Saturday, January 03, 2004
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gcc: interface_repository-common.c: No such file or directory
gcc: no input files
make[3]: *** [interface_repository-common.lo] Error 1
make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make: *** [all-recursive-am] Error 2
### execution of make failed, exit code 2
Failed: compiling orbit-0.5.17-5 failed

won't compile on my machine. gah!
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sheer noise of every repulsive sound that permeates every space you go into
a theme that milan kundera picks up & evolves beautifully in "immortality"
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So, from your perspective, where does the fog come in from?

Its created by the sheer noise of every repulsive sound that permeates every space you go into. Wherever you go, there is... music. Dreadful music. It is literally like the poisonus London fog that used to kill people, only this modern fog kills you slowly.

Are we experiencing sonic global warming?

More like a second ice age. Everyone frozen out. Frozen solid. All the doors frozen shut.

what is so different about today?

Today is very different.

!/ Those old pieces of garbage seem like gems now because we are in a sewer sea of stinking noise-water. Anything that doesnt sound like it went through Profools sounds beautiful.

2/ Back then, when those garbage records were made, great music, live and recorded was plentiful. You could afford to ignore garbage because there were too many great things to listen to.

This is more than just a feeling; its a widely accepted fact. Something is dead. Its rotting. It smells bad, and we are all inhaling it every day through our ears.

Hmmmm maybe thats why there are so many people with headphones on all over every city, like the people wearing face masks during the SARS outbreak.

All makes sense now!
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Your logic is flawed.

Hey, nobody's perfect. But I believe my intentions were good. I think I took off in a different direction in retrospect. In order to reorient myself, we need to elucidate.

...bad work, failed attempts and all other garbage should be kept strictly private. They used to be a simple pollution, now they are a rampant fog that has choked the voices of the real people and clouded the minds of people who have the capacity to know better.

So, from your perspective, where does the fog come in from? Are we experiencing sonic global warming? A trip to a charity shop will get you scores of vinyl LPs that remain unheard of and sound only like accidents in a recording studio. I accidentally spent £6.50 yesterday on a number of examples of this. There has always been garbage out there - what is so different about today?
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Things to do this year:
Listen to more "20th century classical" music (HATE that term, but using it for lack of a better one). Listen to more early electronic music.
Read more things that I am actually interested in as opposed to aimlessly surfing for hours on end.
Exercise, get my back checked out.
Buy more vinyl.
Stop fucking around at school and do meaningful work as opposed to pointless formal assignments if you get my drift.

Resolutions I have lived up to:
complete abolishment of TV from my life.
No alcohol except for the odd glass of white wine at dinner, and no drugs.
Refusal to listen to trash radio.
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The recent flight delays are a direct result of Uncle Sham's absurd reqirement that passenger names addresses and travel itenaries be passed to the "Terrori$t $creening ¢enter" in Virginia for "security clearance". Their system doesnt work. If a red flag is thrown up against the name of any passenger, they simply stop the filght. Its not a coincedence that these delays started at the beginning of the year (Christmas???!!).

How many more flights will have to be delayed like this before everyone is completely fed up with the good ol USA? Not that anyone can stop, or needs to even ask for this requirement to be abolished; people may simply just go somewhere else.

Just imagine, two days of cancelled flights, multiplied by 500 passengers who will all complain that they had to sleep in the airport, get an expensive hotel, miss connecting flights, (weddings, parties, business meetings) $terrible_inconvenienve. Then multiply this number by the number of people who will hear this story direct, say 10, =5000 then the second hand stories * 10 =50,000. You get the picture.

Why take the risk? There is nothing that the usa offers that other countries cannot offer, so why risk ruining your vacation? Why not go somewhere where there is no risk at all of being delayed and having your trip ruined?
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Things to do this year:

Become more mobile

More dancing (preferably in a nice environment)

Rearrange soundfiles into something interesting

Use Pure-Data more

Carry on avoiding televsion, judging by the christmas repeats, programme makers have as much contempt for viewers as their output deserves.

Eat more seasonal produce, be more adventurous with vegetables

Find a good butcher

Broadband at home

Read more books

Record more images/sound (opportunities permitting)

Exercise (cold shiver down the spine)

Keep home clean

Give something back


I uncovered my f1.4, 50mm lens last week, f1.4 loads of lovely light shooting through into the camera, clicking at 1/2000th sec again. Other good things included the acquisition of a 2-button mouse for home, not listening )(listening not hearing) to any music for 10 days, my ears are very fresh again, time with family.


2003: The Hafler Trio - Basic Channel/Wackies - Stan Brakhage - Oddbins - Spain - Fresh Dates - Bill Viola - Homemade Lamb Curry - Blogdial - &&
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The ULTIMATE Friendster for proper geeks is of course the PGP web of trust. There was a tool from AT&T but it appears to be gone.

This one does the same-ish job.
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Friendster for proper geeks. Which is good, because a: it seems open, and b: it probably won't be as slow and crap and elitist as Friendster.

Hipster Top Trumps.
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Friday, January 02, 2004

Next time, do this its the nice thing to do.
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After the longest install ever for such a small program (8+ hours - mmmm, dependancies), I finally managed to get Nicotine (soulseek) working. Within minutes I found files by nurse with wound, hafler trio, NON, current 93, iannis xenakis... wow!!
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Whatever you do, dont mention STUMP!
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------ Forwarded Message

> Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2004 14:58:04 +0000
> Subject: A New Year Message From Michael Howard MP
> A New Year Message From Michael Howard MP.
> * I believe it is natural for men and women to live in exceedingly large
> houses with names such as "Sunny Brook", with exquisite grounds tended to by
> elderly, hard-working and above all caucasian gardeners.
> * I believe it is the duty of every politician to ask questions in the House
> of Commons in return for wads of used tenners after having indulged in a
> session of auto-asphixiation with a selection of fresh citrus fruit.
> * I believe that people are most likely to be happy when interest rates
> stand at around 15%, or perhaps when 3 million of their fellow citizens are
> jobless, or particularly when they are forcibly removed from participating
> in a thoroughly enjoyable exchange-rate mechanism.
> * I believe that people should be big. I also recommend that the buildings
> that they live in should be even bigger, to enable them to host dinner
> parties, indulge in traditional English folk dances and generally allow
> freedom of movement.
> * I believe that we need protection from Welsh Secretaries who are
> unfamiliar with the Welsh National Anthem, and also from hordes of marauding
> illegal immigrants who are even less familiar with the Welsh National
> Anthem.
> * I believe that people must have every opportunity to fulfil their
> potential, although greater opportunity should of course be offered to those
> with large bank balances, a stately home and numerous letters strewn after
> their name.
> * I believe there is no freedom without responsibility. And even less
> freedom if you have a penchant for faking diaries in order to win libel
> trials.
> * I believe in equality of opportunity, particularly in regard to any
> opportunities one might have to knock up voluptuous House of Commons
> secretaries.
> * I believe that every parent wants their child to eat hamburgers, raw eggs
> and even cross-channel ferries in front of TV cameras to prove their safety
> to the general public.
> * I do not believe that one person's poverty is caused by another's wealth.
> Oh no. Not even in the case of exploitative employment practices. Absolutely
> not. The minimum wage? Terrible idea. Sorry? Oh, I mean excellent idea.
> * I do not believe that ignorance is caused by a repressed, sheltered,
> molly-coddled upbringing that prevents identifying and empathising with
> normal people. Nor do I believe that said ignorance impairs ability to
> govern effectively.
> * I do not believe that sickness is made worse by tax cuts and inadequate
> investment in the health service. It is, in fact, made worse by ill people
> failing to issue enough fat cheques to deal with their serious ailments.
> Issue more fat cheques, that's what I say.
> * I believe that British people are only happy when they are free. You only
> had to look at how content Jonathan Aitken looked on Have I Got News For You
> a couple of weeks ago.
> * I believe that Britain should defend her freedom, as long as it is using
> weaponry bought from our own fantastic and burgeoning arms industry. The
> commission fees available to middle-men are substantial, I am told.
> * I believe that by good fortune – in fact, with a staggering slice of good
> luck and with the help of viral email campaigns such as this one – I will
> help these islands emerge from a dark era. They will no longer have
> "something of the night" about them. Now all I need to do is rid myself of
> the same affliction.
> Michael Howard (as told to Rhodri Marsden)

------ End of Forwarded Message
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Fedora Core

thanks barrie, i was looking at that last night, will do so ....
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Thursday, January 01, 2004

That list from Wired... I can't believe it. So completely stupid. I can't believe it was published! Got to love lazy thinkers complaining about lazy thinkers. Throw him to the lions!!

Happy new year to all, let us all hope that this year does not get darker than the last. May I become less confused with everything and start thinking about solutions rather than problems. Very dark these days. What do I do?

yes, still trying to decide whether to try out red hat
Recently worked with a friend to install "Fedora Core," a free redhat variant. Fastest linux install I have ever seen. It seems to be working very well... check it out.
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100 Ways to Save the internet... Not!

1 Unleash vigilante justice on spammers One activist has proposed filters that launch distributed denial-of-service attacks back at spammers. Great. Just make sure we have the right addresses first.

Vigilante justice....just like colonizing Iraq. We will find the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Its Hammer Time.


2 Slash song prices charge 29 cents per download. You''ll make it up in volume.

Do the math first?

3 Quit already, Jack Valenti

Ignore Jack Valenti.

4 Appoint Larry Lessig to the Supreme CourtIs he a Democrat or a Republican? Who cares! Laws governing information flow are the new affirmative action, abortion, and gun control rolled into one.

how about a borderless lawless internet instead of lawmakers that our our personal friends hmmmm?

5 Create the all-in-one inboxEmail, phone calls, instant messages - they should all go into a single app.

Why dont you write one. All of you together should be able to raise millions of dollars to get it done.

6 Triple our cable modem speedFirst step: Just turn off the Golf Channel and UPN.

Buy a fat pipe and smoke it.

7 Demand truth in advertising for software updatesC'mon, AOL 9.0 is really AOL 8.0 with the version number increased 1.0.

How about "Dump AOL".

8 Declare spammers are terroristsAnd put Ashcroft, Ridge, and Rumsfeld on their tails.

Declare Asscroft a terrorist first, then the spammers. First thigs first!

9 Hands off Internet phone callsJust because the creaky old phone system was regulated to death doesn't mean VoIP should suffer the same fate.

Ignore the FCC. Revive Speakfreely, which not a single entrepreneur wants to develop.

10 Free the handsetsWe should be able to buy any cell phone and match it with any service plan.

Can you say "GSM". The rest of the world can do this, and has done so for years.

11 Larry Flynt, build a porn browserIt should cover our tracks coming and going.

Go and get JAP the more people use it the more secure it becomes. "Porn Browser" ROTFL!

12 Make email addresses portable

Get a good ISP and you wont need this.

13 Don't let the Pentagon hog the airwaves The DOD doesn't need that many civilian-free radio frequencies to do its job.

Stop feeding the war machine and the DOD/Pentagon will wither away as a grape does to a raisin.

14 Dump the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

How did it get there in the first place, that is your REAL problem.

15 Stop the US Patent Office before they patent the hyperlinkOops, too late.

Its Own3d by BT I believe. Just ignore stupid software patents. Everyone ignored the prohibition on the import export of crypto, and look what happened to PGP; its everywhere, forever. Learn from this.

16 Simplify Web publishingWhy can't we post files from our desktop to a Web site in one drag-and-drop move?

Go write some software to do this. Its not that hard. 99% of what you need is already there.

17 Let a thousand Wi-Fis bloomOpen spectrum is the new open source.

Jargon attack! Eyeballs, remember the drill.

18 Build a .sex red-light districtIcann, the committee that assigns top-level Internet domains, refuses to create an adult zone that can easily be kept from kids' eyes. Porn won't disappear, so deal with it.

RFC. Use it.

19 Make privacy a personal asset Canada has it already: a law that prevents firms from consolidating all customer information after a merger.

Yes yes, Canada is a DEMOCRACY. Fix your "Democracy" and maybe you can live like Canadians.

20 Roll out GAAP for geeksJust as with accounting, create an industry standard for network security. Don't forget the penalties for companies that don't comply.

More laws? Are you insane?

21 Bring on the perp walksWe want to see the next CEO whose company's servers leak 10,000 credit card numbers marched past TV cameras by the FBI.

Addicted to control, against businesspeople. And not a bit funny.

22 Take back UHFWe're tired of running our wireless network on the same frequency as the microwave, the cell phone, and the neighbor's baby monitor. Channel 83 is just sitting there.

23 Offer real RIAA amnestyInstead of telling us to delete MP3s or pay a fine, how about you let us pay a fair price to keep them.

Ignore the RIAA. They only control 20% of the worlds copyrights. Fix your "democracy" so that they cant buy the laws that enslave you.

24 Release Episode III on the NetIt's going straight to video anyway.

The force is not with you. But we saw that way BEFORE this solution.

25 Pass a White Hat Protection ActHackers who find holes in corporate networks should get thanks, not handcuffs.

Yet more law. More law is bad. and so is Mores law. Less is more and Moore is a bore. Go you get me?

None of these is a magic bullet. But together, they can force junk mail down to levels we can all live with.
Items 26-33

26 Pass the Do Not Spam listChuck Schumer's Senate bill sticks American inbox bombers with steep fines and creates a special circle in hell for those who send porn to tots. It's not 100 percent enforceable, but neither is the speed limit on Interstate 80.

So once again, the law is made an ass. Better to write some software and give it away for free..oh wait, someone has done that, with an almost perfect spam filter built in and better usability than outlook: its called Mozilla and Mozilla Thunderbird. If you refuse to use and promote the solutions that already solve teh problems, then you are part of the problem.

27 Automate the FTCReplace the Federal Trade Commission's manual email address for reporting spam ( with a nationwide collaborative filtering service like Cloudmark's SpamNet.

We dont need the FTC to control spam.

28 Simplify disposable addresses


29 Stop email forgeryA geeky feature called Reverse MX makes it impossible to masquerade as

Stop email forgery, but allow "Porn Browsers" that guarantee anonymity. What?

30 Scramble archived addressesOnline archives of mailing lists are a treasure trove for spammers. Give members the option to have their addresses scrambled in posts.

Write a perl module to do this.

31 Enable digital signaturesCrypto certificates are the most reliable way to tell email friend from faux. ISPs and corporate IT guys should pass them out as a competitive advantage.

"Enable"? What does that mean?

32 Build friend-of-a-friend filtersThink of it as Friendster for your inbox. Everyone on our list can email everyone on yours, but outsiders have to fill out those annoying SpamCop forms.

YOU build it, and integrate it into Mozilla.

33 Create a P2P email programWe directly trade MP3 files, instant messages, and now phone calls without the bother of backend servers. So why not email messages?

This is just wrong, and ill leave it to someone else to tear it up.

34 Spyware vs. SpywareCounterspyware shouldn't just find spyware installed on our computers. It should hunt down the punk who put it there.

And blow his head - clean off - with a .44 magnum. Well do ya punk?

35 Link Moviefone and Fandango Cut a deal so we don't have to search both your sites for theaters.

Write a tool to do it. Like the other tools that do that.

36 Allow Wi-Fi roamingThe Cloud and Boingo share their hot spots - now how about T-Mobile, Verizon, et al.?

Would you pay for it, as a shareholder in those companies? Probably not.

37 End broadband monopoliesYou can't get DSL without first signing up with the local phone bureaucracy for a line you won't use. This is deregulation?

A deregulated phone system is a BAD THING. Governments mandating how business do business on the micro level is a BAD THING.

38 Simplify URLsWhy can't be amazon/wolf/wired?

Why do you care? Mostly urls are cut and pasted, never typed, so this really doesnt matter, and anyway, somone has already written some software and solved this "problem" Tiny URL is its name. Go use it.

39 Upgrade to IPv6The next-gen Internet protocol will improve security and add 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,427,473,244,160 IP addresses - enough for everything, ever.

being done. off the list please!

40 Big music, follow the money 8 of 9 adults beyond student age still pay for songs instead of ripping them.

Big music, go to the devil. People who dont use soulseek, buy a clue.

41 Free the archivesRequire that copyright owners reregister works after 50 years and put everything else up for grabs. The Magic Kingdom gets to keep Mickey Mouse, while archivists can digitize deteriorating unclaimed films without fear of lawsuits.

Ignore bad law. The original copyright laws (except for the absurd registration part, which is a tax) were ok before the Bono act. Repeal that, then lets talk.

42 Replace servers with P2PToo many network services - domain names, Web servers, email - rely on the old client-server model, which is vulnerable to attack.

Replace which servers, exactly? Oh dear!

43 Unleash Jeff Bezos, rock starC'mon, Jeff, you can build a better music store than the dude in the black turtleneck or Mr. Bill.

The revolution will not be televised. The revolution will not come from Bezos. While you are looking there, it will bit your shiny metal asses.

44 Publish Creative Commons for DummiesThe open copyright licensing system is pure genius. But you need to be a genius to use it.

WTF? its already a no brainer, in three different versions, Lawyer Human and Machine monosylabic explanations cant be superimoposed over everything! Uh oh, two five syllable words....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

45 VeriSign must die

You go first.

46 Free the Beeb The BBC is dragging its feet on a plan to put its vast archives online. Come on, chaps, it's your best idea since Monty Python.

Go get a TV licence, THEN ask for this.

47 Upgrade phone booths to Wi-Fi

Ive got just two words for you "Venture Capital".

48 Free Rob Glaser! The barrage of pop-ups that clutter the screen when we try to use RealOne can only be a cry for help: Geek guru Glaser is being held hostage by his own marketing department!

Go download Helix, write your own client. All done!

49 Mesh networks everywhereIf wireless signals could hop from gadget to gadget, we wouldn't have to hunt for hot spots.

If ifs and ands were pots and pans, economics would be cookery.

50 Add a broadband department to Wal-MartYou've put every local hardware store out of business. How about the cable guy and the phone company next?

No, YOU put every local hardware store out of business by consistently buying at Wal-Mart. Be honest!

51 And while you're at itBundle a combo PC, DSL-cable modem, and wireless home router for, oh, $299.99.

Ive got just two words for you "Venture Capital". Go do it yourself raise the money, start a business and see how far you get!

Microsoft To-Do List
Here are a few suggestions that don't require breaking up the company or shipping Linux.
Items 52-64

52 Hey Steve, fire someoneSomebody's not living up to the company's tough talk on fixing bugs. Developers, developers, developers should be accountable, accountable, accountable.

53 Give away a good spam filter

54 Ship antivirus wizardWhy can't the paper clip guy tell us something important, like "This message is infected with Sobig"?

55 Block self-installing adware for good

56 Enable automatic file encryptionWe've heard the promises for years. But even Apple offers this already - what's the holdup?

57 Filter fake error messagesThose ads that pose as Windows error messages ("Your computer may be infected! Download fix?") should appear in front of your lawyers, not us.

58 Take the blameSoftware license agreements that absolve you of, oh, deleting three years' worth of email are irresponsible. Bugs are negligence, and negligence should cost you, not us.

59 Make anonymous Net use easier

60 Make networked home PCs back each other up

61 Create a security advisory boardAppoint some outsiders (hello, Dan Geer?) to decide which security upgrades should be auto-pushed to consumers' PCs - then make it happen.

62 Add a low-bandwidth mode to Internet Explorer

63 Offer more language translationWe want to read those Iranian blogs.

64 Simplify for securityFewer features means fewer bugs.

65 Establish an ID theft hotline Having your identity stolen is a nightmare, especially the paperwork. Wells Fargo has proposed a one-call service. By sharing and analyzing data, financial services companies could then sort criminals from customers.

66 Shut down pedophile chat rooms Its just a bunch of undercover FBI guys in there anyway.

67 End phone subsidiesA byzantine maze of hidden revenue transfers - universal service, excise tax, TTY/TDD access, 911, et cetera - discourages innovations like Vonage that don't fit the regulatory format. Pay for all this stuff from general taxes instead of sneaking it onto the phone bill.

68 Write to President SchwarzeneggerWhen he gets to Washington in, oh, 2012, maybe he can terminate the legislation that mandates insane fixes for digital piracy.

69 Restore due process for ISPsReverse the legal precedent that requires providers to hand over their customers' names under subpoena - at least until they stop handing over the wrong names.

70 Keep blogging, Howard Dean

71 Add a recall function for email messagesOutlook (with Microsoft Exchange Server) does it, why can't everyone else?

72 Install the Slammer Panic buttonGive operators at top traffic hubs the right to instantly block malicious packets worldwide instead of paging one another - an attack on one is an attack on all.

Struck out for obvious reasons. Move right along!

Google To-Do List
We love you Larry and Sergey, but?
Items 73-78

73 Add a search for legal music downloads

Buy a clue and use soulseek. Oh wait, if that happens, then you wont be able to write about the trillion dollar lawsuit that would be launched against Google, since they would have no way to know what "downloads" are "legal" and which are not.

74 Crawl the Internet Archive

1 Write a crawler yourself,
2 set up a search engine specializing in IA
3 ????????????
4 Sell it to Google

75 Let us link to a page we hate without boosting its ranking

Less hate. More love. The pages you hate, die if you dont link to them. Dont hate them. Dont link to them. Good Karma.

76 Add mobile numbers to the phone book


77 Create an email address directory


78 Give us a filter option for blogs

-blogspot -blog -archive...when you use google Think UNIX!

We've heard the rumors. Now make them true.
Items 79-83

79 iPhone

Write one.

80 Finding Nemo browser for kids

WRITE ONE! (actually, SKIN one) anyway, putting your son on the internet is like giving him $1000 cash, a handgun and dumping him in Times Square on New Years Eve. Dont do it.

81 iDVR


82 Safari for Windows

Switch already. They are cheap and solve many of your gripes.

83 iPod for movies

Its calle a "Powerbook" .

84 Leave all the old eBay auctions online, MegImagine the outrage if the NYSE threw that kind of market data away.

Start a company that stores and sells this data.

85 Archive the NetBrewster Kahle can't do it all by himself.

86 Take over the MPAA, KeanuOnly the One can end the war between fans and the movie industry machine.

Your To-Do List
Surf globally, act locally. There are some things you'll just have to do yourself:
Items 87-95

87 Switch your ISP Some offer anti-spam and anti-virus tools and support. If your current provider won't help you defend yourself, find another that will.

To a non NAT ISP so that you are a peer and not a serf when you surf.

88 Change your screen name Is your screen name the same as your email address? Are you getting spam? Duh.


89 Demand privacy reportsPush companies to reveal the info they have on you and with whom it has been shared - the privacy version of a credit report.


90 Death to fax machines Send us an attachment instead.

Fax will not die. Its easy as piss to use on a mac. This doesnt matter at all.

91 Stop with the jokes If we get the one about French military victories one more time, we're going to come over and unplug you personally.

Laughter is know this one dont you?

92 Turn off your HTML email It makes you vulnerable to viruses - and bugs us.


93 Don't open it When you get a suspicious-looking email attachment, resist the urge to click.


94 Tell Kelly on Geocities to take down her Macarena tribute page It's over, Kel.

I agree.... Not!

95 Protect yourself, dumbass Download security and virus patches at

"Dumbass" You should use that word after having written this list. :]

96 Blanket airports with Wi-FiThere are more Centrino ads than hot spots. How about covering check-in lines, gates, baggage claim, and the restrooms.

Dont you know ANYTHING??!! Wi-Fi + Airports = TURRISM Almanacs anyone?

97 Celebrate diversityWith nearly every computer on the planet running Windows, Outlook, and Explorer, it's too easy for a single virus to spread everywhere.

BUY -- A --MAC -- BRAIN -- HURTS -- CANNOT -- TAKE -- ANY -- MORE -- !! *

98 Add a "Skip All Flash Intros" option to Macromedia players

Flash is evil. Or it used to be.

99 Hire Tom Ford to design DellsJust look what he did for Gucci.

"Yeah Right" as they say in New York, the ads were BANNED in your country!!!!!!

100 Dear Mr. President, whatever you're doing to make cybersecurity czars quit, stop it

OUT! OUT! OUT! of IRAQ and hands off Syria and IRAN!!!

101 Madonna, the EFF needs youYour "Hollywood" video ripping off, er, paying tribute to photographer Guy Bourdin is the boldest argument for fair use since Warhol.

Ignore Madonna, you DUMBASSES!!!!!

Five Hundred and Ninety Three instances of font tags in this list. And while we are at it, the most important item of this list, left out for obvious reasons:

102 Foster the end of the Amerca-centric Internet by any means necessary.

This means writing web pages, writing software and doing it in English!

Jazzed from this.

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yes, still trying to decide whether to try out red hat ( ver 7.3, akin, found it ) or wait till i get the broadband connection so as to download gentoo ... maybe i'll do both, decide which i prefer .............. yes .......... anyone ever tried writing anything in python ??
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Google says the shiny future is built by a penguin. Anthony???!!!
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President George W Bush was sent a public manifesto yesterday by Washington's hawks, demanding regime change in Syria and Iran and a Cuba-style military blockade of North Korea backed by planning for a pre-emptive strike on its nuclear sites. [...]

The Telegraph
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Brazil to fingerprint US citizens

A Brazilian judge has announced that US citizens will be fingerprinted and photographed on entering the country.

Judge Julier Sebastiao da Silva was reacting to US plans to do the same to Brazilians entering the United States. [...]

"I consider the act absolutely brutal, threatening human rights, violating human dignity, xenophobic and worthy of the worst horrors committed by the Nazis," Federal Judge Julier Sebastiao da Silva said in the court order. [...]

At last, a country with some grapefruits!
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"Scene" is shorthand for the ecosystem that I have been refering to for the last year, sorry for being confusing. To recap, if you want to be able to do your work and live, there has to be a support system so that you can exibit, be paid, and engage in human contact with your peers. Without this ecosystem, you have to get a "real job", your work will touch no one, life for you iin your sphere is less than optimum, and that is a bad thing. All clear now?

It cannot be, by definition, worthwhile to engage in an activity that is a waste of time, that produces nothing of merit. If you do that, you are a waste of human flesh. Like those dreadful bands that people think are funny and ironic. They are not funny, or interesting, except on the level of watching a garbage compactor grind up the stinking remains of a fine party.

Your logic is flawed. It would clearly be better if people didnt waste time making worthless work, which are the steps BEFORE releasing and promotion, which are secondary acts. There would be less noise, less waste of resources, more time to appreciate quality expression. These are all prefereable, by any measure of understanding about what makes life fulfilled.

By all means, work dilligently, intuitively, intelligently or otherwise, by whatever means, to come to arrive at something that will uplift our souls; but bad work, failed attempts and all other garbage should be kept strictly private. They used to be a simple pollution, now they are a rampant fog that has choked the voices of the real people and clouded the minds of people who have the capacity to know better.
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Doing worthless work is worse than withdrawing from a withering "scene" .

Utter tosh.

Releasing and promoting "worthless" work, yes, but working is the only way to get anything new done. Chip away at the stone if need be, but think of the flowers that can break through tarmac.

I hope no one here adheres to any scene.
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Wednesday, December 31, 2003


yoga, running (at least twice a week), learning PERL, more graphic novels (especially by neil gaiman -- just about to finish American Gods... wow!), more kissing, more Linux, more raw food.

Love to all. Have good 2004s.
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This coming year I plan on playing more cards, learning & playing backgammon ... maybe make a back gammon board ... yes, that would be something ... i will post results ... hope all your wishes bear fruit ...
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do not NOT DO either. You must DO, or nothing will be DONE.

Doing worthless work is worse than withdrawing from a withering "scene".
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What I long for is feelings.

In 2003 I was felt by and felt John Fahey's Red Cross.
New Film? No. I want feelings like Once Were Warriors, It's A Wonderful Life... simple adrenalin and cpu power doesn't fill the holes.
New Art? Can't think of any. Seeing Gursky 'really' for the first time maybe 5 years ago was the last time I was struck. (And then it wasn't new, just there before me...). And also an exhibition at the Modern Art museum in Amsterdam at New Year 2000, the artist of which I have forgotten, but there was a glass fronted automaton full of branches and a stuffed bird... stick in a guilder and the lights dimmed, a blackbird's song is heard, over which is played some heart-breaking Beethoven... one listens in stunned awe for maybe a minute, maybe an hour... the song ends and a small box is expelled for the viewer, which, upon opening, is found to contain a drug capsule. Prozac or cyanide? It's all in the mind...
This year we walked out of an opera rather than sit through ENO's repackaged 'modernised' dross.
Paco Pena's flamenco production was stunning and full of life, but I'm not sure it counts. At least, it was well worth going out for.
Most other stuff that touched me in 2003 was old, that I had missed before.
Next October Bruce Naumann is 'doing' the turbine hall at Tate Modern. I'm quite looking forward to that.
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I feel the way you do. Hence I have been turning down offers of doing gigs, and haven't been to see much live music of late. Mostly this is because I hate coming away feeling sick from the heat and smoke that pervades so many venues, and really, people want to see guitars onstage, not little old me, projections, improvisations or otherwise.

The excitement in live music is more or less impossible to achieve in today's cities, just as the excitement of driving a car is. We need to look elsewhere. The following have already been done...

More spectacular

Don't attempt to do these. Don't attempt to do the opposite either. Ignore by all means, but do not NOT DO either. You must DO, or nothing will be DONE.
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someone nice wrote:

> I want to hear the new akin. A bright and optimistic akin. Shining prince.

I feel optimistic, that is certain, but, in the middle of a hurricane I don’t expect the sun to instantly come out and the birds to sing.

If I am to go out somewhere, it has to be for some enlightenment; either for some new or beautiful music or new ideas. New ideas means /normalment/ lectures or writing or exhibitions. New music means not a new release of something familiar, but a new instance of something /unfamiliar/. I will not settle for anything less, because anything less is a waste of time. Literally.

Money is not, and has never been, our sole reason for being, but we must be practical and efficient with our time. The amounts of money on offer for playing today are very small, and sometimes nothing at all. For the amount of effort involved in putting on a tour, the effect /has/ to be more than playing some old beats in a dark room. And by "effect", I mean the social returns of contacting hundreds of people. Too much effort is being put into these sorts of "events without returns"; like the $name_of_record_label tour that ultimately changes nothing in the world, even on the level of the individual. These events are "close ended", the energy that goes into them returns to nothing, like lighting being diffused iinto the earth by a lightning rod, only in this case, the lightning is barely measurable as a source of energy in the first instance.

All our efforts are now being put into getting out of this trap, this comfortable circular circus of tours, meaningless live events and one off shows. What no one is willing to address is the fact that this way of working has been going on for more than 30 years, and at the end of those years there is nothing to show for all the heroic effort. The recordings are mostly unobtainable, the scattered pieces of film are never shown, and the world has simply moved on. Unlike the art movements of the early 20th century which now have a place inside culture, what we have been doing is automatically excluded. We can accept this, but as "the constituency" the economic sphere that makes it possible for us to work and survive shrinks down to the size of a bubble of coca-cola, the people that are awake are looking for an exit, either to new lives or new ways of working.

Once again, I am optimistic. There is a way forward; I am certain of this. What I am also more or less certain of is that there is almost nothing to be gained by repeating the exact methods of decades past. They failed to secure their ability to work indefinitely, and surely if we do exactly as they did, touring around, playing for little money, and not presenting any new ideas (not to say that this is what you are doing) we will end up with exactly the same result.

The way people work today can be likened to a steam valve, letting off the contrarian energy that is always abundant in each generation. This way of working also acts like a "basket for stragglers", where misfits malcontents and the like are all corralled into safe controlled spaces and ways of living that are absolutely harmless in every way. They are rendered harmless creatively; no new and dangerous art or ideas are propagated. They are rendered harmless financially; no one accumulates an amount of money that will allow socially important momentum to be accumulated. And so on. What is astonishing about this is that once set into motion, this corral, this trap, this moebius loop is /self perpetuating/; there is no need for outside control, save for the odd piece of legislation preventing large numbers of people gathering without a licence.

Once again, no one seems to notice this, no one has high expectations. Even people who should know better are happy to be whirled along, round and round the moebius loop.

I cannot do this.

At the very least, these words need to be said; the intent to break out of this cycle has to be clearly stated, otherwise, it appears that /no one will even know that anything is wrong/ which such a nightmare that I can barely type the words.

Whatever slur these words evoke in a reader I accept with the joy of a glutton, for I would rather be castigated and reviled than be a willing participant in that illusory and pointless circus.

SO, I end by saying "Happy New Year!" Reading the above, you might be fooled into thinking that:

A I dont mean what that phrase says
B I dont know what that phrase means

Both A and B are thankfully wrong!

You just have to believe me....

all the best

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Claus that is exactly what I was looking for. Now I need to save up!!

Shame all these things are Windows only though, can't be that hard to get it working for Linux/OS X though...
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KiSS Technology A/S
Alex - something like this? Happy new year!
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Book of Lies seems interesting, if not ridiculous. 23 Skidoo. Anyone read it?

Thank you.

I want to make a Linux based media-center thing. Something to play digital media in one box. Here's a list of what I want it to do:

Play Discs: DVDs, CDs, MP3s, VCDs, SVCDs (or load files off disc if pure data).
Play Media files: MP3s, OGG, MPEG, DivX, etc
Programable PVR.
Networked, able to play media from other machines on the network. iTunes Music Sharing would be nice too.
Remote controlled, via IR and also web.
Headless. GUI via television.
SCART, S-Video, Composite in and out.
5.1 audio support.
Instant start up. If you put a disc in it will play instantly.
Very little noise.
Would be awesome if it could decode terrestrial digital signals.
Nice looking set top box with LCD display.

Some of this is possible. I could use MPlayer and Ogle and hack them about a bit (with lots of help!), I guess a TV tuner card could maybe deal with the video signals, a good soundcard could do the 5.1. The box and noise are things which are maybe beyond my control right now. Anyway, it requires an investment in hardware which I can't afford right now. Still it's an idea.

A DVD player does a lot of this stuff out the box. The MP3s/Network control and PVR are the only things which they don't offer. Basically I want to be able to play MP3s off a hard disk (possible across the network) from a set top box. I don't see the point in having another box just to do this as a DVD should be able to handle it. Oh look, there's one that does this already. Hmmm....
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Happy birthday alex & the new year

Both "23" and "Skidoo" are American words meaning "Get out." This chapter describes the Great Work under the figure of a man ridding himself of all his accidents.
He first leaves the life of comfort; then the world at large; and, lastly, even the initiates.
In the fourth section is shown that there is no return for one that has started on this path.
The word OUT is then analysed, and treated as a noun.
Besides the explanation in the note, O is the Yoni; T the Lingam; and U, the Hierophant; the 5th card of the Tarot, the Pentagram. It is thus practically identical with IAO.*
The rest of the chapter is clear, from the notes.

* IAO = 666, quaballistically.
Transcribed from Crowley's commentary on chapter 23, minus the notes which have letters that can't be displayed online.
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Tuesday, December 30, 2003


In Aleister Crowley's Cabalistic Dictionary, he defines the number 23 as the number of "parting, removal, separation, joy, a thread, and life..."

In Chapter 23 of theBook of Lies by Aleister Crowley, the chapter consists entirely of:
What man is at ease in his Inn?
Get out.
Wide is the world and cold.
Get out.
Thou hast become an in-itiate.
Get out.
But thou canst not get out by the way thou camest in. The Way out is THE WAY.
Get out.
For OUT is Love and Wisdom and Power.
Get OUT.
If thou hast T already, first get UT.
Then get O.
And so at last get OUT.
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Happy [belated] birthday, Alex!
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now why won't that come out as one word.... ?

Because <h1> is a block level element, meaning that unless you redefine it's default selector style it will induce a line break.

A better way to write that would be like so:


which would look like so:


writing the trademark and registered mark as HTML entities ensures they will render on user agents with non-latin character sets and the sub tag keeps the semantic structure of the sentence.

Lecture is over.

Thanks to everyone for Christmas cheer and good ideas. In the end I went round to my brothers house and we finished our shopping together before getting the train home. Strange that he lives 10 minutes from me, but this was the first time I've seen him since I moved, he does work 6 16-hour days a week though.

Last Christmas I got my Dad tickets to see the Magic Band, but he couldn't go as he was away for my step brother's wedding in Tobago. This year I got him a Lynryd Skynyrd box set. I got my mum a Belle and Sebastian CD (we used to listen to it in the car on the way to college and she really loves it) and some posh Pot Pourri.

I got Cookbooks, Under Milk Wood, money and Zoidzilla (from my brother). It was my birthday on Sunday too. 23 of all ages.

Christmas was nice. My girlfriend returns from Singapore/Burma on Friday, so I get another Christmas day! I think cooking a meal is a good present, and a well loved book is good too, although my well loved books are either about typography or programming so I'm not sure my mum would appreciate them, especially as I got most of them for my birthday a couple of years ago. Most of the fiction I've read has been borrowed from my dad's collection, so that's a no go too!

I could of course make something for people. But that requires forethought, planning and effort. Things I am not so good at right now. Next year I'd like to be less involved in the commercialism of Christmas, my brother's Austrian girlfriend spent Christmas with us, and the Austrian Christmas sounds so much more appealing. No presents or fanfare, just humble sausage and noodle soup and then lots of skiing. Not sure I could give up Christmas dinner though, your duck looked amazing Anthony!

I hope everybody has a happy new year and that Christmas wasn't too unbearable. Here's to 2004.
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Happy Christmas and an Excellent New year to you all.
Alun xxx

(now why won't that come out as one word.... ?)
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On December 13, when U.S. forces captured Saddam Hussein, President George W. Bush not only celebrated with his national security team, but also pulled out his pen and signed into law a bill that grants the FBI sweeping new powers. A White House spokesperson explained the curious timing of the signing - on a Saturday - as "the President signs bills seven days a week." But the last time Bush signed a bill into law on a Saturday happened more than a year ago - on a spending bill that the President needed to sign, to prevent shuttng down the federal government the following Monday.

By signing the bill on the day of Hussein's capture, Bush effectively consigned a dramatic expansion of the USA Patriot Act to a mere footnote. Consequently, while most Americans watched as Hussein was probed for head lice, few were aware that the FBI had just obtained the power to probe their financial records, even if the feds don't suspect their involvement in crime or terrorism. [...]

San Antonio Current
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Monday, December 29, 2003
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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Seasons Greetings to you all. I only have access to a PC Laptop at the moment (yuk but it keeps me away from the net i suppose)

Happy New Year too.
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