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Irdial-Discs is putting some of its assets into the public domain, under the Open Content licence.

So that you can determine which texts / pictures / files are Open Content, we have created a logo to help everyone identify what is and is not available under this licence.


All texts or articles that finish with the logo after the last full stop are Open Content.

When the Open Content logo appears in the corner of a picture, that picture is marked as Open Content.

  When the Open Content logo appears in a page, the content immediately preceeding the symbol is Open Content, just like the ©. The OC logo is released under the Open Content Licence, and is the only OC picture / file which does not need to be marked as Open Content.



When you use this symbol as part of an attribution, it should be used as follows, for example:

OC2002 http://www.yoursite.dom
OC2002 Your Name
OC2002 Your Email Address
OC2002 Your Organization


See this page in white. The logo was developed by the in-house art department of Irdial-Discs, R-art.

Here are all of the files, including an eps file so that you can adjust the masking to suit different scenarios.

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