Trends in Synthesizer Manufacturing

Since the release of ‘Classic Keys’ by Emu, we have maintained that retro synth modules are a total rip-off and utter crap. Now we are vindicated. Several manufacturers are re-releasing their 'vintage' synthesizers in their original forms, the most notable of which is MOOG; the MiniMoog has been re released, in a form that is identical to the original model! The re-released version has midi, memory, and an LCD, but if you are Elite, you can order yours to the original spec with NO MIDI!! This is a fascinating turn of events.

We think that modules suck because they don’t have instant, hands on parameter access, they are controlled by non-interactive increment/decrement keys that drive menu formatted controls. Knobs and sliders better facilitate creativity; you can instantly react to what you are editing, and you can edit more than one parameter at a time; the feedback you get from this process is critical when you are programming. This is why some keyboards that came with only ½" by 3" information screens spawned suites of programming software, while other keyboards spawned third party peripheral slider pads to gain better access to parameter editing.

The new MiniMoog (£3695, cheaper than the second hand model) is a direct result of music makers realizing that current synthesizers just can't cut it when it comes to creative programming (the one notable exception being the fantastic Waldorf Wave £6299). This is part of the reason why everyone has been chasing new/fad keyboards; no one is programming sounds, and in order to stay ahead of the pack with the freshest sounds, these lamers have to keep replacing their rubbish keyboards so that they can have access to the latest pads.

I have not even mentioned the sound of these fad keyboards.

Here is what you have to do: Trade up your crap modules, and settle on 4 synthesisers. Take 6 months to program for all of them. Dont look back.

Waldorf Wave>

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