Saturday, July 10, 2004

"Give me your watch and I'll tell you the time."
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Earlier today someone claiming to be a sikh (despite reeking of alcohol) asked me for directions which i gave to him, amongst be very friendly he got down and stroked my feet twice.

Imagine a world where that was how people acted normally.
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Dav, that ogg reminds me of something I once made with my calculator
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Wiggley Lines!
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Where are the secret stashes of Deceit and This Heat?

Time and relative dimensions in space.

If you like This Heat, you may love The Camberwell Now, Charles Haward's post This Heat group.

The Camberwell Now made some simply wonderful music. That is all that needs to be said.

You must then try, "Survive The Gesture" which is Charles Hayward's solo LP; full of beautiful songs.

If you can track it down, you MUST obtain:

Myths 1 - Instructions
"For Those In Peril On the Sea"

On the great label SubRosa Cat no SUB 33001-1. This LP was released in 1984 - Twenty years ago - its archaeology now, lost civilizations. More Atlantis than Pompeii; scattered scientists looking for a legendary lost continent full of marvelous people and arts the only remains being stories of greatness.

Most people dont believe that it was ever even there. These smallest of black shards carring the shadows of that time very probably cannot convey any sort of picture of what it was like.

And that isis not a good thing.
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We've discussed This Heat in these "pages" before, as recently as Barrie's coming across a live bootleg. And now another mention of These Records Shop... and inside plently of references to This Heat. Now, I've heard just about everything they released due to the wonderful treasure trove of SoulSeek. Most of it has completely bowled me over, sent my body into dance-like contortions and melted what was left of my mind, sculpting the remains into some sort of Otherness. I own a vinyl copy of the Health & Efficiency EP released by these. But I've only seen copies of the other records selling for $30 or more at record shows or eBays. How does one come across a legitimate copy of these incredible gems of sound and rhythm? Can Blogdial facilitate this exchange? Where are the secret stashes of Deceit and This Heat?
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The other night, I watched a "documentary" about British sculpture in the '50s and '60s. In the 60s part, there was footage from St Martins School of Art, featuring students being put through "sensory deprivation" as a part of their education.

Several students were blindfolded with white sheets, and were shown wandering around a cluttered studio whilst a terrible droning/buzzing sound assailed them. I thought to myself in a reverent tone...

"THESE Records"

If you never went to Brook Drive, you will not ever know that uniquely THESE experience of opening the red door to the sound of


How appropriate that this inspirational institution has undergone its transformation without making a sound.
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yes, that's partly why i like it ... secondary to the fact that it's going to do the job ... i like the fact that it appears standard; you don't know, without knowing, what it does ... when i first passed my driving test i drove one of these ...

... one thing i really fancied doing was filling the rear of it with engine & startling the petrol heads at the lights ...
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ACHTUNG!

CONET PROJECT, THE (Irdial Disc) 4cd + book 62.00
If there's one recording we have sold here that I think is most identified with Aquarius Records, or that at least I mention most often when trying to explain to people what it is that we're all about here, it'd be the Conet Project. Some others come close: Sounds of North American Frogs, Os Mutantes, Burzum "Filosofem", Comus "First Utterance", Boris, Circle, Philip Jeck, Village of Savoonga...and there's of course many other discs and LPs near and dear to our hearts (for instance, hearing the first Neutral Milk Hotel album always makes me nostalgic for the old 24th street store). But for some reason it's the Conet Project that really seems to sum it all up. It's all the things we really love: completely ridiculous (four cds!), completely fucked (secret government spy transmissions), droning, weird. It's just so interesting and evocative on so many levels, both musical and totally non-musical, as a listening experience and also as a geopolitical cold war and beyond artifact. Definitely a big AQ fave: Allan's got the whole thing on his iPod, Andee has multiple copies, many of which found their way into his old band's live perfomances, Jim has DJed under the name The Lincolnshire Poacher, and we all are a little bit obsessed.

If you've been in the store, you've probably noticed that we have a chart on the wall behind the counter keeping a tally of Conets sold. It went up to 387 (yes, three hundred and eighty seven!) before it became unavailable/out of print a few years ago -- there's even snapshots of some of the happy purchasers (#382, Mike Patton) beside it. Now we're ready to start checking off more boxes on our chart, as we at last are able to offer you The Conet Project again!! After several years in out of print limbo, the Irdial label has finally done a repress, in part we guess thanks to the $30,000+ settlement they recieved from Wilco's record label, who Irdial sued for the unauthorized use of a Conet Project sample on their breakthrough Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album, whose title itself comes from that Conet sample. (Read more about that here). We're not sure if we understand or agree with the legalities behind Irdial's lawsuit, but we're happy at least that the outcome resulted in more Conets to go around (if that's where Irdial got the money to repress, as we suspect). There was also the use of a Conet track in that Tom Cruise movie Vanilla Sky... [...]
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You need this:

If you are an effects lover.
Do you need to hear the lecture about turning knobs?
No, didnt think so!
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Friday, July 09, 2004

Last night, I took this

which I made from an old piece of telephone test equipment costing £1, and played this, which cost £10

through it. It sounded pretty rad, dude (zipped OGG, 1.08mb).

Moreover, yesterday, I acquired these.

which are cool.
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That AcoustiCase™ has great specs, but it looks really old-sk00l. It should at least look like a drillable aluminium box:

Which is near as dammit what my box looks like. It came near-flat packed btw.

All of my IDE drives are removable,

so that I can quickly swap out and run Linux / whatever without any risk.

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well, after an afternoon's toing & froing, i finally opted for the lovely zalman cooler, the QTechnology 120mm fan psu ... uhm ... a couple of ultra-quite case fans ... oh, and one of these ...

i seem to have had one of those 'can't stop once you've started' moments ... hours have disappeared ... it's friday night ... it was friday morning at some point, but i can't remember when ...
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I fight thermal death and sonic annoyance by keeping my PC at the north pole, overclocked to max 1337itude, and VNC into it from a ramdisk node on the Dav_Lan (wireless, broadcasting on my own special long-range short-wave frequency).

's a bugger if you have to reboot or swap leads on the soundcard though.

I am of course not telling the truth, but I thought I'd try and make you laugh at least.

I always like Metku mods for good news about cooling stuff, but I especially enjoy the mods, like the mouse fan.
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Met police threaten action in "voluntary" DNA screening programme in hunt for serial rapist.,3604,1239676,00.html

Scotland Yard has been accused of sending threatening letters to men who have refused to supply it with samples of their DNA as part of a long investigation to catch a rapist.

The force has been asked to justify its tactics after suggesting to black men in south London that their failure to submit to voluntary DNA tests is hampering the investigation, one of the largest ever undertaken by the Met.

In the letter, Will O'Reilly, a senior detective, urges those who have refused to cooperate to think again: "Consider that the suspect is likely to refuse to provide a voluntary sample; catching him will be far easier if he is the only one."

He tells them: "I will be reviewing the circumstances surrounding your refusal and will notify you of my decision. In the meantime I would ask you to reconsider the request."

??? Refusal? Voluntary? His decision on what exactly?
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a zalman ?

You know, Im not sure that it is; its a generic looking power supply that I picked because it was the quietest one they had. It was running on the bench in the shop, and I was cordially invited to put my ear up to the unit to listen to its output.

It was silent.
I bought it on the spot.

Amazingly, the drives make the most noise now. I had an iincedent with increased noise due to the CPU heatsink being clogged up with dust. A quick once over with the vaccuum and it was back to normal.

My next box will have air filter pads in every air inlet so that no dust gets in.

Silent PCs are essential. I remember mastering CD in a top studio; the PC that they used had to be kept in a separate room because they were so noisy.

There is a very cool noiseless PC:

But its much more fun to roll your own.
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silent power supply
a zalman ?
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I love Zalman products because they are beautiful. They work fantastically. They exude brilliance. You can install them yourself, in any box that you like.

The materials are exiting. Thermal grease. Pure Copper.

Zalman is SEX expressed in metal.
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That was indeed me who posted the pic of a Zalman fan ages ago.

I'm running the Zalman copper fan on the left of your post, a northbridge heatsink, and a silent power supply. The loudest noise that my box makes is the SATA drive seeking.

Its worth the money. You can actually think when you have a silent PC running under your desk.

If you live in a dusty environment however, you have to clean your fan, as the vanes get choked up. is where you can see all sorts of wild things:

That TNN 500A looks awesome does it not?!
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someone (mr a i think) posted some info about running a quiet pc ... i can no longer stand the constant hum of cheap components, so have been scavenging for info on all things silent(ish)... for the moment, the psu and cpu cooler will be the prime targets, then the case, then of course addiction will strike, the tiniest discreet whir or click will raise the hackles and then nothing short of a water-cooled system will do, but ... until then ... i'm wondering if anyone has tried any of these :

QTechnology Ultra-Quiet ATX PSU 350W, 120mm fan


Super Flower Cooler AMD and P4 CNPS7000A-ALCU

anyone aware of why the more expensive psu would be the better buy, given that they look so similar ?

further suggestions would of course be welcome and appreciated ...

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I suppose an intelligent hacker culd get names and addresses as well.

Only the rich will have privacy; the people who can afford to use private labs based in the UK, through private health care.

Outsourcing (from a privacy point of view) would be OK if there was not this rush towards the building of DNA databases. Just imagine if you want to frame someone for a crime (or just cover your tracks with blind leads); get someone in a lab in India to pull your sample and FedEx it to you, then spray it all over the stuff you want de-incriminated or . Careful criminals will plan this well in advance of course, picking people from the local area with the right characteristics etc.

This says nothing about the poor (and I MEAN poor as in penury) lab technitians in the UK who are going to be put out of a job thanks to this.

The fact is, sometimes you cant afford to save money. This is one of those times.
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The government is considering shipping blood and urine samples from NHS patients to India for clinical tests in order to cut costs.

Indian laboratory technicians can be hired for as little as £4,000 a year, and the savings would more than make up for the cost of flying samples across the world. Test results could be emailed back to UK hospitals.


One for the 'identity thieves', someone's DNA rich samples are sent to another country attached to the samples are an identifying code which relates back the National Insurance number of the person, throw in some bribery and a willing insider or two et voila, you could get a profile of a person:
DNA profile - probably very useful on the blackmarket for insurance companies and ahem 'grey-intelligence' gathering.
Health records (I presume, because i assume the Indians wouldn't be working blind)
National Insurance number - A bit of digging around and you could probably sort out papers for 'illegal immigrants'.
I suppose an intelligent hacker culd get names and addresses as well.
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Alex, God Bless You, Mr Rosewater by Kurt Vonnegut. Or anything by him, really.

Wilco's YHF is better than what I've heard of the latest one. It has well-written songs which, while they sound simple and melodic, have all sorts of sounds scampering around in the background. It's a very strong record although, as BJS says, it's not groundbreaking. Just unusual for one of it's ilk and very well done.

I'm on holiday RIGHT NOW!

At home.

Doing DIY.
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Vacation, not yet for me. The weather in Denmark is rain rain and more rain

Browse the Earth
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to see an other in Rennes, France
I wonder, is that near the little village Rennes-le-Chateau? If it is, you should stop by and see the Chapel there, it looks like an absolutely fascinating place.

What are they like?
I just listened to Wilco's new album, though I can't tell you anything about "Yankee...". They are an okay band, certainly better than most of the stuff you can get on the Top 40. On this new album there seems to be a bit of concrete-style experimentation, but nothing too groundbreaking or indeed very adventurous. It sounds pretty cool though, especially one track that sounds like krautrock.

A good summer book, eh? "Flow my Tears, the Policeman Said" by Philip K. Dick. It's not very long either.
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I'm currently reading 'Driving over lemons' by Chris Stewart> It's about the guy who was Genesis first's drummer who quits life in the UK to live on a mountain farm in Andalucía, Spain.

I also have 'The map that changed the world' by Simon Winchester, which is about William Smith [from Churchill, Oxfordshire - anywhere near you CD?] who drew up the first geological map of the UK and helped the science evolve into what it is today.

Hmmm, must be travel season.

Must be! I'm off to Glasgow next weekend to see some friends and then later in the month to see an other in Rennes, France. I am hoping, finances permitting, to make it out to Vancouver this year to see friends there and also meet up with others in Seattle.
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Hmmm, must be travel season. We are off to NYC tomorrow, for the eastcoast tour. It has been a few years since we've been back, I am curious what kind of experiences we will have. I have insisted on waiting to see Fahrenheit 911 with a (larger) American audience, seeing it in Canada would not be the same. Or so I believe.

I also understand a Philly cheesesteak is on the agenda, apparently not to be missed. I am frightened.

Midnight's Children By Salman Rushdie is excellent, Alex. It won the Booker, so you can probably pick it up easily. Have fun in Paris!
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I'm going on a ten hour coach trip to Paris tomorrow night. Can anyone recommend any books for me to read on the way? Nothing too heavy as it's quite hard to concentrate whilst on a coach, but nothing I'll finish in an hour either. Or maybe plenty of them.

Also it should be relatively easy to get hold of as I'll probably pick it up from Waterstones or the cheap-ass book/DVD/CD store next to the 100 Club.

I am un-well read, so don't be scared (scurred?) to suggest something obvious. I might try and make a start on A Thousand Plateaus, it's only two and a half years since I was given it.

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Thursday, July 08, 2004

I've heard The Master & Margarita mentioned so many times. After that post, meau meau, it is on my Summer Reading List (alongside David Copperfield, Vineland, East of Eden and the New Testament).
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Yeah, it took a few extra days, but we've been busy, alright?

The July/August issue of Subsystence is finally here, and we're ecstatic about the results. Entitled Foundation, our sophomore installment features a fantastic re-design by Eric Reagan; poetry from Israel Vines and Jes Davis; a diatribe from Akin Fernandez (owner of the legendary Irdial-Discs imprint) about his recently-settled lawsuit against WEA/Nonesuch; ten new tracks in the Downloads area, including submissions from Archetype, Kate Simko, and Jamie Hodge; photography from New York-based Emily Keegin and the folks behind Chicago's Deadtech; reviews of new releases by Ben Sims and Fumiya Tanaka; and much more.

All work is online and available for consumption. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this issue possible!
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Looks like p2p is blamed for the imminent demise of humanity again this time in the form of software profits falling.


"We need to see more (government) enforcement from these countries," he said.

Presumably because these poor little software giants can't afford/have the ability to program a decent protection key/code system into their products.
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A new way of identifying metal and explosives could provide a valuable tool in the fight against terrorism.
Airport security has become big business following the terrorist attacks in the US

A system that detects both metal and non-metallic weapons (just weapons? very clever) using terahertz light has been developed by technology firm TeraView.
It could make passenger screening at airports more effective and quicker, say experts..

Biased state propoganda from the qinetiq whores

Although.... unlike an international identity register this technology has the potential to work.
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'Your identification cards?' She was gazing in amazement at Korov-iev's pince-nez, and also at Behemoth's primus and Behemoth's torn elbow.

'A thousand pardons, but what identification cards?' asked Koroviev in surprise.

'You're writers?' the cidzeness asked in her turn.

'Unquestionably,' Koroviev answered with dignity.

"Your identification cards?' the citizeness repeated.

'My sweetie .. .' Koroviev began tenderly.

'I'm no sweetie,' interrupted the citizeness.

'More's the pity,' Koroviev said disappointedly and went on; 'Well, so, if you don't want to be a sweetie, which would be quite pleasant, you don't have to be. So, then, to convince yourself that Dostoevsky was a writer, do you have to ask for his identification card? Just take any five pages from any one of his novels and you'll be convinced, without any identification card, that you're dealing with a writer. And I don't think he even had any identification card! What do you think? ' Koroviev turned to Behemoth.

'I'll bet he didn't,' replied Behemoth, setting the primus down on the table beside the ledger and wiping the sweat from his sooty forehead with his hand.

'You're not Dostoevsky,' said the citizeness, who was getting muddled by Koroviev.

'Well, who knows, who knows,' he replied.

'Dostoevsky's dead,' said the citizeness, but somehow not very confidently.

'I protest!' Behemoth exclaimed hotly. 'Dostoevsky is immortal!'

'Your identification cards, citizens,' said the citizeness.

'Good gracious, this is getting to be ridiculous!' Koroviev would not give in. 'A writer is defined not by any identity card, but by what he writes. How do you know what plots are swarming in my head? Or in this head?' and he pointed at Behemoth's head, from which the latter at once removed the cap, as if to let the citizeness examine it better.

'Step aside, citizens,' she said, nervously now.

Koroviev and Behemoth stepped aside and let pass some writer in a grey suit with a tie-less, summer white shirt, the collar of which lay wide open on the lapels of his jacket, and with a newspaper under his arm. The writer nodded affably to the citizeness, in passing put some nourish in the proffered ledger, and proceeded to the veranda.

'Alas, not to us, not to us,' Koroviev began sadly, 'but to him will go that ice-cold mug of beer, which you and I, poor wanderers, so dreamed of together. Our position is woeful and difficult, and I don't know what to do.'

Behemoth only spread his arms bitterly and put his cap on his round head, covered with thick hair very much resembling a cat's fur.

And at that moment a low but peremptory voice sounded over the head of the citizeness:

'Let them pass, Sofya Pavlovna.'
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"It was a full-page, handwritten letter from a man - that in itself is unique.",2763,1256558,00.html

I hear a song...
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Does anyone here have Yankee Hotel Foxtrot? What is it like? What are they like? I don't think I've ever heard a Wilco record in my life.
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Bluemonger is just the sort of app we have expected to see.

We need one for wardriving hotspots I said earlier. That would actually be useful when combined with the location.

What really interesting thing needs to be done with this? Obviously pushing out messages; just collecting who saw who is mildly fascinating, but it doesnt ignite a spark.

And we like sparks.
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"I am Trying to Break your Heart" is a feature length black and white film about Wilco. More specifically, it follows the band through the making of their fourth album, "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot." The film shows the conflict that arises when a band creates an artistic and challenging record while signed to a record company in the midst of a giant corporate takeover.
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Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Its all so familiar!
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  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • Holiday Inn
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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

China must get on with its own affairs in any way it sees fit. It would be far better for the BBC to pay attention to the Orwellian bullshit taking place right in front of its face rather than this tiresome meddlesome and ignorant nonsense about the Chinese and their "Human rights abuses".

This sort of blathering is the precursor to annexation, invasion and colonisation... see Iraq. China has been putting up with it for decades; thankfully no western government has the grapefruits or is InSanE enough to challenge them. Now its SMS that they need to be free. In Iran its Rock & Roll. Its all total garbage.

Complain about and fix your own problems first, then NO, dont "solve" other peoples problems, STFU and enjoy your freedom, and dont do anything to destroy it.
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Dame Pauline Neville-Jones has been a BBC Governor since January 1998.
Her term of office has been extended to the end of 2005.
She chairs the BBC's Audit Committee and the Governors' World Service Consultative Group.


She is Chairman of Qinetiq Group plc and of the Information Assurance Advisory Council.

The BBC governor's profile

So is her influence softly, softly or iron fist?

namebase search

The S Rimington so close to her is Stella Rimington former DG of MI5
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Cassini is producing a torrent of data, which is being stored up for later processing:

"This image has not been validated or calibrated. A validated/calibrated image will be archived with the NASA Planetary Data System in 2005."

You can always get the cherry picked calibrated images here but its not being updated daily!
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Eggs over-easy
Old Swedish drafting lamp
muscle relaxants
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extreme busy-ness
the chance to do something significant
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Monday, July 05, 2004

Fury as Fahrenheit 9/11 director backs illegal not-for-profit downloads
By Iain S Bruce, Online Editor

Controversial film-maker Michael Moore has welcomed the appearance on the internet of pirated copies of his anti-Bush documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 and claimed he is happy for anybody to download it free of charge.

The activist, author and director told the Sunday Herald that, as long as pirated copies of his film were not being sold, he had no problem with it being downloaded.

"I don't agree with the copyright laws and I don?t have a problem with people downloading the movie and sharing it with people as long as they're not trying to make a profit off my labour. I would oppose that." he said. [...]

Here is the 647 meg torrent.

and the 1076 meg torrent.
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Argan oil
The fruits of the Argan tree are green. They look like an olive but are larger and rounder.
Inside, there is a hard shell nut which represents about one quarter of the flesh fruit weight. The nut can contain up to three kernels from which the argan oil is extracted.
The production of this oil is a demanding and laborious process which was until recently completely realized by hand.

The manual method consisted in first, extracting the nut of the fruit then cracked the hard nut's shell to collect the kernels. These were roasted by mild heating and once cooled, ground in a stone rotary quern.
Latter the kernels were hand-mixed with mild water to form a dough. It was from the dough that had been obtained that the oil would be extracted by hand.

Recently mechanical presses have been introduced to extract argan oil. This process reduces considerably the time needed to extract 1 liter of oil.
Once the kernels are roasted, the mechanical press takes care of the grinding and extraction. More oil is extracted and since no water is added to press the dough, the oil can be stocked longer.

The most consuming time of the process, cracking the nuts, is still realized by hand.

Neither solvant nor heat is used for this oil extraction. This oil is a cold first pressed oil which means a high nutritive quality.

The argan oil is slightly darker than olive oil and has a nutty flavor.

The composition of argan oil is quite alike peanut oil's composition: predominately monounsaturated fat with omega-6 fatty acids but no omega-3.

Its high content in oleic acid makes this oil particularly interesting in the regulation of blood cholesterol. Some studies are being done and it seems that 2 Tbsp per day of this oil during a month could considerably lower cholesterol levels.

Argan oil is rich in the essential fatty acid, linoleic acid. This acid is converted in the body in other fatty acids which lead to the production of series 1 prostaglandins.

Arachidonic acid leads to the production of series 2 prostaglandins whereas alpha linolenic acid and its derivatives produce series 3 prostaglandins.

Prostaglandins participate in many body's functions, including immune, inflammatory process as well as blood clotting.

Prostaglandins 1 (from linoleic acid) and 3 (from alpha linolenic acid) have similarly effects which are stimulating circulation (vaso-dilatation, reducing blood clot...), strengthening the body's natural defenses, and suppressing inflammation.

Prostaglandins 2 have the opposite effects which we want to limit.

A diet rich in linoleic acid increases the production of prostaglandins 1 and thus is benefic for people with rheumatologic conditions and cardio vascular problems.

Oil rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids have greater tendency than other oil toward oxidation and rancidity. Oxidized oil contain free radicals that promote arterial damage, cancer, inflammation, premature aging of cells and tissues.

Argan oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids but fortunately also contains large amounts of vitamin E . This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that quenches free radicals and neutralizes destructive oxidation.

The negative point about argan oil is that it does not contain alpha linolenic acid. This essential fatty acid is as important as the others and must be part of the diet. Argan oil cannot be the only oil in your kitchen. It is important to rely on rape seed and soybean oil for this acid.

How to use this oil
Oils high in polyunsaturated fatty acids must not be heated.
Instead, we recommend steaming or broiling your food and adding the oil afterwards, for flavor only. You can also use it sparingly in salad dressing.
It is better to keep the oil refrigerated and consume it quickly once you open the bottle.
Prefer small and opaque bottles.
Argan oil is also used in the preparation of Amlou (which has aphrodisiac virtues), a mix of almonds, honey and argan oil. It is delicious on toasts.

This oil is also used for its cosmetic properties.

Consumption of argan oil (Morocco) with its unique profile of fatty acids, tocopherols, squalene, sterols and phenolic compounds should confer valuable cancer chemopreventive effects

F Khallouki 1; C Younos 1; R Soulimani 1; T Oster 1; Z Charrouf 2; B Spiegelhalder 3; H Bartsch 3; R W Owen 3

The aim of this study was to evaluate the fatty acids, tocopherols, squalene, sterols and phenolic antioxidants in three types of argan oil (Moroccan food, Moroccan aesthetic and a French commercial variety) along with a basic comparison with extra virgin olive and sunflower oil.

The fatty acid profiles in the argan oils were very similar, with oleic acid (43%) and linoleic acid (36%) and their respective monoacylglycerols predominating.

The major vitamer identified was ã-tocopherol with a mean of 483±11 mg/kg, in contrast to á-tocopherol, which is the major vitamer in olive (190±1 mg/kg) and sunflower oil (532±6 mg/kg).

The squalene content of the argan oils was very similar with a mean of 313±4 mg/100 g, which is lower than that of the olive oil (499 mg/100 g) but significantly higher than in the sunflower oil (6 mg/100 g).

In contrast to olive and sunflower oils in which â-sitosterol is predominant, the major sterols detected in the argan oils were schottenol (mean 147±10 mg/kg) and spinasterol (mean 122±10 mg/kg).

The only phenolic compounds other than the tocopherol vitamers which could be readily detected and quantitated were vanillic, syringic and ferulic (probably conjugated to glucose) acids along with tyrosol. In contrast to the extra virgin olive oil (793 mg/kg), the concentration of total phenolic compounds is extremely low (<5.0 mg/kg).

Nevertheless, argan oil with its high content of the vitamer ã-tocopherol, squalene and oleic acid is likely to enhance the cancer prevention effects of the Moroccan diet.

European Journal of Cancer Prevention 2003; 12(1):67-75
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Brain Fingerprinting

How do we determine if a person is a terrorist or spy? There is a new technology, that for the first time, allows us to measure scientifically if specific information is stored in a person?s brain. Brain Fingerprinting technology can determine the presence or absence of specific information, such as terrorist training and associations. This exciting new technology can help address the following critical elements in the fight against terrorism.


This is so ridiculous. Though could be handy technology to see if you really do remember where you put your keys.
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machines for living
bowl of beauty
horoscopes for cocktail hour
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Plum Chutney is a great "potential band name".

I can hear John Peel saying "and now the first from our session guests tonight, Plum Chutney, this is 'Boiled Egg'" as a roistering guitar chord clangs into life...
posted by captain davros , 4:17 PM Þ 

boiled egg
pork terrine
plum chutney
posted by a hymn in g to nann , 2:51 PM Þ 

If you make a bad idea big enough it does NOT make it a good idea.

Mapping a person's body

will not predict their actions


Well surprisingly the BBC haven't covered this yet, but if found this 'treat' which I didn't see first time round, probably buried somwhere round a corner.
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We all know who QinetiQ are

... and what they want to do.

Interesting that the BBC gives a nice piece of PR to these people, the probability of Accenture getting their hand on the BBC IT contract seems higher again.
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"She is a conspiracy theorist whose political conceits have consistently been proved wrong. So why were Bush and his aides so keen to swallow Laurie Mylroie's theories on Saddam and terrorism? By Peter Bergen",2763,1254072,00.html

These people still dont get it.

It should not matter what pundit or theorist publishes her diatribe against the legitimate government of Iraq; the fact is that in a Real Democracy® it should be impossible for a small group of 100 people to use its military to colonize another country.

The REAL question is how is it that against the will of almost eveyone in the entire world, did two countries manage to comit this crime without fear of internal or external reprisal?

THAT is the real question, to be followed by "what are we going to do to permanently prevent this from happening again?".

Shutting up pundits will do nothing, neither will perfect critique. Both of these are a waste of ink.

Face the true crisis, or shut up!
posted by Irdial , 11:40 AM Þ 

The secret lies in the ink, the ingredients of which QMP is keeping a secret. To Mr Bishop, it simply contains "magic dust".

Calling it magic dust is simply rude.

We all know who QinetiQ are what is interesting about them is the following possibility.

If its a fact that there are secret technologies under reverse engieering and development, someone would be eager to "monetize" them. What better vehicle than QinetiQ to pass these bizarre, "magic" like technologies to the population? They can be trusted not to release anything too disruptive, they can be trusted to keep secrets forever...its a perfect solution.
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Royal College of Art student Kate MccGwire examines her work 'Brood 2004', which is composed of 22,000 chicken wishbones as part of her final degree show in London, May 26, 2004.

A body of work without a body?
posted by meau meau , 10:42 AM Þ 

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Watch them,
And watch them closely.

Watch them,
And watch them closely.

See how the blind man stumbles and falls,
See how the boss man fools them all.

Watch them,
And watch them closely.

Watch them,
And watch them closely.

Don't listen to what the preacher man say,
That this world will be a better world one day,
It's all going to fade away,
It's all got to fade away.

Watch them,
And watch them closely.

Watch them,
And watch them closely.

He points his finger at you
Tells you what to do,
Tells you what's right for you,
Everything's all right.

It don't feel uptight,
Just as long as you don't fight
Fight for your rights.

Watch them,
And watch them closely.

Watch them,
And watch them closely.

Got to watch them well
You never can tell
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A windowbox of red geraniums
A pair of battered Birkenstocks
A church steeple
posted by Alun , 10:22 AM Þ 

If I could have a list of three things from each of you, that would be just so damn peachy...
posted by meau meau , 9:49 AM Þ 
Sunday, July 04, 2004

just the accessory for any discerning young lady to go with her weapon of choice..

posted by chriszanf , 10:31 PM Þ 

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IT WAS A GOOD DAY, I had saved up three INQ paychecks, and along with the quarter I found on the way, could afford to supersize my McDonalds value meal. Oh bliss. While I was licking the salt off the fries, wondering whether it would be a fatal mistake to eat the gray meatlike 'burger', I noticed something truly frightening, an ad for Sony's music service.

For those of you that don't know what is going on, Sony launched its net music sales service a while back, and it is called Connect. McDonalds is giving away a lot of songs, buy a Big Mac extra value meal, and you get a song for free. I would say valuable song, but the fact that you get two of them for free upon signing up puts that in perspective.

Then it hit me, this is the single worst thing that can happen to buying music on the net, or the single best thing to happen to freedom in a long time. What do I mean? Sony is about to piss off hundreds of thousands of consumers, whitebread, Joe six-pack, average consumers who make up the majority of their customers. You know, the ones that don't know better. [...]

Its all true®
posted by Irdial , 3:13 PM Þ 

Firefighters find station on fire

Friday, June 25, 2004 Posted: 10:03 PM EDT (0203 GMT)

DALLAS, Texas (Reuters) -- Firefighters in a Dallas suburb returned to their station to find a fire started by potatoes they left cooking on a stove, officials said Friday.

The fire caused about $125,000 in damages to the station in Lancaster, a southern suburb of Dallas, said Fire Marshal Ladis Barr.

The blaze was extinguished late Thursday night with the help of firefighters from other stations. It damaged the kitchen and living area.

Fire officials also wanted to remind the public to make sure not to leave food cooking before stepping out.

From CNN
posted by Alun , 2:24 PM Þ 

Note that it is in his RIGHT hand:

You cant make this stuff up:

And you need a min. $10,000 account to get the priveledge of using it!

From the highly pornographic Engadget.
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This is weird...
There is no context for this but I'm assuming it was taken from a presidential palace? I would post the image here but the host is murderously slow...
posted by Barrie , 3:14 AM Þ 

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