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Central London UFO Sighting.

UFO overflys occur every day throughout the world. They have happened over every square mile of this planet; no single part of the world has been excluded. This includes our biggest and most populous cities . There have been spectacular and well documented sightings over New York and Mexico and difinitive and irrefutable sightings by the military in countries like BELGUIM. The event documented on this page is conccerned with a flyover that happend over central London in the mid 1980's.

At the time of the sighting, the witness caught sight of the object above, moving in a straight line after having flown directly over the residence. The witness watched the object move off into the distance; it moved as an air-hockey puck moves on an air-hockey table, at an absolutely constant height and speed. There were small changes or adjustments in direction as it flew off into the distance, in complete silence, without changing height at any time. Its diameter was about 25 feet. It was metallis silver in appearance, with a rim separating two domes of unequal size; the upper dome being smaller than the lower dome, both domes "cupped" to make an enclosed space.

As the object started to get small, the witness ceased to be startled, and rushed for a camera (Hasselblad, which needed to be loaded)went to the roof of the residence and took a shot. The above photograph was the result.

The objects direction of travel is perpendicular to the plane of your screen. At the time that the photograph was taken, an aircraft was enroute to Heathrow Airport; it is flying in one of the approach corridors that is constantly used by airf dy and night. For those not familiar with the building, the chimneys in the distance are those of Battersea Power Station.

In order to give the reader a better mental image of the geometry of the UFO, a 3D rendered still and rendered movie of the object has been created.

The rendered movie is a DIB file bundled with a player for Windows in a self extracting archive.

Click for rendered Still
Click to download rendered movie in ARJ self extractor.

Now. If you are intelligent and able to reason from a purely logical and objective standpoint, and have not yet encountered any of the overwhelming evidence pointing to the inescapable conclusion that some UFOs are intelligently operated vehicles of alien beings from other planets, click here. And then Click here. If you are a “scientist” you need to click here also.

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