Saturday, January 11, 2003

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Into the final days of the government's Great ID Card
Consultation - and the Home Office couldn't be more excited.
Lord Falconer continues to tell everyone who'll listen that
over 1500 people have responded, and the majority of them
were extremely positive on the idea.

Now, given that they're proposing a massive IT project to
introduce a universal identifier for all citizens, with a
centralised database of personal details, kept accurate by
making a new crime of withholding your current address from
the government - well, we can't help but think that more
people would a bit squeamish on the principle.

And maybe they were. DAN BLANCHARD described what happened
when he mailed the HO saying that he didn't think ID cards
were necessary. Back came the reply from the Home Office:
"Thank you for your e-mail of 13th December in support of
the introduction of an entitlement/identity card scheme."

Now, we're not saying that something fishy is going on here.
Although, obviously, yes we are *implying* it. So to
double-check the government, and test the accuracy of the
Lord Falconometer, the STAND folk have set up an easy-to-use
web form for those wanting to express their discontent (mild
or otherwise) with the Entitlement Card scheme. STAND'll
keep count of the number of contributions (in a giant,
centralised database of biometric - nah, just kidding), and
then compare that to the results that come from Lord
Falconer next time. We're hoping to get close to the 1500
entries already noted, perhaps even top it (that's only
about 0.1 of a slashdotting after all). Because if the
government can't even keep their database of an simple
e-mail consultation straight, maybe they shouldn't be
trusted with a universal database after all.
- slashdot the vote!
- remember that Minority Report/ Demolition Man workaround
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Alison said: The best part so far in 2003, besides me not working - is the snow!

Lucky you. If anyone's interested, look up the weather conditions in my province of Alberta. You'll see something interesting.
2000: almost drought.
2001: nasty-ass drought
2002: disaster. It has never been this bad in the history of agrigulture here.
The current winter has had 3 days total of precipitation that I can recall. I have never seen so little snow fall in my entire life. It's very depressing to see nature in much turmoil. It makes the driving commute much more safe, however. Next summer will be dry as a bone.
Meteorologists will tell you: the precipitation systems that provided Alberta's rain and snow are GONE. They don't really know HOW they're gone. They're just gone, and they won't be returning because everything that has fueled them has changed.
I heard an old farming women on the radio the other day. "It was bad in the 30's, but it got better, and it was bad in the 80's too, but it got better then as well. Things might be bad now, but I know things will pick up."
Too bad, old mother. Things are not going to get better. Only worse. I think central Alberta can start qualifying for "desert" status.
And our premier, Mr. Klein, is a big friend of the oil industry. In fact, all of his ties are to oil. Big oil. All he cares about is the money from the oil. The people? Screw them. He puts out a million-dollar ad campaign to slam the Kyoto accord (which was wisely accepted by our FEDERAL government). The ignorant masses - the very people being harmed so severely by the climate change that is mankind's own fault - are the ones who buy into it. So sad. It's just El Nino, people! It's just El Nino. Oil is harmless. So is every fucking filthy polluting hand that man sticks into the environment to grab some cash. More money for all, as long as you're the top 1% rack of the population. SPREAD THE WEALTH, PEOPLE.
I'm sure Mr. Klein likes Mr. Bush a lot. Let's get more oil! There will be thousands of "casualties," but you've gotta break a few eggs to make a pure green omlette. Because everyone loves money.
How many people here feel completely helpless and depressed about this? *raises hand*

PS: David Suzuki just had a huge, hard-hitting talk at my university. I can't find anything on it right now as it was just last night, but if I find something I'll post it. He is someone worth listening to.

What fashionable underground band/style are you?

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Friday, January 10, 2003

It is snowing and snowing and snowing.
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The World Health Organization's 1991 Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) campaign in the West African nation of Cameroon came under criticism by groups who suspected that the vaccination campaign was unusual in that it targeted only females of childbearing age for immunisation against tetanus, despite their low risk for the illness compared to farmers who were not vaccinated. A group called The World Federation of Doctors Who Respect Human Life claimed that they "found a sterilising agent in the vaccine" and acknowledged "a rumour that a local brewery had put sterilising chemicals in one of its popular beers, the target this time being the male population -- a complete conspiracy."

Now, will someone with access to back issuses of The Lancet confirm this please. That means you Alun!!
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That is so cool, Alex. All I want is a new router because mine keeps crashing!!!! Do you ever have those days when everything technical just explodes? This is my day today ...

And belated happy new year to everyone!
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hello world
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i just got my 200gb lacie hardrive. stats

time to fill it up. A212 mirror @ very soon. web // hotline // ftp

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i managed to get past level0 on that hacking game. not that exciting i know, but i really doubted that i would even get that far. only cos i read a hint, and that got me started. then i searched google lots and tried stuff out... need to understand things more though, but it's early days. now - why didn't i start this when i was 15?
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ooh mary that's nice. ;)

can any of you do this?
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Thursday, January 09, 2003

cheap shot. ur ur ur ur!
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this is really lame, and hardly original, i did it a while ago and i was in a really bad mood:

uh, i have no ftp as my site's moving host. so... here's a local copy, will break from temps de temps.

maybe i'll do some more, better ones.
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Good friends know how excited I get by new things, but aren't bothered about hearing them.
This does not sound good. I retract and change to '...but have a more conservative musical taste than I, though Rega knows I've tried...' Don't like that either... who's to say what's 'conservative musical taste'? I don't listen to much Merzbow, Boredoms, industrial, chart house, boy bands...
So.... ' but our musical preferences have a limited overlap'.
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here are some global logos to aid you in your bastardisation.

Saw Squirm last night. Fantastic performances from all the worms. Excellent. Minimal, understated screaming and, of course great make up.

As for Spider, good acting in a Cronenberg film? What does he think this is? Videodrome?

Saw Scannners as well the night before last. And I just got 5 of the DVDs I ordered. Can't wait to see Living Dead at Manchester Morgue, but I just noticed Rosemary's Baby is only in mono!?
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Here is a list of global brands to bastardize.
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Other alternatives to American global brands?
All I can think of is...


The olders in the group could accept, embrace and enjoy both CDs; most found the Missy enjoyable, and slightly amusing. The Aqualung was found to be very pleasant, but did not withstand more than one play in a day..."not in the holiday spirit" was the vote.
I find that when we have visitors I have to be selective in choosing which music to play, according to the visitor. Years ago I never took any notice and played whatever was exciting me at the time. Then I noticed agonized looks on faces whenever anything 'wierd' (not my definition) came on. I guess Panasonic is not the best background to a conversation. Anyway, now I understand I can only push so far before I turn people off completely, but it surprises me how rigidly some musical tastes are retained. Good friends know how excited I get by new things, but aren't bothered about hearing them. So it's back to Bjork and Radiohead, MAW and PJ Harvey. It can be tough trying to spread the noise news.

Saw Spider last night. Fantastic performances from all. Excellent. Minimal, understated dialogue and, of course, great direction.
I struck out Spider because, looking at the site, I thought it might spoil your enjoyment of the film if you read the site first.
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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Had a printing session tonight - excellent fun. Get out that roller and rock those blocks.

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New burger joints comin' to a town near you:


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FWIW Frampton Comes Alive is an abominably dull LP. I'm so glad it's not the 70's.

n.b. I did that (listened to that LP)so you don't have to
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Alex, yes! Mail me for my addy! U are v. kind! I have a NZ one but it's got no kiwi on it, nor paua, so it sounds excellent.
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Any chance of the new slogan on a t-shirt Akin?

I also got some photos today........snow is so beautiful when it first falls.
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Mecca Cola

"Two million bottles have been sold since it was launched two months ago in France and orders are pouring in from around the world.

"I got faxes last night from China and Australia and we've got many deals in North Africa," said Tawfik Mathlouthi, a French radio journalist who founded the Mecca Cola company. "People are thirsty for a way to stand up to American hypocrisy."

In the heavily Muslim northern districts of Paris Mecca Cola is sold for £1.05 per 1.5 litre bottle, about the same as Coke. It is gradually penetrating the mainstream supermarkets. M Mathlouthi has orders for 11 million bottles and is building his own manufacturing and bottling plant near Paris.

"I had the idea in the shower one day," he said. "What is the point in complaining about America all the time if you then go out and help its economy by buying American products? I felt it was time to give people a choice not to buy American goods and cola is a symbol of American economic power."

Other firms in the Middle East have tried creating different cola drinks, he said, notably Iran's Zam Zam Cola. But none has turned its drink into a political weapon.

"Mecca Cola is not just a drink," said M Mathlouthi. "It is an act of protest against Bush and Rumsfeld and their policies." "

The Telegraph
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Snow we have...1PM today Battersea Park:
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Irdial-Discs motto for 2003:
"We do this so you don't have to."™®©

Very nice...


this quiz was made by the sunni bunni bear

Lucky me - she is my favorite!

The best part so far i 2003, besides me not working - is the snow! IT IS THE BEST, traffic stops, people looks so good with red noses and it gives a very special sound and light in town.

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Alex, also the coup in Chile was Sept 11th 1973.
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So The Guardian invites British artists to design the cover to it's 'opinion' supplement G2. Hockney, Gormley, Chapmans, Wearing et al.

Wearing's turn was yesterday, she came up with this (edit : i would post picture, but it seems the guardian block linking pictures from outside.)

It caused outrage. They apologise.

Personally I think it's a bit funny. Not hilarious or witty or ironic. Just made me giggle. I don't find it offensive either, maybe if I was Cilla Black I would. There are probably some people out there would like to fuck Cilla anyway.
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I was reading an article about the assassination of Georgi Markov after reading this and noticed the date of the assassination was September 11, 1978. The article stated it was written 18 years to the day after this event; September 11, 1996. Then I thought about the most famous September 11. 2001. Exactly 23 years to the day after the event.

So these two have little, or nothing, in common except a date, but that number popped up. And it wasn't put there, or pointed out by someone else, as usually is the case with me, and fuels my disbelief. I picked up on this, very weird. So now I have more faith in this strange phenonomonmonm.

Oh, and Davros... I have a nail clipper from New Zealand which I found a few years ago. The handle is embedded with Paua stone, and has a metal Kiwi bird embedded in the Paua. If you really want it I'll send it to you...
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My nail clipper collection. Got two new ones coming in the post from a New Year trip to Zurich!

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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Futuristic backlit keyboard with ambient light sensor
Another first from Apple featured on the new 17-inch PowerBook G4: a unique fiber optic backlit keyboard with laser-etched keys that’s right out of the future. A light sensor automatically adjusts the keyboard and screen brightness based on the available ambient light. In low light, for example, the PowerBook G4 automatically lowers its display backlight and turns on the backlit keyboard. Then light-emitting fiber optic strands located under the keyboard come to life and illuminate the backlit keyboard so you can continue to work, unaffected by the change in ambient light.

ooh nice.


X11 for Mac OS X logo

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"The next big thing from Apple: The new 17-inch PowerBook G4. Featuring the largest, most spectacular display ever to grace a portable, miraculously engineered into a 1-inch-thin notebook that’s ultralight (just 6.8 pounds), ultradesirable — and starts at $3299"

Beyond belief.

And it runs ships with UNIX.

Am I dreaming??
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Steve pulled it off


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Tea Break.

During the holidays, we stayed on a vinyard in the middle of nowhere in France. Wether anywhere in France can be considered "nowhere" is another quesition.

There was an 18 year old there, who got Missy Elliot's new CD. I got the new Aqualung CD. Both delivered by Santa.

Something interesting was observed by all.

The Missy CD sounded like it was "made for an 18 year old" it was loud, "phanky", "nayaste", and made you stop thinking, and reflecting, and start reacting. It worked best loud, sounded fresh.

The Aqualung CD however, was comletely different. It sounded deeply reflective, brought you into its space without tying up your mind or body, and , most interestingly, was unnaceptable to the 18 year old.

The olders in the group could accept, embrace and enjoy both CDs; most found the Missy enjoyable, and slightly amusing. The Aqualung was found to be very pleasant, but did not withstand more than one play in a day..."not in the holiday spirit" was the vote.

Other things played constantly:

Ravi Shankar, Live at Radio France 1986, Ocora Radio France, Harmonia Mundi, c558674 hm83.

Dollar Brand "African Piano", 1968, ECM

Various Bach, Motzart, Couperin, Tibeten chants, Ragas, Cuban sounds, and LOTS of Dub: Mad Professor, Perry, Pablo, Scientist et al.

No "Music Francaise".
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Sign it, and mail it to me please; ive changed the key ID and added one.

Version: PGPfreeware 6.5.8 for non-commercial use

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And on the seventh day, there was email:
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thanks chris... my birthday is situated exactly in the middle of the dead zone between christmas and new year. christmas -> 3 days -> birthday -> 3 -> days -> nye. good and bad.

i never got to choose between birthday and christmas, i think that birthday presents have always taken presidence over christmas ones though, but a lot of the time i got 'joint' presents...

i think i could get addicted to these things:


this quiz was made by the sunni bunni bear

1 2 3 go go go!

i bought lots of DVDs online last night. has some amazing deals. The Wicker Man 2 DVD Special Edition (although not the box set) for only £7.99, Witchfinder General only £4.99, Profondo Rosso only £6.99. I sound like a advert I know... sorry. also found Diabolik DVD which has some nice films, but is aimed for the US, so a lot of the films are European imports, and therefore more expensive than if you were to buy them over here. HK Flix looks good for Asian imports. I bought Three an amazing Asian horror triptych I saw in Singapore...

George Monbiot seems to have his head screwed on, non?
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Jon Johansen, the author of DeCSS, has been acquitted on all charges by the Norwegian Supreme Court.'Johansen and his defense attorney Halvor Manshaus won on all counts, with the Oslo court ruling that Johansen did nothing wrong when he helped cracked the code on a DVD that was his own personal property.

Read more:

Finally some justice in this case, and it might even have give some precedents in the rest of the EU.
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The Mirror, a UK tabloid 'news' paper, in 'international politics on front page' shocker!
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On and on and on.
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Monday, January 06, 2003

Depends upon which one you are.
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It was actually on New Years Day Alex. Did you have the choice as a kid of a christmas present or a birthday one? I was the youngest of 6 (until my little brother came along when I was 10) and so had that choice. I always opted for a birthday present.

Happy belated birthday to you as well!

I had a good day this year. I was flu'd up on NYE and in bed but on NYD, went to the Horniman museum and then ice skating at Somerset House in the Strand, finished off with a meal at Wagamamas with friends.

Theres a free sound exhibition at South London Gallery by William Furlong. I'm going to pop along sometime this week. I'll let you know what its like.

What fashionable underground band/style are you?

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Shouldn't that be the picture for 'Envy'?
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You can be saved.
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haven't seen one of these for a while:

What fashionable underground band/style are you?

this quiz was made by the sunni bunni bear

belated happy birthday chris, sorry i'm a bit late? was your birthday on boxing day? i share the pain of a close to christmas birth...
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First 23 of 2K3, courtesy of CNN
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Happy New Year?

Yesterday I listened to Kings of the Wild Frontier by Adam and the Ants. I was 11 years old when I got this record. Two-thirds of my life ago. I still know all of the lyrics. Unplug the jukebox and do us all a favour. Genius! I even wore the white stripe at discos.

At my sisters wedding on the 20th I also forced my partner to dance with me to Dobie Grays 'Out on the Floor'. We were the only people dancing and I didn't could these heathens keep their feet still? Then on comes Status Quo and suddenly everyone finds their dancing shoes. Ah, wedding discos.

Peace and much much love to all.
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Sunday, January 05, 2003
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