SONY admits that CD/44.1PCM is inferior

It has come to pass exactly as we predicted in 1992. SONY have created a new sound carrier that they claim is better than CD, so that you have to go and replace all of your CDs and your CD player.

In the new SONY catalogue, they boast about their new "Super Audio CD", which, by means of a new type of digital encoding, produces "...a result that is remarkably pure and faithful to the original".
Take a look at these scans from the slick and syrupy "SONY Style" magazine, issue one:

This is a lie. PCM was widely known to be inferior to analogue playback and recording systems. Everyone with objective ears noted, and still notes, the "cold" sound of CD. Now that SONY, the manufacturer of CD players has got you all to buy .

CD players, and SONY Music has got you to replace all of your records and tapes, they decide to let you in on the open secret about the poor quality of CD sound. CD was billed by SONY as "perfect sound forever". CD was and is not even close to perfect; it was and is an inferior sound carrier, and now SONY are admitting exactly that in writing. All of the skeptics that put on listening tests to fool audiophiles are now looking VERY STUPID INDEED
What this section translates to is that the process of recording audio with the old PCM equipment destroys the sound that it is trying to record. Your CD player, another piece of crap, further destroys the already mangled sound when you try and play back the information. Amazingly, they describe the sound of CD as having a "granular texture that

underlies even the very best CD recordings". What this REALLY says is that 44.1PCM recordings themselves have this texture, which means that if you have recorded your masters with DAT, 1630, or any of the permutations that SONY have successfully sold you, your music is unrecoverable. Read it again.
This is perhaps the most insulting and absurd section of all. SONY has the audacity say "you may want to throw out our old CDs". Lets think about this. Your favorite post analogue album was mastered in an all digital studio, with PCM machinery, onto a DAT, which was then copied onto 1630 tape, that was then copied to Exabyte before it was pressed into a CD. Of course, the sound
was lost as soon as it entered the mixing desk. By the time it reached your CD player, it had been mashed several times. Now, if your favorite album is remastered onto Super Audio CD, FROM THE ONLY EXISTING MASTER, A PCM 1630 tape, then the maximum recovery of sound you can expect is that of a 1630.

What this means is that the true sound in every recording from the inception of digital mastering in the PCM era, from Betamax PCM 501 up to the CDRs and Exabytes that are now regularly sent to pressing plants, is now, by the admission of SONY lost to mankind. The true sound of these recordings will never EVER be heard by anyone, ever. Of course all of the labels that took our advice and mastered onto tape have been spared this disaster, but the truth is most record labels deafly embraced CD and digital mastering, and now, we all have to pay.

I am not even going to discuss the "Pit Signal Processing technology" that they are claiming will "protect" us from "illegal copying". We all know what's happening in "Media Companies VS human rights", the Napster circus, the DeCSS farce, Edgar Bronfmans very amusing speech about the end of civilization coming about if people copy movies, the hilarious and absurd statement by Steve Heckler, senior vice president of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. about how SONY will "firewall Napster at the user level". Whatever.

These people, Philips inc. included, made a huge error in successfully foisting the CD format on music listeners. Karma has taken care of them. They will cease to exist, or shut off the Internet. These are the alternatives that they face. The advent of CD is the first time that a new format has taken over a whole marketplace unchallenged. The capitalists manufactured the very rope that is being used to hang them. The Trillions of dollars that it cost to convert the worlds music archive to PCM 44.1 has been paid for by the record companies, now we will all reap the benefit, a thousand fold. I say to you all, do not wage war against SONY, Philips and Seagrams. Simply share music. Every day. Look for the latest hits, the stuff you cant find, and the things you didn't know you liked, and when you find them (and you always will be able to find them), share them. All of the enemies of music will die on the vine. Not a shot will have been fired.

Just in case you didn't know, you need to run Napigator, a program that will ensure that Napster will never die, and Limewire, or Kazaa Lite, not forgetting the very excellent WinMX , and the accomanying NapMX. I don't think that there is too much to worry about as far as filesharing is concerned. As for this new trap that SONY have created for our precious sound, it remains to be heard exactly how good it is, and it remains to be seen what type of vile protections the players and discs have built into them. It remains to be seen how many people will buy it, and then it's a question of time before its ripped/cracked. Welcome aboard (again) to le mauvaise merry go round!

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