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Irdial~Discs is a world renowned publisher, driven by a relentless, ferocious and uncompromising vision of what the public should expect from music, sound recordings, print and publishing.

During its long history, Irdial~Discs has been responsible for exposing the public to many revered artists and the most extraordinary and important of historical sound projects.

This year's projects will see us consolidating our position as one of Europe's greatest labels, with new releases and surprising collaborations to come.

We have released our entire catalogue under the Free Music Philosophy, where you can listen to all of our work for free. If you enjoy our work, please feel free to share it with your friends, host it on any of the file sharing services, and do buy a t-shirt.

Head over to BLOGDIAL where the members, hot blooded real people, will make your blood either run cold or boil to a mist.

And this is no boast!

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