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Hello There,

I hope that you are having a good day.
Today I would like to let you in on something of great
importance to you personally. Have you ever been tricked
into saying yes? Ever felt trapped into buying something
you didn't really want, or contributing to some suspicious
sounding cause? And have you ever wished you understood
why you acted in this way so that you could withstand
these clever ploys in the future?

Yes? Then Irdial-List is just right for you.
It contains valuable information on the most powerful
ideas that get you to say yes to requests, and its chock
full of NEW IMPROVED easy to read articles showing exactly
how and why brainwashing techniques work. So don't delay,
put your email address in the form below, press submit,
and get the information that, after all, you've
already agreed that you want.

Yours Sincerely,

Akin Fernandez, Editor in Chief

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What our subscribers are saying about Irdial-List:

"masterful behaviour! at last an email newsletter twang worth taking time out to read (while intermittently sewing up one`s sides)"
via email, from Tokyo

"Just want to say your list is a tonic to the jaded virtual palette of this individual. "
via email, from Kingston

"your stuff moves in ways that other people can only not imagine - much respect from myself to you"
via email from the UK

"...don't (not that it seems you will) be discouraged by the naysayers. People told Orville and Wilbur they were crazy, but we can find Kitty Hawk, NC on a lot of maps. People told Jimi Hendrix he was crazy. They were right, but he is still among us."
via email from the USA

" peeps keep these work days rolling quicker - enjoy it"
via email

"as ever you continue to amuse and talk sense at the same time...respect..."
via email from London

"in the dark and dangerous wood, you are my machete
and make me feel quite understood. 'öhm' "

via snail mail from Germany

he Irdial-Discs mailing list does not try and sell you anything, like other, lesser mailing lists from other, lesser record labels. Neither will we try and cajole you into leaving your home to cower in a smoke choked dungeon that smells of piss, vomit and beer.
No sir. Not on your life. We want you to stay indoors...
...and read.

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