Saturday, November 20, 2004

this morning we went into town to do our christmas shopping.
fairly successful and fairly unstressful.
saveloy and chips at berwick street.
music and video exchange (ugh, i desPISE you, m+ve) john fahey's christmas guitar volume 1, vinyl, second-hand!
christmas has come early, through my stereo
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a couple of the same LaCie drives have got a bit weird

which sort of lacie drives, alex?
i have a d-something, the firewire800 ones
not sure i should be worried. I imagine yours gets a lot more work than mine does...

also, why can't i see the 'heart' symbol in alex's post in firefox, while it's fine in safari?
I ♥ & Audioscrobler.
I see a bold vertical line in it's place.
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Etched in the history of our great nation is a long and lamentable chapter about the exploitation of Native Americans.... Every kind of charlatan and every type of crook has deceived and exploited America's native sons and daughters. While these accounts of unscrupulous men are sadly familiar, the tale we hear today is not. What sets this tale apart, what makes it truly extraordinary, is the extent and degree of the apparent exploitation and deceit.

Statement of Senator John McCain, Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Oversight Hearing on Lobbying Practices Involving Indian Tribes, 9/29/04

My apologies for my uninformative post last night, Alun. I am guilty of PUI [posting under the influence]. I completely forgot about as well.
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Top Downloads
1. The Conet Project - Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations [ird059]

The Conet Project has been downloaded over ten thousand times from!

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My Audioscrobbler stats are currently quite skewed as I only installed recently (ie: within the last six months, which is also the same time I have been in proper 9-5 employment) and therefore it only reflects the music I have been listening to at work, especially as I lost my 40 gig mp3 collection due to dodgy LaCie drives.

Speaking of which, a couple of the same LaCie drives have got a bit weird at work as well. Basically Mac OS stops recognising them and restoring files is an arduous, and often unrewarding task. A word of warning.

Another benefit of Audioscrobbler is that it feeds your profile (and visa versa) meaning you're more likely to hear music you'll be interested in on

I ♥ & Audioscrobler.
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Friday, November 19, 2004

humble apologies, i should also have indentified myself. dendrite
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what are the benefits of joining 'grroup irdial'

I don't keel you.

posted by Irdial , 9:17 PM Þ 

Group Details

Top Artists
1 Marin Marais 358
2 Captain Beefheart 272
3 Johann Sebastian Bach 195
4 Pixies 159
5 Hans Reichel 138
6 Bob Dylan 137
7 Ricardo Villalobos 124
8 Patsy Cline 121
9 Brian Eno 117
10 Conlon Nancarrow 116
11 The Knife 113
12 This Heat 110
13 Wire 105
14 Spacemen 3 105
15 Sun City Girls 103
16 Autechre 101
17 The Beach Boys 95
18 Gustav Leonhardt, Sigiswald Kuijken, Wieland Kuijken 92
19 My Bloody Valentine 90
20 Pavement 88
21 Jimi Hendrix 83
22 The Byrds 82
23 Syd Barrett 76
24 John Fahey 74
25 LFO 72
26 M83 71
27 Andrés Segovia 71
28 Faust 71
29 The Beach Boys 69
30 Safety Scissors 68
31 The Flaming Lips 68
32 Moles 67
33 The Fall 67
34 Red Krayola 66
35 Fennesz 65
36 Akufen 64
37 Henry Flynt 64
38 Claudio Arrau 62
39 Set Fire To Flames 60
40 Talking Heads 60
41 kanye west 59
42 Piano Magic 58
43 Outkast 58
44 Richie Hawtin 57
45 Matthew Dear 57
46 WeekendWindow 56
47 Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band 56
48 Thelonious Monk 56
49 King Crimson 52
50 Sonic Youth 50

Alun; the same is gained through an audioscrobbler group, that is gained by an individual audioscrobbler account, save for the fact that all members' track totals are tallied and compiled for statistical viewing and learning. For instance, with 5 members present, the group has listened to a Beach Boys track 1 more time then a Flaming Lips track. This is fun and satisfying for the urge of understanding group taste, and the connection between musical forms. Conlon Nancarrow has 116 plays between us. For the record, I'm oaeoeao, scrobbling.

posted by telle goode , 9:13 PM Þ 

what about the group bit, specifically
what are the benefits of joining 'grroup irdial' (ok! grroup)?
posted by Alun , 8:46 PM Þ 

what happens in an irdial audioscrobbler group?

Audioscrobbler builds a profile of your musical taste using a plugin for your media player (Winamp, iTunes, XMMS etc..).

Everytime you play an mp3 or oggfile, it reads the ID3 tag and uploads that information to the database. It then build lists of what you last listened to, what your favourite artists are and most played tracks.

is it a good thing?

I loiter on a music forum where they had a thread called "what are you listening to right now". It ended up as over 100 pages [about 1500+ posts] before it was closed.

With Audioscrobbler, it makes it easier to see what individuals are listening to what but also with groups it builds up what the group as a whole are listening to.

I, personally have found myself searching out more through what I see online friends are listening to through AS than from that thread.

is there a loyalty card?

By installing the plugin, an RDIF chip is automatically inserted under the skin and it electrically interferes with your nervous system when any kind of disloyalty is displayed or considered.

what are the benefits of membership?

By signing up and installing the plugin, you are automatically protected from terrorists and acts of terrorism. It makes it harder for criminals to steal your identity, no matter how many of our good ol' bobbies they bribe or how much they rifle through your refuse bin for your bank and credit card statements. It will also ensure that you are entitled to use any kind of health or social system that are free at the point of service.

It will NOT, however, guarantee you quick and trouble free entry through customs into the US.
posted by chriszanf , 7:18 PM Þ 

what happens in an irdial audioscrobbler group?
is it a good thing?
is there a loyalty card?
what are the benefits of membership?
posted by Alun , 7:06 PM Þ 

Akin, have you thought about creating an Irdial group on audioscrobbler?
Yes, and now you made me actually do it ./a
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Urologe A. 1993 May;32(3):254-9. Related Articles, Links

[Tableau de l'opération de la taille by Marin Marais (1725)--a bladder calculus operation represented in music]

[Article in German]

Evers S.

The piece "Tableau de l'operation de la taille", written for viola by the French composer Marin Marais in 1725, presents an operation for removal of a stone in the bladder in musical form. Musicological analysis shows that in the early 18th century the lateral perineal approach was normally used for such operations in France. Medico-historical annotations complement the musicological analysis.

Publication Types:
  • Biography
  • Historical Article

MeSH Terms:
  • Bladder Calculi/history*
  • English Abstract
  • France
  • History of Medicine, 18th Cent.
  • Human
  • Medicine in Art
  • Music/history*
  • Paintings/history
  • Perineum/surgery*
  • Surgical Instruments/history

Personal Name as Subject:
  • Marais M

PMID: 8511837 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

1: Allergy Asthma Proc. 1996 Jan-Feb;17(1):40-42. Related Articles, Links

Allemande l'Asthmatique by Marin Marais (1656-1728), French composer and virtuoso.

Cohen SG.

Publication Types:
  • Biography
  • Historical Article

Personal Name as Subject:
  • Marais M

PMID: 8814939 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
The more I find out about Marin Marais the further I fall.
posted by Irdial , 2:59 PM Þ 

Whatever happened to Mixmaster Morris?
posted by Mess Noone , 2:49 PM Þ 

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO has produced the largest digital panoramic photo in the world

when you use the + & - for zoom it can be a little jerky and takes a while to re-adjust so use the [almost invisible] slider that runs along the top of the controls.

Good news with the grant, Alun. Hope York works out well for you.

Seems there is a change of direction for me work-wise. My main dayjob is going through the usual seasonal slowdown as well as more of it is now security cleared. Getting clearance is a bit of a catch 22 situation though. You have to have clearance to get on a contract but can only get clearance through a contractor.

I have been asked by 5 people to build websites for them and another person that wants my friend and I to build and cable a studio in his garage from the various keyboards and sound machines he owns. We did this previously for another friend and it seems word got around.

I also have a song on the Hippocamp netlabel [part 1 track 10] as a part of a compilation to mark their 100th release. I haven't written any other music for a while from being pre-occupied with the work situation and also the flat we rent was sold to a property management company in September, who have applied for planning permission to convert it into several smaller flats. Looks like we will have to move fairly soon after new year.

currently reading: Carlos Ruiz Zafón 'The Shadow Of The Wind'
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Google Scholar: irdial
Check out the "Splitting Bits, Closing Loops: Sound on Sound" link, there is an inspiring first article.
posted by Claus Eggers , 1:49 PM Þ 

I have read William Gibson's blog, he is quite an interesting and astute man. Last year at Uni I was in a Science-Fiction class (!) and one of the books we studied was Gibson's "all tomorrow's parties." I was very impressed by the structure and message of the book. Very fascinating. Not action-packed but who cares about that.
Also Jack Womack is very good. I think I have a short story by him.
For the class I presented on a movie called No Maps for These Territories that is basically a long interview with Gibson. It is intriguing and I heartily reccommend it. Gibson's speech is so unlike his prose. Slow, sparse, and slighly drawling.

Currently I am working like a madman on: 2.26m wide drawings involving dark, choking prairie atmospheres populated with radio transmission towers, power lines, and physics diagrams, three large etchings involving even more particle physics material and radio towers, and about a dozen woodblocks involving particle physics, thermionic valves (vaccuum tubes), abstract notation, and vague scientific/poetic text gleaned from various sources to be bound into a book. Not to mention doing the finances for the Bachelor of Fine Arts grad committee and an art history research project!
Busy, busy bees.

Congratulations on the grant approval, Alun. York is a beautiful place, one of the many places I visited on my trip to the UK.
posted by Barrie , 5:37 AM Þ 
Thursday, November 18, 2004

Dav, it's a hot chocolate kind of night. With whipped cream, digestive biscuits and Seinfeld on DVD.

Has anyone read Jack Womack?

William Gibson has started blogging again. There's an RSS feed.
I like his blog. He posts some good stuff.
Just thinking of rereading the Neuromancer or Virtual Light trilogies makes me shiver, it all seems just a bit too prescient in places. Incredible stuff.

I am currently singing Calexico's Not Even Stevie Nicks... in my head.
Have been listening to Schubert's joyous playful exuberences for piano.
Have been reading scientific papers about alveolar macrophages.

Had a paper accepted for publication, got my grant funded and we're moving to York early next year. Isn't life strange.

What about you?
posted by Alun , 8:44 PM Þ 

...look, complaining about the weather is, I know, a rather pointless thing to do, as we just can't do anything about it. But sod it, it's rained all day here today, and tonight riding home I got bloody soaked. All of my wet weather gear is showerproof, but not endless-relentless-I'm-not-stopping-raining-proof, so by the time I got home not only was I cold, and annoyed and feeling really sad about the whole affair, I was all bl**dy wet too (and still am).
posted by captain davros , 7:06 PM Þ 



"The insecurity organised by the French army in Abidjan and the inner of the country was an excuse for Chirac to increase his military staffs on the Ivoirian territory. The Licorne was supposed to protect the French nationals, but they were not able to prevent them from being stolen their goods by some of the 4000 prisoners who had been released by RDR minister, Henriette Diabaté. They couldn’t anyway, since they too much busy with slaughtering the unarmed Ivoirian patriots." [...]
posted by Irdial , 2:13 PM Þ 


Varmint Hunting Video - Prairie Dog Be Gone
Check out the video samples
posted by Claus Eggers , 1:58 PM Þ 

I respect your freedom to choose to ID yourself to the state. Do you respect my freedom to not do so. No, I didn't think so.

You're the one choosing the side of tyranny.

Thank God there is at least one person who understands clearly what this is all about; Tyranny.

It makes me sick to my stomach to read the robotic stock replies, "I havent got anything to hide", "They already use SSN, so why not", and all of these other assemply line arguments from these pathetic drones who couldnt think themeselvs out of a paper bag. They are unprincipled, stupid and are very much the cause of the problem, because if they refused to comply with a national ID card scheme, ANY scheme, it would die instantly. The ones I despise the most are the inured from birth saying, "It doesnt hurt me, Im used to it".

Let me spell it out for you; The State is not the definer of your identity. You do not even have one sole identity; that is an artificial idea created by the state; people have reinvented themselvs since man walked on two legs; what you call yourself in your interaction with anyone else is your afffair, and it is not the right of the state to indellably brand you with a single identity, which of course, is entirely for their own purposes.

Anyone that acceps the state being the arbiter of their identity is a servant, a piece of property, and should be flushed down the toliet with the rest of the shit. [...]

Comments in response to this absurd article where the "The Blind Man" half wittedly makes the argument against ID cards:

"There should be more checks on the use of information collected through supermarket loyalty cards, Home Secretary David Blunkett has suggested.

In a speech, Mr Blunkett said the cards produced key details about people's shopping habits but were accepted because they were run by private firms. People should not distrust ID cards because they are a state idea, he said.

Mr Blunkett later said he had no loyalty cards himself and had borrowed the Nectar card to illustrate his point."

Well well well. Firstly, a Nectar card is VOLUNTARY. You can fill in any name and address you want on it. You can, after having used it, get out of it. No one will DEMAND that you show it in order to buy food. When you sign up to it, voluntarily, you get ACTUAL, IMMEDIATE MONETARY BENEFIT FROM IT, wheras, THE STATE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO BENEFITS FROM AN ID CARD, them and THE CONTRACTOR WHO RUNS THE SYSTEM. If the intruduction of an ID card guaranteed every taxpayer a 10% reduction, it would be universally adopted overnight. The fact is, you LOOSE PRIVACY and LOOSE MONEY when you accept an ID card, AND you dont benefit from any of the imaginary savings the state is going to make from, for example, people getting healthcare "for free".

"Such a database would prevent people travelling to America having to pay $100 on every visit for a biometric visa, he suggested."
So, everyone in the UK must get a biometric ID card...because the USA says so? If you want to travel to the USA that is a VOLUNTARILY chosen destination; some people might never want to travel to the USA, or they might want to go somewhere else; should they be made to do this because some people want to holiday in Florida, and it would save those few from paying the visa fee? I think not.

If this is the best argument this "man" can come up with, honestly, in a country run on common sense, this should die a death....uh oh!
posted by Irdial , 9:01 AM Þ 
Wednesday, November 17, 2004

posted by chriszanf , 6:10 PM Þ 

" In front of her gated apartment complex, Courtney Payne, a 9-year-old fourth grader with dark hair pulled tightly into a ponytail, exits a yellow school bus. Moments later, her movement is observed by Alan Bragg, the local police chief, standing in a windowless control room more than a mile away."

The New York Times > Technology > In Texas, 28,000 Students Test an Electronic Eye
posted by Ken , 5:16 PM Þ 

Big kisses to Gwyneth Dunwoody for putting in one place why you can't trust the government with your personal information.
posted by meau meau , 2:28 PM Þ 

number ten on ID

17 November 2004

The proposed national ID card scheme will be a 'gold standard' for proving identity, not a 'Big Brother-style' surveillance tool, Home Secretary David Blunkett promised today.

[LIE if it involves 'profiling' as he has promised]

In a speech to the Institute of Public Policy Research, Mr Blunkett restated the case in favour of a secure national ID cards scheme, which four out of five citizens support.

Government plans will create a practical, simple and secure way for ordinary citizens to protect and prove their identity, he said.

[LIE complicates access to services; LIE requires expensive registration that only benefits favoured IT companies; LIE involves centralised database - presumably with a number of mirrors for backup - open to DOS attacks and bribery]

"The ability to prove one's identity reliably is an ever-more important aspect of modern life.

[WHITE LIE this is only becomes so if the government requires ID proof for services etc not the other way around]

"A national ID cards scheme will provide a 'gold standard' for doing that, protecting individuals from the modern-day crime of identity theft, protecting public services for use by those who are properly entitled to them, and helping us tackle crime, terrorism, and illegal immigration and working."

[LIE a piece of plastic will not stop you being mugged or murdered or terrorised, LIE illegal immigration and working are invisible until they are discovered only then could ID measures have any relevance and they can't undo past actions]

Under the proposed scheme only very basic personal details such as name, address, date and place of birth will be held. Alongside this will be 'biometric' information such as the imprint of a finger or scan of an iris, which establish unique personal identity.

[LIE as the proposal stands at recording much more information than this including past residences etc.]

The extent of the information held will be strictly limited and subject to tight controls. Only Parliament will be able to extend or change what information is held by the scheme.

[LIE the UK shares a great deal of information with US secret services, NIR/ID profile information would be given up to the US in a snap, that's if it wasn't coordinated in the first place]

A National Identity Scheme Commissioner will be responsible for overseeing how information is used, what it is used for, how it is recorded and how ID cards are used.

The Home Secretary said store loyalty cards represent a far greater and growing database of personal information.

"Store loyalty [Government ID] cards keep continuously updated details such as the size of a person's household, whether they're employed or not and the ages of their children, besides what they like to eat, where and how often they shop and even what brand of toothpaste they use."

This information is being repeatedly shared with other companies [the USA] without any requirement to ask again for approval, he said.
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posted by > parge , 1:51 PM Þ 

Blair has stolen our clothes, says Howard

Exclusive interview: Tory leader attacks 'a very bad prime minister'

The Guardian

Michael Howard today admits that his efforts to win the next election are being frustrated by Tony Blair's ability to capture Conservative territory as his own:

poisoned public trust in politics
People feel completely taken in and deceived.
loss of trust
tainted the entire system
stole our language
much less effective
nearly eight years in which to put in place their policies and they have manifestly failed to do so
for the birds
going to privatise the health service
not where I want to be.
I am frustrated.
a very, very bad prime minister
squandered the greatest opportunity
None of those expectations have been fulfilled
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posted by Irdial , 1:27 AM Þ 
Tuesday, November 16, 2004
posted by Ken , 7:40 PM Þ 

My friends seven years old techno music has ended up as a Nokia commercial

The title of the number is "mer' strøm" witch means more power. Strøm in danish means power or direction.
posted by Alison , 4:29 PM Þ 

16.11.04: Steve Bell on Colin Powell's resignation

There's something wierd about Condoleeza Rice, something in her eyes that's not quite...
Well, just not quite...
posted by Alun , 4:20 PM Þ 

The Register has a nice summation and dissection of the Home Secretary's current position on ID cards at the moment. In case you were a bit bamboozled.

Doesn't touch on too many NIR concerns; the whole sordid issue of data sharing and exportation from $nation to the US which the NIR will facilitate (truth is that is exactly what the NIR is for); Profiling isn't discussed; ...
posted by meau meau , 3:03 PM Þ 

CSI: Entertainment and Hospitality Experts

CSI is and independent insurance management co with access to dozens of insurance companies and a focus on Entertainment and Hospitality businesses. CSI can help package coverage specifically for each client while guaranteeing the most competitive prices available.

Over the last 10 years the CSI team has place insurance coverage for over 3200 Including; Live music venues, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, concert promoters, touring artists, trade shows / expos, conferences, film and television, festivals, community events, sports, and dozens of others.

Quick Links:
Event Insurance
Restaurant & Bar Insurance
Trade Shows/Expos

We provide full access to hundreds of coverages including: general liability; excess liability, non-owned and hired auto; rain and weather insurance; event cancellation; nonappearance; liquor liability; workers compensation; equipment and property; accident medical, prize promotion payout, directors and officers coverage, employment practices liability and dozens of others.

CSI Online has been designed to provide easy access to information and applications to clients. Just click on your class of business for more details.

In addition to our entertainment and hospitality lines of business, CSI is continually adding new niche programs and companies. Please check under other programs or email and ask if we can cover your class of business.


Event Cancellation Insurance would have kept them alive...lots of bad news this month.
posted by Irdial , 1:44 PM Þ 

A pressing issue of dinner-party etiquette is vexing Washington, according to a story now making the D.C. rounds: How should you react when your guest, in this case national-security adviser Condoleezza Rice, makes a poignant faux pas?

At a recent dinner party hosted by New York Times D.C. bureau chief Philip Taubman and his wife, Times reporter Felicity Barringer, and attended by Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Maureen Dowd, Steven Weisman, and Elisabeth Bumiller, Rice was reportedly overheard saying, “As I was telling my husb—” and then stopping herself abruptly, before saying, “As I was telling President Bush.” Jaws dropped, but a guest says the slip by the unmarried politician, who spends weekends with the president and his wife, seemed more psychologically telling than incriminating. Nobody thinks Bush and Rice are actually an item. A National Security Council spokesman laughed and said, “No comment.”
posted by chriszanf , 11:51 AM Þ 

Aldwych show cancellation forces Seed closure
12 November 2004 - 16:27:31

Indie label Seed Records says it will be forced to close following the London Underground's cancellation of two shows tonight and tomorrow at Aldwych Tube Station.

The shows were supposed to have been a fourth birthday celebration for the east London-based label, featuring performances from all Seed acts as well as Warp artists and acts such as Coil. However, the shows were cancelled at the 11th hour by London Underground due to "safety considerations".

A London Underground spokeswoman says third party contractors had been carrying out safety improvements at the disused station but had overrun their schedule, meaning it was not considered safe enough to hand back to the control of the London Underground.

But Seed label manager Josh Doherty says the company had known for months the work would overrun yet formal notification - in which Seed was advised to find an alternative venue - arrived via email three hours before the first night was due to open. The night had cost Seed £10,000 and attracted mainstream press publicity.

"The label will go under," he says. "We can't afford this and our reputation has been destroyed. We spent four years building this label up and it's taken a day to destroy it."

Seed specialises in new acts of all genres.

posted by Mess Noone , 11:05 AM Þ 

A quite amazing story, of Audion.
posted by captain davros , 1:21 AM Þ 
Monday, November 15, 2004

Dear NO2ID Supporter,

Can you spare a couple of hours in Central London on the morning either of Wednesday 17th or Tuesday 23rd November? On each of those days, NO2ID will be arranging a photo-opportunity to help publicise the campaign that requires a small crowd.

If you are available on either day and would like to take part--and don't mind having your picture in the press or (with luck) on television--please contact: and we will forward details.


Guy Herbert
General Secretary, NO2ID
posted by Irdial , 11:03 PM Þ 

Ladytron play China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Irdial , 9:45 PM Þ

This is like the people who elected $your_guess_here in $your_guess_here, saying they are not sorry after the $your_guess_here ended.

And just as outrageous.
posted by Irdial , 5:28 PM Þ 

posted by Irdial , 4:35 PM Þ 

Tweedy: If they succeed, it will damage the culture and industry they say they're trying to save.

What if there was a movement to shut down libraries because book publishers and authors were up in arms over the idea that people are reading books for free? It would send a message that books are only for the elite who can afford them.

<>Stop trying to treat music like it's a tennis shoe, something to be branded. If the music industry wants to save money, they should take a look at some of their six-figure executive expense accounts. All those lawsuits can't be cheap, either. [...],1284,65688,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1


:02 David Byrne/ My Fair Lady

WIRED: What's your take on this whole copyright controversy? Is file-sharing out of control?

<>BYRNE: Not really. Imagine if book publishers decided they were against public libraries: Oh no, we don't like this because people can read books without paying for them and it's killing our sales. It's just not true. They might lose a tiny percentage, but they actually gain a lot more. [...]

Its all kicking off today; this article about Numbers Stations was on the front cover of WiredNews, beneath the interview qouted (yes, "qouted") above. Then, there is an interview with the Beastie Boys who are on the cover of the waste paper waster which has the quote emphasized from a former Talking Head.

The infection spreads. The analogies replicate.

posted by Irdial , 3:53 PM Þ 

Prove identity to surf net in Bangalore

Internet surfers in over 50,000 cyber cafés across Karnataka now need to show an identity proof before browsing the web. With an aim to prevent misuse of the Internet by criminals, the state government has made it mandatory for all such cafes to have a record of net users, failing which the police can impound their licenses.

"We are introducing this law to check anti-social elements and anti-national activities. Internet is a great medium for communication, but people can also carry out a lot of such (illegal) activities through it," state IT secretary K.N. Shankaralinge Gowda told here.

According to the new norms, a surfer needs to display his/her identity card at the cyber café or be photographed by a web camera by the attendant before logging on.

--The next stage to this would be to have ID card readers which allow the computer terminal to operate and add your browsing history to your database/ID record and library books etc.--
posted by meau meau , 1:52 PM Þ 

ed; For about two or three years in the mid 90s he was about the only vocalist I could bear to listen to, and still of about five that actually move me. big sigh.
posted by meau meau , 11:20 AM Þ 

Ol' Dirty Bastard
posted by alex_tea , 12:14 AM Þ 
Sunday, November 14, 2004

Overgrowing Ivy Lands Parish Councillor in Court

By Lesley Richardson, PA News

A public-spirited parish councillor ended up in court after he trimmed back ivy that was causing a traffic hazard, it emerged today.

Brian Lenthall, 52, was arrested and appeared in court three times after trimming back ivy growing on to the roadside at the junction between a lane and a main road in the village of Corfe, near Taunton, in Somerset.


Police then arrested Mr Lenthall, an agricultural contractor, searched him, removed all his personal objects in case he tried to harm himself, kept him in a cell for an hour and then charged him with criminal damage.

The married father-of-three was DNA tested, had his fingerprints taken and was photographed. He refused to accept a formal caution because it would be an admission of guilt and would have given him a criminal record.[...]


My emphasis, DNA testing for dropping litter coming soon no doubt. Quite what this acheives beyond covert DNA databasing of the population is unclear to me.

Music On A Long Thin Wire on double vinyl, yeep!
posted by meau meau , 11:23 AM Þ 

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