Beautyon is is inspired by the inexplicable, convoluted and fabulous language of fashion. "Brown is the Nwe Black", "Simplicity is in, Minimalism is out". These phrases, are part of the starting point of all Beautyon pieces.

Beautyon deals in a wide range of textures and sonic fabrics. The First release, "Pendolino" is an intensely deep and extraordinary piece of dance music, the chorus of which was copied wholesale by a popgroup who made a hit single out of it. "Your Ignorance Makes Me Ill and Angry" is an album of "distractions" leached from the sessions that produced "Pendolino". Its moods and sonic pallette are deep and multi colored. "No02" is a complete departure into a 100% digial equivalent of Issey Miyaki's world of pleats, expressed in sound. It is shocking, brutal, and utterly beautiful. Music

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