Dilemma specialzes in a type of music known as "Chip Tunes". These "Chip Tunes" are produced with the most ancient of equipment, or mondern emulations of ancient equipment. The sounds produced are of 8bit resoultion, sounding like the old C64 / Atari game consoles.

Marriying a modern sensibility with antique analogue sequencers, Dilemma produces "modern 8bit classics" that pulse and pound with an appreciation of the power of super amplification, whilst expounding a puritanical analogue / pre-midi steptime sequencing regimen that gives the recordings a tight feeling that is not found on midi sequenced recordings.

On Chip Tunes I and ][, many moods are evoked, different rhythims explored and textures played with. These works are much more than simple homages to computer game music; they are pieces that use that genre as a starting point for exploration, a way to break away from the herd of techno producers that are all slavishly using the same sounds, the same synthesizers, sequencers and approches. It works! Music.

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