Saturday, March 20, 2004

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I saw the documentary "The Corporation" tonight. It is excellent, first class, stellar stuff. Very calm, very even, extremely well-researched. They will make a lot of money I think, because people want to see this type of film. I have not seen much advertising for it but the theatre was PACKED tonight. A good sign. They even made it a very long film, simply because there is so much to say and they did not seem to want to cut any of it short!

From an article by Ellen Handy I read tonight in a course packet:
"Recently, Corbis, the image-acquiring arm of the omnipotent Microsoft Corporation, published volume two of its Selections from the Bettmann Collection. The Bettmann collection, a marvellously old-world antiquarian-style picture collection, was recently sold to Corbis, which is digitizing its vast holdings for sale in electronic form. Corbis's Selections has something of the feel of a museum of gallery exhibition catalogue crossed with a high-concept, expensive music video. It opens with a series of stricking images paired with grandiose statemnts in lower-case type. These run as follows: 'the past is present/this book is for everyone who believes that imagination is as important as experience/and time is a river that runs in a circle/and 1 + 1 = 3, and the wolrd beings when I get here/and love is all you need/and it isn't over 'til the fat lady sings'. In this booklet, no photograph is credited to its maker, presumably because, from the corporate point of view, ownership is more interesting than authorship. Instead Corbis, the corporate entity which controls these images, becomes the authorial presence. Photography has always been about metaphoric possession, but there is a wide gulf between metaphors of possession and the legal control of the commodity of images' reproduction rights. There is not much room for the free play of the imagination which metaphor allows and art requires in Corbis' universe. For Corbis, it is actually ownership, not imagination, that is as important as experience."
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Friday, March 19, 2004
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Wireless enthusiast intercepts government secret radio band and
uncovers secrets and scandals of deceitful type proportions.

That is a lyric by Mark E. Smith!

According to a comment forking from this cool blog.

Mark E. Smith...Totally Wired!
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From: "h3oo3h"
Date: Fri Mar 19, 2004 12:06 am
Subject: by nature of an experiment
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Notre Dame de France mural by Cocteau
Here you go Alun, this is a very good site too! Nothin' makes an interesting mural like obscure Templar imagery. Strange how it popped out right away to me... many people must not notice it at all.
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Thursday, March 18, 2004
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Can anyone find a picture of the picture Cocteau did in the French Church near Leicester Square in London that has Knights Templar and Priory of Sion associations?
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Just got a 419er basing itself on current affairs in Haiti, spam gets topical!

Subject: Hello from Haiti
Date: 18 March 2004 18:56:23 GMT



Top of the day to you my friend.It may astonish you to be informally contacted for a pending transaction of this magnitude more especially since you do not know me personally.The purpose of my introduction is to bring to bear my present position and the very need for true and solicited help with regards the transaction at hand.

I am Mr Francois Corbett the personal assistant to Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the formal President of Haiti. He has recently stepped down from power and is presently in assylum.We need your assistance in transferring some funds into your account,because the government is making plans to seize all his assets.I have been mandated to deal with anyone who offer assistance to have this funds transferred to his account oversea,the amount is USD$8.6 million, in a Security firm Abroad.

All that is needed is for me to instruct the company to transfer the funds to your account,I will remunerate you with 25% of the total funds transferred to your vital bank account as compensation for your assistance, (5%) would be set aside to take care of all expenses we may incure during the transaction.

To indicate your interest, kindly provide me your direct phone and fax numbers and all relevant information for me to contact you and to let you know the roles you will play in making this transaction successful. All the legal information concerning this Money will be sent to you as soon as we agree together.We have been confined right now,so I will use all available contact to get you all the needed information.

If this proposal satisfies you, please contact me by this Email:, immediately with your full names,private telephone and fax numbers to enable an immediate contact as I have adviced above.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Regards.



View these websites:,1280,-3803893,00.html

Akses Internet Prabayar TELKOMNet-Prepaid, nominal Rp.10.000- Rp.150.000. Dapatkan di Plasa - Plasa TELKOM terdekat (khusus di Jawa Timur)
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Obviously I cannot condone anyone using this hateful nail in the coffin of the music industry.
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Pakistan to be made 'key US ally'

The status of "major non-Nato ally" would lift restrictions of weapon sales.

That's handy.

Poverty in Pakistan is an increasing social problem and represents the critical challenge to be addressed by the Government of Pakistan. It is estimated that about 32% of Pakistan's population are below the food poverty line rising from a level of 26% in 1988 (GoP, 2002), and about 44% are below the poverty line on the human poverty index (UNDP, 2002). The implication here is that a significant proportion of Pakistan's population does not have adequate levels of food, access to basic services and opportunities and hence are particularly vulnerable to economic, environmental and political shocks.

Bigger bombs, more guns, and higher proportion of GDP spent on weapons seems the best way to go to help address the poverty situation. No?

Is this a responsible US foreign policy? Or is the US acting in it's own best interest again, whilst threatening the stability of regions distal from their own territories? Did September 11th teach the US government nothing about dealing with people? That one way to avoid terrorist attacks is to avoid creating more enemies and make a few more real friends?

My apologies for the string of rhetorical questions. Poking a blind man in the eye gets nobody anywhere.

KARACHI: The United States and Pakistan will hold talks Thursday on a US aid package totaling at least $600 million, Pakistani officials said here Tuesday.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
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My partitions got fried. I need some help. A challenge to some 'nix gurus.

DiskWarrior restored 55,000 files to a folder. Too big to navigate manually, I've moved files out, categorising by extensions (MP3, JPG, PSD, etc). I'm not sure what's left in the folder and I want a list of the different extensions left in the folder, so I can sort it out.

I guess I need to use sed, but I'm not sure if I need to write a shell script or if I can do it on one line.

So far I've got: find . | sed `/[\w\s]+\.(\w)+/\1/` > extensions
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May I See Your ID?
The New York Times, March 17, 2004

Someday we'll look back with shame at the infringements of civil
liberties in the last few years.

There's been a broad pattern of injustice to individuals (mostly
Muslims) in the name of protecting security for the rest of us. Think of
the detention of more than 1,200 Muslim immigrants in the U.S., the
jailing of children in an extralegal zone in Guant?namo, and the
unending imprisonment, without access to lawyers, of "enemy combatants,"
even when they are American citizens.

But that ground has been well poked over. For me, the tougher question
is whether there are some areas where we should be more aggressive about
sacrificing our liberties. In fact, I think there are two where we could
significantly increase our security with a negligible cost in freedom.

First, we should adopt a national ID card. Surprisingly, this is
anathema to many conservatives. If the right is willing to imprison
people indefinitely and send young people off to die in Iraq in the name
of security, then why is it unthinkable to standardize driver's licenses
into a national ID?...

File under: "They are already half way up your ass, why not push it all the way in?"
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It's official

Actually I've been looking at the whitehouse robots file and there are loads of paths that are similar to /omb/procurement/fair/iraq which give 404 errors
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Many things are rotten in the kingdom of Denmark
Our Government
Our Royalty
And our Police (They fuckin rated pusherstreet 3 (!) times yesterday, and even raited the pushers homes) I want my pusher and his skunk back...

In Denmark the present right wing government wishes, with the support of the danish peoples party, to close Christiania under the guise of city renewal. We wish to keep Christiania as an independent area, which can be experienced by people from all over the world. Please sign our petition.
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The FBI's request to the Federal Communications Commission aims to give police ready access to any form of Internet-based communications. If approved as drafted, the proposal could dramatically expand the scope of the agency's wiretap powers, raise costs for cable broadband companies and complicate Internet product development.

Legal experts said the 85-page filing includes language that could be interpreted as forcing companies to build back doors into everything from instant messaging and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) programs to Microsoft's Xbox Live game service. The introduction of new services that did not support a back door for police would be outlawed, and companies would be given 15 months to make sure that existing services comply.

.... Presumably UK Intelligence will want this before long and when they do RIP approved private firms will gain access to your online traffic. Back doors in online activity also sounds like a hacker's playground.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Dr Reid said: "Although people may have concerns about the implications of this announcement, I would emphasise again that this action is being taken because of an uncertain but slight risk.",,30100-1127610,00.html

The BBCTV news tonight said "there is no scientific evidence of a link between vCJD and blood transfusions" But with MMR, where there is "no scientific evidence of a link" everyone is being encouraged to take the MMR shots in spite of the risk! This ban on blood transfers, spanning a quarter century of donors is of course easy to lay down because there is no money to be made out of blood transfers, no ban on MMR is possible because there are many many millions of pounds to be made out of vaccinations. If the two things were measured on risk alone, both would be banned since the same standards of evidence should apply across all science, not just the science you like.
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"It is very difficult indeed to master any instrument," he continued. "The possibilities seem infinite and nothing seems complete and finished. But there are few these days who even try, and I suppose it should be cause for satisfaction when someone masters any one small aspect. The sevenstringed koto is the unmanageable one. We are told that in ancient times there were many who mastered the whole tradition of the instrument, and made heaven and earth their own, and softened the hearts of demons and gods. Taking into this one instrument all the tones and overtones of all the others, they found joy in the depths of sorrow and transformed the base and mean into the fine and proud, and gained wealth and universal fame. There was a time, before the tradition had been established in japan, when the most enormous trouble was required of anyone who sought to learn the art. He must spend years in strange lands and give up everything, and even then only a few came back with what they had gone out to seek. In the old chronicles there are stories of musicians who moved the moon and the stars and brought unseasonal snows and frosts and conjured up tempests and thunders. In our day there is scarcely anyone who has even mastered the whole of the written lore, and the full possibilities are enormous. So little these days seems to make even a beginning -- because the Good Law is in its decline, I suppose.

"It may be that people are intimidated. The seven-stringed koto was the instrument that moved demons and gods, and inadequate mastery had correspondingly unhappy results. What other instrument is to be at the center of things, setting the tone for all the others? Ours is a day of very sad decline. Only a madman, we say, would be so obsessed with an art as to abandon parents and children and go wandering off over Korea and China. But we need not make quite such extreme sacrifices. Keeping within reasonable bounds, why should we not try to make the beginning that seems at least possible? The difficulties in mastering a single mode are indescribable, and there are so many modes and so many complicated melodies. Back in the days when I was a rather enthusiastic student of music, I went through the scores that have been preserved in this country, and presently there was no one to teach me. Yet I know that I am infinitely less competent than the old masters; and it is sad to think that no one is prepared to learn from me even the little that I know, and so the decline must continue."
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Monday, March 15, 2004

"Pavarotti, at 68, may claim sympathy for geriatric infirmity but the slow-mo act of elephantine death is an operatic abomination that he has practised and pefected over three decades of tenorial gigantism."


Outsized talents
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If John Kerry "looks French" and "French Fries" now = "Freedom Fries" then John Kerry "looks like Freedom".
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Some things are worth holding on to, others...
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Listen to Resonance FM tonight at 8:30 (GMT) for some triplet like Instrumendelssohns. Apparently Violindisfarne is the best so far.
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Blunkett's latest.


"This is the new menace of our time. My father's generation were in the last conventional war to be fought on the soil of Europe, to defeat the Nazis.

"Our generation grew up with the Cold War, that ended with the defeat of totalitarian communism.

"This generation faces a war of a different nature from anything before."


It's as though there has to be a menace, or else why are we here.
After 40 years of misunderstanding...

The Spanish people have shown, after being >90% against invading Iraq and being ignored, what can happen to ignorant politicians. 1 down, Bush, Blair and Berlusconi to go.
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Sunday, March 14, 2004
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