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alun, your harold moores post is pure torture ..... i used to spend a lot of time in there, and had just, five years after moving away, gotten used to the fact that it is too far away to visit ......... i remember seeing whole racks put aside for japanese businessmen who'd finally twigged that none of their new gadgets offered the reproduction quality of vinyl
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If you have Photoshop or The Gimp, download this and make a new BLOGDIAL masthead. Select the letters and then paste in what you want. Or not. I will be randomly rotating all the entries that are emailed to me...
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a very dour read
it certainly can be
i see it more as an information source

A? H?
Arse hole? Goatse man again?
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A? H?
Ah ha?

Alex, subscribe to the Wire!
Hmm... I've always found it a very dour read, it's so sacrosanct and dull really. Maybe I'll have another look, I have bought a few issues in the past and read friends' copies now and then. I'm not sure about magazines, I used to buy loads, regulary, but I find them all so dull and similar. I was thinking about starting my own with some friends at one point but that all went sour.

outstanding electronic dub
I bought the deadbeat album recently. Awesome.
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A? H?
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Alex, subscribe to the Wire! Their web site also has resources, the mag is a fab read (man) and the free CDs are always worth a listen. Last month (I think) was a Scape records showcase and is outstanding electronic dub

I have that money mark lp!
other good recent design from chocolate industries and skam, the minimal stuff with braille and holes
old style, i can't resist really old columbia label opera box sets. I have a few, including tosca (di stefano version with maria callas) which just seem so... historic! sacred, almost. treasures!
and still available from one of the best record shops in the world, with the most helpful and informative, knowledgeable staff, Harold Moores in London. their online shop does not do them justice. the vinyl section downstairs is an aladdins cave of musical gems. go there now!
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in this month's Wire they address CD case design and look at some classic record cover designs

Alex goes out and buys the Wire...

I found loads of resources on record sleeves yesterday, but they all seem to focus around the strange and bizarre, that copy of the Wire sounds like exactly what I need... I'm looking for some inspiration. - lots of links here - Wire article on Kim Hiorthøy written by Adrian Shaugnessy - amazon list on music related design books - this is great, album cover rip offs! - this one's great too... check this out especially!

Some of my favourite sleeves in my collection are the Ben Drury / Will Bankhead stuff for Mo'Wax, especially when they went the whole hog on the packaging as well, the pop up UNKLE sleeve and the Monkey Mark / Push the Button LP spring to mind.

Also the Raster Noton stuff, the anti static bags, the clear series. They've really got it going on... Excellent website too.

Music has the Right to Children and Pauls Boutique seem to have pretty iconic imagry.

I think Work and Non Work by Broadcast has to be my favourite sleeve though, for now at least. All their 7"s were beautiful too.

Got to mention the Split Series on FatCat too... Conceptual genius?

Why doesn't everyone post their favourite record sleeves?
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this site seems to have virtually tons of raw information regarding US arms sales, etc since 1992, details of what and costs nothing classified though, also detailed run downs on countries with weapons of mass destruction, with maps and a few photographs of installations. No real surprises but the tone seems neutral.

I was looking for an online database of satellites ...
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Completely matches the sounds inside.
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am listening to seefeel 'quique'
i remember falling to sleep to this record so many times, and having so many dreams as a result
it was released in 1993

why are there no lowercase numbers?

in this month's Wire they address CD case design and look at some classic record cover designs

my favourites include hendrix axis bold as love. i am sad enough to own three copies. just can't get enough of that heavy lamination, lustrous 60s printing, double spread thang.
now available as a rug...
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I have this album.

Beautifully package; nothing but a half-shorn wire. Very nice. The sounds on the CD resemble very much the wire.
There is not much nicer than a really nice packaging job. It makes an album really worth owning. It becomes a unified piece of work... the package is not just some sort of vehicle, it, as a vehicle, informs the work it delivers.
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Friday, April 25, 2003

Alexandre St. Onge album
its worth a listen as well imho...

Alexandre will be playing at the Arts Cafe, London tomorrow night as part of Shalbi Effect...
details here

he also has releases on squint fucker press [great name..] that seem to do interesting things with jewel cases...

Alexandre St-Onge, kasi naigo, squint 00C
cd in jewel case, front and back plastic covers marked with repetitive obsessional hand gestures
using sharp object done in sync with film's chronological clock.

they also have this series [couldn't find any of this on their website...]:

||| cover without a record |||

series of works for jewel cases without cds. all very limited editions. inquire at address below for prices

squint|||A Martin Tétreault fixé et scellé/fixed and sealed
filin(s) de vinyle. vinyl threads. boîtier cristal clair.crystal jewel box. édition numérotés / numbered edition of 25.

squint|||B Christof Migone In Sink
17 cd jewel cases left in bathroom and kitchen sinks for variable durations (10, 20, 30 days). For Justin Timberlake.

squint|||C Kim Dawn submerged under beigepink
18 cd jewel cases with a sense of floral of water of body covered with nylon, fabric, cloth, text, tape, safety pin, buttons, etc.

squint|||D Alexandre St-Onge la fatigue (version disque compact)
À chaque semaine pendant 21 semaines lècher un boitier vide de disque compact ainsi : trois coups de langue sur une des surfaces, 4 coups de langue sur la deuxième = 3 sur 4 qui s`additionne et donne 7 tout en conservant leur identité numérique de 3 et de 4.

squint|||E Travis Obrigavitch + Crys Cole Record Covers: series of 1 - 33.3 (rpm)
the cover is the record is the cover.

squint|||F Jonathan Parant le sac crevé, autour le reste n¹importe comment
l¹ouvre oeil.

squint|||G Jonathan Parant n¹étant
à travers les autres.

squint|||H Cal Crawford Invitation or Welcome
four 10$ tickets, each redeemable for a tour and private listening. By appointment only.

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this website is tons of fun to look around and it seems everything this man does is amazing. another genius.
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Cover for an Alexandre St. Onge album: Apple plaintalk mic scanned on a flatbed! nice!
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SARS Scam?

Rather than a public health emergency, the "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome", generally called SARS, is best diagnosed as a "Sickening and Repulsive Scam". This article argues that this unprecedented viral attack is, alternatively, an ingenious social experiment featuring institutionalized bioterrorism for widespread psycho-social control. The outcome of this experiment, whether it leads to population reduction or not, depends on you.
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I am an adult, and I wear a cycle helmet.
Everyone should wear a bicycle helmet. Even if it looks retarded, PRETEND that you're the sexiest person EVER because of the helmet.
My father once cycled from Vancouver to Edmonton, through the mountains. He took a few spills, and wouldn't be here if not for the helmet! So, helmets are cool.

..... would it be possible to gather groups to LOBBY stopthewar, to coax them to use their massive resources for good and not not-good (I think the word "evil" is innapropriate here; let's not moralize)? It seems like a decent idea, I'd imagine "the people" (as stopthewar likes to be known - maybe "the stoopid people" is better) are open to suggestions and lobby from other people. And if they don't, they truly ARE working for the enemy, helping keep apathy and laziness in check. Fuckers.
Could BLOGDIAL as a whole send them the rules+information, all of us as co-signers? Or could we get even more support and then send it in?

furthering what alex wrote, what kind of US money transactions are bad? All of them? Would buying records from Aquarius Records (in SF) make me a bastard for trading in the currency? I'm not being smartassed, merely I am trying to understand what's good and what is not-good.

What were you doing in April 1993, and what had happened that you couldn't predict at the time?
I was 9 years old at the time (am I the youngest Blogdian?). I don't remember too much - I think I was living in calgary at the time, and would move either in the coming summer or the summer of next year. Can't quite recall. Doing things young kids do, obsessing about computers, drawing cartoons. I used to want to be a computer programmer, even when I was so young. Now I'm in art school getting "honors" marks. Strange how that shifted around.

Not sure how serious that is, but it does seem a little scary.
That ammendment was made so a dictatorship could not be formed. It should have been enacted with a lock so that it could not be removed from the constitution. Democrazy fails again!
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April 93 ....... after a year signing on i started working at a factory that baked paint onto lengths of aluminium destined for the double glazing industry .... 8 hours a day packing hundreds of lengths into boxes ; i graduated into quality control ..... during the summer i played with a recently purchased r8, smoked too much dope sitting in a shed mixing cj bolland with fripp & eno ...... one weekend in september i visited a friend on the gower peninsula, wales, camping on the beach looking at the stars in an acidic haze then, upon returning to work on the monday with the chemicals still tootling around the system, thought i felt bad cracks appearing in my sense of well-being so walked out and, for reasons that obviously made sense at the time, got a job helping out with the potato harvest ... standing on the back of a tractor for 8 hours a day sorting potatoes from clods of earth .... thankfully, after one day, the agency we were working for pulled us out because the farm were paying lower than the legal minimum ............ while signing on again i took a crash course in how to put together a proposal to secure a bank loan, in order to set up a label ; after sending out tapes to a few distributors to try & get some feedback on the likelyhood of actually selling the records, one responded by telling me that they didn't think they'd be able to shift as many as i thought i'd need to in order to sevice the loan, but that they distributed for a label who put out some 'weird shit' & that they might be interested ..... so, after an unlikely series of events, my path crossed with akin's ........
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I'm using 1.4a and it looks fine to me. What does bother me is that arbitary images are set to width="100%" it's happened to images i've posted before and it seems to have happened to that Kim Jong Il picture irdial just posted.
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April 1993: I was 23 - My Mum went in to hospital after being diagnosed with cervical cancer. I didnt deal with the situation too well at first and spent an amout of time avoiding it with various substances. I later got to have some of the best conversations with her and in those last months my relationship with her changed from mother/son to being really close friends.
I remember the summer being really hot and I did a sponsored bungee jump in aid of McMillian nurses. My mum came to watch and wasnt too impressed with my 'gambling' with my mortality!

what i couldnt predict was that within a year she had died and I would be living on the opposite side of London with my ex-GF (who was brilliant throughout this time), would have dreadlocks (and a beard), would dearly ache for my friend but that later my older sister would grow to resemble her more and more. She even rolls her eyes at me same!

taken sometime in 1996....
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"He claimed the war against Iraq could have been avoided if France and Russia had thrown their weight behind UN resolution 1441 which demanded Saddam Hussein's co-operation and compliance with UN weapons inspections."


I want what he smokes!
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"Don't You Ever Lay Down Your Arms" - The Mafia
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Does anyone else have a problem looking at Blogdial with Mozilla? When i use the Black Motherfucker stylesheet thisck black lines cover up the text. This doesn't happen in IE or netscape.

You should use the latest mozilla, if you are not already doing so ./a
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April 1993. I was 14. Enjoying the bliss of having a girlfriend for the first time. Kissing was just the coolest thing that had ever happened to me. I picked up a bass guitar that a friend never played and that _really_ shot my life in a new direction. As a result I began to skateboard less and less. Afternoons were probably spent figuring out Minor Threat songs on the bass. I think I visited my first thrift store about then. And read my first zine.

Seems mundane in print, but these were the seeds for my activities later in life...

I certainly didn't know then that I would end up in dozens of musical endeavors, at Art School or eventually in NYC.
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If beards are in... it must be 1987.

One for the laydeez.
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April, 10 years ago I was revising for my A-levels and had been constantly for the previous two months. Free time I spent taking and developing photographs.
What couldn't I predict?
About half my time at university in the cinema. Two shots of being unemployed for 9 months.
Spending six months in Paris having a great time despite surviving on about two thirds the minimum wage.
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A link - click if you have broadband but avoid if you're on a dialup unless you have about 20 mins to spare!

This is a weird coca-cola-fanta thing, something to make little movies with - you can add your own subtitles to Indian films. I haven't tried the drink, and some of the stuff is in Danish - what are they saying??? Is it funny?
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Apparently the US Gov are trying to repeal the 22nd Amendment which limits the duration of a President's rule.

Not sure how serious that is, but it does seem a little scary.
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I've been looking for a way to deface this since I first saw it, it disgusts me so much. That's perfect.


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Wow, I'd hoped people would respond, but this is excellent. Life unfolds, and it's all predictably unpredictable. I have a friend who has excellent pyro stories, making hydrogen from lye soap and aluminium etc.

Dr K, the camera is a normal video camera with a SCART plug on it. It goes into my video recorder "in" SCART and I take a feed back out from the "out" SCART into my capture card on my PC. So it's not digital but it's been digitised. The camera electronics are not that different to yr average webcam and I imagine they could be h@xx0red if one had the knowledge. I have a movie of me in IR that I'll post if I can FTP to 3jay from within our firewall.

I have timelapsed it with some motion detection software that I got off sourceforge (forgotten the title but I'll remember it in a min or so). Made an excellent time lapse movie of the printer here at work with my webcam, with the time of each frame showing at the top of the film etc. A static object that's visited is a great timelapse idea. I also left it on in my room all day, but as predicted nothing happened, so you get 9 hours of day crushed into about 13 seconds! I filmed me in bed one night but that was just dull.

But time lapse is great fun - since the camera has 17 metres or so of cable I was able to stick it out in the front garden, but the motion detection stuff is not so clever, so anything that changes such as a cloud going over the sun etc makes a new frame.

Please keep posting the 10 year things - it's lifting my anomie!
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Beards are IN by the way.

If that's a reference to the timelapse I have shaved since then. I started to look like a tramp... I had a hair cut too... I didn't cut my hair between August and ATP which was April... And I had some scraggly beard thing...

$at_coolness += 1000

Well, uh, thanks. Wasn't very cool at the time. Plus having one big scab for a face is pretty minging. My mum has photos somewhere. I remember I could lift my bottom lip with my tounge. My lips were black. When I was nearly all healed I pulled a big piece of hard, dead skin off my cheek and left it on the kitchen table. My mum thought it was a crisp, luckily she didn't eat it... The grosest thing was the night in hospital. When I got there they put a gauze over my face and my mum was pouring water on it, I remember Eastenders was on TV, anyway, as my mum pour the water on the blisters on my face and lips and lifted the gauze off my face... They put my hand in a plastic bag with some special oil in there and in the morning I all the blisters on my hands had popped. If I lifted my hand above a certain angle my finders would be swimming in the pusy liquid... Ugh...

There are more pyrotechnic stories... French bangers, blow torches, the drum of diesel in the garage... Those were the days!
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Michael Northam
"one hour as the agitation of atoms"
airs today: 16:00 - 17:00h (UK)/15:00-16:00 h (CET); resonance 104.4FM
others chk: worldtimeserver
real media/mp3 streams access via: resonancefm
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Beards are IN by the way.
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Playing with firework story:

$at_coolness += 1000

So says me.

I bought an "Ash Can" from a friend at school for $5. Explosives are (or at least used to be) divided in strength by orders of two. Number one is a stick of dynamite. An M80 is a quarter of a stick, and an Ash Can was 1/16th I believe. Anyway these fireworks were illegal, and I had one.

My and my brother decided (while my mother was out) to take an empty 1 gallon apple juice jug, and blow it up.

This Ash Can was a beautiful thing; it had a green underwater fuse on it, was a small squat cylinder, and was silver in color. We put the jug on top of the cover of a well, lit the fuse, dropped the Ash Can in the jug and bolted behind a tree about 10 yards away from the "test site".

The explosion was unreal, glass showered down on us, and was embedded into the tree that we were standing behind. We were surprised by the size of the exposion, to say the least.

No one got hurt.

I have lots of firework stories....

when we used to live in a tower block, we had access to the roof. There was a drain, pipe (diameter 5") that went from the roof down to the bottom floor. We used to hold rockets over the pipe, light the fuses and then drop them. normally they would launch out of the pipe and burst way overhead, but one time a rocket had an unusually long fuse. We dropped it, and waited and waited for it to emerge, mortar style. All of a sudden it exited the pipe, and then exploded ten feet above the roof, showering us in tens of thousands of searing hot stars. What a dreamlike thing that was, and incredibly, no one got a scratch.

There is nothing quite like sex, there is lots of stuffing and then, and explosion. Heh....
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dv cam as alarm

i set this up in my room as a joke... i also did a timelapse thing whilst i was sleeping, but rather than at regular intervals it did it as it detected movement... it's here.

the software i used, evocam, is quite cool, you can set up different hotspots, adjust the sensitivity and attach apple scripts to it, so basically it can do as you please. the email thing is built in, as is ftp upload. and you can make it speak...

still i'm not quite sure how effective it would be as an anti burglar device... i guess it would be quite for good for sysadmins checking on rooms and stuff...

What were you doing in April 1993, and what had happened that you couldn't predict at the time?

I don't know. I was 12, I don't remember much. Probably listening to Guns and Roses and Nirvana at the time.

April 1994 is an entirely different matter. I grew up a few miles from Aldershot, the home of the British army and there were a lot of areas around the town where the army would train. One day in April 1994, Monday the 11th to be precise, a few days after Kurt kicked the bucket and the last day of our Easter holdiays, I bumped into a school friend on the way back from the local shop. He had a thunderflash, which is like a big firework the army use for training instead of grenades. Anyway, we decided, as young boys do, that it would be fun to try and blow this thing up... So we (friend, brother and myself) went home, and told my mum we were going to the woods, and we stole some matches from the kitchen...

Seeing as the rip chord had been used we had to light it manually. First of all we tried to set light to the cardboard casing, but this didn't work, so we built a little fire and put the thunderflash on top. Not a lot happened. Then my friend left and my brother and I went to look at the remains...

The thunderflash was half burnt and the contents we exposed. I picked it up with two sticks and some silver gunpowder fell out... I put the thunderflash down and lit the gunpowder with the end of a stick that had been in the fire. It was very pretty... My brother and I were kneeling right over the thunderflash, a few inches from our faces... Then I stuck the ember inside the thunderflash. I guess you can tell what happened next. I was so scared, I couldn't see anything and had this ringing in my ears, I'd been blown backwards and couldn't find my brother, after the confusion died down we started running home screaming.. Our hair was all burnt and blown back like a cartoon... My poor mother, she dealt with it so well, no hysterics, just care.

Anyway, I got off lightly, 15%, 1st degree burns to hands and face, a night in hospital and a face like a pizza for a month... My brother just burnt his hands luckily, and he was straight back to school... I think I learnt my lesson after that.
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My log book says that in March 19th 1993, I was listening to:

5.202 at 1:34AM "American Numbers Voice, V. Strong Signal, '8161 2763' "

7.357 at 2:30AM "Voice of the Last Day Prophet, 'Brother Stair' "

But nothing in April...

and what had happened that you couldn't predict at the time?

Everything that really matters seems to occur unpredictably both the positive and the negative.
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What were you doing in April 1993, and what had happened that you couldn't predict at the time?

Sure, I'll give it try, 10 years ago I was a 16 years old girl, going to high school, got friends with a guy that introduced me to techno music (10 years later he also introduced me to irdial - good friend, still love him!), and I loved it! .... was a terribly confused and suicidal, living a skizophrenic life between a democratic openmined danish culture and a shia-muslim life beating my chest every thursday .... Wanted desperatly to loose my virginity, but could'nt since my dad was alive.... Feeling I was 2 persons in one..... the worst time in my life ever!
Besides that a right-wing-wave was over Denmark, our liberal party (that really is'nt liberal AT ALL) got very popular among high-school kids, and skin-head fashion and Dr. Marten boots were the thing to wear, for girls with floral long dresses....

I Couln't predict that the year after I lost my virginity and my dad commited the suicide instead of me

I became a free, bald, drunken and even more confused girl....than the year before...
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And 10 years ago I too had just come off the dole (besides working on a garden nursery out on top of the peak district - beautiful thunderstorms and hard hard graft) and got my first proper job in science. Just moved to London again... with a girl of just 18 at the time.

Unpredicted events? Everything!
Science going well, getting a PhD, living in Sweden, back in London, and best of all still with the beautiful girl who is now a beautiful woman.
There's been shit too, obviously, but let's stick with the good stuff for now!
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Re: Infra red CCTV. Can you get a digital version, or is that a digital version already?

I heard of using a digital camera with motion detector as a burglar alarm: connect to your computer and set up to snap on movement, and set up your computer to send the snap to your e-mail immediately, so you have records of intruders even if they go on to nick your computer. Does this sound feasible? Don't know anyone who's actually done it.... but I feel SURE the good captain would know!
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The previous day, Senator Pat Buchanan, in MSNBC's Buchanan & Press show produced a picture of the recently-captured 'third man of al-Qaeda', Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. The POW looked dazed. There were bruises, half-discernible, peeping out of his prison garb, suggesting that he had already been tortured. Pat Buchanan asked, "Should this man who knows all the names, all the detailed plans for the future terrorist attacks on the United States, be tortured, so that we get all this out of him?" And the crowd predictably, hysterically, screamed back the answer everyone wanted to hear. Crucify him!

and solar cooking
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10 years gone

It's 10 years since 1993, and I feel reflective. Does anyone else want to reflect on 1993 today? In this month in 1993 I was shuffling around on the dole and had dreadlocks, and was trying to be an artist and painting a lot of weird pictures. But I was also realising more increasingly that something had to give in order to get a new direction in my life. I didn't know what that was.

I couldn't have predicted then that by the end of the year I'd be off the dole, in art school and at the start of a whole new phase of life, but it happened nonetheless.

This gives me some hope in the current ennui that pervades my existence.

What were you doing in April 1993, and what had happened that you couldn't predict at the time?
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Mark Kostabi!

I remember him being on "Network 7", a Yoof TV show on Sundays here in the UK in the late 80's. It was always a bit hit and miss and yet I tuned in regularly. He was featured as someone "controversial" who had other people painting for him. I had mostly forgotten about him until now.
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"Pyongyang admits nuclear weapons" says MSNBC

Nukes are not illegal. Korea is not "admitting" anything, they are DECLARING that they have them. The map above says "Hidden Aresenal". How is this different from the map below?

"Korea claimed to possess nuclear weapons and threatened test, export or use them unless the United States agreed to direct talks."

Makes sense to me. They are using the new diplomatic language brought into being by the USA.

So what exactly is the problem?

Look at the language of this "report"...they are stoking up the fires for the next one, no doubt about it.

Only full scale economic warfare can stave off the next attacks.

MSNBC masters of interactive flash maps!
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"But we know he had them. And whether he destroyed them, moved them or hid them, we're going to find out the truth."[...]

Yahoo News

Destroyed them??!!
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The wit is stupifying
The mentioned cover
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Dear Mark,
I loathe your paintings. I always dismissed you, never even considering you an artist. You're always photographed wearing shirts and ties that I find hideous. Your paintings actually make me mad I detest them so, all that blending makes me cringe. About a year ago I came across your advice column and I was sure I was going to hate it. But now, a year later, I have to admit, I look forward nothing more (on the Internet) then the coming of your next column. Your levelheaded advice is always brilliant. While I find your optimism and wit so refreshing; even inspiring. As I grow, mature as an artist, and person in general, I find it interesting that while I can be absolutely esthetically opposed to an artist's work, and think that personally they have no taste whatsoever, I can still have so much respect for their thoughts and writings. I have also been surprised that artists whose work I love (Paul McCarthy, Jason Rhoades, Tom Sachs) often fail to impress me in their writing or interviews. My point is, please don't stop writing your fabulous column. I am noticing that they are becoming fewer, further between, and I would hate to see them disappear altogether. I will look forward to reading your column, as long as you write it. Thank you for all your hard work, and sharing your insight with us all.
C.J. Stafford

Dear C.J.,
I'm so sorry, but one reason you see less of my columns is that I've picked up the brush again myself, after 15 years of having assistants almost exclusively do my blending. You see, I just can't get enough of my blending. Nor can my collectors. And since I can blend five times faster than my assistants it's like having five extra assistants blending away. A good blender is hard to find. If it's any consolation, at least I can tell you I almost never wear ties anymore and I now wear ordinary, bland shirts so I can blend in at openings while I'm not blending in my studio.

It's a riot
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thanks Alex, that made my day!
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Sophie Ellis B is a fine lass.
And now for something spooky

Infra red home cctv camera, 29 pounds and 99 pence from Sainsbury's homebase. Has 6 IR transmitters in it for in-the-dark viewing. 17 metres of cable, waterproof. I'm off to stick mine down the pond to watch the frogs!
Very good fun indeed.
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Thursday, April 24, 2003

The game is here by the way... They must have moved things around...
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Has anyone ever been to the Palais de Tokyo? It's this amazing art gallery in the old Japanese embassy in Paris, they just stripped it out, and the only original thing left (that I could tell) is the marble staircase, it's so cool, this huge empty grey shell of a building with this really eighties marble staircase in the middle. It's free to get in (or very cheap) and the exhibits are amazing. There's a bookstore too with some excellent books in it and they have also published a few of their own which are also amazing and in English!

I should be in Paris right now, but am not, and I'm not very happy about it. Neither is my girlfriend who's over there without me and very angry with me for not coming...

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the funkiest music Ive heard was on a game called 'climb the plantation'. It was hosted at but it seems to have disapeared.

Shame, as it was surreal and seem to have no real point but to jump around and plant these seeds that sprung up into a multitude of flowers.
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AndGor Personalized Figures can be made of yourself, friends, family, comic characters, movie characters, women and even kids!

Umm?? Hopefully that's a typo! Why would women be excluded from yourself, friends or family? And kids too? Are women and kids some strange anomalies??

Still, that would be awesome... I don't think I'd want a doll of myself, but you could get one of anyone... Heh...

Zookeeper has that groovy little beat
Otherwise known as Groovejet by Spiller featuring Sophie Elllis Bext0r. A terrible Ibiza anthem, which seems to worm its way inside my head all too often.
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Not so good on this one. You got me, Alex. And the music is better? You have got to be kidding! Too produced, too flashy. Zookeeper has that groovy little beat (which I am having nightmares about, this is why I don't play games very often ... consumed ... ) I was laid off from my last employ a few weeks ago, and I have been indulging.

Alison, I ride around without a helmet too, doesn't go with my skirt! But I think I am going to get one of those skull lids, they look a bit cooler, and it is safer. Bike accidents are very unforgiving. My friend has one like this, and it is silver!
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Washington -- The Bush administration's top Supreme Court lawyer urged the high court Wednesday to toss out a San Francisco consumer activist's suit against Nike Inc. because it could discourage corporations from defending themselves in public against their critics.

Solicitor General Theodore Olson argued Wednesday that the court must quash the lawsuit or citizens seeking to "advance their own agendas" would repeatedly haul corporations into court to challenge their views.

"Anyone with a whim, a grievance and a filing fee can become a government- licensed censor," Olson told the justices.

Marc Kasky sued Nike in 1998 under the state's false advertising laws, accusing the world's largest shoemaker of making false and misleading public statements about its treatment of hundreds of thousands of workers at Asian factories that produce shoes and sportswear with the company's "swoosh" logo.
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BBC - Global Top Tens - Irdial Recordings
... Irdial Recordings Irdial Recordings Located in: London, England Operating Since:

1989 Key Contact: Akin Fernandez Distributed By: These Records, Baked Goods E ... aboutmusic/toptens/irdial.shtml - 21k - Cached - Similar pages

Check out the URL!
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World class, high level creativity...genius!

Indeed. A match made in heaven.

the switch to € info

Once again, as I fear my post was burried between more important posts. Why will not dealing pounds sterling help?

if (money == USD) {


Also on a small scale, PayPal transactions, buying records from US etc, would forcing them to deal in €s help? or am I missing the point, is it just the big business, bank to bank stuff?

I can't see how I can do anything in this regard on a practical level, seeing as I'm vastly overdrawn. Maybe I should move to France?
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"Pretty perfect lovers" by Lorette Velvette from Lost part of me
posted by Irdial , 5:17 PM Þ 


rabbit rantlike RATHER rats READ reading
ready real REALISE really REFERENCE RELATE relation relevance relies
rely removing resigned resistance resources response right riteous rowing
rules running

s safety same sanitized saying SCHEME section
SEE self sending sense seven shame sheeple should show
silent SIMPLY SITTING slightly small smashing smoked so solved
some SOMEONE something space speak spend spent start state
stayed steam still stop stopping StopWar story strategy streets
STRONG subscribers SUFFERING superior Syria

take taking TAKLING talking
tautological term THAN thanks that that's the
their them then theory there therefore these they thick
THING things think thinking this those thought thousands Thursday
tickets time to tone took track train trainspotting transmitted
transparent treat trying twice two

UK ultimate UN unbiased
under underground understand UNIVERSE unless unprecedented unresponsive up USA
use usefull useless usual usual' usually uterly

Valid valve very violent
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Ben Drury and Will Bankhead did some amazing work for us; the Co-Lette house sleeve, the Beautyon LP artwork, and the Neuropolitique "Large Spoon" 12" design.

World class, high level creativity...genius!
posted by Irdial , 4:40 PM Þ 

still believe it was a magnificent achievment.

I agree 100%. I'm glad I went on it. It was effective in showing the feeling against war, that something really monumentally powerful can be organized by just a few people, and it showed, unintentionally, that that was the last anti-war demonstration we would ever need.

As for sending them the rules, they need to be sent the rules, AND the WarTax information, AND the switch to € info ,which is the least formalized of the potential paths.
posted by Irdial , 4:35 PM Þ 

From, about the march organized for 1st May:

Why we are still marching

The country has been invaded in a war of conquest not liberation. Iraq is to be occupied by the US military, headed up by Jay Garner, a pro Israeli retired general who is unelected and unaccountable to any of the Iraqi people. The main Iraqi figurehead proposed by the Americans is the convicted fraudster Ahmed Chalabi, a banker who has not lived in Iraq for 45 years, whose close links with the CIA make him their ideal candidate. The country will be run as a colony of the west.
The war is by no means over. There is still fighting in many parts of the country, the Kurds have entered Kirkuk in the north, there is massive instability. Bombing of Tikrit is still going on. Reports of celebrations are both exaggerated and premature. The situation for most Iraqis is one of misery as they face shortages of water and food, hospitals overflowing, and still a massive danger of death and injury from fighting.
This was wrong before it started and it remains wrong. It is illegal, immoral and unnecessary. The reasons for the war were given as the existence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Not a single WMD has been found, even though many of the sites which were identified as containing them have been visited. Even if any are found to exist in the future, the conduct of the war makes it clear that the Iraqi regime did not, as claimed, intend to use them.
The Americans and British showed their war aims by early on taking over the 600 oil wells. The reconstruction of Iraq will be carried out mainly by US companies. There is much talk of the oil becoming the property of the Iraqi people but all the signs are that revenues from the oil will be used to feed the profits of the construction companies.
The Stop the War Coalition was formed to fight against the ‘war on terrorism’ launched by George Bush after 11 September 2001. We have seen successive wars in Afghanistan and now in Iraq. Already Donald Rumsfeld is talking about future attacks on Syria and Iran. George Bush’s axis of evil speech over a year ago also targeted North Korea as a possible future victim.
The anti war movement remains the biggest movement this country has seen for generations. Anti war opinion is still very substantial. Meetings against the war in recent days have attracted record audiences, with 1000 people in Liverpool, over 300 in Cardiff and 200 in Croydon. The sentiment in these meetings is very strongly anti war and very sceptical about the motives of the British and American governments. The demonstration on Saturday 12 April will be a very large protest against the slaughter and against the occupation of Iraq. It is also an international day of action against war, with demonstrations in 38 countries.
See this article.


You might notice that this describes current situations, but does NOT actually say 'Why we are still marching'.
You can write to the organizers at
Maybe forward them a copy of the Rules?

As you may remember, I was strongly in support of the first march, and still believe it was a magnificent achievment. Unfortunately, the StopTheWar organizers are now making themselves look stoopider and stoopider with every march. Sigh.
posted by Alun , 4:16 PM Þ 

> hi akin,

Howdy ****...

> thanks again - i am trying to get my computer to filter out all emails that
> have no relevance or interest to me, but i fear my inbox would be
> permanently empty except when your post arrives - ok, enough arse licking -


> it is still an email and therefore a lesser form of communication (!)

Writing is in no way a lesser form of communication. There are certainly lesser communicators, but that is a different story. Letters, for thousands of years have been essential to human communication. Email is no different. Just because people (usually the lowest common denominator) treat it differently from letter writing doesnt have any effect on what email /actually/ is.

> - a theory for you...
> email has actually convinced the world of people who have computers that
> they are busily doing things when in fact they are wasting more and more of
> their time on irrelevancies

The idea that people "waste time" is absurd. A persons time belongs to them, if they want to spend it trainspotting or running around a track like a greyhound rabbit it is their business. Saying that any persuit is a waste of time is a useless judgement; saying people communicating is a waste of time is completely absurd.

> (this being a case in point perhaps!) - i don't
> know of anyone who DOESN'T waste at least two hours a day sending (largely
> useless) information backwards and forwards.

Information is not useless or usefull. You can /make use/ of information or not. The choice is yours.

> this slightly rant-like tone is mainly due to the fact that i have just
> spent five days climbing mountains, rowing, digging the garden, chopping
> wood etc in a beautiful environment, but now am back in london - and trying
> to work out a long term strategy for removing the "coming-back-to-london"
> bit from that particular equasion.

Dont come back! Problem solved!

> and finally a bit of response to your mail:

Im ready!

> in relation to this particularly annoying tautological (i think that's
> right) section inserts in CAPS :
> Its been proven now that demonstrating in the streets is completely useless
> as a > way of stopping war, so what can we do that is actually effective? Firstly,
> lets create some rules so that we can stop doing things and taking actions that
> waste time and resources. We have some from BLOGDIAL:
> "Does the action have a permanent effect?"
> If the answer is "No" then dont waste time doing it.

Dont be thick. We are talking about warmaking and how to stop unresponsive "democrazies" from waging it. This is a purely practical problem, very narrowly defined, that we are thinking about. StopWar keep organizing demonstrations; millions are being spent so that people can innefectively march in the streets. We are saying it doesnt work, we have to do something else, or there will be war after war after war. Instead of blurting out over a crack pipe "wottsitmatta itawhldasayme innnaaaat...whoi bovva?" we are THINKING about it, TAKLING about it and DOING SOMETHING. That is superior in every way to doing nothing and saying nothing, being a part of the silent pool of useless flesh that accepts everything as "just the way it is; dont like the goverment, demonstrate, go to pub get hammered, business as usual".

> "Does the action have a direct effect on a country's ability to prepare for,
> start and wage war?"
> If the answer is "No" dont do it.

What are you talking about? Did you actually READ and understand what we were discussing? We are talking about WAR and STOPPING it PERMANENTLY.

> "Is the action violent?"
> If the answer is yes, dont do it.

Once again, what on earth do you mean by this? "Lying down in the face of agression" in the UK will not stop anyone bombing / invading Iran or Syria. This is what we are talking about, _and nothing else_.

> "Does it rely on the media's co-operation?"
> If the answer is "Yes" then dont do it.

If you spent the same amount of time reading that you do escaping into the countryside, you would know that the media is completely under state control both here and in the USA. Any strategy that relies on them to propagate instructions or action messages is fatally flawed. You would know this if you were /paying attention/. You would know that the news here was so sanitized during the invasion that AlJazeera got 4 million new subscribers at 212 pounds a time, in the space of /seven days/.

Its perfectly OK by me not to care about war or anything else for that matter, but unless you have done the small amount of work, and thought about what is happening, you really cannot speak to this problem, which is very real, and which is happening right now.

> This cuts out leaving flowers anywhere and certainly cuts out 2 million
> people
> marching in the streets. This means smashing up McDonalds is resigned to
> history. Finally.

"Valid Protest" this is the opium that is smoked by the ignorant millions. It is precisely this bullshit that blows childrens arms off, that feeds the war machine, this uterly contemptible Feel Good, self exhonerating, empty gesture crap that betrays people and actually KILLS them. Demonstrating is a lie, it has evolved into a safety valve to allow the riteous steam of indignation to blast off without /anything actually changing/.

The same money, spent on these flowers, on the train tickets, petrol, underground tickets, bus tickets and coach fares to get to a place to demonstrate, should be spent on ANYTHING ELSE but this absurd show of impotence in the face of invasion, the dismantling of the UN and the looting of Iraq.

The only people who do not think this are those that are for war, especially now.


Ah yes transmitted by the unbiased, transparent BBC, ITV etc.


And so what if there is no consensus? They went to war on the back of unprecedented resistance you FOOL! How obvious does it have to be? 2 million people take one of their DAYS OFF to demonstrate, the government doesnt pay attention. So what do you do? DEMONSTRATE AGAIN?

Even Pavlovs Dog and lab rats have more sense.

If those same 2 million people (and the other 3 million who couldnt make it, couldnet be "bovvad", couldnt /afford it/) took off a THURSDAY and stayed at home, the message would have been very much louder, and more effective; "it will not be 'business as usual' if you engage in this illegal invasion".


You infinite looser! /I went on the first march/. Once fooled shame on you, twice fooled shame on me. Only the ultimate loosers and sheeple will keep coming back for more demonstrations. The governments of the world rely on people like you, who are simply NOT AWAKE, who will keep doing the same things over and over while they re write the rule book (actually in this case TEAR IT UP COMPLETELY) and run roughshod over everyone and everything.


Dont be absurd. Stay on topic or go *back to bed!*


there is nothing funny about war you jackass.

You support war _directly_ and disproportionately as the owner of a business. You either take responsiblity for the wealth you create and where it goes, or you agree with war and STFU.


??? WTF does this have to do with WAR Snorlax? Since you asked, we need to keep out the ultimate loosers and unthinking timewasters, lazy inevitablists and no hopers, so that at least, in the place we are responsible for, some COMMON SENSE and LOGIC are the order of the day, not blunt fuelled psuedo religion that gets people KILLED.


English. Learn it. Speak it. Type it.

> anyway - i fear i have savaged someone who i could equally have agreed with
> in another moment in time.

You, my friend, have not savaged me in any way. As for agreeing with me, _be real_, how is *that* possible? What you /have/ done, is exposed yourself as the enemy, as part of the problem, as one of the people who will, through sheer stupidity and sheepish thought will bring war on our heads. Again and again and again.

> got a bit carried away there - oops,

By all means, get carried time, by The Territorials, straight to Iran!
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looking at his work makes me feel so small. it's all so perfect. something to aspire to at least.

what sleeves did he do for irdial? do you have any scans?

in this interview it says he got early work for fatcat too... i know he used to go in the shop, but i didn't know he did some design for them. maybe t shirts or something.
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M/Y is playing tonight at

Freebutt, Phoenix Place, Brighton

Where he will be premiering some new stuff...

Be there....
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I am an adult, and I wear a cycle helmet.
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Bewjeweled, Timed, first go, 19235.

Beat me.

posted by alex_tea , 2:08 PM Þ 
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posted by Irdial , 1:36 PM Þ 

Hey lets all run away and build our own country without any of the bullshit (Irdialani)? Maybe we could take over Pontins at Camber Sands? Great beaches, concentration camp like surrounds and we could have a wicked festival every year!

If only.

Anyway, that ZooKeeper game is based on Bejeweled, which you can play a Java version of online or you can download a demo version and then buy or steal from an online network somewhere...

It runs on Windows, OS X and PalmOS and maybe someone could could get the java to run on Symbian or could write to them if you were that bothered.

Anyway, although Zookeep has the cuteness factor, it seems to crash Macs a lot and runs quite slowly and the music isn't as good as Bejeweled (which is pure game show addrenaline emo core). Also Bejeweled has won the crown title of "Be Jewely", which you should pronounce like Ali G says "me Julie". k?

So yeah I challenge you to a game on that instead.

Congratulations Mary. Long time no post?
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I'm sick of it!

Games games games!
posted by Irdial , 1:12 PM Þ 

fear fear fear everywhere.... toys, names, sickness, other people, religions, cultures, media.....I'm sick of it!

"Fear is the path of the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.", sorry I know it's a yoda quote, but could'nt help it
posted by Alison , 12:42 PM Þ 

Of course you know this means war.
posted by Irdial , 12:38 PM Þ 

They need to forsake Ballocks and stop emergency legislating CHILDRENS TOYS for cryin out loud.

Better yet, how about not blowing off childrens arms, then they could PLAY with the toys they shouldnt be banning.

And by the way, this is ABSOLUTELY ABSURD. If they were REALLY SERIOUS they would have to ban:

Stretch Armstrong
Tethered Football

Ill leave it to you to google the above, but in the case of Stretch Armstrong, the instructions explicitly warn against pulling the arms and then tying them in a knot around your OWN a tourniquet(sp)....

If there was any fairness at all, the manufacturer would be able to instantly sue them for unlawful restraint of trade. Maybe in a paralell universe, the FAIR universe...

Nation Invading, nanny stating, child mutilating, lie spewing, murdering, incompetent, moneywasting, venal, vicious, illogical, immoral, useless, future denying, rights abusing

posted by Irdial , 12:33 PM Þ 

sorry about the large picture yesterday
and well done Mary!

why? do adults wear these? I really dont get it

the coolest danish poet Henrik Nordbrandt

drøm om fortvivlelse

En støvet sky gik for solen
og lagde bjergsiden ned
til et vinterleje
for min elskede
og hendes elsker.

En bro gungrede under mine fødder
men mine skridt
havde ingen retning.

Der var lige så langt over broen
som jeg var kommet fra min barndom.

Så døden måtte findes
et sted mellem mig og de grå pile
på den modsatte bred.

Det hele varede mindre end et minut
men resten af verden.

and in english....

Dream of despair

A dusty cloud passed in front of the sun
lowering the mountain side
to a winter lair
for my love
and her lover.

A bridge rumbled beneath my feet
but my steps
were without direction.

It was just as far across the bridge
as I had come from my childhood.

So death had to be found
somewhere between me and the grey willows
on the opposite bank.

It all lasted less than a minute
but the rest of the world.

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(When I can't do it...) Ha ha Akin got beaten by a girl.
posted by Claus Eggers , 12:27 PM Þ 

The Straw is leaking again!

Iraq weapons 'will not be planted'

Jack Straw has dismissed suggestions that coalition forces would "plant" weapons of mass destruction to justify the war in Iraq.

The UK foreign secretary said "immense care" would be taken to check the veracity of any weapons finds.

Mr Straw was speaking in a special edition of BBC News Interactive's phone-in programme Talking Point.

Asked why no weapons of mass destruction had yet been found, Mr Straw said Saddam Hussein had been skilful in hiding such weapons and had had "months of warning" as the international community debated how to tackle Iraq.

He admitted that the task of finding weapons would be "difficult".

posted by Irdial , 12:25 PM Þ 

Dangerous toy banned by government The government has done urgent tests on Yo-Balls and found that they could strangle someone. {..}

Today Yo-Balls, tomorrow string, baseball bats, cars, freak weather....
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posted by Irdial , 12:08 PM Þ 

Dr K

Good news on your Clack. I'm still waiting for my film to turn up, but I hope to blast a load off this weekend! Big countryside views beckon, I reckon.

Last weekend I shot 4 rolls of 35mm off in the plethora of £3.99 cameras I got in my Oxfam sale, including three Olympus Trips.

How excessive I am sometimes...
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Lt. Gen. David McKiernan, the commander of ground forces in Iraq, issued a proclamation putting Iraq's politicians on notice, saying, "The coalition alone retains absolute authority within Iraq." He warned that anyone challenging the American-led authority would be subject to arrest.[...]

New York Times
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hello (my invite email must have been 'lost' )

presumably the countries mentioned here are 'not on the list that doesn't exist'


also a film that's worth watching moving and long on insight

la commune
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-Jenny Holzer, "Truisms"
posted by Barrie , 6:13 AM Þ 

Fun game. It reminds me of Tetris ...
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Today has been aces for posts here. MSNBC = BOGGLING.
I was thinking: would it be a good idea for people to lobby OPEC to switch to the Euro? That is what we want, isn't it? Or is OPEC un-lobbyable - I know next to little about this very powerful cartel.

Canada's deaths due to SARS has raised to 16, as of 5pm here.

Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who!

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I am confused that my "waste of time" bum link is still here, while a short bit I posted last night about Thighpaulsandra being censored was removed. Was it CLUSTER BOMBED or something? :/
posted by Barrie , 1:16 AM Þ 
Wednesday, April 23, 2003

MSNBC Reveals Facts on Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction

by Ira Chernus Tuesday April 22, 2003 at 01:32 PM

Most astounding web page of the week:

Here is MSNBC, giving us more information on Israel's weapons of mass destruction (WMD)than I've seen in any left-wing or peace-activist news source. Here is the mainstream U.S. media, that beast we love to hate, giving us a story that gives away the store.

It's a story we expect the elite media to hide, because it is so embarrassing to U.S. policymakers. How could anyone cheer for the carnage in Iraq, where no WMD have yet been found, if they knew that Israel is the only Middle Eastern nation with a proven WMD arsenal? How could anyone approve of a U.S. policy that kills where WMD don't seem to exist and turns a blind eye where they obviously do?

Far from hiding the story, though, MSNBC uses its graphic skills to put all the details just a mouse-click away. What's going on?

Supporters of Israeli policy will give you an answer in a single word: anti-semitism. These folks are always amazing us with their charges of anti-Israel bias in the U.S. media, which they insist proves anti-semitism. It's silly, of course. If the media were biased against Israel, the facts about Israeli WMD would have been headline news every day during the debate about the Iraq war. Those facts were headline news in the Arab world. They were absolutely crucial, because they undermined the Bush administration's principal justification for war. But mainstream news sources here paid very little attention. [...]

posted by Irdial , 11:43 PM Þ 

What the fuck?

This game must be a joke. It crashed in all my browsers in level 2, untill I changed flash quality to 'high' then I got that.
posted by Claus Eggers , 11:40 PM Þ 

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
April 16, 1953

Yes indeed; its a theft from YOU
posted by Irdial , 11:34 PM Þ 

High score:12290
Beat me.
posted by Irdial , 8:30 PM Þ 

Really strange: I went to middle school with Richard Das (he who made the Piles Flash demonstration)! I haven't seen him since 1991... Looks like he's been up to some top stuff.
posted by Josh Carr , 8:24 PM Þ 

Google image search for "filthy mattress"
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Russian official predicts 'catastrophic' events

A top Russian Foreign Ministry official was quoted as saying yesterday in Tokyo that a "catastrophic" development of events in the US-North Korean nuclear standoff was imminent and could occur within the next day.

"It is probable that, as early as tomorrow, there will be a catastrophic development of events," Itar-Tass quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Losyukov as saying.

He added that the standoff had "reached an extreme stage" but did not give a more detailed explanation about his warning.[...]

posted by Irdial , 8:12 PM Þ 

Seems a tad awkward in the UK.

The last one sounds pretty straightforward. You would probably have to operate a high street account for cheques if you use that sort of thing. Either way, its possible and easy to do, with a UK bank, and with the way that the value of the € is increasing, proably worth at least a few hundred, if only to increase the demand for the €.
posted by Irdial , 7:54 PM Þ 

posted by Irdial , 7:50 PM Þ 

Thanks for the banking info. Seems a tad awkward in the UK. Better start saving for that Coutts account. Mind you, if I had that much I'd probably be retired and living in France somewhere anyway...
I did ask my mattress about a euro account, but it didn't offer a debit card...

By the way Cap'n D, I got an Agfa Clack for 3.50 on ebay from someone in the UK. Couldn't resist that medium format!
posted by Alun , 7:42 PM Þ 

Mad0nna WTF clip!
posted by Irdial , 7:16 PM Þ 

13,14,15 year olds held at Guantanamo

One of the youths has been identified by Canadian media reports as a Canadian citizen wanted by the US over a grenade attack in Afghanistan which killed a US soldier.[...]

"That the US sees nothing wrong with holding children at Guantanamo and interrogating them is a shocking indicator of how cavalier the Bush administration has become about respecting human rights," spokesman Alistair Hodgett told the Associated Press news agency.[...]

posted by Irdial , 6:56 PM Þ 

Ari & I

White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer

Tuesday, April 22, 2003 - 12:30 PM

by Russell Mokhiber

Mokhiber: MSNBC reported this week that Israel's nuclear weapons arsenal rivals that of France and Britain. Given that arsenal, does the President support Syria's call to make the Middle East a region free of weapons of mass destruction?

Ari Fleischer: The United States has always supported the Middle East as a region free of weapons of mass destruction. Lester.

Mokhiber: If I could follow up. Does Israel have nuclear weapons?

Ari Fleischer: That's a question you need to ask to Israel. Lester.


Common Dreams
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"Je Suis Un Rock Star" by Bill Wyman is on Radio 2 right now. It's really weird - apart from his singing it's a really far out track. Some great little grooves etc. going on in there.
posted by captain davros , 4:33 PM Þ 

I spoke to Coutts; you have to have 500,000 or more to operate a € account with them. Oh dear. Natwest Offshore is who they recommended: 01534 282 828.

Lloyds say call their offshore branch at 01624 638 008.

Alliance & Leicester international banking services says call their isle of man office 01642 663 566. They will send you a starter pack, or alternatively you can download an application form from their website they dont offer cash machine access or debit card or cheque book. "Very good" rates of interest.

You could go private banking:

Cater Allen offer private banking:

The benefits at-a-glance

* You can open one or more accounts in sterling, US dollars or euro.
* Minimum opening deposit £5,000*
* Competitive, tiered interest rates.
* Up to 20 free standard transactions each month.
* Gold VISA deferred-debit card, with no annual fee.
* Full current account facilities, including cheque book, direct debit and standing orders.

* £10 monthly administration fee charged if balance falls below £5,000.

You may withdraw up to £1,000 (or US$1,000 or €1,000) each day at VISA cash machines.

Gold Visa Deffered Debit card; when you make a transaction the funds are only debited at the end of the month. Minimun balance €5000.

Monthy interest
Monthly statemenst
No standing orders
No cheque book
Swift credits (outgoing)

Looks like thats a good one; there may of course, be others. What is interesting is how many people I had to call to get this info. Several of my local shops take € obvously they have business accounts.

This could be a huge business if the StopWar people could get their act together; imagine 2million people openening accounts in a bank created to deal with the desire to go to &euro right now.

Hmmmmm dream on....
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mattress ......... beat me to it
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Is there a feasible way to be independent of the banks and their outrageous charges, limited services and greed-motivated principles?

Do you sleep on a mattress?

Seriously, I am calling some banks for you right now, and I will post the results immediately.
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The sacred is the interference of the uncreated in the created, of the eternal in time, of the infinite in space, of the supraformal in forms; it is the mysterious introduction into one realm of existence of a presence which in reality contains and transcends that realm and could cause it to burst asunder in a sort of divine explosion. The sacred is the incommensurable,the trascendent,hidden within a fragile form belonging to this world;it has its own precise rules, its terrible aspects and its merciful action; moreover,any violation of the sacred, even in art, has incalculable repercussions.
Intrinsically the sacred is inviolable,and so much so that any attempted violation recoils on the head of the violator.

- Frithjof Schuon
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Looking at the NatWest site, it seems that you can have a euro account, separate from your sterling account, if you are a business. I was trying to find one where your dosh is held in euros, anything paid in is converted to euros, anything paid out has to come out from euro to sterling. And preferably without any significant fees!
Even as a UK business it seems hard to have one account, all in euros, from which your business is done. It seems that a simple multiplication event prior/following any output/input is beyond most banks, unless you pay them big time.
Of course, one could always try and open an account in, say, France. But this is usually a no-go unless you have a permanent address there. And again, wages in sterling cost money to send electronically to France, for some completely bizarre and incomprehensible reason. Why should that be, in this day? Le profit, n'est pas?
Is there a feasible way to be independent of the banks and their outrageous charges, limited services and greed-motivated principles?
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American Dollars to 1 EUR

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Well, u-- um, can we come up and have a look?

What Monty Python Character are you?
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Not anymore it aint!!!!!!
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My, that's a large image!
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French Guard
I'm French! Why do think I have this outrageous
accent, you silly king-a?!

What Monty Python Character are you?
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Diary from Baghdad

A birds view over Baghdad

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The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a $2.2 trillion budget, bringing federal spending up to about $25,000 for every family in America.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that deficits over the next 10 years will reach $1.2 trillion. The Financial Times gives a $1.5 trillion estimate. And Goldman Sachs puts the number as high as $4.2 trillion.

Meanwhile, the states face huge financial problems. They're cutting back on police, libraries, roads -- just about everything -- in an effort to close the $100 billion gap between revenues and expenditures.

"State governments are under siege," says the President of the National Conference of State Legislatures. New York faced a "doomsday budget," say the press reports.

How come the states are forced to cut back...while the Feds keep expanding?

Fed governor Ben Bernanke explained last summer: "We have a technology called a printing press..."! The states can't print money; the feds can. But while they can print it, they can't control its value. Mr. Market will have the final say on what the dollar is worth, not Mr. Bernanke or Mr. Bush.

We don't know what Mr. Market will say, of course. But each dollar of deficit spending by Congress... and each dollar of trade deficit... is another reason to think he might turn even more negative on the greenback.

Foreigners own $8 trillion in U.S. dollar assets...and have already knocked 20% off the dollar's value compared to the euro.

Sean Corrigan with the latest news from the City:


Sean Corrigan in London...

- The post-Conquest weakness in the US dollar - being reflected most forcibly in the value of the Euro - springs from several sources. Persistent worries about the US deficits (as Bill points out above) and the Asians and Russians pondering shifts in their reserve balances... to euros. Added to these now is the heightened speculation that the UK's entry is moving to the head of the political agenda once more.

- This last has come about as RobespiBlaire seeks to exploit the relative swing in the unstable political bimetallism which lies at the heart of the Neuesarbeitspartei. Blair is - so the polls tell us - temporarily popular among the Sun readership as a result of his doggedly (!) faithful support of the US war effort.

- Culpability Brown, however, if he were a bond, would be something of a 'fallen angel', collapsing from investment grade to a junk rating. The wheels have finally come off the wagon of illusory prosperity. Thus, Blair's allies are planting stories in the press about an early EU referendum - possibly in the full flush of successes in the upcoming local elections in May. His spin doctors are cynically praising the Dear Leader's new-found resolve on the Euro as an example of that deep moral conviction he so authentically manages to simulate on demand. And which was the inner strength which enabled him to be such a Lionheart in the Conquest of Iraq.

- There are even whispers in the halls of Westminster that Brown himself may be purged to make way for an even more humourless technocrat: the critically fervent Blairista Patricia Hewitt, who is currently presiding over the final unravelling of the Industrial Revolution, over at the Department of Trade and Industry.

- Indeed, if one were sufficiently cynical, one could envisage another broken 'kaleidoscope' with the Europhile Tories deserting their hapless leader, Duncan-Smith, to form a new axis with Blair, while Brown takes the Old Labour rump off to form a traditional left "Coalition of the Unwilling" with the Liberal Democrats. From there, it would be but one small step for Blair to wrap himself in the Napoleonic purple as Europe's first executive president, a role first proposed by the Brits (i.e. Blair) and seemingly stitched up at the recent EU summit.

- However far-fetched, the practical significance of a push for Euro membership presents itself more clearly... and its implications for the strategic balance between the Dollar and the Euro would be profound, with the euro zone then stretching all the way from Riga to Rockall. (Presuming, of course, the last recalcitrants in Sweden and Denmark swiftly followed a putative UK entry... and that the Swiss were still to shadow the Euro, even if they needed another couple of years of creeping socialism before submerging their liberty in it entirely.)

- Brown's star looks set to fade further, too, when the Bank of England releases its quarterly forecasts next month, which 'sources' have told the Times will be a deal more pessimistic than the Chancellor's own Budget Day tea-leaf readings. Even if Brown's rosy 3% growth scenario were to come to pass, the pointy-heads at the Bank are said to be 'skeptical' about whether this would inevitably be accompanied by a big enough jump in the RPI to merit an increase in interest rates, too.

- As well as being less upbeat about the pace of expansion, the Old Lady is said to be 'concerned' about what impact the recent fall in the value of the pound will have on inflation - currently at 3% - with the fear that a further weakening of Sterling could push up the price of imports, thus triggering higher wage claims.

- But, never mind, the Cabinet's very own Grima Wormtongue, oleaginous Welsh Secretary Peter Hain, told the FT this was all to the good, for the pound had fallen to levels which - you guessed it - made British entry to the Euro possible. Look for the US dollar to continue its fall...
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US detains children at Guantanamo Bay

Staff and agencies
Wednesday April 23, 2003

The US military has admitted that children aged 16 years and younger are among the detainees being interrogated at its prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The Guardian

How much more proof do you need???
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Install Mozilla on your source machine.
Migrate your OE mail and settings to Mozilla.
Copy your Mozilla profile folder to your zip disc.
Install Mozilla on your new machine.
Copy your profile folder to your mozilla installation on your new machine from your Zip disc.

You are done.
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" is an international coalition advocating for the United Nations - not weapons maker Jay Garner - to oversee Iraq's transition to democracy. Read more and take action here!"

Another petition site, advocating pointless behaviour. Interesting though, and of course, it breaks the rules below, so it shouldnt be done.

Just what do people today think that the word "Action" actually means? Lets find out:


1. The state or process of acting or doing: The medical team went into action.
2. Something done or accomplished; a deed. See Usage Note at act.
3. Organized activity to accomplish an objective: a problem requiring drastic action.
4. The causation of change by the exertion of power or a natural process: the action of waves on a beach; the action of a drug on blood pressure.M
5. A movement or a series of movements, as of an actor.
6. Manner of movement: a horse with fine action.
7. Habitual or vigorous activity; energy: a woman of action.
8. Behavior or conduct. Often used in the plural.
1. The operating parts of a mechanism.
2. The manner in which such parts operate.
3. The manner in which a musical instrument can be played; playability: a piano with quick action.
10. A change that occurs in the body or in a bodily organ as a result of its functioning.
11. A physical change, as in position, mass, or energy, that an object or a system undergoes.
12. The series of events and episodes that form the plot of a story or play.
13. The appearance of animation of a figure in painting or sculpture.
14. Law. A judicial proceeding whose purpose is to obtain relief at the hands of a court.
1. Armed encounter; combat: missing in action.
2. An engagement between troops or ships: fought a rear-guard action.
16. The most important or exciting work or activity in a specific field or area: always heads for where the action is.

So there you have it. My emphasis underlined.

They have it all wrong!!!
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I just know these will come in handy one day.

And I know it's a bind, but can you e-mail all the old e-mail to a new e-mail address on the new computer? Would that help at all?

And I really like the Lilt comparison... science with a Totally Tropical Flava!
posted by Alun , 12:36 PM Þ 

Naturally we have googled extensively, but the tools are mostly expensive and suited to sysadmins, not little church mice like us! There are lots of message board discussions, but most have just run dry many miles from the home run.

The main problem we seem to face is moving from Mac to PC - it is much less common than the reverse. I'd install Mozilla on her laptop but somehow we have to get 5 or so MB of ancient email from the Mac before we do that, and the laptop is old and CD-driveless so anything over floppy size has to go in to the laptop via PC linked parallel port cable. This can be done, and we have zip drives for the Mac, but...

...knowledge wise we need to work out how the OE messages are stored on the Mac, and where they might be. I guess this is the "single directory". PCs use the weird dbx profiles system stored in Application Data, but this can be converted to the nicer mailbox system by some good software out there. So if there's a similar tool like that for Macs, we'd be getting closer.

She would love a new Mac, but we don't have £1300 or so for a decent iBook (shiny G4 is in dreamland for us), and the new company are...PC based. One day life will be much simpler, one day...
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For 2004, Bush's Aides Plan Late Sprint for Re-election

Tue Apr 22, 8:59 AM ET


WASHINGTON, April 21 President Bush (news - web sites)'s advisers have drafted a re-election strategy built around staging the latest nominating convention in the party's history, allowing Mr. Bush to begin his formal campaign near the third anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks and to enhance his fund-raising advantage, Republicans close to the White House say. [...]

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Do you see what happens?


When this tips, its going to be very nasty indeed. And for what? Profit. its totally insane.
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FOUR sticky-fingered GIs have been arrested for trying to steal nearly $1 million of the $700 million in cold cash found hidden on the grounds of several estates in Baghdad, Army officials said yesterday.

The four enlisted men, who all belong to the 4th Battalion of the 64th Armored Division, face court-martials, said Maj. Kent Rideout.

The mountain of loot uncovered by U.S. forces on Friday apparently was left behind by top Ba'ath Party members and senior Republican Guard commanders who fled Baghdad.

It has been taken to the U.S.-controlled Baghdad Airport for safekeeping and will be returned to the Iraqi people, officials have said.

"You can understand how the greed took over, when just one wad of this cash can pay off your mortgage, send your kids to school, etcetera," one senior officer told The Post.

Three of the arrested GIs, members of an engineering unit attached to the 4th Battalion, are accused of skimming $600,000 of the war booty. They stashed it in a tree near a cottage where they and other members of their unit discovered 37 steel boxes, each containing $4 million in $100 bills. [...]

New York Post
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Any ideas how to do it? I think a lot of her messages are stored on her mac HD - are they copyable or readable on PC?

There are many migration tools out there, google them.

If you use Mozilla, moving your mail and profile is as simple as copying a single directory. When you move the GF to new 'puter, make sure its a mac (if pos), and make sure its running the latest will be MUCH simpler.
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Mutation discovery raises fears over Sars vaccine

By Richard McGregor in Shanghai
Published: April 21 2003 20:41 | Last Updated: April 21 2003 20:41China's top genomics institute discovered that the Sars virus was mutating rapidly when it independently sequenced its genetic blueprint, raising new fears about developing a vaccine to combat it.

"A few nucleotide differences among individual genomes were detected, as the virus is expected to mutate very fast and easily," said the Beijing Genomics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in a statement on the internet.[...]


Snatched from Politech

[Henry is affiliated with the Harvard Medical School 
and the Department of Bioengineering at the Shriners' Burn
Center in Boston. --Declan]


From: "Henry L Niman, PhD"
Subject: SARS Mythical Mortality Rate
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 09:35:04 -0400

The mortality rate for SARS is commonly refered to as around 5% in the media
(and compared to 20% for the 1918 flu epidemic). However, the mortality rate
is really the number who died divided by the number who died or were
discharged (assuming none of the discharged subsequently die of SARS).

The only country with a reported mortality rate around 5% is mainland China.

Here are the mortality percentages as of yesterday, based on the cumulative
data posted by WHO:

Country Fatal %

Canada 12 20.7%

Singapore 16 15.0%

Hong Kong* 69 14.1%

Viet Nam 5 9.8%

China 65 5.5%

*The 12 deaths reported today would raise HK's total to 81 and mortality rate
to 14.9%


From: "Henry L Niman, PhD"
Subject: RE: SARS Mythical Mortality Rate < Correction
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 16:13:57 -0400

I accidentally used 544 instead of 444 for the denominator so the Hong Kong
mortality rate as of today is 18.2%

The other countries as of today are

Hong Kong 18.2%
Canada 18.2%
Singapore 13.8%
Viet Nam 9.8%
Mainland China 5.4%


From: "Henry L Niman, PhD"
Subject: RE: FWD: SARS Mythical Mortality Rate 15-16%
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 10:04:40 -0400

The WHO data has been broken out into deaths and discharged for about 11 days
and the numbers have been pretty consistent. The number discharged daily in
Hong Kong has gone up quite a bit recently, but so have the fatalities, so the
death rate hasn't changed much in the past 11 days

April 20 17.5%
April 19 18.2%
April 18 17.6%
April 17 19.3%
April 16 19.2%
April 15 18.7%
April 14 17.0%
April 12 14.0%
April 11 15.9%
April 10 16.3%


From: "Henry L Niman, PhD"
Subject: SARS Mythical Mortality Rate 15-16%
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 12:42:20 -0400

Yes, the range is pretty wide for country to country, but has been pretty
steady for the past 11 days:

Date Hong Kong Canada Singapore China
April 19 18.2% 18.2%* 13.8% 5.4%
April 18 17.6% 20.7%* 15.0% 5.5%
April 17 19.3% 20.7%* 14.2% 5.5%
April 16 19.2% 26.0% 13.3% 5.5%
April 15 18.7% 32.5% 13.3% 6.1%
April 14 17.0% 32.5% 12.5% 5.6%
April 12 14.0% 27.8% 10.5% 5.3%
April 11 15.9% 28.6% 10.5% 5.3%
April 10 16.3% 31.3% 10.7% 5.1%

* WHO lowered Canada's fatal cases from 13 to 12 (today media reports have
raised number to 14 after another death yesterday).


From: "Henry L Niman, PhD"
Subject: SARS Mortality Rate - 45% in Taiyuan, Shanxi
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 10:01:18 -0400

The current motality rate in the teens for major sites isn't an upper limit,
and the numbers could go higher. The highest rate I have seen is out of
mainland China, where overall a mortality rate of about 5% in reported.
However in Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi Provence the reported rate is 45%.

>From yesterday's Promed report:

"Meanwhile, a report from Taiyuan, capital of north China's Shanxi province,
reported that [as of 19 Apr 2003] 9 people had died of SARS in the province
and there were 112 registered SARS cases in the province. 11 of these have
recovered and been discharged from hospitals."


From: "Henry L Niman, PhD"
Subject: SARS Mortality Rate - 50% in Hohhot, Xinhua
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 11:02:32 -0400

As the numbers trickle in from the various provinces in China, a more onimous
picture is emerging. Although the numbers are still low, Hohhot, Xinhua had a
mortality rate of 50% a week ago

"Two people in China's Inner Mongolia region have died from the SARS virus,
the first time the disease has been reported in the far-flung north, the
official Xinhua news agency said.

A total of 10 cases were reported in the regional capital of Hohhot, Xinhua
reported late on Friday, citing the city's health department.

Two of the 10 patients had recovered, it said. Among the infected, nine were
from two families and one was a health care worker, the agency reported."

However, in yesterday's Promed report, it looks like the transmission in the
hospital may be very high, with 4/5 patients who visited from Mongolia showing

"China's neighbor, Mongolia, has introduced tough measures to cut the risk
of infection after 5 people were suspected, but not confirmed, to have the
virus. Those being monitored had all visited a hospital in Hohhot, China.
Although they had gone to China for non-SARS related ailments, 4 of the 5
came back with a fever."

Mr. K??
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Tech query

my gf is moving jobs, and wants to copy her email from her work mac (imac, os9, outlook express) to her laptop (pc, win 95, outlook express 4). Any ideas how to do it? I think a lot of her messages are stored on her mac HD - are they copyable or readable on PC? we can upgrade the pc outlook express of course, but does anyone have a fab 1337 solution?

posted by captain davros , 12:01 PM Þ 

Venezuelan Arabs Stung by U.S. Charges

Tue April 22, 2003 11:58 AM ET
By Pascal Fletcher

PORLAMAR, Venezuela (Reuters) - Half a world away from Iraq, Arab merchants in Venezuela's Caribbean island of Margarita swap gossip and finger prayer beads as they serve customers in this traditionally bustling free port.

Like Arab nations and communities around the globe, most of Margarita's well-established Muslim traders bitterly oppose the U.S.-British invasion of Iraq, seeing it as an unlawful and unjustified attack against their race and religion.

But the Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians who have made this tropical resort and duty-free zone their home for decades are even more angry about what they see as another American affront, this time leveled directly against them.

Allegations by a top U.S. military chief that Margarita is a base for radical Islamic groups posing a potential terrorist threat have angered both the 12,000-strong Arab community and the government of Venezuela's leftist President Hugo Chavez.

"We have nothing to do with terrorism here. Pure business, that's what we do," Naim Awada, who emigrated from Lebanon 20 years ago, told Reuters in his clothing store in Porlamar.

All around him, shop names like Nabil Import, El Laden Mustafa and Flower of Palestine attest to the strong Arab presence on Margarita, an island of tourist hotels, arid hills and abundant beaches off Venezuela's eastern Caribbean coast.

Arab community leaders and Venezuela's government say the allegations by the Pentagon's top soldier for Latin America, Gen. James Hill, are really part of a wider campaign by foes of Chavez to try to discredit the populist president abroad.[...]


The most venal and corrupt group of men in the history of America.

posted by Irdial , 11:59 AM Þ 

Rumsfeld calls for regime change in North Korea

April 22, 2003


WASHINGTON--A secret Donald Rumsfeld memorandum calling for regime change in North Korea was leaked Monday, opening a fresh foreign policy split in the Bush administration.

The classified discussion paper, circulated by the defense secretary, appears to cut directly across State Department plans to disarm Kim Jong Il, the North's dictator, through threats mixed with promises that he is not a target for overthrow.[...]

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PRAGUE - The United States government is literally flying in millions of dollars to Iraq - in $1 and $5 denominations - as part of plans to rebuild that country's war-torn economy.

The money, taken from frozen Iraqi assets held in the US, will be doled out to public servants in the form of onetime, $20 payments as an inducement for them to come to work. The hope is that the money will move its way through private transactions and ultimately aid efforts to build a functioning market economy - a goal economists say is probably years away.[...]


now, whoever eventually runs Iraq (if they ever break free of US control) will find it very difficult to switch to the € for the settlement of oil contracts, when the new Iraqi Dinar is linked to the $.

Flying in these $ is like dropping Permanent Bombs® on Iraq, or even better, shakels.
posted by Irdial , 11:47 AM Þ 

Why is Euro preferable to Sterling? Sterling != Dollars.

Also about the war tax thing that Akin posted about previously. The site was aimed at Americans with the American Economy there, anyone know of any UK based sites? If not, anyone want to start one?

A sidenote. Tropical Medicine sounds very appealing. Like Lilt or something!
posted by alex_tea , 11:31 AM Þ 

Now, the question to be asked is; are the StopWar brigade going to get their 2million marchers to disavow the dollar and convert all thier cash / savings to €s?

If everyone and thier grandma understands that this is the only way to fight and defeat the barbarians, why have they not shifted from laying flowers on the ground to fully blown economic warfare?

Lets see from the StopWar site today:

"The Stop the War Coalition is supporting demonstrations all over the UK on May Day, calling for peace and justice in the Middle East, and around the world. The real "roadmap" for peace starts with: end the US occupation of Iraq and return UK forces, and withdraw the Israeli army from Palestine."


Once fooled, shame on you, twice fooled shame on ME, you fucking morans!!!!

OMG, these idiots are working for the enemy!
posted by Irdial , 11:20 AM Þ 

Natwest will open dollar accounts, € accounts...all you have to do is ask.
posted by Irdial , 11:16 AM Þ 

Dear Mr Kirby,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We do not hold details of which banks provide euro bank account services, so
we suggest you talk to your local bank or others in the high street to find
out which one would suit your needs best. Most banks will levy a fee for
using this service, as they would in the UK with any foreign currency. The
the levels of charges is a commercial matter for the banks.

I hope this is helpful.

Nicolette Adcock
Euro Preparations Unit
HM Treasury

-----Original Message-----
From: Alun Kirby []
Sent: 14 April 2003 17:25
Subject: Personal account

I am searching for information on personal current accounts in the UK which
are based on the Euro rather than sterling. Could you let me know if such an
account exists and if you have any info on the practicalities of such an

Thanks for your help,
posted by Alun , 11:12 AM Þ 

There is only one way to check American power and that is to support the euro

I go further and say individuals should dump the dollar, and exchange them for €uros. Dont wait for the oil pressure to start the process. Trillions of Dollars are in use by the public right now. Dont convert money to dollars, and never use them for any kind of spending, ever. Of course, this means not buying anything that is made in the land of the dollar also.

I'm giving my WFMU pledge in a 50€ note btw.

"The global justice movement, of which I consider myself a member, has, by and large, opposed accession to the euro, arguing that it accelerates the concentration of economic and political power, reduces people's ability to influence monetary policy and threatens employment in the poorest nations and regions. Much of the movement will have drawn comfort from the new opinion polls suggesting that almost 70% of British voters now oppose the single currency, and from the hints dropped by the Treasury last week that British accession may be delayed until 2010.

But it seems to me that the costs of integration are merely a new representation of the paradox of sovereignty. Small states or unaffiliated tribes have, throughout history, found that the only way to prevent themselves from being overrun by foreign powers was to surrender their autonomy and unite to fight their common enemy. To defend our sovereignty - and that of the rest of the world - from the US, we must yield some of our sovereignty to Europe.

That we have a moral duty to contest the developing power of the US is surely evident. That we can contest it by no other means is equally obvious. Those of us who are concerned about American power must abandon our opposition to the euro."

Perfectly said. As you all know, I was totally AGAINST the adoption of the €uro, but now, I have switched sides completely. Its the only way to stop the international criminals from destroying everything.
posted by Irdial , 11:09 AM Þ 

George Monbiot repeats himself for the benefit of those who haven't quite grasped the idea of what the Euro can do...
posted by Alun , 11:02 AM Þ 

You know he's a geek when he says "Morgan Webb will you marry me?"
posted by Claus Eggers , 10:58 AM Þ 

The war is based o­n a new ‘American’ understanding of which they've convinced Mr Bush "that if the US does not shape the world in its image, the world will shape the US in its image".


Like I said. If everyone everywhere refuses the dollar in every way, the world will reshape the USA into a civilized, law abiding country.
posted by Irdial , 10:56 AM Þ 

French Guard
I'm French! Why do think I have this outrageous
accent, you silly king-a?!

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Fantastic Honda ad. I must say, really!
posted by Claus Eggers , 10:56 AM Þ 

Colin Powell:
"We have to look at all aspects of our relationship with France in light of this."

Asked if there were consequences for having opposed the US, Mr Powell replied "yes" but did not elaborate.[...]


As people sell their dollars world wide, the Distributed Punishemt® that the USA will suffer will be more powerful than any MOAB or Atomic Bomb.
posted by Irdial , 10:34 AM Þ 

Writing to MPs is virtually useless. George Galloway has been recieving death threats by phone, post and email.

A single gentle word of encouragement from someone can erase some of the feelings in hate mail.

And thanks for posting the email adress!

Hopefully the answers will follow soon.

I think The Straw Man® has answered all our questions.
posted by Irdial , 10:31 AM Þ 

My liege!

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Who'dda thunk it?
posted by Alun , 10:30 AM Þ 

They bombed his home, occupied his country, killed 16 members of his family, and blew his arms off.
And now they've reduced him to a propaganda tool.
I am ashamed.

I meant to post this a few days ago. The story has been everywhere, and it makes me sick.
But the public lap it up. 'We' are so kind, so magnanimous in victory, so gentle and helpful.
The whole thing feels like one of Chris Morris's most cynical moments.
posted by Alun , 10:28 AM Þ 

"I think it would require an enormous amount of imagination to believe that someone went to the trouble of composing a forged document in Arabic and then planting it in a file of patently authentic documents and burying it in a darkened room on the off-chance that a British journalist might happen upon it and might bother to translate it.

"That strikes me as so wildly improbable as to be virtually inconceivable."

Almost as wildly improbable as happening upon a document alleging misdeeds by your favourite anti-war protester in a particular folder, amongst piles of other identical folders, buried in a darkened room in a bombed-out, looted building. That strikes me as so wildly improbable as to be virtually inconceivable.

Writing to MPs can seem productive (MP dependent, of course). I wrote to Brian Sedgemore about UK/US hypocrisy over PoWs and Guantanemo Bay, and about alleged US atrocities in Afghanistan and recieved a copy of a letter from the MP to Jack Straw detailing my questions and asking for answers on these points. Hopefully the answers will follow soon.

Georges address etc.
posted by Alun , 10:20 AM Þ 

Well, u-- um, can we come up and have a look?

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
posted by Irdial , 10:17 AM Þ 

They dont waste any time; Burger King arrives in Iraq:

Basra: Fastfood giants Pizza Hut and Burger King have set up their first franchises inside war-torn Iraq, even as many aid convoys waited on the borders for the war to officially end.

The arrival of the two restaurants - sited inside giant trailers on a British military base near Basra - won a rapturous welcome from soldiers, whose limited range of rations lost their appeal many weeks ago.

But some officers were less keen on the new arrivals, which are due to start selling food tomorrow.[...]

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There is a campaign to "free an Iranian Blogger. I am not buying into this in any way.

The colonialists use these types of incedent to foment hatred against countries that they want to invade. Until the colonists are defeated, people, like this stupid blogger in an AOE country, need to STFU.
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Yes indeed, and now is the time to email Mr. Galloway to at least let him know that we all support him.

Whilst you're there you could sign some petitions, it's not direct, but at least it shows our support:

Support for British Military who refused to fight in Iraq

Support for George Galloway and Tam Dalyell
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That advert is amazing, I didn't realise it was all real though. Just imagine the incredible patience these people must have.

It reminds me of a game I used to play when I was young, The Incredible Machine, which it seems is still available.

Boobah is fun as well, for some reason it reminds me of Pink Islets... I'm sure there's a picture of akin floating around on the A212 pages as well, a group shot of the Electric Family. I can't find it but I remember seeing it, somewhere...
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fuckwitted morons

Yes indeed, and now is the time to email Mr. Galloway to at least let him know that we all support him. Apalling behavior, shameful, scabrous and utterly libelous. I will never buy or read or link to The Telegraph again, and I explicitly forbid linking to that paper from here, from today.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The Boohbah was a riot, even though it turned dull for me after an hour or so, I might be getting older...
Crazy Apple Rumors are funnier than ever.
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Besides, Thank YOU Claus for playing so fine! Loved the HUMANOID

What Kind of Drunk Are You?

i know it's late, but here are my idols

could'nt find a picture of you Akin, but I love IRDIAL!!!!

Barrie, how can a bum be a waste of time?
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single pixel

very odd ...... have you managed to get any image to generate ? ....... those parameters work fine for me
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But in a letter addressed to Bush and dated on Monday, Martin Sullivan said he was resigning as chairman of the President's advisory committee on cultural property, a position he had held since 1995.
"The reports in recent days about the looting of Iraq's National Museum of Antiquities and the destruction of countless artifacts that document the cradle of Western civilization have troubled me deeply, a feeling that is shared by many Americans," he wrote.
Describing the looting a "tragedy," Sullivan said that it was not prevented "due to our nation's inaction."

Al Jazeera
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today's waste of time:
Oh MY!
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Monday, April 21, 2003

The ramifications for the way the Communist Party rules China will be huge, Chinese analysts and politicians said. Hu and Wen, who came to power in March vowing to take responsibility for problems, appear to have set a new precedent for how to rule China by firing two senior officials for organizing a coverup.

"This is the beginning of the end," said a senior official who has lobbied behind the scenes for greater democracy. "This is the spark many of us have been waiting for."

Washington Post
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143,321,1210,21 gives me a blank square with a single pixel drawn in the upper left hand corner.
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strange ... those same parameters work fine now ...... i've changed the algorithm again, so now both squares & circles mix, & the dimensions of the square are randomised to produce rectangles
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123,320,33,23 as parameters gives me a blank square.
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make your own with the new, improved version
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in your Mozilla location bar do this:

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Sunday, April 20, 2003
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why I don't drink:

What Kind of Drunk Are You?
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I have to admit, yes, I'm one of 'those' people that you see struggling with such things as scissors and corkscrews.
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How many others here are left handed?

others? Are you left handed???!!
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I heard something interesting last night that more knowledgeable people might have an opinion on : it could be possible that the explosion in allergic reactions to peanuts is partly due to the fact that nipple soothing ointments often contain groundnut oil because of its flavourless quality
posted by a hymn in g to nann , 11:31 AM Þ 

For centuries they have been victimised by the “normal” majority, and today the marks of prejudice still abound. Left-handedness is one of the last unacknowledged and baseless stigmas, while lefties remain a neglected minority we demean daily in our language without a second thought.

......The Catholic Church in the Middle Ages regarded left-handedness as the Devil’s mark, the Koran places the righteous on Allah’s right hand, and God Himself is demonstrably right-handed, that being the side where Jesus sits. The discovery that a wife was left-handed was once sufficient ground for divorce in Japan. Queen Victoria was left-handed, but that didn’t stop Victorian schoolmasters from tying a pupil’s left hand behind his back to ensure he used the right (and thus the correct) one, but more often ensuring he could barely write at all.

The little girl playing noughts and crosses on the old BBC test card was left-handed, but you can’t tell because the picture was reversed after an executive decision that the corporation could not be represented by a leftie.[...]

language of the left - english
language of the left - other languages

How many others here are left handed?
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