went down there, stood in a line for 45 minutes, got in, cast my blank vote and went home.

Now you might ask why the hell I went through all that crap to cast a blankie. Well, I believe in democracy. I believe that the people have the right to decide what happens to their country. However, of all (around 10) parties in that election, none appealed to me. And yes, I did pay attention to their statements, their, uh, bollocks, for lack of better wording.

After listening to these old men yammer, I decided not to vote for them, but to vote for my country.

A blank vote does count. Not towards a party, but towards the increment of the voting percentage. And that is important. If nobody votes, why do we have elections?

(stats: last election in denmark had roughly 80% of the able population voting, the elected government are right wing liberals - I wish they weren't)

Akin, where is that zip, I want to mirror
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"To take the geopolitical goals first. As with National Missile Defense, the publicly expressed motive for war with Iraq functions mainly as a tool to gain the necessary public support for an operation the real goals of which are far wider. The indifference of the US public to serious discussion of foreign or security affairs, and the negligence and ideological rigidity of the US media and policy community make searching debate on such issues extremely difficult, and allow such manipulation to succeed."

A very important article!!
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