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As part of our Quadruple CD release The CONET Project Irdial-Discs is making a number of recordings of different Shortwave Numbers Stations available from this web site. The first transmissions to be presented are a 100% complete recording of The Lincolnshire Poacher*, a recording of the now off the air OLX*, and a recording of a 'MOSSAD'* station. It is not known for sure who the responsible parties are for the female spoken transmissions that have been attributed to MOSSAD. The recordings at the right of this page, a recording of station 'NNN', 'The Russian Man', an 'E5' station, 'English Man' and 'English Lady' are all short examples.You will need to download MacAmp to listen to these files; Windows users download Freeamp or WinAmp. Each file is 138k. You must download these files to play them (45 seconds at 28.8). They are zipped to prevent corruption in transit.

Listen to an 'English Lady (G7)' 
recorded ??:?? GMT, 6/28/96, ?.???mhz. 

Listen to a 'Russian Man (S7)' 
recorded ??:?? GMT, ?/?/??, 9.472mhz(usb)

Listen to 'NNN (E12)' 
recorded December 27, 1996 21:05GMT 4.464nhz(am)  
(note the RTTY interference in the background of this recording. It stops at the end of each Numbers transmission.) 

Listen to an 'English Man(?)'  
recorded ??:?? GMT, ?/?/??, ?.???mhz. 

Listen to E5 
recorded 17:45 GMT, January 16 1996, 11.492 mhz(am).  
(note the strange noise in the background. this noise ceases abruptly after the end of each Numbers transmission. The source of this noise is a mystery.) 

Listen to an 'E10' 
recorded 17:43 GMT, January 16 1997, 9.130 mhz(am).

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