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Lancet Antioxidant Cancer Trial Shows BENEFIT, Not Harm

A study, published in the Lancet currently, on antioxidants and gastrointestinal cancer, is being claimed to indicate that antioxidants don’t reduce risk, and may even increase cancer risk. However, experts in nutrition and cancer say the study shows nothing of the sort.

In my opinion this is one of the most biased and unsubstantiated reports on antioxidants I’ve ever read. If you look at the actual results of this supposed comprehensive analysis of research you will see that the only really significant finding in a considerable reduction in gastrointestinal cancer risk with selenium supplementation. Overall, it shows that antioxidant supplements reduce the risk of oesophageal cancer, have little effect on pancreatic or oesophageal cancer, and slightly increase the risk of gastric cancer. Overall, the clear trend is towards protection, not harm. I believe this is an underestimation of the prevention power of antioxidants because this claimed comprehensive analysis of research excludes some very well designed positive studies, such as a trial of 864 people with a history of colorectal adenomas, by the National Cancer Institute (1). The participants were given either 25mg of betacarotene and/or both 100mg of vitamin C and 400mg of vitamin E, versus placebo. While there was approximately a halving of recurrence of colorectal adenomas in those who took either the betacarotene or vitamin C and E or both, there was a modest increase in cancer recurrence among those who only took betacarotene supplements and both smoked and drank alcohol every day. Why was this trial excluded? Perhaps it didn’t give the results the researchers wanted.

The final table in the Lancet study, which is the only one showing a small negative overall effect on mortality (the difference between 1 in 14 cancer patients on antioxidants, versus 1 in 15 cancer patients), was arrived at by removing any positive studies on the grounds of ‘low methodological quality’, leaving only 7 studies out of the original 167 studies! Of these studies, one is quoted as showing a massive increased risk. Without this study there is no such effect. However, this study actual showed the exact opposite. The study in question, Correa et al (2), published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, gave people with gastric cancer either beta-carotene, vitamin C or anti-Helicobacter Pylori treatment (gastric cancer is increasingly being thought to be initiated by H.Pylori infection, not antioxidant deficiency). All three interventions produced highly significantly improvements, causing substantial regression of gastric cancer. The authors conclude “dietary supplementation with antioxidant micronutrients may interfere with the precancerous process, mostly by increasing the rate of regression of cancer precursor lesions, and may be an effective strategy to prevent gastric carcinoma.” (see abstract below).

So, how could this study bias the results towards increased mortality? For the simple reason that six people out of 368 treated with antioxidants died, many of whom were smokers, compared to none out of 117 people treated with anti- H.Pylori treatment died! The most logical explanation for this finding is that, by virtue of participating in this trial, these patients were excluded from taking anti- H.Pylori treatment, which is highly recommended for gastric cancer. It is highly unlikely that the antioxidants had anything to do with it. The authors of this study make no reference to the possibility of antioxidants increasing mortality risk, instead concluding that both beta-carotene and vitamin C reduce risk.

A review of the Lancet study (also published in the Lancet) by David Forman and Douglas Altman of the Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics says “The mortality analysis in this review does not offer convincing proof of hazard.” In my opinion this is the most atrocious piece of biased number crunching, and I’m surprised that the Lancet published it. The funding source for this trial should be seriously investigated, just to check it is not as biased as the rhetoric. Drug companies have a lot to gain by discrediting nutritional treatments and I have no doubt that there is an orchestrated campaign under way to do just this. I certainly won’t be stopping my daily antioxidant supplement, although I wouldn’t advise heavy smokers to supplement beta-carotene on its own. I would advise people wanting to reduce their cancer risk to supplement 50 to 150mcg of selenium, together with other antioxidant nutrients.”

Patrick Holford.


1 Baron, J et al., ‘Neoplastic and antineoplastic effects of beta-carotene on volorectal adenoma’, J Natl Cancer Inst. 95, 10, pp. 717–22 (2003).

2 Correa P et al., ‘Chemoprevention of gastric dysplasia:randomised trial of antioxidant supplements and anti-helicobacter pylori therapapy’, J Natl Cancer Inst. 2000 Dec 6;92(23):1881-8.


J Natl Cancer Inst. 2000 Dec 6;92(23):1881-8. Chemoprevention of gastric dysplasia: randomized trial of antioxidant supplements and anti-helicobacter pylori therapy.
Correa P, Fontham ET, Bravo JC, Bravo LE, Ruiz B, Zarama G, Realpe JL, Malcom GT, Li D, Johnson WD, Mera R.Department of Pathology, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA 70112-1393, USA.

BACKGROUND: Previous research has identified a high risk of gastric carcinoma as well as a high prevalence of cancer precursor lesions in rural populations living in the province of Narino, Colombia, in the Andes Mountains. METHODS: A randomized, controlled chemoprevention trial was conducted in subjects with confirmed histologic diagnoses of multifocal nonmetaplastic atrophy and/or intestinal metaplasia, two precancerous lesions. Individuals were assigned to receive anti-Helicobacter pylori triple therapy and/or dietary supplementation with ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, or their corresponding placebos. Gastric biopsy specimens taken at baseline were compared with those taken at 72 months. Relative risks of progression, no change, and regression from multifocal nonmetaplastic atrophy and intestinal metaplasia were analyzed with multivariate polytomous logistic regression models to estimate treatment effects. All statistical tests were two-sided. RESULTS: All three basic interventions resulted in statistically significant increases in the rates of regression: Relative risks were 4.8 (95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.6-14.2) for anti-H. pylori treatment, 5. 1 (95% CI = 1.7-15.0) for beta-carotene treatment, and 5.0 (95% CI = 1.7-14.4) for ascorbic acid treatment in subjects with atrophy. Corresponding relative risks of regression in subjects with intestinal metaplasia were 3.1 (95% CI = 1.0-9.3), 3.4 (95% CI = 1.1-9.8), and 3.3 (95% CI = 1.1-9.5). Combinations of treatments did not statistically significantly increase the regression rates. Curing the H. pylori infection (which occurred in 74% of the treated subjects) produced a marked and statistically significant increase in the rate of regression of the precursor lesions (relative risks = 8.7 [95% CI = 2.7-28.2] for subjects with atrophy and 5.4 [95% CI = 1.7-17.6] for subjects with intestinal metaplasia). CONCLUSIONS: In the very high-risk population studied, effective anti-H. pylori treatment and dietary supplementation with antioxidant micronutrients may interfere with the precancerous process, mostly by increasing the rate of regression of cancer precursor lesions, and may be an effective strategy to prevent gastric carcinoma

1. Baron, J et al., ‘Neoplastic and antineoplastic effects of beta-carotene on volorectal adenoma’, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 95, 10, pp. 717–22 (2003). - 100% health for life
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We all know that there is a PR campaign by the drug companies, transmitted with the compliant help of DmPaNevJns and her propaganda machine to discredit and undermine the public's understanding and adoption of Vitamin Suppliments through biased "science" programmes like the apallingly biased "Horizon".

Thankfully the public are not taking it very seriously.

What is rather pathetic is The Cabal's contortionist bending over backwards to outlaw vitamins in a flagrant display of legislation bought to order.
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Friday, October 01, 2004

Sounds groovy. Broadband is coming to Davworld ahoy!

By the way, I don't want to come across as all English, like, but what does Tony Blair got a mouth Full a' Cawk! mean?!
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Faces of frustration...
Bush looked like he wanted to cry, this video is so telling...
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Whilst trying to fix a cron job to take my mind off of CSS for aminure (yes, "aminure") I found this in the refferers:

“No, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'm being murdered by Spike Jones!!!!1!!!!!11!!!!1one!`11!!!1eleven1`!!!!1!”

By this poster:

And YES "Capitalism IS the most barbaric of all religions"
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Tony Blair got a mouth Full a' Cawk!
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Thursday, September 30, 2004
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Tonight, don't let George Bush's henchmen steal another victory. We need your online help immediately after the debate, so save this email, print it out, and have it ready with you as you watch the first Presidential debate tonight.

We all know what happened in 2000. Al Gore won the first debate on the issues, but Republicans stole the post-debate spin. We are not going to let that happen again, and you will play a big role.

Immediately after the debate, we need you to do three things: vote in online polls, write a letter to the editor, and call in to talk radio programs. Your 10 minutes of activism following the debate can make the difference.

*** VOTE ***

National and local news organizations will be conducting online polls during and after the debate asking for readers' opinions. Look for online polls at these national news websites, and make sure to vote in every one of them:

* ABC News:
* CBS News:
* CNN:
* Fox News:
* USA Today:

And be sure to check the websites of your local newspapers and TV stations for online polls. It is crucial that you do this in the minutes immediately following the debate.
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US buys town for terror training

The United States Department of Homeland Security is buying an entire town in the south-west US for use in its anti-terror training. Playas, in the state of New Mexico, will be bought for $5m from the Phelps Dodge mining company, which built it from scratch in the 1970s. The town, once home to 1,000 people, currently has a population of 50. Emergency workers will use the site to simulate suicide bombings, anthrax attacks and water-supply poisonings.

'Ghost town'

A local engineering school, the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, is in charge of the project. Vice-president Van Romero told BBC News Online that he hoped the purchase would be completed this week. "Students will use the town to enact scenarios to learn to stop or prevent terrorist attacks before they happen," he said.
"It's an urban environment in which we can control everything - the electricity, the water and the people," he added. Although Playas has been in decline since a copper smelter shut, the isolated town just north of the Mexican border is not a typical ghost town. In addition to 259 ranch-style homes, it features a six-lane bowling alley, a rodeo ring, a helicopter pad, an airstrip, a bar, a shooting range and a swimming pool.

The town's remaining residents could be offered work on the project, the New York Times reports. New Mexico Tech, as the engineering school is known, has trained more than 90,000 emergency workers since the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995. It is also currently receiving $20m in grants from the Department of Homeland Security for its antiterrorism programmes.
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Published on Thursday, September 9, 2004 by the Easthampton Star / Long Island, New York

The Unfeeling President

by E.L. Doctorow (b. 1931)

I fault this president for not knowing what death is. He does not suffer the death of our 21-year-olds who wanted to be what they could be. On the eve of D-Day in 1944 General Eisenhower prayed to God for the lives of the young soldiers he knew were going to die. He knew what death was. Even in a justifiable war, a war not of choice but of necessity, a war of survival, the cost was almost more than Eisenhower could bear.

But this president does not know what death is. He hasn't the mind for it. You see him joking with the press, peering under the table for the weapons of mass destruction he can't seem to find, you see him at rallies strutting up to the stage in shirt sleeves to the roar of the carefully screened crowd, smiling and waving, triumphal, a he-man.

He does not mourn. He doesn't understand why he should mourn. He is satisfied during the course of a speech written for him to look solemn for a moment and speak of the brave young Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

But you study him, you look into his eyes and know he dissembles an emotion which he does not feel in the depths of his being because he has no capacity for it. He does not feel a personal responsibility for the 1,000 dead young men and women who wanted to be what they could be.

They come to his desk not as youngsters with mothers and fathers or wives and children who will suffer to the end of their days a terribly torn fabric of familial relationships and the inconsolable remembrance of aborted life . . they come to his desk as a political liability, which is why the press is not permitted to photograph the arrival of their coffins from Iraq.

How then can he mourn? To mourn is to express regret and he regrets nothing. He does not regret that his reason for going to war was, as he knew, unsubstantiated by the facts. He does not regret that his bungled plan for the war's aftermath has made of his mission-accomplished a disaster. He does not regret that, rather than controlling terrorism, his war in Iraq has licensed it. So he never mourns for the dead and crippled youngsters who have fought this war of his choice.

He wanted to go to war and he did. He had not the mind to perceive the costs of war, or to listen to those who knew those costs. He did not understand that you do not go to war when it is one of the options but when it is the only option; you go not because you want to but because you have to.

Yet this president knew it would be difficult for Americans not to cheer the overthrow of a foreign dictator. He knew that much. This president and his supporters would seem to have a mind for only one thing -- to take power, to remain in power, and to use that power for the sake of themselves and their friends.

A war will do that as well as anything. You become a wartime leader. The country gets behind you. Dissent becomes inappropriate. And so he does not drop to his knees, he is not contrite, he does not sit in the church with the grieving parents and wives and children. He is the president who does not feel. He does not feel for the families of the dead, he does not feel for the 35 million of us who live in poverty, he does not feel for the 40 percent who cannot afford health insurance, he does not feel for the miners whose lungs are turning black or for the working people he has deprived of the chance to work overtime at time-and-a-half to pa y their bills - it is amazing for how many people in this country this president does not feel.

But he will dissemble feeling. He will say in all sincerity he is relieving the wealthiest 1 percent of the population of their tax burden for the sake of the rest of us, and that he is polluting the air we breathe for the sake of our economy, and that he is decreasing the quality of air in coal mines to save the coal miners' jobs, and that he is depriving workers of their time-and-a-half benefits for overtime because this is actually a way to honor them by raising them into the professional class.

And this litany of lies he will versify with reverences for God and the flag and democracy, when just what he and his party are doing to our democracy is choking the life out of it.

But there is one more terribly sad thing about all of this. I remember the millions of people here and around the world who marched against the war. It was extraordinary, that spontaneous aroused oversoul of alarm and protest that transcended national borders. Why did it happen? After all, this was not the only war anyone had ever seen coming. There are little wars all over he world most of the time.

But the cry of protest was the appalled understanding of millions of people that America was ceding its role as the last best hope of mankind. It was their perception that the classic archetype of democracy was morphing into a rogue nation. The greatest democratic republic in history was turning its back on the future, using its extraordinary power and standing not to advance the ideal of a concordance of civilizations but to endorse the kind of tribal combat that originated with the Neanderthals, a people, now extinct, who could imagine ensuring their survival by no other means than pre-emptive war.

The president we get is the country we get. With each president the nation is conformed spiritually. He is the artificer of our malleable national soul. He proposes not only the laws but the kinds of lawlessness that govern our lives and invoke our responses. The people he appoints are cast in his image. The trouble they get into and get us into, is his characteristic trouble.

Finally, the media amplify his character into our moral weather report. He becomes the face of our sky, the conditions that prevail. How can we sustain ourselves as the United States of America given the stupid and ineffective warmaking, the constitutionally insensitive lawgiving, and the monarchal economics of this president? He cannot mourn but is a figure of such moral vacancy as to make us mourn for ourselves.

E. L. Doctorow is an American novelist. His works are noted for their mingling of American history and literary imagination through the interaction of fictional and real-life characters.

Copyright © 2004 East Hampton Star
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Accenture-U.S. Security Contract to A Foreign Country
on Wednesday, June 02 @ 13:51:17 CDT

: " Accenture claims to be an American company when it's convenient. It is saying it's a U.S. company for purposes of winning the big $10Billion Homeland Security contract but really is Bermuda based to avoid U.S. taxes. Here is an excerpt from the Lou Dobbs show on CNN last night. And yes, they also are a leader in outsourcing U.S. work.

The federal government today awarded a multibillion-dollar border security contract to a foreign company, and, in so doing, the government passed over two U.S. corporations. The Department of Homeland Security awarded the lucrative contract to Accenture, which is based in Bermuda. That contract could be worth as much as $10 billion over 10 years.

Lisa Sylvester reports from Washington.


LISA SYLVESTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The U.S. Visit Program (ph) is a jackpot for consulting firms. The multibillion- dollar contract is to monitor visitors who enter the United States by air, sea or land. That's why it came as a surprise to some that the contract was awarded to Accenture LLP, whose parent company is headquartered in Bermuda.

REP. CHRISTOPHER COX (R-CA), HOMELAND SECURITY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: I think U.S. visit is a good description of the Accenture business plan. They visit the United States to take a government taxpayer-financed contract. They depart from the United States when it's time to pay their fare share of our national security costs.

SYLVESTER: Civil liberties groups, already concerned about the U.S. government building a database tracking travelers, where U.S. privacy laws will not extend to the overseas company.

MARC ROTENBERG, ELECTRONIC PRIVACY INFORMATION CENTER: It becomes less clear when the personal information is moved outside of the United States to another region of the world where the processing occurs, where the integration occurs, whether those privacy rules will be as vigorously enforced. [...]

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Q: Does the scheme compromise my privacy?

Well, obviously to the extent that identifying information about you is being gathered and stored. But don't forget that this is one of a number of measures which have been taken on the grounds of national security since the 11 September terrorist attacks.

The European Union earlier this year authorised airlines to hand over information about passengers headed for the US - including addresses, credit cards and e-mail details. Potentially, information about you will be checked against lists of suspected terrorists and criminals before you even set foot in the US. [...]

"Yes" or "No". Is the required answer you disgusting shills.

The Data is held for 100 years.

It is shared with anyone who wants it.

Your privacy is completely violated, and for no good reason.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Why does the literature lump H-types with portmanteaus? Probably because it could be argued that cheeseburger is a portmanteau blend of cheese and hamburger. This argument could hold for the initial creation of the first -burger word (cheeseburger in 1938), but not for subsequent blends. Tofuburger is clearly constructed on burger alone: it does not result from the shortening of tofu-hamburger. Also, this theory cannot explain why burger has become a word in its own right. Yet some portmanteau words are potential H-types, for example sexcapade (drugscapade and boozecapade are conceivable). In that case, the -capade morphemes would be endowed with some semantic autonomy. Another example is software, which is certainly not a portmanteau of soft and hardware. But we will return to this in the following section.

'Why is there no ham in a hamburger?' A Study of Lexical Blends and Reanalysed Morphemisation
or as HTML
by Pierre Frath
Université Marc Bloch
Département d’anglais
UFR des Langues Vivantes
22 rue Descartes
67084 Strasbourg CEDEX (France)
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The U.S. Visitor & Immigration Status Indication Technology System (US VISIT) has been
deployed in response to significant issues of security, but in spite of its public interest
objectives the system places human dignity and privacy at substantial risk. U.S. authorities
claim VISIT is a necessary weapon in the fight against terrorism. On closer analysis the
system is fundamentally flawed and has the potential to be a corrosive and dangerous practice
that will spread internationally.

* VISIT employs technology and techniques that are unreliable and unpredictable. The
matching of information between a large number of systems generates substantial errors,
while the use of biometrics such as finger-printing involves the risk of false accusations on a
mass scale because of the inherent frailty of one to many systems.

* VISIT ignores the legal concept of proportionality by creating mass surveillance in
order to identify a relatively small number of suspects.

* VISIT redefines due process. Where previously people would be fingerprinted and
scrutinised upon suspicion, they are now all suspects until at least temporarily eliminated
from suspicion. There is no meaningful oversight. While Europe has several mechanisms,
such as the European Court of Human Rights, in North America protections are minimal as
National Security interests trumps all rights of data protection.

* VISIT abolishes all principles of privacy. It accumulates personal information
indiscriminately, collecting and sharing this information for unforeseen purposes, and
retaining it over our lifetimes.

A child entering the U.S. on October 1 will have her fingerprints on record for the rest of her
life. There is no end to the uses to which this sensitive information will be put, nor any
meaningful borders or boundaries limiting the flow of this data. This is why governments
around the world have expressed both concern and excitement by the system. [...]
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Border surveillance plan unveiled
Passport being stamped
Passport information will be stored electronically
The government is spending millions of pounds to keep a record of passengers travelling to and from the UK.

Project Semaphore is another strand in the government's e-borders scheme to create high-tech border controls.

The £15m scheme will see passenger information stored electronically and linked to databases kept by law enforcers.

The government will combine the e-borders scheme with biometric ID cards to track individuals entering the UK.


Initially the system will target six million passengers a year travelling on a number of international air routes, identified by borders agencies and the police as risky.

Passport information and the passenger details collected when air tickets are booked will be routinely stored electronically.

The details can then be checked against police and intelligent service databases.

"Project Semaphore, which will be underway by the end of the year, is a key first step in putting in place comprehensive electronic analysis of passenger travel data, which will be crucial to being able to register entry and exit without gross inconvenience to passengers," said Home Secretary David Blunkett in a statement.

Immigration control
Authorities will be able to identify those who overstay visits to UK

"Access to information about passengers before they travel will help in the fight against illegal immigration, particularly document and identity abuse. It will also aid law enforcement and counter terrorism," added Immigration Minister Des Browne.

Many countries are concerned with tighter surveillance at their borders in the light of increased terrorist threats.

The UK project is very similar to one being implemented in the US this week.

US-VISIT will collect, assess, process and retain passenger details and biometric information on visitors to the US.

The project has come under fire from privacy and human rights groups.

Head of Privacy International Simon Davies sees great similarities between the two schemes.

Tracking movements

"Project Semaphore appears to be a mini version of the US system for sharing information across borders," he said.

"The motivations appears to be to create a hard outer shell for the country but the purposes extend beyond anti-terrorism and immigration controls," he added.

The fact that the system will be linked to internal databases could potentially allow checks on other things such as criminal or benefits records, he said.

Linking the system to the proposed ID card scheme will create "a seamless identity check, tracking a person at the border and their movements internally", said Mr Davies.

The huge amount of information stored could lead to more people being turned away at the border.

Low risk

"The fate that befell Yusuf Islam (formerly the singer Cat Stevens) will happen to a countless number of other travellers," predicted Mr Davies.

The government is convinced that the system will prove more convenient for travellers and citizens alike.

"Technology will allow us to speed through low risk passengers, helping British business and visitors to the UK," said Mr Browne.


Me too bastard copyists.
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MacCentral: Edirol R-1 records, plays MP3, WAV files
By Brad Cook

Bellingham, Wash.-based company Edirol announced on Tuesday the release of the R-1, a 24-bit portable digital recorder and player that's compatible with the WAV and MP3 formats. It records files to CompactFlash cards up to 2GB in size and runs on a pair of AA batteries that bring its total weight to 10 ounces, or it can draw power from an AC adaptor. It's approximately an inch taller than Apple's iPod and is about twice as wide.

The R-1 features two omni-directional electret mics, an external line, mic inputs and a headphone jack as well as an internal effects processor that includes mic simulation. It also offers a metronome, tuner, half-speed playback and A-B repeat for music education purposes. The recorder/player comes with a 64MB CompactFlash card that can hold up to 130 minutes of MP3 files at 64kbps and it uses a USB 2.0 port to connect to your Mac. Pricing will be US$550 when it ships in November."

Apple really needs to enable line-in recording on the iPod. Pronto.
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I was running up to the unbearable west end from Victoria today to pict up a wireless router and USB antenna, when the drizzle, gloom and Brian Bolland street scene mutants all became too much, forcing me to grab a taxi.

This taxi then nearly knocked down a hapless pedestrian...and then another one. The driver, then informed me that "you have to keep smiling" and that in these days the only way he would vote would be if there could be a "no confidence" box on every ballot.

He reasoned, vividly, that if everyone who was not satisfied with any of the three parties could put a tixk in that box, and if those votes were the majority, the election would be declared void and all the parties would be forced by law to re work their manifestae whereupon in 60 days, the election would be re tried.

Since "only a quarter of voters" brought in the last and "totally incomptetent bunch of fucking liars" governmennt it was clear to my driver that "democracy doesnt work and has to be fixed urgently".

The democracy is broken meme is everywhere.
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Cameras schmameras... behold the Edirol R-1 Digital Recorder

  • Internal Mic (stereo)
  • Inputs: 3.5mm Mic in, 3.5mm Line in
  • Output: 3.5mm headphone/optical out (SPDIF)
  • Support CompactFlash(tm) card up to 2 GB
  • Records 1 stereo track to WAV or MP3
  • 10-band EQ
  • 24 bit 44.1 kHz AD/DA conversion
  • Runs on 2 AA batteries or AC power
  • Playback: approximate 6 hours
  • Recording: approximate 2.5 hours
  • DSP effects like Reverb, Noise Reducer
  • USB2.0
  • Mass Storage Class
  • 20 x 2 character display
  • Dimensions: 134 x 99 x 30mm
  • Weight: 205g (8 oz)

  • More Info
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    -------- Original Message --------
    Subject: Re: [Politech] Paypal reportedly penalizes opinionated liberals, conservatives
    Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 16:06:06 -0500
    From: Jim Davidson
    To: Declan McCullagh

    Dear Declan and Friends,

    Thanks for your messages. This week has been especially interesting
    to me. I've long regarded PayPal as a very poor choice for people
    interested in online payment systems.

    Difficulties with PayPal are pretty widely reported on sites such as and elsewhere, but alternative payment
    services are not so widely known, it seems. I report on the many
    alternatives in the free market money section of my Indomitus Report
    every week. See for details. The free sample
    issue covers a large number of the alternatives.

    Briefly, these include with several million accounts, some
    $30 million in current circulation, and around a billion dollars a
    year in throughput. Numerous sites with tutorials, such as which is my personal favorite. For the offshore
    enthusiast, there is which works with e-gold but stores data
    about your transactions in Anguilla. Both e-gold and 1MDC offer
    excellent automation systems for shopping carts. has about 250,000 accounts, some $12 million in

    They offer gold, silver, and "e-currency" which is a dollar transfer
    service. Their Cryptocard security is top-notch. They recently moved
    their servers to Switzerland, a respected financial privacy haven. A
    good quality automation system is available for shopping cart
    interfaces. has a bit more gold in circulation than e-gold, but only
    about 15,000 accounts. Corporate governance is excellent and the system
    is audited. Their servers are on the Channel Isle of Jersey, a worthy
    financial privacy haven. A truly outstanding automation interface. is much smaller in terms of circulation and users, but has
    excellent security features and will encrypt all communications to your
    PGP key if you wish. Servers on New Zealand. offers gold and silver specie, paper and digital
    warehouse certificates. We aren't deeply enthusiastic about their
    automation interface. Servers in Indiana and metal stored in Idaho,
    so a bit domestic. offers an online payment system comparable to PayPal in
    that it is a dollar transfer service. Probably several million

    Circulation figures are unpublished. Servers are probably in Spain.

    A lot of people seem to like Online casinos seem
    to like Neteller. Overseas, we've seen a lot of interest in former
    Soviet countries in WebMoney. There's also quite a bit of activity
    in interchange, such as cyfrocash,,, and which offer various online exchanges.

    The short of it is that there are many online payment services to choose
    from. It simply isn't the case "that PayPal is a de facto monopoly
    for internet payments." Rather, PayPal seems to be a widely used
    system that has a lot of problems. It may have the most market share,
    but it also has the most trenchant critics and a great many fundamental
    deficits. But, at least founder Elon Musk is interested in space
    launch services with his company. Maybe he can do unto
    NASA as his PayPal system has done unto so many merchants and consumers.
    No one would more richly deserve a lot of difficulty than NASA.


    "NASA delenda est"

    Politech mailing list
    Archived at
    Moderated by Declan McCullagh (


    It seems that e-gold has grown fantastically.
    posted by Irdial , 11:20 AM Þ 

    Iraqi WMD

    1 cup Remy Red Liqueur
    1 cup milk
    1 cup black vodka

    Pour black vodka, milk and red liqueur into a tall glass, ensuring that the layers remain separated. Tell everyone that a prize is hidden in one of the glasses; the prize may or may not exist. Take back the glasses before everyone has finished. Smash them into the wall while shouting, "be free!"

    Coalition of the Willing

    1 half pint American bourbon
    1 cup British gin

    Pour gin and bourbon into a pint glass. Insist there's more to it than just gin and bourbon. [...]

    From J. "Concorde" Collins. You know who you are!
    posted by Irdial , 11:10 AM Þ 
    Tuesday, September 28, 2004

    i want this.

    posted by Ken , 10:27 PM Þ 

    posted by telle goode , 9:01 PM Þ 
    posted by telle goode , 6:27 PM Þ 

    film piracy
    Australia has experienced an upsurge in movie piracy
    A cinema trailer that compares the illegal download of films with other serious thefts has been launched in Australia, it is reported.

    The anti-piracy film likens such downloads to stealing cars, said film industry website Screen

    It said 1,900 copies of the trailer had been distributed, and the format would be adapted for use globally.

    An Australian court sentenced a person to jail for the offence last week after a recent surge in piracy.

    Neil Pentecost, president of the Cinema Owners Association of Australia, outlined what he felt were the main threats faced by cinema bosses.

    As well as piracy, he pointed to the shortening of the time between cinema and DVD release, speed of DVD penetration, and pay-TV platforms offering near-video-on-demand services.
    "I firmly believe intellectual property theft has the potential to decimate the business if it gets out of hand."


    <>So expect to see anti-rental shop trailers then.
    And then, this....

    cinema audience
    Americans are forecast to have seen 5.74 films each this year
    Global cinema takings are expected to show a steady rise during 2004 with a boost in admission numbers, a research body has predicted.

    Research body Informa predicted 8.5bn visits to the cinema would be recorded this year, up from 8.2bn in 2003.


    posted by Alun , 5:28 PM Þ 
    Monday, September 27, 2004

    posted by Irdial , 6:44 PM Þ 

    John Heartfield
    The Spirit of Geneva

    From Cut and Paste, a History of Photomontage
    posted by telle goode , 5:27 PM Þ 
    Sunday, September 26, 2004

    One call a day? Two? Three? A hundred? How many bluffs could be called, by the callers and by the airlines? How long would transatlantic travel survive?
    posted by Alun , 9:10 PM Þ 

    September 23, 2004
    PayPal Set to Fine Users

    By Susan Kuchinskas

    Beginning Friday, PayPal will begin penalizing users who buy things it doesn't want them to: prescription drugs from unverified pharmacies, material with even a whiff of sex and gambling or lottery services.

    On August 23, PayPal gave users via e-mail 30 days' notice that it could levy a fine of $500 on those who violate its acceptable use policies. Its compliance team will strictly enforce the new acceptable use policy to implement the monetary fines on both buyers and sellers who use the transaction service to trade in items the San Jose, Calif.-based company has outlawed.

    Those policies prohibit a wide variety of things, from stuffed migratory birds to used airbags. But the user agreement revision singles out those who, despite the transaction platform's best efforts, persist in using it to pay for forbidden goods and services in the mature audiences, prescription drugs and gambling categories.

    A PayPal spokesperson said the fines were an evolution of its policy prohibiting these activities; she declined to say what percentage of the service's transactions might engage in barred goods. [...]

    Now, how thick do you have to be to not see that the next step is for your government to be able to automagically fine you in a monetary system where there is no cash and only a ubiquitous, government controlled, transparent digital cash? With PayPal you can switch to another provider (and take the risk that your customers wont have it installed, but thats a problem of business momopoly) but with government e-cash there will be no alternative to switch to.

    You park in the wrong place, your Oyster is automatically debited. You get caught by a speeding camera, your account is automatically debited. You get caught jaywalking your account is automatically debited. And so on. Of course, they will not care that doing any one of these debits might stop you from being able to buy food that week, and in order to pull it off, local authoriteies, parking atenndants, bus conductors, and just about everyone who works in government will be able to fine you, meaning they have debit access to your account.

    If you dont have the money in your account, an arrest warrant is automatically issued. You have to use this same card to travel, so they can sweep you up within hours of your account failing to be debited.

    This is the logical consequence of PayPal fining its users for using their own money to buy what they want. If these PayPal users had even one working braincell, they would flee it like ticks fleeing a dead dogs carcasse.

    and here is another example:

    Friday :: September 24, 2004

    TalkLeft Reinstated By Paypal

    Paypal has reinstated TalkLeft's account. So, whose advice did I follow? Those of you who said delete the objectionable post, make sure I get my money, then decide whether to leave Paypal. All of your suggestions are very much appreciated. I thought about them all before deciding.

    Update: Bill Quick of The Daily Pundit got a similar missive from Paypal. He's angry and has refused to give in and is taking his paypal links down.

    Original Post 9/23/04

    Unbelievable. This e-mail from paypal was in TalkLeft's email box today. Shorter version: TalkLeft's paypal account is restricted because of a link to a beheading video.

    We appreciate the fact that you chose PayPal to send and receive payments for your transactions.

    However, your account has been limited for violating PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy regarding Offensive Material. The Policy prohibits the use of PayPal in the sale of items or in support of organizations that promote hate, violence, or racial intolerance; items which graphically portray violence or victims of violence; or items closely associated with individuals notorious for committing murderous acts within the last 100 years. Further, PayPal prohibits a person convicted of a violent felony, or his relatives or associates, from using PayPal to benefit financially from the convict's criminal notoriety. The complete Acceptable Use Policy
    addressing Offensive Material can be found at the following URL:

    To appeal the limitation on your account, you will need to:

    1. Remove those items from your website that violate PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy. For example, any links to obtain the Eugene Armstrong begeading video; and

    2. Submit the online Acceptable Use Policy affidavit.

    This is not intended to be an all-inclusive review or list of your Internet sites in violation. Furthermore, the violations of the Policy described above are not intended to be an all-inclusive list. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all transactions comply with the Acceptable Use Policy.

    Suggestions for how I should respond? [...]

    posted by Irdial , 11:10 AM Þ 

    Bush - Nazi Link Confirmed

    By by John Buchanan
    from The New Hampshire Gazette Vol. 248, No. 1, October 10, 2003
    posted by telle goode , 4:33 AM Þ 

    Bush's grandfather helped Hitler

    Let the attacks begin in earnest!

    And on the same subject:

    Bohemian Club
    Bohemian Grove & Global Elite

    Secret Societies, Bohemian Club, Bohemian Grove, masons, secret societies, shadow government, illuminated conspiracy, conspiracies Herbert Hoover, San Francisco, William F. Buckley, Jr., Fred L. Hartley, Merv Griffin, Thomas Haywood, George Bush, Herbert Hoover, John E. Swearingten, Casper W. Weinberger, Justin Dart, William E. Simon, Movers, shakers from politics, business go Bohemian:
    Annual Sonoma fete draws Bushes , Kissinger , Powell , Gingrich

    By Suzanne Bohan
    Bee Correspondent
    (Published Aug. 2, 1999)

    MONTE RIO -- The Bohemian Club's Annual Summer Encampment came to a close here Sunday, ending a two-week retreat for the rich and powerful that President Herbert Hoover once called "the greatest men's party on Earth." The club's famed annual gathering has been held for more than 100 years at the 2,700-acre Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, about 70 miles north of San Francisco in Sonoma County. This year's event drew in notables such as former President George Bush, Texas Gov. George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, retired Gen. Colin Powell, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Dow Chemical Chairman Frank Popoff, as well as actor Danny Glover.

    The men gather to celebrate what they call "the spirit of Bohemia," said Peter Phillips, a Sonoma State University sociology professor who wrote his doctoral dissertation on the Bohemian Club.

    "This is a place men can go and hang out with people who are similar to them," he said.

    The annual gathering near the Russian River, which was first held in 1879, starts with the "Cremation of Care" ritual, in which the club's mascot is burned in effigy, symbolizing a freedom from care. Members also perform several plays, and gourmet food and expensive wine are plentiful.

    While the club was formed in 1872 by a group of San Francisco journalists, the male-only club now bars journalists from membership to protect the group's privacy. Membership is coveted, and people routinely wait 10 or 15 years before gaining admittance. There are currently about 2,700 members.

    The club has drawn criticism for years because of its emphasis on privacy. What particularly concerns Phillips and others are the "Lakeside Talks" held during the summer retreat. This year, Powell was expected to deliver a talk titled "America's Promise Leading Armies and Leading Kids," and Popoff, of Dow Chemical, was to give a speech called "Environmental Journey."

    "These are often public policy speeches," said Mary Moore, with Bohemian Grove Action Network, a protest group. "And the American public is not privy to it."

    No one from the club returned several calls from The Bee.

    Bohemian Grove Action Network has periodically held demonstrations at the grove, although none were held this year.

    The point of the protests, Moore said, has been "to let the American public know that what they've learned in civics isn't the full story on how decision-making . . . is made in this country." The Bohemian Club, she said, "is one of the most elite organizations on the planet."

    When the group sponsors public policy talks that are held without public scrutiny, "the average American feels left out of the process," she said.

    Phillips echoes Moore's objections to the off-the-record nature of the Lakeside Talks.

    "These are extremely powerful people and private discussions on policy issues that affect us certainly go against democratic principles," he said. "There's no reason that those speeches they're giving couldn't be transcribed and made public. They have a responsibility to be open about it." [...]

    Secret Societies, Bohemian Club, Bohemian Grove Herbert Hoover and San Francisco Secret Society Meetings - Shadow Government

    The Bohemian Grove Is an Offshoot of Skull and Bones -- New, Exclusive Photos Exclusive
    March 11, 2004

    A visitor to sent us a very rare copy of the Annals of the Bohemian Club (vol 7), 1987-1996. It is the Bohemian Club Quasquicentennial, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the founding. It is an internal Club publication, and only around 200 were issued to elite members. The photos you will see below document the elite membership from George w. Bush and his Father, George H. W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Helmut Schmidt and other Illuminaries. You will also see new, exclusive images from the occult Cremation of Care ceremony.


    This image from Page 131 shows the ancient Caananite occult ritual, the "Cremation of Care, being carried out by world leaders in 1990. This is an image from their own internal document

    Alex Jones infiltrated in 2000, and got the first ever independent video -- click here for more info

    Watch a clip of the Mock Sacrifice

    More on Alex Jones' Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grov

    Here's another page depicting the Cremation of Care ceremony from 1992

    Here you see a smug George W. Bush with his father, Bush Senior (taken in 1995) giving what they call a "lakeside chat" at the Grove. This page also shows Newt Gingrich, another member. The talks are given no less than a dozen yards from the stone idol where "mock" human sacrifices take place. This is the same idol you see featured above in the Cremation of Care ceremony photo

    Richard Millhouse Nixon on the far left, and of the far right "the most trusted man in America, Walter Cronkite"
    Conservatives and liberals frolicking together at the occult compound. Jack Kemp on the far left and Jimmy Carter on the right. (pg. 133)

    From page 243 (in 1991) German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt addresses the elite of the world at a lakeside talk. Helmut Schmidt, in his own autobiography, "Men and Powers, a Political Retrospective, says that he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilberberg group. He also says that he has been an active participant in bringing in world government. Mr. Schmidt also said in his book that leaders from globalist bodies travel to the Grove every summer. He talks about secret groves in Germany where they do druidic rituals, but indicates that Bohemian Grove is his favorite place to participate in these rituals.

    In Alex jones' film, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove closeups are shown of Helmut Schmidt's book and the text.

    Here is the front cover and spine of the Annals of the Bohemian Grove 1987-1996

    Here's the inside copyright page
    posted by Irdial , 1:37 AM Þ 

    Law-breaking liquid defies the rules

    24 September 2004

    Physicists in France have discovered a liquid that "freezes" when it is heated. Marie Plazanet and colleagues at the Université Joseph Fourier and the Institut Laue-Langevin, both in Grenoble, found that a simple solution composed of two organic compounds becomes a solid when it is heated to temperatures between 45 and 75°C, and becomes a liquid when cooled again. The team says that hydrogen bonds are responsible for this novel behaviour (M Plazanet et al. 2004 J. Chem. Phys 121 5031).

    Solids usually melt when they are heated, and liquids turn into gas, although exceptions do exist when heating leads to chemical changes that cannot be reversed, such as polymerisation. However, a reversible transition in which a liquid becomes a solid when heated has never been observed until now.

    Plazanet and colleagues prepared a liquid solution containing α-cyclodextrine (αCD), water and 4-methylpyridine (4MP). Cyclodextrines are cyclic structures containing hydroxyl end groups that can form hydrogen bonds with either the 4MP or water molecules.

    At room temperature, up to 300 grams of αCD can be dissolved in a litre of 4MP. The resulting solution is homogenous and transparent, but it becomes a milky-white solid when heated. The temperature at which it becomes a solid falls as the concentration of αCD increases.

    Neutron-scattering studies revealed that the solid phase is a "sol-gel" system in which the formation of hydrogen bonds between the αCD and the 4MP leads to an ordered, rigid structure. At lower temperatures, however, the hydrogen bonds tend to break and reform within the αCD, which results in the solution becoming a liquid again.

    Molecular dynamics simulations by Plazanet and co-workers confirmed that the cyclodextrine ring becomes distorted as it is heated up to close to the solidification temperature. The hydrogen bonds within the αCD break and the hydroxyl groups rotate towards the outside, which allows a network of bonds to form between the different molecules. The team has found a number of cyclodextrine/pyridine systems that also become solid when heated, and is now looking more closely at the structure of the sol-gel system to understand the solidification mechanism in more detail. [...]

    Once again, there are no "laws of physics", and certainly nature does not "defy rules".

    But you know this.

    posted by Irdial , 1:07 AM Þ 

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