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Europe tightens travel checks

Britons to face fingerprint tests for France

Nicholas Watt in Brussels
Saturday January 8, 2005
The Guardian

British holidaymakers travelling to France and several other European countries will be required to undergo fingerprint checks under new rules announced yesterday.

French passport officials stationed at Eurostar stations in London and Kent will be free to demand checks from British cross-Channel rail passengers. Couples arriving by air for a weekend city break in Paris will also face the tests.

The tougher controls, announced yesterday by the European commission in Brussels, will come into effect in 2007 and will apply to holders of new biometric passports.

Travellers will be subject to identity checks to prove that the document belongs to them. Biometric passports, which are designed to improve security, have two key features: a digital record of the holder's fingerprint and a digital photograph. Passport officials will be entitled to ask travellers to pose before a camera or to have their fingers scanned to prove they are the named holder.

"This is all about the security of documents," said a British official. "There will be no database of fingerprints and there will be no ink involved...",7445,1385954,00.html

This is of course, total insanity.

The only thing that needs to be checked is wether or not the passport has been tampered with. In the above example, if a wanted criminal is checked and his fingerprints match the document and he is let through, what possible use is the delay created in making these checks?

The only reason to fingerprint someone at a border is if the check is made against the central register to see if the person is wanted, NOT just to check if the passport belongs to the person. Criminals have passports too, and of course, in this world, EVERYONE is a criminal....

But I digress.

This is just an excuse for the fingerprint tech sellers to roll out the systems all over Europe in a Billion Euro waste of money. This is why I keep saying, if everyone refuses to be fingerpriinted, the whole enterprise collapses. As soon as you consent to be fingerprinted, the motivation to roll out the entire system is made real.

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This is the New StingRay OCC Chopper. We will soon have a
kit that the custom can bolt on to the frame, remove the pedal and place your feet on the "foot" pegs while riding.
The gear box is a 5.33 to 1 reduction and has a inside drive, so the engine is placed on the left and the gear box is on the right. The engine & gear box is centered in the frame. The engine shown is a Robin 40.2 cc 2.0 hp two cycle. We will offer this kit with several different engines sizes & brands. More information coming soon...
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And GAVIN BELL, smarting that the only official copies of the
EU Constitution reside in some PDFs marked "Beware of the
Leopard", is creating a usable, permalinkable, annotable
version for the Web. He's looking for Moveable Type and
Mediawiki hackers to help him out. The perfect hobby for
those wanting to open up what Gavin says will be "the social
software for 500 million people for the next twenty years" -
or if you just want to *really* annoy Andrew Orlowski.



Ah yes!
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2005 has been quite fusiony for myself...

did you know that Carlos Santana was once a young man?
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India may be the first country to explain to the world about extra-terrestrial and UFO contacts – the secret debate is on

Staff Reporter
January 06, 2005

New Delhi is in the middle of a big secret internal debate. On one side the largest democracy of the world is eager to explain to its citizens and to the world about the ongoing contacts with the UFOs and extra-terrestrials. On the other hand there are invisible untold international protocols that prohibit doing anything that may cause worldwide fear and panic.

It is well accepted between the UFO and extra-terrestrial experts that all the five nuclear powers are in contact with the beings from other stars for quite some time. Recently India has seen enormous news on UFO contacts and secret UFO bases in Himalayas near the Chinese bases. In Ladak, for example the locals clearly point out the everyday phenomenon of large triangular spacecrafts coming out below the ground and Indian security forces protecting them.

Military officials and politicians have confessed the fact that India has been contacted. India has been told the rules of the Universe.

The current debate is on whether to keep it secret like other countries are doing or in tradition of a total transparent society come out and tell the truth. India is so open and democratic; it is very difficult to keep a secret for long. The biggest concern of the Government today is that unlike in other countries, it will be very difficult to keep it secret for long. If the information comes out through unofficial channels first and then the authorities are pressed against the wall to confess, two bad things can happen. First, it can really cause a panic in the country as well as the world. Second, the way the Indian politics is run, the ruling party will be thrown out of power in no time i it is ever found that the Government withheld such information from the public. [...]

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no publication with principles

Oh you tease

The Sound Projector From the more eccentric/noisier end of the scale. I suppose they do take a few adverts. I guess it's a bit 'institutionally male', like Improv gigs...

I like Ed Pinsent's record reviews in this most of all. especially the fact that he also reviews seemingly random records from his record collection as well as relatively new stuff. He describes how a record sounds and how a vital person (he) is impressed by those sounds. The fact that it takes the 'wait at least a month' MO and stretches it to 'wait 6 months or so to review then another three for publishing' is a bit stretched for my liking. But I'm not providing a better alternative so...

Other reviewers give their take on hip-hop and 'rock' but give me Ed (as the actress...)
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Thanks BMWS, but who do I trust to tell me what's what?

That is the question; where there is no publication with principles, there is no one to trust, the news doesnt get disseminated, and that is a bad thing.

You, with your 'eccentric' (to say the least) views of independence, creativity and originality? least you are guaranteed the unexpected with the likes of me; you get a shiver of exitement, or disgust and dismay, either way, you get a buzz....we do want that dont we?

Or the BBC, Xfm and the NME, with their wealth of experience and proven record of spotting new talent*?

Further to the footnotes:

The NME, is a publication, not a single person. When, in the distant past, it exposed new talent, the exposure came via writers with ears, like Paul Morley (of which there is only one), who doesnt work there anymore. You can pick up old copies of that newspaper, and see that they reviewed many many great groups, but that was the NME of old. Now, we are told by the new NME that The Bravery and Franz Ferdinand are great, so, something somewhere is utterly broken....

XFM....if it had existed in 1979, it would have been a force to recon with. Nuff Said.

As for the BBC, the same applies as per the NME. The BBC is an institution, and does not have a wealth of experience in and of itself. John Peel was single handedly responsible for most of what made it great in the late seventies, and that is a fact. In the past, Old Grey Whistle test was worth changing your schedule to watch. Now, we have only the apalling Jools Holland show, with its PR driven guest list, all of them there without exception, to sell a new CD or biographical tome.

So its EITHER the eccentrics, OR NME, XFM, BBC. That is not even a choice.

I prefer to ask for lists of things to check out, which I then check out. I prefer to ask for these lists from eccentrics, outsiders, geeks, strange dudes, you name it. I want the essential vibration, I want that shudder of delight, that makes your eyes roll up into your head, and your face wince as if you are in pain.

Others may think The Bravery are the dogs bollocks, that XFM is the best thing since sliced bread, and that the BBC is the place to find out whats going on in music. They are welcome to all of that, and as much as they can swallow without puking. They have always been there, will always be there, and we can either suffer them or not.

I dont watch TV (normally) I never listen to crappy radio stations and their bought and paid for DJs. Unless its by accident, which means walking in the streets and into shops where music from said outlets is normally and indescriminantly blaring. I never read reviews of record releases.

I DO listen to WFMU. I ALWAYS pay heed to the reccomendations of 'the eccentrics'. I DO listen to pirate radio in London. And I enjoy all three.

I trust you know where I stand.

Well of course. On the side of the right, the eccentrics, the elites, the elders, the high (r)evolutionaries, the leaders, the top 1%, the enlightened, the great and the good, the far sighted, the movers and shakers (Sviatoslav Richter Scale).

A triplet, the first of 2k5!

Ladytron, my arse.

Ladytron RULE your arse.

But you know this!
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"like Kylie, but totally in touch with Alvin Lucier"

You NEED Paul Morley to produce your DVD singles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My MMV is starting dangerouslyproggy - 2 triple lps and a double cd && arrived last night - I am tired!! Talking of which, is Barrie working round the clock?


My new years resolution is 9660 dpi
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Thanks BMWS, but who do I trust to tell me what's what? You, with your 'eccentric' (to say the least) views of independence, creativity and originality? Or the BBC, Xfm and the NME, with their wealth of experience and proven record of spotting new talent*?

I trust you know where I stand. Ladytron, my arse.

*Please note the following definitions apply:

Spotting: loosely based on the old A&R model, 'spotting' involves sitting down with company reps and deciding who will break through this year. Preferably over a late lunch in Soho.

New: not necessarily 'new', as such.

Talent: not necessarily 'talent', as such. Eyeliner and posture are equally important. In this way new (see above) ground is broken.
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I don't want to predujice your listening experience.

Allow me to chime in.

We at the BMWS (Bad Music Warning System) take every advantage to warn our members about incoming bad music, and the 'humans' who would force it into your ears.

That group, 'The Bravery' are complete and utter poison. We had the great misfortune (but for you, NOT misfortune, since we, having been exposed in advance of you, can now take the suffering away from you) to see and hear this diabolical group of shit peddlers on that Jools Holland 'music' programme. They were so awful that we had to turn the sound down, after exchanging looks of complete, shellshocked, gobsmacked disbelief.

If this is all 2k5 has to offer (which of course it is not, because newspapers never know whats really going on), then its going to be a hellish year of garbage.

Even the most simple minded understands that it is impossible for a group to appear on television without a huge amount of machinery behind it, moreso for a group from another country.

No group simply puts out a single and then gets on television, simply because they are great. This does not, and never has happened, at least not in this country. This group is a manufactured, manicured, managed lie, and they are unoriginal and uninspiring - in fact so unoriginal its frightening - they are a reminder of everything that is wrong with the 'whatever' generatoin. Yes 'generatoin'. Imaginationless, soul-less, brain dead, boring, repulsive, mind numbing, farcical, uninspired, ignorant, pointless, time wasting, toothless, talentless, idiotic and hopless.

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Boing Boing talks about the oh-so-passe "Home Taping is Killing Music" thing... obviously they haven't a clue about a_T's wonderful work!
Blogdial is, as always, way ahead of the game.
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The Bravery
New York electro-rock group The Bravery have come top of the BBC News website's Sound of 2005 poll to find the music scene's most promising new act.

The Bravery, who have been compared to The Cure and New Order, were the most heavily-tipped act in the survey of 110 impartial critics and broadcasters.

SOUND OF 2005 TOP 10
Franz Ferdinand
1. The Bravery
2. Bloc Party (above)
3. Kano
4. The Game
5. Kaiser Chiefs
6. KT Tunstall
7. The Dead 60s
8. The Dears
9. Tom Vek
10. The Magic Numbers
See and hear the top 10 artists

They were the subject of a record company bidding war in 2004 and their debut single, Unconditional, caused a huge buzz when it was released in the UK in November.

Singer Sam Endicott said he felt "great" about coming top of the Sound of 2005 list.

"Anyone that says they don't want a zillion screaming fans is a jackass, a liar," he said.

One of the experts to tip The Bravery was The Times' music critic Paul Connolly, who said they were "spiky but in love with pop".

Chris Hawkins, host of BBC 6 Music's chart show, said the band had "great guitars and a mastery of the electro-clash sound".

"The Bravery are proof alone that New York City is still home to hot new talent," he said.

Nigel Harding, head of music at London rock radio station Xfm, said every track from their live set "sounded like a potential single".

I would comment, but I don't want to predujice your listening experience.

But it's good to know there's still lots of " hot new talent" out there.
I've been longing for poor simulations of The Cure and New Order.

In 2006 I, Alun Kirby, will be hot and new, recreating myself as "like Kylie, but totally in touch with Alvin Lucier" and "creating priceless pearls of pop Pauline Oliveiros would be proud of".

I tell you, Gamelan Funk (©) will be the dancefloor smash we all thought Drum'n'Bass would be.

Of course my ultimate acceptance would be assured should I, like Bloc Party before me, be "touted as the new Franz Ferdinand".

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Craigie Aitchison's paintings.

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and this, 2 metres by 1.75...

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors., and another crucifixion (blue, yellow, montecastello; with black jesus; also about 2 x 1.75m). Red vase on a black background. Stunning.
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Even the fools in the 'media awareness' categories of media still use PR and PR's to get their points out

Would you put the disinfopedia from pr watch into this group? Personally I wouldn't as they seem genuinely concerned about this major issue.
What kind of media awareness groups do you mean - people like Adbusters, etc?

Is it just me or is the Blogger interface totally buggering up?
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What you want to read is something removed from the loop something valuable and useful and interesting and inspiring.

And that, is what we call "getting a WITNESS-AH!"!!!

The PR phenomenon which has taken over what we once referred to as the news industry is really, truly a major issue. I've never seen it spelt out so clearly before (and yet it is such a simple thing to say.) Even the fools in the 'media awareness' categories of media still use PR and PR's to get their points out, is it any wonder that they are ignored!

The whole of idea of publicity is a danger zone riddled with egotistic waste-flesh intent on raping the planet until they get "theirs."

In the meantime, I was looking up information about "spotted bears" and came across this; something queerly refered to as the 'Native American 10 Commandments' -- I don't care for the Moses reference, but this code of ethics is as strong as a fabric made of vision and smell.

1. The earth is our mother, care for her
2. Honor all your relations.
3. Open your heart and your soul to the Great Spirit.
4. All life is sacred; treat all beings with respect.
5. Take from the earth what is needed and nothing more.
6. Do what needs to be done for the good of all.
7. Give constant thanks to the Great Spirit for each new day.
8. Speak the truth; but only of the good in others.
9. Follow the rythms of nature; rise and retire with the sun.
10. Enjoy life`s journey, but leave no tracks.

saying no to the loop,
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Tangentially thinking, there must be a lot of stray (travel) documents following the tsunami. In a world where such documents are your identity as proscribed by the state the aftermath of such a disaster would certainly be a honey pot for anyone trying to fraudulently use someone's identity/documents. Presumably ID documents couldn't be camcelled until a death is registered and as we know there are countless numbers of people of unknown status and until a person was confirmed alive or dead then a document would still have to be valid which would give ample time for people to attempt remote transactions with the database. It is likely in disaster situations that sensitive information (health records, credit information - for private hospital treatment say) would be more easily obtainable than otherwise.
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Yes the Toady programme has PR drivel at 08:20 about 2/3 of the time. (Even worse is that they have had music in the background to some of the 'reports' after 08:30. Music on radio 4 news - It Is Sickening - and let me tell you that I'm probably in their target age demographic for new and aspiring listeners).

In fact R4 trailed the film with a half hour evening programme near the winter solstice, only they forgot to advertise the programme until two days before, I bet the PR guys were unhappy about that!


The death of Susan Sontag didn't reach my radar until now. Another strident voice taken by 2004.
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Radio 4 is getting ditzy

Its all part of the PR drive for this:

How often is it that you hear something remotely intresting that is unconnected to a PR push? That was John Peel's 'secret'; the things he played were not PRd, but were selected simply because they were good or interesting.

Editors and journalists willing to look at something interesting and new, and who are willing to run with it because of its intrinsic value are very rare; unless something already has a huge vibe around it, or is being professionally PRd, the normal response is...nothing.

You would be simply horrified at how many 'stories' in newspapers and on the radio are the direct result of PR. These are not stories at all, but are carefully crafted PR placements. I have longed for a magazine that runs on the principle of rejecting all PR. Actually, I long for a magazine that runs on principles full stop.

How could you do it? How could you keep a magazine full of interesting articles whilst totally rejecting PR attacks? People will naturally call you up with something interesting; so how could you identify the PR from the genuine experimenter, unique artist or entrepreneur with a new idea?

Firstly, you cannot rush to be first with the news. PR sweeps try and hit all the magazines at once, and so, when someone calls you up with a new thing, you need to ask:
"have you contacted another publication about this?"
if the answer is ' yes' then you do not publish
if the answer is 'no' then you wait one month to publish so you don't get caught out and duplicate another article in another magazine
In reviewing music, you wait before you write a piece, and most importantly you use strict guidelines (derived from principle) controlling what you will and will not talk about in print. For example,:
  • you never write a review of a work that is being advertised in your magazine.
  • you never write a review of a work that is being PRd
  • you never write a review of a work that is about to be released
  • you never write a review of a work by a performer that is about to do a series of concerts
  • you never write a 'negative' review
When you apply principle to what you do, you immediately begin to differentiate yourself from other, lesser publications, and become valuable to the reader, as a drink of cold water is to a man in a burning desert.

There really is no reason why you would want to read a review of something that everyone is reviewing, simply because a PR company trammeled it into a magazine with a few lines of cocaine. What you want to read is something removed from the loop something valuable and useful and interesting and inspiring. You do not want to read something that affirms your membership to a ghetto, a bubble or a groupuscule.
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Yes the last image is a fake. But all the others are real.

You can tell by where the people are standing, for a start.

Radio 4 is getting ditzy for EVP due to a certain piece of candy floss. Handmade marzipan

1.7 oooooooooooooooooh!!!
I can feel the sharks circling.
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2,000 more HD stations overnight, including Stern’s Clear Channel

Posted Jan 5, 2005, 12:06 PM ET by Joshua Fruhlinger
Related entries: Home Entertainment

HD Radio Logo

iBiquity Digital Corp. has signed several deals that they say will bring another 2,000 traditional AM and FM radio stations into the HD radio spectrum, bringing the total number to 2,500. HD Radio is the traditional radio world’s answer to satelite radio, and it promises CD-quality sound without static along with song and artist information, just like satelite. Some of the new networks include ABC, Beasley Broadcast Group, Clear Channel Communications, and Cox Radio. Yes, Clear Channel, the people losing Stern to Sirius in a year, will be making the move to HD Radio.

Digital radio, eh? So do they mean it's going to get even more tinny and awful? One of the things that I like about normal radio is the harmonics - they're natural (despite it being hard to find stations that broadcast in this way anymore). I think someone was talking about this radio problem earlier...
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Somewhere in Ireland...

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When England was great...

The invention of Cribbage, Crib for short, was attributed to the poet Sir John Suckling (1609 - 1642) by his biographer, John Aubrey. Suckling was something of a scoundrel by all accounts, "the greatest gallant of his time, the greatest gamester both for bowling and cards, so that no shopkeeper would trust him for sixpence". He was an expert at cards, dice and bowls as well as being a womaniser and notorious wit on top of his poetry day-job! His most notorious feat was began when he distributed large numbers of packs of marked cards to the aristocratic populace around England. He then followed up this preparation by going around the country playing the local gentry at Cribbage for money, managing to earn himself around £20,000 (about £4 million in today's money). His lifestyle eventually led to his downfall, however, when in 1642 he allegedly became involved in a plot to free the Earl of Stafford from the Tower of London. In an effort to escape the consequences of this, he fled to Paris and there committed suicide by poisoning himself at the age of 32.

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"Suckling, above all the other Cavalier poets... cultivated [sprezzatura,] this special quality of instinctive, careless poise. Sometimes, indeed, like a Restoration fop, he seems so careful about being careless that the substance of his discourse goes by the board. But his gay trifles have remained current in the language as some others have not; he is the prototype of the Cavalier playboy."1
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Future-creep, where everything scary you've ever read about in [science] "fiction" novels starts to look more and more like the world we're living in.

Just finished reading (after taking my own recommendation) Jack Womack's 'Random Acts of Senseless Violence'. An alternative present novel of America disintegrating. Superb language. Now more than 10 years old. In another 10 it could read like an historical document.

A couple of months ago I was stood in WH Smith (Newsagent) at Kings Cross station. I hate these places, and hadn't been in there for a couple of years. Apart from the several guards strolling around, the scary thing was the checkout area. First, crowd barriers keeping everyone herded into place. Necessary, perhaps, at busy times. Hmmm. But most disconcertingly, a bank of TV screens above the checkouts playing soothing messages, advurts, gentle music... Looking around, slack-jawed customers shuffling along the line, eyes and ears riveted by this stuff. Mind control for the masses, now an openly used corporate tool.

And still people don't seem to see it. That scares me.

The death throes of a dying empire
The dastardly murder of socialist thought
Individualism smashing society's head against a wall
Profit-led, not needs-led, technological progression
Too much irrelevance, too little substence
And not a care in the world

Authors who's works scare me now more than ever;

Jeff Noon
Philip K Dick
William Gibson
George Orwell
Jack Womack

An obvious list, maybe, but true.
When I was younger, I would have been writing a list of authors who inspired in me a hope for the future. As time passes (or, as the present changes) general hope is replaced with general concern.

It'll all come out in the wash.
Sometimes I imagine it's going to be one hell of a spin cycle.
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First gas, then whiskey and wine.
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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

You left the porno site for this?
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The new NIC design is based on the ISO 7810 size, which is 85.6 mm X 54mm. The cards are produced from a substrate called Teslin, which is a flexible product and has been tested for several bending, cracking and fatigue tests giving it high durability characteristics. The card is green in color with the image of the National Flag on both sides also printed through fine lines by a security printer. The card carries all relevant information regarding individuals name, father/ husbands name, address, date of birth, new and old ID card number, family registration number, permanent and present addresses, mark of identification, signature, thumb impression, photograph, date of issue and expiry date as well as signature of an authorized signatory from issuing authority.

[...] pulled from meau's link.

and remember, that country is run by a general who took over by coup, a man who has just refused to relinquish his position as the head of the army.

What a great tool this will be in his hands, to weed out and crush the disobedient. He will be able to deny all ID card verified services to anyone who disobeys. Thats for starters.

Think about it.
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is Pakistan's NIR
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The system is designed to prevent forged passports by making sure the original passport holder and the person standing at the immigration counter are one and the same.

The problem, security and privacy experts say, is that the technical standard chosen for the system leaves passport data unprotected.

The technology allows data on the chip to be read remotely using radio frequency identification or RFID.

That means the passport does not have to be opened or even come in contact with a scanning device. Its contents can be read remotely -- some estimates claim as far away as 30 feet -- without the passport holder knowing anything about it.

Privacy advocates and the American Civil Liberties Union have sharply criticized the proposed system, saying it effectively creates `a global infrastructure of surveillance.`

`The U.S.-backed standard means that all the information on American passports can be read by anyone with an RFID reader, whether they are an identity thief, a terrorist trying to spot the Americans in a room or a government agent looking to vacuum up the identities of everyone at a political rally, gun show or mosque,` said Laura Murphy, director of the ACLU's Washington, D.C., legislative office.

The ACLU also questioned the use of facial-recognition technology, which can be used to track people but is not foolproof when it comes to matching identity.

The U.S. government is already requiring 27 foreign countries to include biometrics in their passports in order for their citizens to continue to travel to the United States without a visa. The mandate was passed in 2002 as part of an effort to tighten border security after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Kansas City News
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Gurdjieff - Harmonic Development


The 113 recordings on these tapes were sequenced in four series:

I: First Series – recorded between 1 April and 21 July 1949
II: Mesoteric Series – recorded between 22 July and 18 August 1949
III: American Series – recorded between 25 August and 27 September 1949
IV: Second Series – recorded between 27 September and 16 October 1949
These were recorded at Gurdjieff’s apartment in Paris.

Additionally, the very first recordings of Gurdjieff’s harmonium music - made at the Wellington Hotel, New York, between 25 December 1948 and early February 1949 - have been added to this collection with the consent of the Gurdjieff Foundation of New York. These New York recordings also include several talks and stories as told by Gurdjieff to his pupils.

An addenda section containing several interesting, albeit unlabeled pieces from the original wire recordings brings the grand total to 136 recordings, over 19 hours of music, all brought together in chronological sequence on a single disc in ‘MP3’ format. As a special bonus, a short 9-minute film made by Evelyn Sutta on several automobile trips with Gurdjieff during the summer of 1949 has been added. This disc will play on any computer with MP3 software installed and on most recent DVD players.
An extra 2 CD set in standard audio format contains a representative compilation of the recordings; these discs will play on any CD player.

From Inner Octaves and Eastern Music By Jeffrey Werbock

According to Gurdjieff, certain melodies composed of microtones on inner octaves have the power to affect the inner states of humans and animals...Played unintentionally, a microtone will just sound out of tune. Played intentionally, the same microtone will have an entirely different effect on the listener. The energy of microtones can reach the finer vibrations on the inner octaves of the listener’s being, but only when the listener is convinced the musician is playing that microtone intentionally.... The first stage of intention is imitation...The second stage is reached when there is a real wish to hear a specific microtone...When the musician arrives at this stage of intention while playing in the presence of others who are actively listening, an impression of another level will be transmitted that resonates with the inner octave vibrations in the listeners...The third stage of intention begins when the musician wishes with his whole being. This stage goes beyond time and place...The relationship between the outer and inner octave tones then expresses something that transcends the local origins of the music. At that moment, the universe, in the form of a human being playing this special music, expresses the universality of the relationships between all vibrations...

anyone want to share the purchasing of this compilation??? I can't afford at it at this moment, all I want to keep are the Mp3's??? 49.95 Euros???

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Jeremy Peat is DPNJ's replacement on the BBC Goard of Governors.
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An excellent new soulseek client for OS X, for those here who are fans of p2p.
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  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows 98, NT (SP6), Me, 2000, or XP
  • At least 64 MB RAM (128MB Recommended)
  • Live Internet Connection

These people will never learn; once eXeem is released, and has RSS feeds, this cannot possibly survive. No one will pay for a 'service' like this whilst eXeem exists for free.

Oh yes, eXeem WILL have RSS, and also, people will build huge websites around it, using magnetic links to get people to visit the sites and rack up banner numbers. VCD Quality will finally be able to provide links to all the films they rate, without any risk to themselvs.

Videora opens a browser instance (thats an IE instance btw) in iteslf when you search for programmes. You can search for shows on #TVTorrents for example, and that webpage will display in the bottom of the client. Of course, if any of thes sites dissapear, Videora has one less source of torrents.

Its interface is teh sux0rz, honestly this just isnt good enough. Its almost as if they have never used anything that is useful and intuitive, like TV Guide - this isnt rocket science; OBVIOUSLY a blend of TV Guide and Kazaa is what is needed; a simple, searchable, full featured TV guide with a Bittorrent back end.

Or is that asking for too much?

Had this arrived two years ago, it would have been interesting, now, with eXeem on the way, and all trackers about to bite the dust, this cant possibly survive in its current form. Especially with its current, broken, interface, and near useless search incapability.

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| PathSync - an interactive directory (path) synchronizer for windows |
| |
| PathSync can analyze two directories and show the user a list of differences |
| between the directories. |
| |
| The user can select what actions should occur (which files to overwrite, which |
| to delete, which to ignore), and allow PathSync to synchronize. |
| |
| PathSync provides nifty statistics during the synchronization, so that the |
| user is never wondering how much time is left, etc. |
| |
| Download: PathSync v0.1 (8/20/04) (ZIP) |
| License: GPL |
| Send improvements to justin, at, well, you can guess the domain. |
| |
| TODO (coming in v0.2 or later): |
| + Make PathSync handle directories better (i.e. changing directory dates |
| and so on) |
| + Make PathSync give you a list of recent synchronizations, so that you can |
| easily select common synchronizations. |
| + Add throttled copying for minimizing CPU/network use |
| + Make installer |
| |
| |
| Copyright (C) 2004 Cockos Incorporated. |
| |
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Monday, January 03, 2005
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[SND] MP  Rire 2 (hahahaha..> 18-Apr-2002 21:29    13k
[SND] MP Rire.mp3 18-Apr-2002 21:30 22k
[SND] MP Salut!.mp3 18-Apr-2002 21:30 7k
[SND] MP T'arrêtes d'appe..> 18-Apr-2002 21:30 27k
[SND] MP T'as pas fini d'..> 18-Apr-2002 21:31 27k
[SND] MP T'as pas fini, t..> 18-Apr-2002 21:31 22k
[SND] MP T'as qu'ça à fai..> 18-Apr-2002 21:32 23k

WTF?? I hear you say....

WTF Indeed:
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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Chinese Buyer of PC Unit Is Moving to I.B.M.'s Hometown


Published: December 25, 2004

New York Times


The problem is that people in China do not traditionally celebrate birthdays.

But that is changing. And so is Lenovo. It is trying to become a global company with its purchase of I.B.M's personal computer business for $1.75 billion, and handing out birthday cakes is just part of the process of evolving into a multinational corporation. [...]

Executives at Lenovo - which gets about 98 percent of its $3 billion in revenue from China - are, in effect, acknowledging that they do not have the necessary global experience to run the new company. [...]

To further globalize the company, however, Lenovo will do something even bolder: it will move its headquarters to Armonk, N.Y., where I.B.M. is based, and essentially hand over management of what will become the world's third-largest computer maker, after Dell and Hewlett-Packard, to a group of senior I.B.M. executives. [...]

Lenovo's challenge will be to meld radically different corporate cultures.

"Neither culture should be the de facto culture," said Martin Gilliland, an analyst at Gartner Research. "They have to start a new one. Can they develop a new Lenovo business culture? That's one of the keys to success." [...]

And for those who need a jolt, each morning at 8:30 the Lenovo theme song is broadcast on loudspeakers throughout the headquarters, urging workers to guide the corporate ship through perilous waters.

"Lenovo, Lenovo, Lenovo," one line goes, "we are sailing through the waves to lands far away. Lenovo, Lenovo, Lenovo. We are building a new splendor." [...]

Can this possibly work?

No one remembers the converged service 'Network of The World', because it totally sucked. This was partly because it was a Chinese run company trying to squeeze itself into a western mould, censoring the stories on its site because Chinese cultural sensitivities might be affected - on the internet - where such censorship is essentially pointless.

Now Levono wants to take corporate culture and fuse it with:

"All the people were scientists in those days," Mr. Liu recalled. "They were very casual. They'd always be late for meetings and they'd make their promises. So we decided that if anyone was late they'd stand up for one minute."

Something a little less military than that. I cant see it working. The one culture that makes this global scale business work is the one that has to dominate, and this is the decision of the people who know how to do it, not the people who are motivated by ideology. If it suceeds, it will be an example of a Chinese state owned company with a global reach. Has this happened before? Hmmmmm. I wonder if they will put red flag linux on all of these machines....probably not.

Its going to be another interesting year!
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