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You Don’t Like School? You are a PsYcHo!

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

The day before Christmas, the German newspaper, Erlanger Nachrichten published a picture of the eight-member Busekros family standing happily together around an advent wreath. The title of the accompanying article was Only families open the way for new perspectives. On the first of February this year, the Busekros oldest daughter was torn from her family by force, thanks to a judges ruling : Compulsory admittance to the Klinikum Nuremberg-Nord, a psychiatric clinic for children and young people and loss of parental custody.In summer 2005, 15 year old Melissa was told that she would have to repeat the 7th grade at the Christian Ernst Hig Gymnasium (a high school where one can obtain the Abitur, the highest German high school diploma) due to her bad grades in math and latin. The situation in the class played no small part in creating this state of affairs – the high noise levels and cancelled classes prevented her from receiving the educational assistance she needed during school hours. As Melissa had good grades in all the other subjects, repeating the whole year would be mostly a waste of her time, as well as the fact that she would now be in a class even more problematic than the previous years. Thus, it was decided by Melissa and her parents that she would be tutored individually at home to meet her specific needs. At her own wish, Melissa only took part in Music and sang in her school choir. The school and the local school authorities were not satisfied with this solution, and consequently expelled Melissa from the school, allocating her to the local Hauptschule (the lowest in the German three-tier high school system.The Busekros continued educating their daughter at home, with their other school-age children still attending school. At the end of the school year 2005/2006, Melissa was no longer subject to full-time compulsory schooling. In spite of this the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt) in Erlangen appealed to the local Family Court, which ordered Melissa and her parents to appear at a hearing, which was consequently attended solely by her father. Melissa was overseas at that point. However, the authorities didnt relent and wanted to know in detail where Melissa was, resulting in an unannounced visit to the family by the Judge of the Family Court.

The Busekros family is known and much loved by all their neighbours. Their willingness to be photographed for an article in the local newspaper demonstrates that they have nothing to hide. That was not good enough for the officials. On Tuesday 30th January just after 7am, Mrs Busekros and her children Mr Busekros had already left for work were startled by the appearance of social workers and police officials who demanded that Melissa be handed over to them immediately. They had as authorisation a decision by the Erlangen Court (case no. 006 F 01004/06) of the 29th of January. It stated The relevant Youth Welfare Office is hereby instructed and authorised to bring the child, if necessary by force, to a hearing and may obtain police support for this purpose.

Melissa was brought into the Child Psychiatry Unit of the Nuremberg clinic and was subjected to an interrogation in the presence of the specialist Dr. Schanda. After this interrogation, about three and a half hours after she was coerced into the clinic, Melissa was returned home. Her relieved parents and her five younger siblings, who didnt know when they would ever see Melissa again, as well as Melissa herself didnt know that the worst was still to come.

On the afternoon of the 1st of February, the judge of the Family Court, representatives of the Youth Welfare Office, along with fifteen police officers, marched up to the Busekros home, to haul Melissa off to the Child Psychiatry Unit of the Nuremberg clinic. The judicial decision authorising this also removed Melissa from her parents custody, according to her father, Hubert Busekros.This treatment was justified by the psychiatrists finding, two days previously, that she was supposedly developmentally delayed by one year and that she suffered from school phobia. […]

Home schoolers get a really hard time in Germany. It is ILLEGAL to school your children at home, because, as the European Human Rights Court confirmed:

…that society has a significant interest in preventing the development of dissent through “separate philosophical convictions.” WND

The law against home schooling was introduced by the Nazis it is incredible that this law has not been removed from the statutes, and its even more amazing that the EU says its all ‘OK’.

Do I really have to spell out your right to educate your children in whatever way you want?

Hmmmm I wonder if these laws apply to Koran schools, or Catholic schools, or any other religious schools? Surely these institutions foster “separate philosophical convictions”.

And separate philosophical convictions to what exactly? Where are these convictions written down for you to follow?! Its all nonsense on sticks obviously.

War & Cards

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Otto Dix, War Cripples Playing Cards (1920)


Friday, November 24th, 2006

Guardian reports:

A new contract between the state and the citizen setting out what individuals must do in return for quality services from hospitals, schools and the police is one of the key proposals emerging from a Downing Street initiated policy review…

Even from the beginning this is yet more topsy-turvy posturing from the Government. Once an individual has paid for State services they should be provided to anyone entitled without qualification.


The aim is to build on the government’s rights and responsibilities agenda, and papers released yesterday by the Cabinet Office speak of seeking “a new more explicit contract between the state and the citizen on agreed public outcomes”.

Explicit Contract? Well literalism is always the touchstone of the stupid, inept and authoritarian. But again it would not be individuals driving legislation/writing the contract it would be government definitions of rights and responsibilities, and we know how fucked up Neu Labour‘s ideas of ‘social responsibility’ are.


The review is likely to examine fundamentally the future relationship between citizen and state. The public service commission has been asked to consider “whether it is possible to move from an implicit one-way contract based on outputs, to one based on explicit mutually agreed outcomes”. It asks “should we be aiming for a more explicit statement of the contract that covers both the service offered by the public sector (what is in and what is not) and what is expected from citizens (beyond paying taxes and obeying the law)”. It also asks “whether these explicit and binding contracts could work not just for individuals and communities”.

The big question this raises is what happens when you refuse to sign such a ‘binding contract’ will the State ‘allow’ you to get O-U-T or will they attempt to fine/jail people into their ‘slave grid’ contract?

I think you know the answer.

Stop motion Studies

Monday, September 4th, 2006


Stop Motion Studies

David Crawford | Japanese

To translate the stilled image into movement is to see the uncanny nature of the photograph transformed out of one emotional and aesthetic paradigm into another. The uncanny of the indexical inscription of life, as in the photograph, merges with the uncanny of mechanized human movement that belongs to the long line of replicas and automata.
Laura Mulvey, Death 24x a Second

Stop Motion Studies - Tokyo

Stop Motion Studies – Tokyo, 2004

Why Patrice Lumumba, first Prime Minister of the Congo was Assassinated.

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

Dear Dr. Waldron, All my life I was affected by the tragic end of Mr. Lumumba. My father could not explain why this very intelligent and lovely man who was the incarnation of our socio-political dreams and hopes was killed with the blessing of the USA president of the time, UN general secretary and the local leaders of the time, My question is why Lumumba was so hated? Why nobody could hear him and understand him objectively? Why king Baudouin who was so intelligent and religious could not take time to discuss with Lumumba to know him better and understand his vision for his home country? From South Africa to Algeria, Egypt to Ivory Coast, I heard similar stories of the best men who were killed to satisfy the international community.

Dear Rev. Doctor, I don’t think anyone in America had anything personal against Lumumba. They did listen to him and they understood very well what he had to say, and that is why Western economic interests killed him. Lumumba was killed by the European and American mining and banking interests because Lumumba was the only person who could hold the Congo together after Independence, and those economic interests wanted to break the Congo apart for their own profit. In order to justify killing Lumumba, they had to create the propaganda lie that he was a Communist. The assassination of Lumumba also suited the Russians who could not control Lumumba alive, but after his death could wrap their man Gizenga in his mantle. Lumumba was doomed. If the West hadn’t killed him, Russia would have, and Lumumba’s Congolese political rivals were equally determined to get rid of him so they could carve out their own little kingdoms within the Congo. This was not just Tshombe in Katanga, but do not forget that Kasa-Vuba originally called himself King Kasa in his election campaign, in which he promised to make his own ethnic group an independent entity. In the months before Independence, most of the Belgians in the Congo knew perfectly well that the Belgian Government, for the sake of the profits of Union Miniere de Haut Katanga and its other economic interests, was already engineering the conditions in which the Congo could not survive as a unified country. The Royal Family of Belgium were major stockholders in Union Miniere de Haut Katanga, and King Baudouin of the Belgians was just as profit motivated as the notorious King Leopold II was when he set up that company to exploit the mineral riches of the Congo. Ordinary born-Congolese Whites and those among the provincial administrators who were caring and honest, were outraged by what the government in Belgium was doing, not just to the African Congolese, but to the White Congolese. You can read more about this in the Luluabourg excerpt from my book THE SECRET IN THE HEART OF DARKNESS; The Sabotaged Independence of the Belgian Congo, which is on this Web site There is a saying in English, that to understand something you “Follow the Money”. Therefore, don’t look for answers to what happened to the Congo in political ethics, or animosities, or misunderstandings of what Lumumba was saying and wanted to do. Look for the answers in who was planning to profit. The people who were behind the chaos and the murder of Lumumba then looted the Congo of all its resources both through taking them directly and through loans to Mabutu at crippling interest rates to have European companies the lenders designated build (or in many cases not actually build) unneeded huge projects while letting the basic infrastructure crumble, impoverishing the country and depriving the people of the necessities of life to service the debts. The people of the Congo need peace, good government, and a viable infrastructure, and I do not know how any of these can be attained in the present conditions of corruption, chaos, war and poverty. A BOOK I RECOMMEND TO SERIOUS SCHOLARS: THE CONGO CABLES THE COLD WAR IN AFRICA–FROM EISENHOWER TO KENNEDY Author: KALB, MADELEINE G MACMILLAN, 1982, These are the actual cables back and forth between Washington, the Congo and the UN.

Source: D’Lynn Waldron

If you are not scared yet, this should help

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Transparent bags

The Department for Transport set out the details of the security measures at UK airports.

Passengers are not allowed to take any hand luggage on to any flights in the UK, the department said.

Only the barest essentials – including passports and wallets – will be allowed to be carried on board in transparent plastic bags.

“We hope that these measures, which are being kept under review by the government, will need to be in place for a limited period only,” the statement said.

British Airways said that passengers who do not wish to fly on Thursday could rebook on flights leaving over the next two weeks.

At Stansted airport, more than 2,000 passengers, clutching their plastic bags, snaked around the terminal queuing to pass through customs. […]

These transparent bags for your ID, wallet and toothbrush are symbolic of what they are trying roll out in the entire society on a permanent basis. When they say, “We hope that these measures, which are being kept under review by the government, will need to be in place for a limited period only” this is the big lie. They want everyone at all times to have their entire lives in transparent plastic bags. They want your bank account transparent to them. They want your health records transparent to them. They want all of your purchases transparent to them. They want the precise details every journey you make to anywhere, no matter what the destination or distance, transparent to them.

In a perfect world, all the people in that airport would go home, leaving it empty and the flights empty and the hollidays cancelled. When this happens, people lose money. Business is damaged. THEN people listen. THEN policy changes. Britain can keep its disasterous ‘relationship’ with the usa because, so far, it is not losing any money out of it. As soon as that changes, then the story is very different. Sadly, we are not in that perfect world. We are in the world of sub humans like ‘Tony Shield from Chorley’, who intones in his brutish grunting animal voice:

“This disruption is one of the short term limits on freedom that are needed”

And that, my friends, is a BIG part of the problem. Subhuman scum who will drag us all to hell with them because they cannot string more than two consecutive thoughts together in a chain of logic. Literally, like sheep.
George Galloway talks about the vast sums of money being put down on gambling tables in London by Arabs in that MEMRI clip. They, of all people, are still coming here despite……but I digress.

I had a Skype call this morning to ask me how to take a laptop on a plane, “since you are not allowed to carry hand luggage anymore; 8 people tried to blow up planes last night”.

The reaction to this, the plstic bagging and the ban on luggage, is completely absurd. The fact is that if this plot is true, they ‘caught’ who was going to do it. There is no need to make a soap opera and spectacle out of it. Its like the insane bans on metal cutlery after the mythical ‘911’. Elal, the Israeli airline never did this of course, because they have a better grip on real security, and for all their legion of sins are not in the throws of hysterical security theatre like the keystone kops at M|5 are.

Note how the utterly stupid and useless M|5 ‘threat level’ was up and running just in time for this apalling charade, and how it has been seamlessy integrated into all the stories about this ‘event’.

Finally, note how this was ‘foiled’ on the tenth and not the eleventh. Amateurs!

The Bromley Contingent

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

I guess like many individuals at that time I was shocked and revolted at the conduct of the UK Government in moving against its own people with the amendments to the Terrorism Act (2000) and the attendant legislation since and using the so-called ‘Specialist Operations 19’ officers to shoot them down in the tube.

I would have hoped that by 2006 the UK Government would have begun the process of recognising that what had happened wasn’t acceptable and would have begun to atone for what has to be seen as a crime against liberty. Unfortunately there is little evidence of this and in fact, towards the end of the time that I lived in England the State started to once again tighten it’s grip on expression and information. Many muslim dissidents have been harrassed and some are in prison or have gone into exile.

All libertarians truly worthy of the name hope that the 60 million people who live in mainland UK could begin to enjoy the liberties and democracy that their compatriots on the continent still enjoy. Europe has shown that it is not impossible within a society with a strong Social-Democrat tradition to enjoy political and economic freedom whilst maintaining a federalist structure (albeit one that is similar to the United States in being split pretty much down the middle).

I argue that individuals need to engage with each other and that we should not be afraid to uphold our values, some of which are surprisingly shared by a number of professional people in Government. However what we have to realise is that the Labour Party has not only been a brake on genuine freedoms and decentralisation, it has also gradually promoted the (sometime) ideologues of Marxist-Leninism in a not disimilar way to which Mao promoted obedient officials after the Cultural Revolution. Nowadays, the Labour Party uses the veneer of accounability “with Reformist characteristics” – whatever that really means – but in reality it is advocating authoritarianism (near totalitarianism) with a capitalistic nationalist face. It is this ideology, and the means by which it hopes to permeate the UK’s social thinking, which creates the greatest problem for the continuation of a liberal democracy in the UK.

Shortly, I will post my views on the potential political scenarios facing the UK and suggesting a potential approach by the Liberal Democrats to bilateral dealings with the Conservatives.

Mangled words from a Liberal Legend! (apparently). Anyway while Toby Philpott’s ideas about China are seem intelligent enough he should really be using his Lib Dem blog to talk more about issues closer to home – after all we don’t want opposition parties to feel they have to avoid raising controversy in order to be elected (like in the Peoples Republic of America) and he obviously cares as he has all the right links in his sidebar.

Ernest Stavros Blofeld

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

Huge Scale Model of Disputed Border Region of China Found in Google Earth

Huge Scale Model of Mountain area in China in Google EarthThis is one of the most interesting finds in Google Earth in quite some time. A few weeks ago a first time poster, called KenGrok, at the Google Earth Community (GEC) discovered a very exact scale model of some mountainous region located in the middle of a desolate area in north central China. Seen in Google Earth the huge scale model is .9 km tall by .7 km wide. It is adjacent to what looks like a military base with many camouflaged vehicles. Last week, the same poster found the location the scale model represents – a region occupied by China but claimed by India near north central India. If you turn on the “Borders” layer in GE you will see they are colored red to indicate the dispute. Another GEC member showed how exact the scale model is by taking a screen shot of the satellite photo of the scale model and overlaying it over the real terrain (turn the image overlay on and off to see how exact it is). This scale model was most likely created for military reasons. Someone posted a description of why a military terrain visualization is critical for military purposes.

In the same thread above, several other interesting locations were found close to the scale model:

Klingon Bat’leth confiscated by Police as ‘Deadly Weapon’

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

Klingon Batleth

Police confiscated a Klingon Bat’leth in a raid on a house in Gloucestershire. It was subsequently used by them to promote the nationwide knife amnesty that was taking place in the UK last month.

Is it REALLY possible that not a single police officer in Gloucestershire has never seen Star Trek TNG?

Is it REALLY possible that not a single journalist that was spreading this story has never seen Star Trek TNG, and did not point out to the police that …. using a Bat’leth to promote a knife amnesty is … very funny.

This piece comes from HELLO magazine.

Please do not ask me what I was doing reading it.

The Genetic Predisposition of Henry Porter

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

Beware of card tricks

The government claims that national identity cards will help to counter terrorism, illegal immigration and ID fraud. That’s rubbish, says Henry Porter, and in fact there is something much more sinister about them – they will fundamentally alter the relationship between citizen and state, and make slaves of us all

Tuesday July 11, 2006
The Guardian

The other day I went to see my publishers in central London and prepared for the usual performance at the entrance, which involves me writing my name, the name of my editor and the time in a book. On this occasion the man asked me to type the details into a keyboard then angled a camera on a stalk into my face. I typed away but held one hand in front of the lens before moving swiftly out of the camera’s field to make for the lift. “Hold on, sir,” shouted the security guard after me. “You can’t go in unless you’ve had your picture taken.”

“I can,” I said, “because you have no right to take my photograph without my consent. And you most certainly don’t have it.”

A week later I was confronted with the same piece of equipment at my gym in west London. Again I placed my hand over the camera lens and to the baffled receptionists quoted the Image Retention Act 2002. There was, of course, no Image Retention Act in 2002, or any other year. That time, they let me in. By my next visit they were waiting for me. The receptionist stood back out of range of my hand and snapped my picture before I had time to react.

To many, my behaviour would seem unreasonable. After all, my picture is taken hundreds – maybe thousands – of times every day in London. But that is not my objection. What bothers me is when someone puts my image, my name, the place and time together. That is information of a personal nature, and is an invasion of my privacy.

I have exactly the same response to the ID card and the much more sinister National Identity Register (NIR), which one day will track each one of us through almost every important transaction of our lives. Emails leaked to the Sunday Times at the weekend suggest that senior civil servants in charge of key aspects of the scheme, Peter Smith and David Foord, have grave doubts about the practicalities of introducing the card. This may be reassuring to some but the argument against this folly must take place on every level. I am instinctively against them, politically against the card and the NIR – and, if it doesn’t sound pretentious, philosophically against them too.

At a stretch, I would carry a voluntary little plastic ID card, because I have no objection to identifying myself when it is my choice. I don’t mind taking my passport along to the bank or showing my driving licence to collect a parcel from the post office – but I am preternaturally against the state forcing me to supply biometric measurements and 49 separate pieces of information about myself to a database which will be accessed by God knows who without my permission or knowledge. I am genetically incapable of submitting to such a process. I cannot do it. I will not do it, and I pray that when the public understands how this scheme will profoundly alter the relationship between the individual and the state thousands more will recoil and say the same. […]

First things first; well done Henry, you have your brain switched to ‘on’.

Now. What on earth would a gym need to take your photograph on entry for? If they issue you with a photo ID, you show it when you enter and thats it. They are doing this because they can. The correct response is not to do a ‘crazy dance’ and make up false laws etc etc. What you do is, you call the manager over there and then, and then say to her, “I will not allow you to photograph me as I enter the club. If you do not stop this, I will cancel my membership right now, and write an article in The Guardian explaining why I have cancelled my membership. You are a private organization, and you have the right to do whatever you want inside your own club. I on the other hand, will not pay you to violate my privacy.”

That is how you lay your cards out. This is about money at the end of the day, and if you were to do as I said, not only would the practice be stopped at your gym, but everywhere that is doing this would be stopped.

Like I have said on BLOGDIAL again and again; do not do anything that does not directly contribute to giving you the result you desire. Crazy man act achieves nothing. Covering the camera at your publisher does nothing. You need to make sure that everyone knows what you think and why, and that you WILL NOT tolerate it, and will withdraw your money, and spread the message to everyone else using the same service should the business in question refuse to comply.

As I said, I am instinctively – genetically, as I put it – opposed to ID cards and the Identity Register. I am also politically opposed because as the government database grows, I believe there will be a commensurate lessening in the state’s respect for each one of us. We will be reduced to the great mass of classified specimens, pinned down and itemised like dead butterflies in a showcase. Because of the power it possesses over us, I believe the government will gradually become less accountable and less responsive to the needs and wishes of the people. Whereas once politicians were our servants, they will become our masters and we their slaves.

I have philosophical objections, too. In a free country I believe that every human being has the right to define him or herself independently and without reference to the government of the time. This, I believe, is particularly important in a multicultural society such as ours. The ID card and NIR require and will bring about a kind of psychological conformity, which is utterly at odds with a culture that has thrived on individualism, defiance and the freedom to go your own way.

And it will remove the right of those who for whatever reason wish to withdraw from the cares of the world and the influence of society, to resort to the consolations of solitude and privacy without inspection from a centralised authority. Privacy, anonymity and solitude are rights, and we are about to lose them for ever.

People say that everything about you is known already. Someone has calculated that each of us appears on up to 700 databases. But the real point is that everything that is known about you will become linked up on the NIR. The register will take on a life of its own, for once you set up a system like this it becomes ineluctably compelled to find out more and more about you. That will be its hardwired purpose.

Imagine handing over the keys to your home when you are out at work to allow some faceless bureaucrat to rifle through your desk and drawers, your photograph albums and children’s school reports, your bills and love letters. That is the kind of access they are going to have, and it is going to grow as time goes by and we become accustomed to this unseen presence in our lives.

Well, it’s not for me. I cannot do it. I will not do it, and I hope you won’t either. […]

The Guardian

I am sad to say that alot of what is happening today, the bad stuff, has everything to do with genetics…genetic deficiency. But I digress.

What we (you, I and everyone else) needs to do is to now execute a plan to remove control over our identity documents from administration by the state. The noble No2ID, in the wake of the leaked memos are now calling for everyone to write letters to their MPs and the newspapers. This is totally pointless. The MPs are the ones that have created this insanity. The newspapers are staffed almost without exception by idiots from top to bottom. We need to take an action that will give us what we want, and remove from the government what they should not have; the ability to administer identity.

If we do not do this, and take the postmen, the Eloi, the morons the uneducated along with us, nothing is going to change, and, as you remark in your article, the next generation will suffer the consequences. Indeed, if the ID card scheme is shelved for now and done in 2026 as some have predicted, that is precisely what will happen. We now have a golden opportunity to re-engineer our releationship with government. Identity is a key element of how man relates to government; if we take permanent control of our identities and remove that control from the state, we immediately take a step towards making government into a service that serves the constituent.

Every totalitarian state uses ID cards to control populations in a fine grained way. We need to prevent this from happening in the UK, and we can do it, with a scheme that is British in nature, highly efficient, very private and ‘secure’ iin that the documents are unforgable.

What’s that you say? “How can it be done?”

The document is coming.

Never peek at undisclosed info on Free energy

Saturday, July 8th, 2006

The Home Secretary John Reid has ruled that Gary McKinnon can be extradited to the USA.
This decision comes despite the large number of people who have personally written to the Home Secretary on behalf of Gary. The next stage in the legal process is an Appeal to the High Court.

Oh and Lucile gave one of the most discerning comment

Conny Plank’s Studio Liquidation

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

Some albums which were recorded at Connys Studio:

Kraftwerk – Autobahn
Devo – Are we not Men
Les Rita Mitsouko – Minuit Dansant
Eurythmitcs – In the Garden, Revenge
Ginanna Nannini – Latin Lover
DAF – Gold und Liebe, Alles ist Gut, Fr Immer
Ultravox – System of Romances, Vienna
Brian Eno – Before and after Science, Music for Airports
Killing Joke – Revelations
Nina Hagen – FreuD Euch

Artists who worked at Connys Studio:

Doe rtzte
Einstrzende Neubauten
Crime and the City Solution
Manu Chao
Astor Piazolla
The Metereors
Miranda Sex Garden
Keith Caputo
Die Fantastischen Vier
Ulrich Tukur
Herbert Grnemeyer
The Walabouts
The Kelly Family
Afrika Bambaataa
Blck Fss
Tommi Stumpf
Marius Mller Westernhagen
Echo and the Bunnymen
Hunters and Collectors
A Flockj of Segulls
The Machine
Sons and Daughters

Please visit the Wikipedia to get more Information on Connys life and work

Conny Plank’s Studio Liquidation.

Like a great meal that we ate and can only recount to you with words….its gone forever.

What a life!

Okay, so what happens now?

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006


The US Government lied to start the war in Iraq. The whole world knows that now. And more to the point, the whole world knows that Americans know that the US Government lied to start the war in Iraq. The world is now watching to see what the people of the United States will do. We must do something. No longer able to pretend we are innocent victims of government deception, the world will expect the people of the United States to do something about this horrific deception and the equally horrific war it created.

Americans have long held themselves up as the champions of justice and freedom for the rest of the world. It is our image to the world. It is our image to ourselves. It is how we define ourselves, it is our identity, and it is who we are collectively as a nation. And, if we fail to take action in the face of the lies used to start a war, we must in the process sacrifice that image, not only to the world, but to ourselves. Either one acts like a champion of truth and freedom, or one admits one is just another sheep. There is no other choice left.

Most Americans dont want to face that choice. They want their cake and eat it too. They want to believe that, being Americans, they are honorable people willing to fight for principles, but being practical, they also dont want to run the risks that taking a stand against corrupt government entails. It is for that reason that so many people will gratefully accept even the most obvious and shoddy propaganda lies, in order to avoid that choice. They can go on believing they have the courage to stand up for freedom and justice while pretending they do not see any reason to do so at the present moment.

But the current, Big deal, so we lied attitude of the administration has removed that comforting self-deception. Americans are facing that unpleasant choice of deciding whether they really do have the courage to stand up for truth, justice, and freedom, or if they are cowards who wear their convictions only for show on the appropriate social occasions.

For many Americans still believing the idea that the government is the servant of the people and is looking out for the peoples best interests, the revelation of the deception that took this nation to war in Iraq is a severe psychic shock, not unlike that felt by a child who realizes that it is not the child but the abusive parent that is the problem, or the discovery that ones spouse has been cheating all along. Reactions to the shock will be varied, evolving through denial, anger, and finally acceptance.

Ultimately, after the angst, the choice Americans do not want to face will have to be made. First choice; stand up for freedom, truth, and justice. In other words, be what an American is supposed to be before the world and before oneself. Second choice, do nothing, and by that nothing cease to be what an American is supposed to be.

From those that choose the second course, we can expect the usual excuses, justifications, rationalizations, the pathetic my country right or wrong voiced in a thousand variations by a million useful idiots throughout history. Like the abused child making excuses for the abusing parent, or the cuckold covering up for the wandering spouse, these are pathetic people in deep denial, and can hardly be called Americans any longer. Having had their money and children stolen through lies and deceptions, they have now lost their very identity. In such surrender, in ceasing to live what America is supposed to be, such people have damaged the nation far more deeply than any real terror attack could hope to do, and must rank in history with those Germans who knew what Hitler was really doing, and stayed silent, or worse, were driven to fanaticism by their own denial that they were doing wrong.

For the rest of us, the time has come to face the reality of a government that rules us by lies and deceptions. Action is called for, at all levels of society.

At the very least, men and women of good conscience, confronted with the lies that led us to war in Iraq, must now abandon the assumption that the government has ever told us the truth about anything. Lies got us into war with Iraq. Did lies get us into war with Afghanistan? Was 9-11 a deception to further the war agenda? […]

For those Americans with the courage to stand for truth, justice, and freedom, living under a government that lies is intolerable. And, given that the Constitution of the United States does not explicitly grant the government the right to lie to the people, it is illegal as well.

Let me reiterate. The Constitution of the United States does not explicitly grant the government the right to lie to the people. And the Tenth Amendment bars the government from simply assuming that right.

Therefore, under the rule of law, a government that lies acts both unconstitutionally and illegally. At the point in time when the lie is told, the government steps outside its lawful authority and ceases to be the legal government of this land. And for those Americans who have the courage to stand for truth, justice, and freedom, the time has come to acknowledge that the current government is acting in an illegal manner.

Clearly a government that lies to the people to take from them money and children for wars created out of personal desire and greed is not a government of the people, by the people, or for the people, but usurpers stealing gold and blood under false pretenses.

When Bush lied to start the war in Iraq, the entire government and media, with only a few exceptions, stood up to be counted with the lie. It therefore follows that the entire government has lost its legitimacy. How can it be legitimate? How can a government that claims to rule with the consent of the people claim to have that consent when the people never consented to being lied to?

Some observers have stated that because of the current lie, the burden of proof has shifted onto the government. In truth, it was always there. The government is always obligated to be able to document the accuracy and honesty of whatever it claims, whether its the ratification of the 16th amendment, or Dick Cheneys Energy policy.

We live under a government that has lied to Americans to trick us into wars waged for conquest and profit. We cannot allow this to stand and remain Americans. Bushs lies about Iraq have forced an unpleasant choice on you, and the time to choose what you will do about it is now. […]

Ok, but you have not answered the question:

“So what happens now?”

What Really Happened is one of the better news sites, even better than the Alex Jones sites because at the bottom of the article excerpts there is analysis . Republishing and aggregating articles that can be found anywhere is easy. The hard part is providing analysis on each one, putting them into context so that the reader can more easily make sense of the bigger picture. But I digress.

What this article fails to do is to propose what action the american people need to take to restore that country to somehting like what it should be. We have done this many times here at BLOGDIAL. If only half of the americans who understand what is really going on simply refuse to finance their criminal regime, it will collapse. Even if that assessment is wrong, it is put on the table as something instead of eloquently whining about the problem, which produces no action at all; in fact, when people read these sorts of article, it reinforces their false belief that they are living in a free country where, “you can say whatever you want, so you are free”, or that makes the usual suspects trott out, “try saying that in Iran / Russia / China $straw_man_regime”.

Let us help. What happens now is that you organize the half of the population that is with you to put a permanent end to your problems. Anything less is a failure, and as that article points out:

The Warren Report claimed JFK was shot by a lone gunman, but the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded JFK was killed by multiple gunmen. We are taught in school that Pearl Harbor was a surprise, but documents declassified in 1994 proved that FDR not only knew the Japanese were coming, but had goaded the Japanese into the attack, as a means to get the US into the war against the Axis. There were no torpedoes in the Gulf of Tonkin. USS Maine was not blown up by a Spanish mine but by a fire in a coal bunker located imprudently next to a magazine. The investigation into the attack by Israel on the USS Liberty was ordered by President Johnson to conclude the attack was an accident even though the evidence indicated otherwise. The Iraqis did not actually steal incubators from Kuwaiti hospitals.

Time and time again the stories We The People are fed to justify wars both current and past do not bear close scrutiny. Of the dozens of military interventions carried out by the US in the years since the Korean war under the claim of bringing democracy to the world, not one has actually resulted in a functioning democracy. In Chile, the US actually destroyed a democratic government to install the dictator Pinochet. […]

They have been doing this for a VERY long time, and will continue to do so in a ‘business as usual’ fashion unless they are permanently prevented from engaging in these acts again.

As we have said here many times, only permanent solutions should be formulated and persued. You need to sit down and think about it, then write it out and deploy it. It should not involve any form of public protest, marching, public gathering, engagement with mainstream media or any energy wasting process. The good thing is that it can be done with literally ten dollars.

The time for talking is over. Oblique Twenty First Century Action is what is required.

Now go and DO IT.

Homeland accepts fake ‘ID Security’

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

(CNN) — A man using a fake identification card was able to enter the Homeland Security Department headquarters in Washington, he said, even though the United States government considers the type of Mexican-issued card he used invalid.

Retired New York City policeman Bruce DeCell, who had arranged to meet with DHS officials last week to lobby for document security, told CNN he purposely used a forged version of identification that Mexican consulates in the United States issue to their nationals living here illegally.

Undocumented Mexicans can use the cards at banks and other institutions that accept them. The cards are not valid for entry into federal government buildings.

DeCell is a board member of a group called “9/11 Families for a Secure America,” which he formed with others after losing his son-in-law in the 2001 terrorist attacks.

I wrote about these morons previously, but can’t find the link.

They are the imbeciles that believe biometric ID for all in the use will help ‘prevent another 911’. Why are they morons? Firstly, they are proposing something that will not prevent further attacks. Secondly, they are driven by pure pain, and not reason, and this does not give them the right to further ruin america and make everyone in it suffer just because they are suffering. It is very sad that they have lost loved ones, and the world would be a better place had it not happened, but their grief does not give them carte blanche to flush americans and their liberties down the toilet.

If anything what they should be calling for is an immediate cessation of all us imperialist running dog activities in the middle east. That is the ONLY way you can GUARANTEE that america will never be attacked again.

His group advocates stricter controls against illegal immigrants and wants to ban use of the “matricula consular” cards.

This is just total nonsense. Mexcans have nothing to do with americas flying carpet troubles…or maybe these people belive that Mexico ‘had something to do with 911’. You never know, these Fox watchers are amongst the most stupid creatures in the known universe.

“The card is an unsecure document that could facilitate terrorist money and travel,” he said.

I call bullshit. No card can predict your intent. No card can be ‘secure’. But you know this.

DeCell said a friend in California bought him the fake Mexican card for $20.

Cheaper than UKNIRID ay?!

“I sent him a passport-size photo and the spelling of my name, and he had the card made for me on the street,” he said.

Days before his meeting with DHS officials, DeCell was asked to furnish his name, Social Security number and birth date, so they could be compared by security personnel to a valid form of picture identification. The building security accepted his matricula card, even though it listed a false date of birth, he said.

Trained people are better at judging who is a threat and who is not than any computer. What these fools want is for machines to make all the judgements for us. This move is totally against human culture and history, and is actually dangerous. As we all know, bombers use legit ID to move around. When I say ‘all’ obviously I dont mean ‘all’.

He was allowed entry into the building after walking through a metal detector, according to a statement posted on his group’s Web site.

He was not a threat. Even if he was a terrrst with a fake ID (of the kind that did NOT do Madrid or ‘911’), on this occasion the system would have worked because they could see that he was ‘clean’. This proves that ID cards are ‘security theatre’ and are not needed to make government buildings or planes or anywhere safe. Had he carried REALID and been a REALTERRORIST then there would have been an asplosion.

“It’s obscene in a post-9/11 world that they did not match my name against the fake [date of birth],” DeCell fumed. “They’re spending a lot of money [on security] for nothing.”

The only obcenity here is that this group of grieving murderers of the american dream continue to spew their illogic and lies to a brainless press that doesn’t have the wit or nerve (out of misplaced sympathy) to challenge them and thier nonsense. The obcenity is that they are pushing for the ruin of america for no good reason instead of calling for the measures that will solve the real problem once and for all. They are actually doing the work of those who want to eliminate america and american style freedom from the face of the world.

That is the very definition of ‘obscene’.

Jarrod Agen, a Homeland Security spokesman, told CNN, “In response to this incident, we are following up on the allegations, and we seek to ensure that an incident like this does not occur again.

“At no time was there a threat to the DHS building or its personnel,” he said.

DeCell said he has used the card for years in airports and other sensitive locations, but was still astonished that he was able to use it to enter the headquarters of Homeland Security, the federal agency charged with determining secure IDs.

“It’s very frustrating,” he told CNN. “I’m an unpaid citizen who had a loss on 9/11, and they’re not doing what they need to do to prevent another 9/11. It’s very discouraging for me. […]

You are a sad fool.

ACLU Energy Sink Hole

Friday, May 12th, 2006

American Civil Liberties Union: Don't Spy On Me

Dear Friend,

Yesterday the nation learned that American telephone companies are helping the government amass what one source called the largest database ever assembled, compiling call information on millions of consumers and businesses served by Verizon, AT&T and BellSouth. Take action now!

Scrambling to defend his program, President Bush told reporters were not mining or trolling through the personal lives of millions of innocent Americans, but thats simply not true.

This illegal spying is not only directed toward terror suspects or international calls, as the Bush administration has frequently claimed. With the help of these phone companies, the government is tracking the calls and communications of millions of ordinary Americans. And that’s just plain wrong.

The government shouldn’t track when you call your mother, order pizza, or hold a conference call — and your phone service provider shouldnt help them without a warrant or Congress’ approval.

Send these companies a message today. Sign our petition at and tell them you expect your phone records to be held in the strictest privacy.

We’ll be delivering these petitions directly to AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth.

Youll be hearing more about this consumer campaign in the days and weeks to come. The ACLU and its members will do whatever it takes to rally consumer voices against these abuses of power. There will be much more for us all to do.

This is obviously the wrong thing to do.

The RIGHT thing to do is have a ‘National Day of No Calls’ Where everyone vows not to use the phone except in an emergency for an entire day.

This should continue untill the telephone services install iron clad guarantees that they will not allow access to your call logs. Should they fail to do this, then everyone should move to Qwest, who refused to obey the NSA. Qwest should be financially rewarded for sticking up for their customers.

This is the sort of thing the ACLU should be organizing, not more pathetic and useless petitions, that do nothing but suck up the anger energy of all those whose privacy is being violated.

Do not use Chip & Pin at Tesco

Wednesday, May 10th, 2006

>> When I use a shop with the “swipe and dock” design card readers (such
>> > > as Tesco) that read your magstripe, chip and ask for a PIN, I despair
>> > > that so many consumers are being taught to accept having their cards
>> > > skimmed in this way.
>> > >
>> > >
> > The PIN is encrypted in the keypad. So do the reports say how it has
> > been recovered?

It is not encrypted in the keypad under the SDA system used in the UK. (There is a more expensive DDA system in which it is encrypted, using the card’s public key, but UK banks prefer not to pay an extra dollar for cards that are capable of public key crypto.)

The effect is that the PIN travels in the clear from the Tesco PIN pad to the swipe-and-dock reader on the side of the checkout girl’s PC. So it can be captured by the PC software, along with the transaction data (which even in the case of a chip[ transaction contains all the information you need to clone a mag stripe card). In consequence I will not use a card at Tesco.

It’s not even necessary to Trojan the keypad (and the Shell terminals were Linux-based, so might have been reflashed rather than had their hardware hacked – we’ll have to wait for the trial to find out).

The first such scam I came across was in Holland where a petrol station attendant got PINs by eyeball and for the card data from a network sniffer. That was in 1994. The same technology will still work fine today.

And I recall that when I predicted all this, a year or two ago, the APACS lady said I was speaking ‘tosh’…

You know, maybe someone should make a formal complaint to the police against APACS for fraud. Fraud is misrepresentation leading to prejudice, and 15 years of persistent lying about ATM system security – to enable their member banks to deny genuine claims from customers who have been the victims of crimes resulting from the banks’ own negligence – must surely fall within that definition.


This is yet another reason to not shop at Tesco.

Clunk… borrowing Jonathan Aitken’s Sword of Truth!

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

Bloggers and the press

Charles Clarke pleads for understanding

[…] I believe that a pernicious and even dangerous poison is now slipping into at least some parts of this media view of the world. In the absence of many of the genuinely dangerous and evil totalitarian dictatorships to fight – since they’ve gone – the media has steadily rhetorically transferred to some of the existing democracies, particularly the United States and the United Kingdom, some of the characteristics of those dictatorships.

As these descriptions and language are used, the truth just flies out of the window…

One recent example of this was the articles of Henry Porter which have stimulated the e-mail exchange between him and Tony Blair in yesterday’s ‘Observer’.

Another is Simon Carr’s article in the ‘Independent’ on April 15th which lists 34 ‘measures and effects’ which in his opinion mean that in this country we no longer live in a liberal and democratic society. Many of these assertions are frequently accepted as fact by media commentators. I have replied to him pointing to his numerous and unprofessional misleading statements as well as the many errors of fact. A copy of my reply is on the Home Office website. […]

In the reply, you will note that, of the 34 statements, Mr Clarke states that 17 are TRUE or CORRECT. Only 6 are “wrong”. The remainder are subjective judgements and interpretations.

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