Saturday, March 08, 2003

I believe something is relevant when it
a) makes an impact on a large amount of people (be that having a lot of fans, selling a lot of records, or merely having popular ideas and/or
b) makes an impact on other artists, influencing the art to come.
In addition, I do not think something needs to be relevant. Something can be irrelevant, and still be good. The presence of Damien Harris' sculpture in "The Cell" did nothing to extend the value and/or understanding of his work, but it *was* cool - in a sense, irrelevant. Though don't get me wrong - innovation and dreaming is completely necessary. Non-innovation is not unnecessary, however.

The myth of the avant-garde, which began with post-impressionism, is that every new thing has be to unique, different and important. It is exactly that - a myth. Not everything has to be innovative to the extreme. The band Interpol is not very innovative, but in my opinion they are very good, so... whatever.

(...) one's taste does not define relevance. Or maybe it does.
One's taste defines what one likes and dislikes, and nothing, absolutely nothing else. If anyone disagrees, prove that taste defines something other than taste, and I will believe you.

I think modernism, which to an extent is the parent of cubism, is particularly relevant.
I think cubism is part of modernism. Modernism began with Manet who began to paint the modern life of the city around him. Cubism, informed by current political and theoretical language, was an extension of an artists' subjective view of the world directly in front of him (this is debatable of course). Modernism ended with Jackson Pollock, who exploded the concept of "picture" and blew the paint off the canvas with the "all over" approach. Anything (innovative) that came after is largely "post modern" but no one knows what that means yet.

Its like a painter emerging today saying that she is a cubist AND that her work is relevant. That is a non sequitur.
see "the myth of the avant-garde" above. She might still be able to say something important and definitely relevant. Uncle Tupelo did it with old-timey country twang.
Besides, her cubism could not be like picasso's or braque's cubism. It would be informed and about her world, and in a sense, different. It would not be part of the cubist MOVEMENT, but the style would be informed by cubism. Just how an "abstract expressionist" in these days and age is not an abstract expressionist per se. He may work like Rothko, but to different, and possibly relevant, ends.

I'm not sure why I'm posting this. It doesn't ask any questions and it doesn't posit any answers. It just is. Irrelevant I guess.
Yeah, but you're awesome. So there. Discussion is important. Relevant, I guess.

How can self-depriciation be a vehicle to critique pop culture?
Warhol eliminated his individuality, to be as a machine, to emulate the mass images, ideas, and concerns that society in general posed to him. That is self-depriciation of one's own individual self-worth, at least in capitalistic society. Critiquing pop culture by demonstrating conformity - isn't conformity communist? But pop culture is capitalist. I am not comparing Good to Warhol of course. I think Good self-depreciates to recognize the ironic and potentially hypocritical position he has put himself in.

Can a critique of pop culture be relevant when its delivered by a practitioner of it?
Again, I will point to the fame of Andy Warhol. He dealt a severe insult to pop culture by successfully selling his mechanically-produced, un-individual art as unique objects of art. What a jerk!

These don't answer any questions, either. Oh well.
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Its like a painter emerging today saying that she is a cubist AND that her work is relevant. That is a non sequitur.

So you are saying that all past movements, philosophies and styles or genres are irrelevant because they are no longer contemporary, so one should not work or think within these boundaries as they were created for a time which has past?

I'm not arguing, in a way I agree. I am trying to understand. I don't agree however, with the statement that cubism is irrelevant. I think modernism, which to an extent is the parent of cubism, is particularly relevant. However I don't think an artist or thinker should constrain themselves to a particular set of ideas, but should digest and interpret those ideas within their own ideas/knowledge/scope.

I don't know enough about anything really to back up what I just said, and I know that's very dangerous.

I'm not sure that rock is completely irrelevant either. Rock in the basest sense may be. Rock as in Elvis, Bill Hayley, Bruce Springsteen or Shakin' Stevens may well be irrelevant, but there are people today using rock instrumentation and maybe even rock song structure and creating something very relevant. Hood are a good example of this. Or Fugazi or Shellac. Even Godspeed! or Sigur Rós are, and one's taste does not define relevance. Or maybe it does.

I don't think any of the current whatever-name-it's-got-recycling-led-zepplin-and-deep-purple bands are particularly relevant. Neither do I believe ElectroClash is a particularly interesting or relevant movement. Because neither of these 'movements' are adding anything new to the styles and sounds they've appropriated. It doesn't stop a few songs to come from these places to sound good, to be 'good' songs, but taste and relevance are different. Taste and relevance are also quite subjective. Taste is ultimately subjective. But relevance can be subjective on a few levels, but it's not a prerequisite. I think we're talking about relevance in a wider sense that personal relevance.

I'm not sure why I'm posting this. It doesn't ask any questions and it doesn't posit any answers. It just is. Irrelevant I guess.
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rock is pop

Rock was never pop, though it became popular. Rock was dangerous, immoral and the theme music for all wreckers of civilization.

By definition, rock, as it was, could not ever have been pop.

Why do you think that the differentiation dissapeard in the mid-80's?

How can self-depriciation be a vehicle to critique pop culture?

Can a critique of pop culture be relevant when its delivered by a practitioner of it?

Rock itself today is a total deception ; the very act of doing it makes the practitioner irrelevant. You cannot be playing rock AND be relevant.

Its like a painter emerging today saying that she is a cubist AND that her work is relevant. That is a non sequitur.
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Interesting, a nation is "born" when Britian makes it so!

ABC News (already been chewed)
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it's pop and on top of that completely irrelevant.
I challenge this. I posit that Good is the most relevant pop musician in north america. He critiques pop culture through the vehicle of pop music with a thick sense of irony and self-depriciation. In other words, he is implementing mass media to comment on mass media. I think he does this well. Then again, maybe I'm just a major-label conformist whore. I can't decide. It doesn't matter.
(also, I forgot about the differentiation between rock and pop - though I think that differentiation dissapeared during the mid-80's or so; rock is pop)
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Signal to noise ratio.
Take heed
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"Making money is not the goal but the result."
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"Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy."

"To speak with a human voice, companies must share the concerns of their communities. But first, they must belong to a community."

"Companies that do not belong to a community of discourse will die."

"People in networked markets have figured out that they get far better information and support from one another than from vendors. So much for corporate rhetoric about adding value to commoditized products."
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What are you talking about Barrie? is the most enlightened piece of writing about the Internet I have ever read. BTW: Matthew Good isn?t rock, it?s pop and on top of that completely irrelevant.
posted by Claus Eggers , 6:50 PM Þ 

Jesus. That's one of the stupid webpages ever made. Sad thing is, it's too serious to be a joke, but it should be. What a bunch of fucktards.
posted by Barrie , 6:15 PM Þ 

"Hi! We don't understand the Internet. Oh, and, by the way, we hate you."
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Friday, March 07, 2003

Pointing out the obvious:
After reading the top story in the "Edmonton Journal" today I was throroughly baffled by GW's comments. He and his administration claim that Iraq has "terrorist links" and such, yet REFUSE to back that up with ANY evidence! "Our intelligence says so" he says. The US government is not CAPABLE of intelligence, as this case truly points out!
When Hans Blix speaks, Bush just says "HE'S LYING!" with nothing to back him up.

Matthew Good-Avalanche
a fucking excellent album. rock done right.

I was in my incredibly insightful sociology class yesterday, and the instructor mentioned an idea by one Dr. DiLulio (sp?).
He said that, in September or so, we will have the largest population of 16-24 year olds that has ever existed in the history of civilization. This is also the single most criminogenic age group, second to NONE.
Watch as war happens, as economies tank and trade collapses - criminality will skyrocket as it never has before.
At least, this is this guy's theory. Interesting.

If there was any class in the world to completely destroy one's trust in our "officers of peace" - the police, it is this class. My teacher is one cynical, realistic bastard. What a horrible influence!

Barrie, do you think they'll accept my Hip points in part-exchange? A battered 12" of Little Bones must be worth a couple of powerbooks, non?

The haxor handle of barrie sutcliffe is "Cordl3ss F1re".

What's yours? Enter your name:

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Just what were you pointing at Dr Kirby?

I know what he really looks like:

Anyway, official proof that USB is the best protocol/bus ever:

tea vs teeth

No no no, Bluetooth is the best!!
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Hans Blix

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Cap'n D, Mr T found another picture of me! That's me and the missus on holiday near the Finnish border. Oh, the long summer days...
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I posted enough Steve Bell images, so here's a list....

Try this at the weekend if you're bored.
posted by Alun , 2:28 PM Þ 

What are your Soulseek ids?
posted by Mess Noone , 1:23 PM Þ 

-----Original Message-----
From: Tim Sheridan []
Sent: 06 March 2003 23:36
To: everybody
Subject: just a moment of your time....

I am boycotting America and particularly, the Miami winter music
conference and something happened the other day that led to this mail
to you...

After I told a friend I couldn't play for him at the Miami conference
he proposed that if I really believed in a boycott, I should broadcast
it in some way. At the great risk of appearing pompous or superior (I
certainly hope I am not) I am e-mailing everyone I know and talking to
people like yourself to explain why I am doing it and demanding no-one
do anything except listen if they see fit.

After following America's foreign policy all my adult life, I have
gone from being completly oblivious to their motives and actions, to
suspicious through incredulous to downright livid. I have gone from
being a willing and happy consumer of all things glossy and U.S of A
to being unable to watch a film or television programme from there
without at least once shuddering at some propaganda, some history
re-write or worst of all, yet another utterly gratuitous flag-shot.

During the London peace march on 15th feb I couldn't help but feel
while walking and looking around that lots of good people were
spreading lots of good feeling and 48 hours later the world would
forget it. The politicians would turn around and get on with what they
were up to while history blinked.

The day after the march my flatmate asked what I would do if the
American Goverment carried on unilaterally. I said something like I
don't know but I will have to do something. I'm not having it.

So, I said all this to a witness! so this is what, I'm sending this to
everyone I know saying; I will no longer frequent American businesses
or buy American products (which is harder than it appears,
particularly records in my case)
Since the American Goverment has recently become more aggressive I am
boycotting the Miami winter music conference despite the necessity of
being there as I cannot, with any conscience set foot on American soil
due to the outrageous behavior of the American Goverment.

As a footnote I beg the understanding of my American friends and say
with some seriousness, the American people are no different from us
and only they can stop their own goverment. I love my friends over
there and hope they understand.

I urge you to think about how you feel about the current situation,
which more than anything to me is this; That our goverments have lost
touch with us and no longer do our bidding. Regardless of details
regarding the political landscape, I cannot help but feel the will of
a handfull of obscenely rich men, driving our lives and destroying
others and I must do something however small or personal. I will not
visit American franchise fast food, go to see Hollywood flims or buy
or rent them. When an American t.v show is on I will turn over (except
the Simpsons, it's the only satirical voice) I won't buy anything made
in-or that will profit America. I won't go dance to American djs
(though I will gladly shake their hand and share a drink with them if
they are strangers, or invite them to my home if they are friends) and
I will actively seek and encourage any further demonstration to my own
goverment of the will of people who like me, will simply not have it

If you feel like it why not pass this on or better still, tell your
own message if you agree. I will send a version of this as personal as
I can to 142 people. If only half pass it on and you work it out, it
balloons to quite a lot of people quite quickly.
Thanks for listening.

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Alun, dude, I never knew what you looked like before now. Cool!
posted by captain davros , 10:25 AM Þ 

UT Austin hacked, personal info exposed

An Internet-based attack on computer systems at the University of Texas at Austin yielded personal information on more than 55,000 individuals, including current and former students, current and former faculty, staff and job applicants, according to a statement posted on the university's Web site.

The attack was first detected on Sunday when computer systems personnel at the university noticed that a computer was malfunctioning.

Analysis of the problem revealed that it was the result of an attack and that an administrative data reporting system used by the university had been compromised in that attack, according to the university.

The attacker or attackers apparently used a "blunt force" approach to cracking the system, writing a program that input millions of Social Security numbers to the system. Social Security numbers that matched records in the UT database were captured. [...]

Thats another example of why ID cards and centralized databases using unique identifiers are a very bad idea. And of course, the article meant "Brute Force".

Info World
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Thursday, March 06, 2003

"Torture lite". Really.

I bought some reindeer hides from a shop in Arvidsjaur, northern Sweden today. The wonderful ladies at Anna-Lisa's Souvenirbutik ( posted the hides to me before I had given them my credit card number. Trust still exists! There is hope for humanity, and it is living not far from the arctic circle.
posted by Alun , 6:04 PM Þ 

If you have a few 200G discs, to back up your box will be rather x-pensive.

You can get 1 23G DVDR for $25, and a 200G HD for around $200, so as a backup solution, not so cool maybe if you have a massive system.

backing up a small disc (like a laptop disc maybe) however, is another proposition. im running 80G, so I need 3+ of these to cover everything. My next upgrade will be to go to two 200G drives.

I could of course, use these blue discs for primary storage instead of a large HD, but are they fast? And of course, the price is sure to plummet once they infiltrate the market.

posted by Irdial , 5:02 PM Þ 

akin, is that the blue laser DVD? 23GB OMG!!!!


If you can read Japanese then there's more. Here's an English press release.
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surely that should be You' ???

Anyway, there are 2 People with the name Alex Torrance. Apparently I am rarer than a wombats wing nut.

However I contest, there are a lot more people with my name. Maybe I should have put Alexander?
posted by alex_tea , 3:49 PM Þ 

posted by Irdial , 1:06 PM Þ 

There are


People with the name John Smith.
You lot are going to produce a combined
227.1007 tons of skin in your life. You disgust me.

posted by Alun , 12:48 PM Þ 

How many people in the UK share your name?

There are


People with the name Alun Kirby.

That name doesn't exist. Are you secret service?
Don't hurt me I've seen Enemy of the State.

I am the invisible man.

P.S. Thanks for the mac advice. Thinking of going for the 1GHz version 15". Just checking prices. Maybe will buy through Apple UK, but would feel happier with John Lewis, for some strange middle-english luddite reason. Ver weird, not to want to buy a computer using computers....
posted by Alun , 12:46 PM Þ 

But they're not going to get any cheaper

You say that, but Apple just halved the price of the 23" Cinema screen, causing outrage amongst previous buyers...

Still, you can wait for ever. The longer you wait the better they'll get and the more time you'll have without a computer...


Meanwhile; more evidence for the rumours that GeeDubya likes to listen to Sigur Rós whilst polishing his missile.

From: Autoresponder@WhiteHouse.GOV
Date: Thu Mar 6, 2003 12:59:03 AM Europe/London
Subject: Re: [fatcat newsletter - 03/03]

Thank you for emailing President Bush. Your ideas and comments are very
important to him.
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The haxor handle of Alun Kirby is "Lunix Dream".

What's yours? Enter your name:

Lunix Dream will be getting the 15" Powerbook. The 12" one is too cute, and the 17" one is too expensive.

Actually, they're all too expensive. But they're not going to get any cheaper, so...
posted by Alun , 9:52 AM Þ 

Australian ISPs Raided!
posted by Irdial , 8:24 AM Þ 

The haxor handle of chris j is "Skelet0n Bullet".

What's yours? Enter your name:
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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Bow Down!
The haxor handle of captain davros is "Leth@l Bull3t".

What's yours? Enter your name:
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Alun, I'd get as much RAM as you can afford. Probably not much after splashing out on the PB... Also external keyboard and mouse, as the trackpad can get a tad annoying after a while.

What size are you going for? 12", 15" or the big whopper?

Be sure to check out MacDevCentre for very useful guides and tutorials on Apache, PHP, etc. And also Mac OSX Hints. I've got loads of bookmarks on setting up OS X with partitions etc. if you want...
posted by alex_tea , 4:46 PM Þ 

"Trigger Heretic".

What's yours? Enter your name:
posted by a hymn in g to nann , 4:19 PM Þ 

OK. After much deliberation, I think I'm going to buy one of these this weekend.
867MHz G4 Powerbook. If anyone thinks this is a serious mistake please tell me! I want it for work, for running a small web site (personal stuff only), photoshop stuff and for watching DVDs.
Nearly 2K sterling. Sigh.
Any upgrades I should ask for at the same time? More memory?
Thanks, good people.

Barrie, do you think they'll accept my Hip points in part-exchange? A battered 12" of Little Bones must be worth a couple of powerbooks, non?
posted by Alun , 4:12 PM Þ 

I celebrated accordingly with a fat stack of pancakes, flapjacks smothered in LOTS of butter, sliced in a grid (first length-wise, then width-wise) and made to swim in syrup, the sweetness entering the slices from the cuts. Warm cups of coffee and good converstation rounded out a perfect dinner...
posted by Josh Carr , 3:57 PM Þ 

Jack Valenti rebutted by
posted by Irdial , 3:08 PM Þ 

Quark 6 for OS X screen shots and info.
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The haxor handle of akin is "S3r1al Zero".

What's yours? Enter your name:
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The haxor handle of Mess Noone is "Blue Bullet".

What's yours? Enter your name:

The haxor handle of black hearted fucking angel is "Sexor Z3ro".

What's yours? Enter your name:
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Tattooed on the ass of democracy, in case of heart failure.
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posted by Irdial , 12:18 PM Þ 

I didn't know it was pancake day yesterday, I am most upset. But I have a French girlfriend who makes great crépes, so it's not that bad. I have to teach her about lemon and sugar too. And I have a lovely big pot of real Canadian maple syrup in my cupboard too...

Akin, do you think this is related to the sendmail hack you posted about earlier?

And I got a new power adaptor for my harddrive so I'm back in business... Just need to sort out the monitor now... :(
posted by alex_tea , 12:05 PM Þ 

I had pancakes yesterday, with lemon and sugar, and they were grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.
posted by captain davros , 11:16 AM Þ 

The camera never lies.
But what about Rumsfeld?
posted by Alun , 11:01 AM Þ 

The haxor handle of alex_tea is "Sharp R0gu3".

What's yours? Enter your name:
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"So wide, you can't get around it".
Thank you. I felt it. It hurt. Oh My®.
posted by Irdial , 10:19 AM Þ 

Steve Bell on George Bush talking out of his arsenal.

Is this pancake thing genetic? Some dominant gene taken to the americas by religious madmen. And left there, with any luck.
Syrup on your savoury foodstuffs? That's a cheap trick to get kids to eat what they don't really want to.

Akin. Pull yourself together. Start behaving properly. Get yourself a bacon and fried egg sandwich, a nice mug of tea, remember 'Withnail and I' and think yourself lucky.

Fried egg sandwich with bacon and minced dried onion. The toast was made from an Ecce Panis sourdough boule; the dark flecks on the cooked egg white are the dried onion bits, toasted in the bacon fat for a minute before I broke in the eggs. Speaking of which, I broke the yolks intentionally by pressing down on the top slice of (buttered!) toast. Otherwise, they break when you bite into them, spurting egg yolk all over your face and beard (if you have one), and dripping down onto your shirt.
posted by Alun , 10:01 AM Þ 

Oh my. You are in a state, Akin. Who made you, you crazy man?

I did have pancakes. Three. With bacon. And three pats of butter and two long sweet pours of syrup. In a lovely little spot, The Boot and Blade, in Owen Sound. The corner table, under the boys in black and white, the old town heros, handsome hockey soldiers. Oh, delicious. The pancakes, of course. Three in a row. I rub a bit of butter on all their faces, and then I swirl the syrup over in fancy curliques. Crispy on the outside, with rings where the batter hit the hot griddle first. Golden cakey moistness soaked in Log Cabin goodness, melting on my tongue. Coffee served hot in heavy mugs, and your fingers stick to the handle because the damn syrup is everywhere. Coffee that never gets cold because the fresh waitress fills it constantly, and the burr and hum of the crowd makes you feel warm and cozy and so at home.
posted by mary13 , 8:00 AM Þ 

Oh my God. Fear mongering.

In war there's no time to teach or learn Zen
carry a strong stick
bash your attackers
- Ikkyu Sojun, 15th Century Zen Master

Was in the sig in an email from a friend of mine. I like it a lot.
posted by Mikkel , 12:14 AM Þ 
Tuesday, March 04, 2003

How Much More Proof Do You Need Mary? Feel My Pain!!!!!!

Pancakes are tricky things
posted by Irdial , 9:06 PM Þ 

Depeche Mode are fucking brilliant. My VU.
posted by Mess Noone , 8:42 PM Þ 

"With my last breath, I stab at thee"

Can you feel my pain Mary?

Do you see what I have to contend with EVERY DAY?

No one knows what we know, no one feels what we feel. Even in that place where you are, the sun shines bright in the day, your days are full of light, good service, friendly faces, cheap gas...


Would that my eyes were a river, so that I could cry tears forever, for my beloved home.

Imagine a blask fly, trapped in the center of a jar of thick clear honey.

Thats what its like to be trapped.

I will never forget the first time that I bought a can of Coca Cola from a "corner store".

I said:

"Can I have a can of Coke?"

She turned around, took a can off the wooden shelf behind her and said:

"Heryarr luv".

"Have you got a cold one"

I said.

She reached out with the back of her hand, and with it, touched the can and said:

"It is cold luv"!

I didnt know how much trouble I was in.

So now, Mary, you KNOW MORE about SUFFERING and PAIN and the MISSING.

The WHITE WHALE, calls out to me, he becons me across the Atlantic.

Swear with me now, an oath, to hunt him down, and spill his blood till the ocean turns red.

And dont forget, lots of syrup. and double portion of bacon and spicy sausages and fresh squeezed orange juice [dont even START me on my "orange juice in the UK" stories]
posted by Irdial , 7:32 PM Þ 

akin ...... really ........... look in your cupboard ...... dig out the flour, eggs & milk & make them ....... no no no ...... don't give me that 'but they ...' crap ... you make them, and they will be the most delicious things you'll taste this side of tomorrow ........ we had ours yesterday, as nan is at work tonight ; we alternated fillings

1 : melted down green & blacks dark chocolate + crushed hazlenuts ; these were very pleasant, but a little rich ( & sick-inducing if over-done, i would imagine )
2 : greek yoghurt + honey + a tweeny bit of orange juice ; these were double pleasant
3 : standard lemon & honey, just to clean the mouth ; we ate these until they started oozing from our ears
posted by a hymn in g to nann , 7:08 PM Þ 

"Whenever there has been an economic crisis like this,"
Rogers continues, "a new player has always emerged on the
economic landscape. A century ago, few people would have
believed that the dollar was going to emerge out of the
19th century as the dominant world currency. There's always
a phoenix that rises from the ashes. Who will it be for the
21st century? My guess is the Chinese yuan may eventually
have its day in the sun. The nation has a recipe for a
sound currency - a huge population, an enormous balance of
payments surplus, and a sizeable GDP to match. China is now
the world's largest importer and the world's second largest
creditor (Japan is first). For the moment, its currency is
not convertible, which must change now that it has been
admitted to the World Trade Organisation. There are still a
lot of cultural barriers to get over - rampant xenophobia
and fear of capitalist interests - but nothing assuages
fears like steady flows of money into your coffers."
posted by a hymn in g to nann , 6:52 PM Þ 

No one wants to hear about Ontario Mary.

What we do want to know, is why you are not reporting that you are eating pancakes on our behalf. You, that are lucky enough to live in that utterly civilized country, where you can get pancakes (and back bacon) ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, you.... you LIVE THERE, and dont eat stacks on our behalf, and shake the superflux to us, the wretched in no-pancake land.

Shame shame SHAME on you.

We, who live in the UK, a rather morally confused place for the moment, drink Brakspears, Speckeled hen, Theakstons Old Peculiar, Bombadier (how appropriate) and Adnans on a regular basis and transmit those hoppy vibes to you and yours, and what do we get in return?


Do you know how expensive beer is in the UK?
Can you even IMAGINE what it is like to go for years without tasting that sweet, fluffy, buttery, meaty breakfast treat..../sob/ so cruel.


Im not even asking for blueberry, butterscotch or whole wheat. Ill even take GM pancake mix and, heaven forgive me Aunt Jemima syrup...

ANYTHING for pancakes.

I am begging you.

I plead.

If you have even a shread of decency in you.

Eat a stack of 4.

Do it for me.

Tell me what its like...I need... a ray of light... a sliver of hope.

Better now.
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posted by Irdial , 6:22 PM Þ 

A very old library
So looks does matter!!!
drop dead ugly

Love the panties... Über cool... MUST HAVE THIS SUMMER!

Broken heart
left alone
got another heart
beautiful man
inside and outside
Writing is really good
Researching is hard
Having a EEG on my brain tomorrow
Might have problems with my brain
Maybe I am just very sore, says my doctor
Or I might have epilepcia (spelled right? No no)
Soon spring
Taking a journey to Berlin with nice friends
Any of you guys recommend any places in Berlin? Hav'nt been there in to years - need new trainers and a nice perfume
posted by Alison , 5:10 PM Þ 

Hey you busy writers. I am in Ontario and it is so nice to click on and read your thoughts. Esp. yesterday when I was in Toronto, it was -20 degrees celcius, with wind. Brr! Spent most of the day in the ROM, they had a fantastic display of mosiacs from Italy. Truly a treat. If I could afford to go back to school, that would be the one. Such beautiful work. And then across the street to the Ceramics Museum for a teapot exhibit. Tres cool!

I'm off to see Niagra Falls. It's only -5, a warm day!
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server temporarily down for sendmail maintenance; see the link that will follow this.
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no page?
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Monday, March 03, 2003

It may be too late for some of you in Europe, but for North Americans:

I am going to a full production at ABC No Rio.

oh yeah, and how about:

03/03/03 03:03:03

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The Wall Street Journal today said about Nasdaq:

"...fell from its previous hights during the dot com boom to its present level or 1337"

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Bill Drummond is still sane.
posted by Alun , 12:22 PM Þ 

Psychohistory at Davos.

More insular chatter; "Gosh; people are people everywhere".
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Sunday, March 02, 2003

from IRC chat:

tbor : p00ty; google crackhead
p00t: tbor; * * - parody site with bumper stickers, quotes, gaffs, inconsistencies, forums, and more. within this site More sites about: Humor > George W. Bush Administration
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Watson's comments are interesting. Is that a subtle attack on the class structure not allowing the poor to be succesful I see? Strange... stupid. I'm afraid that animals are not killed in a motive of racial purification, as much as those webmasters would like to believe. Maybe Mr. Watson could apply some sort of cure to these people as well...?
posted by Barrie , 9:13 AM Þ 

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