Lee Purkis is InSync. Lee was one of the founding owners of the legendary and influential shop Fat Cat Records. His releases are highly sought after classics. 'Storm', the first InSync release on Irdial-Discs, is the most requested 12" in our catalogue. Others had been offered the tape of this masterpiece, but refused to consider releasing it because "...the qwalit'ee wuddnt be gud enuf inaaat..." (it was mastered onto cassette). We of course realized that many of the revered and sought after classics of Techno were mastered from 'inferior' sources, and so we released it, cutting directly from the cassette. A classic was unleashed to the public which might otherwise have been lost for no good reason. There were other tracks on that original cassette, which we have been threatening to release for some time. The artwork for the release of this material was finished three years ago.

After the release of 'Storm' there was a long gap. This is because Lee was only interested in releasing what he considered to be the best tracks. This strategy was completly vindicated when the tape of what was to become the second InSync 12" arrived at our offices. We simply could not believe our ears. Thats how good it was.

Lee is one of the greatest Drum Machine programmers that England has ever produced. He is a great DJ and 'a true believer'. 'Storm' is an evocative and extended piece, that could have been the soundtrack to the Gulf War. Music.

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