Saturday, May 08, 2004

Liszt's later years are marked with a new reflective nature with greater simplicity of form yet more extreme in harmony. Criticism of these misunderstood pieces would prompt Liszt to instruct his students not to perform his works in public, as not to hinder their budding careers. While some obeyed others continued the cause of their great master. [....]
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before and after

Apparently this girl is from Footballers' Wives. Apparently she pissed off the photographer of this shoot. Apparently he released this picture as revenge. Apparently airbrushing pictures is amazing.
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This is a board where people post candid photographs...."we call it the internet"

Courtesy of a random fusk.
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Fusker has changed beyong recognition. Astonshing!
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When did Michael Moore know about Disneys intention not to distribute?

playlist for the last week on the discman to work:

David Byrne & Brian Eno - My life in the bush of ghosts
Portland - uprox detox
Robokeneko - Anembo
Anthony Manning - Chromium Nebulae
Effacer - Effacer e.p.

On Monday, I'm having my first ever session of acupuncture for a sciatic nerve problem. Anyone ever tried it?

What did you have it for and did it work?
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Friday, May 07, 2004

Play(list) for today - 'twill no doubt incite derision, but here it is nonetheless

Queers - Psycho Over You
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Timorous Me
Green Eyes - Husker Du
Mallo Cup - Lemonheads
Free as a Bird - King Crimson
In the Flesh - Blondie
Steamboat In The Clouds - Bill Nelson
Maid in Heaven - Be Bop Deluxe
Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne
About A Girl - Nirvana
Poison - Talk Dirty To Me
Wood Beez - Scritti Politti
Speed Your Love to Me - Simple Minds
Growing On Me - The Darkness
Burning With Optimism's Flames - XTC
I'd Like That - XTC
Honestly - Zwan
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Irons is still pretty happy with CD technology, since it beats vinyl LPs and tape for longevity. Now that he's moved his discs to an apartment with a more stable temperature, he's noticed that the decay has slowed.


In light of your post on the CD rot article, I believe it is time for everyone to revisit The Vinyl Anachronist. Oddly enough, I was doing just this yesterday.

[...] The Rockport Sirius lll is $73,750. When you want one, you have to put half of that amount down as a deposit. Then it takes several months to make it. Then you have to have the thing, which weighs several hundred pounds, delivered to your house, where, unless you have concrete floors, you will need to put supports under the floor so that the beast will not wind up in your basement.[...]
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How this corner shop owner's check is actually carried out and what the checks against abuse are is not entirely clear. The Home Office pitch is that the presence of your card in a reader is, effectively, your permission that your ID be checked. But if the employer (or anybody else) is not going to do it on the spot, then the card is not going to be present, and it's a telephone check. So did you give your permission for that? Or you lost your card. So did you give your permission for it to be in a reader? All of this is would of course be illegal, and the Home Office goes on about the penalties quite a lot, but stealing credit cards is illegal too, and people still do it. [...]

The French "carte de sejour" has been deemed illegal by the EU, so how can the UK say that an EU citizen be forced to carry what is effectively a UK carte de sejour? Total bolloks of course, and note how in the article Blunket wants people to be able to build in readers to PCs built by the public sector, and how they want readers to be installed in Libraries. Imagine that you get mugged in the street, they steal your house keys and your ID card. They go to the nearest terminal, read your address and then go straight to your house and rob you.

That is only one of the MANY "holder not present" frauds and scams that will happen.
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Christian teens see no wrong in music piracy

God fearing teenagers are just as light fingered as their agnostic cousins it seems. A survey by the Gospel Music Council of 1,448 Christian teenagers found that 86 per cent believe that music piracy, including copying CDs, is morally acceptable or not a moral issue. Only eight percent thought it was wrong, a figure virtually the same as for non-Christians.

Burn in Heaven!
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Lynndie England, 21, a rail worker's daughter, comes from a trailer park in Fort Ashby, West Virginia, which locals proudly call "a backwoods world".

"To the country boys here, if you're a different nationality, a different race, you're sub-human. That's the way girls like Lynndie are raised.

"Tormenting Iraqis, in her mind, would be no different from shooting a turkey. Every season here you're hunting something. Over there, they're hunting Iraqis."

"We went there to help the jackasses and they started blowing us up. Lynndie didn't kill 'em, she didn't cut 'em up. She should have shot some of the suckers."
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States with the highest IQ's vote Democrat:
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"Perfect Sound Forever".

I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Arabs use porn to attack America

Pornography mix-up

By Nick Farrell: Thursday 06 May 2004, 11:08
TWO ARAB NEWS sites have published porn pictures lifted from the web believing them to be real cases of American abuse of Iraqi women.

The pictures, which claim to be of American GIs raping and sexually abusing Iraqi women, have appeared on and a site by the Committee for the Defence of Saddam Hussein posted in Tunisia.

According to World Net Daily, Albasrah said it had been sent the pictures and thought them real. But later it discovered that the pictures were screen shots from two motion pictures “Iraq Babes” and “Sex In War”.

They also realised that the Iraqi women depicted were actually ‘actresses’ and the producers of the films didn’t even know they had been nicked from its website. The pictures were given credibility because they were mixed with real snaps of American troops abusing Iraqi prisoners of war. [....]

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In the article you posted yesterday it states:
In several instances, Miramax has found other distributors for films it has financed, such as Kevin Smith's 1999 comedy "Dogma" and Larry Clark's 1995 controversial drama "Kids."

So I expect Miramax will find an alternative distributor.

I like the idea about the digital distribution. I'd like to see that happen, perhaps a simultaneous release, with the film release via tradition means as well as being released on the internet.

I think there's a big enough audience who aren't technologically savvy enough (or don't want) to watch this on their computer (or burn it onto DVD and watch it on TV) who would pay for cinema tickets.

Of course, you'd have to add some special features to the DVD to make it worth buying. And special features are never special enough.
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Disney's Craven Behavior

Give the Walt Disney Company a gold medal for cowardice for blocking its Miramax division from distributing a film that criticizes President Bush and his family. A company that ought to be championing free expression has instead chosen to censor a documentary that clearly falls within the bounds of acceptable political commentary.

The documentary was prepared by Michael Moore, a controversial filmmaker who likes to skewer the rich and powerful. As described by Jim Rutenberg yesterday in The Times, the film, "Fahrenheit 9/11," links the Bush family with prominent Saudis, including the family of Osama bin Laden. It describes financial ties that go back three decades and explores the role of the government in evacuating relatives of Mr. bin Laden from the United States shortly after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The film was financed by Miramax and was expected to be released this summer.

Mr. Moore's agent said that Michael Eisner, Disney's chief executive, had expressed concern that the film might jeopardize tax breaks granted to Disney for its theme park, hotels and other ventures in Florida, where Jeb Bush is governor. If that is the reason for Disney's move, it would underscore the dangers of allowing huge conglomerates to gobble up diverse media companies.

On the other hand, a senior Disney executive says the real reason is that Disney caters to families of all political stripes and that many of them might be alienated by the film. Those families, of course, would not have to watch the documentary.

It is hard to say which rationale for blocking distribution is more depressing. But it is clear that Disney loves its bottom line more than the freedom of political discourse.


Its obvious what needs to be done is it not? If he cannot find a distributor, he should set up a single seed of this film as an HDTV DivX rip, put it up on Supernova, inform Kottle and the key bloggers and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the USA will see this film inside of two weeks.

Why not do this? Is it because of a fear of loosing profits? Perhaps if GWB gets a second term WW3 will commence and there will be no one to go to the cinema. Perhaps if that monkey gets a second term films like that will be banned outright in the new marshall law state that might come in. Who knows? Would you sacrifice $100,000,000 to prevent all the above scenarios and the many others that will inevitably come to pass if there is a second GWB term?

$100,000,000 is what Michael Moore made on "Bowling for Columbine". Farenhiet 911 should easily match or exceed that if it is released before the election.

If Disney do not give a release date within a deadline, a DVD quality bittorrent release from the digital master should be the immediate response. To not do it would be the pinnacle of irresponsibility, especially as the last election was so "close". DO IT MICHAEL. DO it and I promise I will send you 5 €uros after I have watched it.
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Pissed off.
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Are these the words of the all powerful boards, syndicates, cartels of the earth?
The great banking families of the world French, English, American? Like Burroughs, that proud American name?

Proud of what exactly?

Would you all like to see exactly what Burroughs has to be proud of?

The Mayan Caper, the centipede hype, Short time racket, the heavy metal gimmick? [...]

The people who run the Washington Post crop the pictures, lest they offend the delicate sensibilities of their US readership.

Not having the stomach to see people abused and blown to bits by the troops that they pay for is typical of the cowardly nature of these beasts. If you have not got the guts to look directly at the products of your shameful army's animalistic behaviour and your governments bankrupt policys, then you should not allow them get into these jams in the first place. Hiding behind "decency", protecting your readers propriety is completely abhorrent; face what you have unleashed you filthy adventurist dogs or STAY AT HOME!
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int rand( void )

------| rand()% is an internet radio station streaming generative music.

------| it is a host for computer driven / user defined audio programming that is entirely automated, where every programme is composed in real-time by computer.

Alku [es] / Dieb13 [at] / Lia+Carvalhais [at+pt] / Mijim [uk] / Nullpointer [uk] / [uk] / Plank [uk] / Charlie Ferrari [uk] / Thor+Runar Magnusson [is] / hostprod [uk] / Fehler vs. Pimmon [ie+au] / Adrian Ward [uk] / Dennis McNulty [ie] / Eude [nl] / Peter Plessas [at] / Eric Skogen [us] / Karlheinz Stockhausen+Georg Hajdu [de] / Sonicvariable [roc] /
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There are actually strict EU limits on what immigration is allowed to ask the local citizenry - did you know this? "As a result of judgements in the European Court of Justice (ECJ), an immigration officer may not require an EEA national to answer questions regarding the purpose and duration of his journey and the financial means available to him. [...]
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Viagorea ViagDrHa V l a g r a  VyAGRA via---gra viagrga 
via-gra 'V 1 @ G' Ra Viagzra viagdra via_gra ViaZUgra
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V l A G R A VIA7GRA V/i/a/g/r/a VIxAGRA  Viaggra vi@gr|@|
ViaTagra ViaVErga Viagr(a Viagr^a Viágrá Viagara
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Vi$agra ViaJ1gra Viag$ra via---gra  Viaoygra
Vi/agra Viag%ra Viarga V|i|a|g|r|a Viag)ra vi@|g|r@
Viag&ra vi**agra vi@gr*@ vi-@gr@ V iagr a V&iagra

Yes yes, but spam I get today asks me if I want to cut my p3n0z OFF!
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Hi All:

We just wanted to let everyone know about the recent relaunch of the Subsystence site [], which occurred this past weekend. This time (and for the indefinite future) it's taking on the format of a web magazine, which will be re-designed and re-published with new content every other month.

Subsystence is a unique collaboration between people both from Chicago and not from Chicago, and focuses on a wide range of interests, such as art, culture, music, architecture, politics, social commentary, photography, graphic design, fiction, poetry, and more.

On the first of every other month, we will unveil a new skin to the underlying interface (each by a different designer), as well as a fresh set of articles and downloads from our growing contributor base. Additionally, there are streams of continually-updated content such as a news feed and event calendar, which we will refresh at least weekly.

The site was released on Saturday, May 1st, in conjunction with the May 1st Reboot [] project. Please, when you have the time, check us out -- if the magazine strikes your fancy, visit May 1st Reboot and vote for 'subsystence media' (under the participants link on the main page; voting is enabled once you locate our name on the list, click it, and scroll down).

We'd also like to offer a brief word of thanks to everyone that helped make this project a reality. Without them, none of it would have been possible.

So, on their behalf, we hope you enjoy the magazine and, as always, encourage your feedback. Feel free to link us on your personal website/blog, or forward this note to anyone who you think may be interested in Subsystence. Any and all support is appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Charles Adler & Ken Meier
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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Yesterday I was told that Disney, the studio that owns Miramax, has officially decided to prohibit our producer, Miramax, from distributing my new film, "Fahrenheit 9/11." The reason? According to today's (May 5) New York Times, it might "endanger" millions of dollars of tax breaks Disney receives from the state of Florida because the film will "anger" the Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. [...]
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"There's a lot of people in the world who don't believe that people whose skin color may not be the same as ours can be free and self-govern. I reject that. I reject that strongly. I believe that people who practice the Muslim faith can self-govern. I believe that people whose skins aren't necessarily -- are a different color than white can self-govern."

That was a GWB quote.

"Ron Chernow's magnificent new biography of Alexander Hamilton begins with these of his subject's words: "I have thought it my duty to exhibit things as they are, not as they ought to be." That is the core of conservatism.

Traditional conservatism. Nothing "neo" about it. This administration needs a dose of conservatism without the prefix." [...]

You go first. The prefix of Bush's conservatism is not "neo", but something else. I dare you to say it. Nay. I dare you to print it.
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What it is.
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We know as secure ID doesn't need to incorporate a central database - much less including biometric information.

So why are the two being asked of the population?

It wouldn't have anything to do with making a biometric database that SOCA would be able to use 'indiscriminately'?

Are the general population willing to be treated like criminals? Previous studies into allowing just the police to have a general fingerprint database have been rightly vilified.

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We call it "clarity".

Blunkett also repeated a claim he's been running with for the past couple of weeks. The security services tell him, he says, that 30 per cent of terrorists use false IDs. No further explanation of this allegedly killer fact has so far been forthcoming. We do not know what kind of false ID counts, we do not know where they use it and under what circumstances, and we certainly do not know how many terrorists use false British passports. Unless it is backed up by at least some of this data, the claim is about as useful as an Iraq WMD dossier.

For perspective, we might look at benefit fraud. The Department of Work & Pensions has come up with some fairly wild and divergent claims about the level of benefit fraud; the number seems to shift between £2bn and £7bn, depending on atmospheric pressure or something. God may know, but they sure as hell don't seem to. Giving evidence to the Committee at the end of April, however, Chris Pond MP, for the DWP, put benefit fraud related to false ID at £50m. Compared to the total DWP budget this is so low it might as well be zero. The estimated cost of the ID scheme is £3.1bn. [...]
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This is more interesting than they rule. lets you search not only the top but all the other essential and integral people and their connections.
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I seem to remember not so long ago Alex Tea asking about some sort of application to see the interconnectedness of the people who "rule" this world. And I remembered having played with one that was posted on blogdial a LONG while ago. Here it is again: They Rule.
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I say Bush is wrong to use shameLESS, rather than shameFUL, because his is the shame. Directly. His is the responsibility for these actions. In his name and for his reasons are his army and his individual soldiers behaving so. By using shameLESS, he attempts to seperate himself from the consequences of military occupation, which he ordered.

Almost incidentally, if the media is anything to go by, several US soldiers and private contractors (of the CIA) have been found to have murdered captives. Don't hold your breath for charges to be brought.

And. The Pentagon has known about abuse in Iraq at least since January, when it commissioned today's report. How long before was the abuse ongoing? I'd guess from the first Iraqi captured.

On the radio was talk of how "The West" cannot understand the East, or Africa, or South America. TW does not admit to it's thoughts that Iraq has had a civilization for 7000 years or more, and the sudden imposition of liberal western democracy is supposed to be a godsend. And TW is astonished when this is not so. There lies an arrogance which only the West can and must overcome, so similar to that of US border guards who assume that you want to stay forever in the US and abuse their perfect society because wherever you come from it's not as good as Uncle Sam's Happy House of Horror.

Physician, heal thyself.

This article in the Guardian suggests the root cause is racism. I think it's more human nature, unfortunately. See Stanford Prison Experiment.
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To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

Thomas Jefferson
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US President George W Bush is to appear on Arab TV channels on Wednesday in an attempt to regain trust after US forces were caught in an abuse scandal. Photographs have emerged showing inmates at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad stripped naked and humiliated.

Mr Bush will say the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners is "shameless and unacceptable", his spokesman said.

I don't think that's going to help.

Definition: [adj] feeling no shame; "a shameless imposter"; "an unblushing apologist for fascism"

Millions of people will see only that the "Leader Of The Free World", and his spokespeople, cannot understand English. Tell them something NEW!
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I Clear The Sun And Mess The Moon
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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

4mm dia hailstonz smashing down...
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I just noticed that that 'shirt' has the Iraqi flag on it. Just so you know.
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Airports to trial RFID

Told you - now to sit back and take the consquences of RFID in your passport. Or Not.
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For starters, this is a FEMALE on the ground; look at her LEGS and her UNDERPANTS. These photos were done in the SAME SESSION, meaning that the clothes are PROPS. If this scene were real, it would mean that they pulled MEN AND WOMEN from the same prison to shoot the photos, and that this WOMAN was MADE TO WEAR A MANS SHIRT just for the photos. In reality, if they STRIPPED HER NAKED, they would not have RE-CLOTHED HER just for a PHOTOGRAPH.

This is a MAN in the same shirt.

This is the same MAN in the silky-shirt, with the shirt open.

All of these photographs are BLACK & WHITE. No soldier taking souvenir snaps is first of all going to be using FILM in a camera, and he is certainly not going to use BLACK & WHITE FILM. He is going to be using a DIGITAL CAMERA, and the pictures are going to be in COLOUR, and of course, the newspaper would have printed them IN COLOUR HAD THEY RECIEVED THEM IN COLOUR.

You cannot see any FACES of the SOLDIERS in these photos. In a souvenir photo, you WANT to be able to see yourself and your friends in the photos. You also want the SCENARIO to be recorded; the background, for example. At least two DIFFERENT people are wearing the same silk-like shirts, which are immaculately white. Its total bullshit from beginning to end.

Whoever perpetrated this obvious hoax is a dastardly villain. If these photos really are hoaxes, the people who did them are making sure that any British soldier who gets captured will be given identical treatment, when if the British reputation were clean, this would be less likely. Hoaxers are the absolute scum of the earth.

What is interesting is that people think that blowing people to smithereens from a helicopter is not an atrocity compared to torturing a prisoner.
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Apalling acts by American soldiers:
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