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Something rotten in the house of rotting rotters

Friday, March 31st, 2006

The truth seeps through grasping fingers across forked-tongued mouths… and dribbles away, unseen by the many, reviled by the few…

Ministers also announced that the new agency will operate a passport verification service so that businesses can guard against identity fraud by checking the credentials of their customers against the biometric database. The Home Office claims this could be worth £325m in benefits to business.

And the benefits to individuals…. ?
There you go. You will be asked for your ID card by anyone who wishes to ask. And you will be denied service if you refuse to comply.

This was tagged on the end of a piece in the Grauniad noting that the Safety Elephant will charge you the full price of an ID card plus passport, even if you ‘opt out’ of having the physical card itself. This is to make having the card seem like a bargain, obviously!

One notable thing is that the Guardian (not alone, but…), while obviously opposed to ID cards, appears to be doing nothing to spell out their danger. They pick up on minor quibbles, like cost, and ignore major stuff like unfettered database access to anyone who will pay! Government charging people for data-rape, and then selling access to the data!! Ignored!!!

Why am I surprised? I’m not. Just very disappointed.

So instead, be inspired. Remember the wise people who came before us and Got Things Done. Remember those who despised the way things were, the way they were going, and got up and changed them themselves.

Today, I remember Margaret Mead.

Remeber what she knew to be truth:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Pieces of hate

Friday, March 31st, 2006

Can the Home Office be trusted, asks MP [Do we even need to ask, says Me!]
JAMIE LYONS [for the Scotsman]

THE Home Office was yesterday accused of showing a “casual disregard” for taxpayers’ cash after criticism from spending watchdogs.
The Auditor General was forced to issue a “disclaimer of opinion” on the Home Office’s accounts because of fundamental problems with them.
It led a member of the Commons public accounts committee to ask whether taxpayers could trust the Home Office’s handling of money.


And he singled out the Home Office for particular criticism. He said its accounts presented “such fundamental problems” that he had to issue a disclaimer of opinion because of the lack of audit evidence which he needed to reach an opinion on the truth and fairness of the accounts.
Sir John said the Home Office had not maintained complete financial books and records during the year and as a result was unable to deliver its accounts for audit on time.
The Tory MP Richard Bacon, who sits on the public accounts committee, said the Home Office had shown a “casual disregard for the use of taxpayers’ money”.
And he called for Sir John Gieve, a former Home Office permanent secretary and now deputy governor of the Bank of England, to be called back to explain the “mess” to parliament.

He said: “How can taxpayers possibly have any confidence in the proper use of their money if the Home Office cannot even reconcile its cash?”

Looks like we can’t even guarantee how much of our money will be wasted by the shennanigans of Captain Hogwash and his Home Office pirates. Avast Behind!

Roll Call of Shame – The Future

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Look at the record of who voted for this shameful bill:

The Conservative Home Affairs front bench voted with the Labour Government !

David Davis
Edward Garnier
Patrick Mercer

Most of the Conservatives seem to have abstained, with only a few “rebels” actually voting with the liberal Democrats against the acceptance of compulsion to register on the NIR, and to pay £30 even if you do not choose to be issued with an ID card

Interestingly these include Adam Afriye, the only black Tory MP for Windsor.

It seems that David Cameron’s Tories cannot be trusted on civil liberties issues any more than Michael Howard’s Tories could.


And the full list is here:

No one should be surprised that the tories have voted for this; they also voted for the illegal colonization of Iraq. The fact of the matter is that NONE of these people can EVER be trusted. Democracy is hopelessly broken, and the only way for you to be free is if you TAKE your freedom by force.

All the MPs wailing about the abolition of parliament bill and how bad it is will no doubt cave in on that one also, secretly relishing the unlimited power it will give them should they come to office.

It is clear that Britain is being dismantled before our very eyes. What you have to decide is what sort of country you want to live in, and how you are going to make that country come into being. Its no good sitting trying to tweak the system as it is; the greatness of Britain used to depend on the gentelemens agreement that power should not be abused. As soon as murdering gangster garbage got elected, ie no gentlemen in office, the system could be used to roll out near instant tyrrany, since there are no checks and balances that can stop any law of any type being passed, including laws that abolish parliament, sell our soverignty to other countries and even call for the murdering of humans.

Clearly all the people now in charge and the corrupt system itselt needs to be thrown out and proper checks and balances need to be installed so that an ID cards bill, any bill diluting the sovereignty of the British nation etc etc becomes an absolute impossibility.

Nothing less than this will suffice. Otherwise, we will be forever beating off further attempts to enslave us, even if we beat the ID cards bill and anything else these nightmare manufacturers can dream up.

The first step is to completely disobey any law that violates our freedom. That means absolute refusal to enter into the NIR. Second, the physical and unauthorized dismantling of the nascent surveillance system, ie no more CCTV trained on public places, and no more cameras watching the roads. Period.

Failing to do precisely this as a first step means total failure.
Then we must create a document (watch this space) that outlines our rights, categorically and unambiguously.

If you are not willing to do this, and then live by it, then you might as well give up and allow Soviet UK to swallow you up. Half measures will not do the job. There is no room for compromise. You can either live free or become their property.

Charles Clarke can fuck off and die in a fire

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

As you can see, the feeling is widespread:

They are breathtaking, brass-necked bastards, these people, and it disgusts me beyond my powers of expression that I breathe the same air as any of these two-faced, contemptuous cunts. Christ, he’s not even bothering to hide the truth now the Lords have fallen for his “compromise”:

Identity cards will be made compulsory if Labour wins the next election, Home Secretary Charles Clarke has said.

The current scheme is for all passport applicants from 2008 to also have to get an ID card – although people will have an ID card opt-out until 2010. But Mr Clarke said he plans legislation after the next election to make it compulsory for everyone to get a card, whether or not they have a passport.

Mr Clarke said he did not think the opposition would be able to stop the scheme because by 2010 a “large number of people… should either have cards or hope to have cards”. “I would be very surprised if the next Conservative manifesto said ‘stop the scheme’. It would be very difficult to do,” he said.

In other words, soothe us with assurances that the cards would be voluntary, time their rollout so that they are entrenched by the time of the next election, and present us with a fait accompli which cannot be reversed. Mendacious fucking bastards. I hope they all burn to death in a freak series of fires, with the Safety Elephant taking days to die of his injuries. […]

And these are the people who have blogs…many people who are not detectable by the blogosphere are absolutely incandescent with rage.

From the linked BBQ article:

‘Background checks’

The government is launching a new Identity and Passport Service on 1 April, incorporating the existing UK Passport Service, to administer the scheme.

Interviews will begin “later this year” for passport applicants.

People applying for passports will have to visit their local passport office where they will be interviewed, fingerprinted and have “background checks” carried out on them.

Their details will be entered on to the database and they will be issued with an identity card, although they will not be forced by law to carry it.

About 80% of the UK population has a passport and all will have to be renewed within the next 10 years, at an initial rate of about 7 million people a year, a Home Office spokesman said.

Mr Clarke was not willing to set a date for ID cards becoming compulsory, saying it would depend on the rate at which passports were renewed, he told reporters in a briefing at the Home Office as the current plans became law.

So on Aprils fools day, the insanity will start. Note how Clarke says that the date for the cards becoming compulsory depends on the rate at which passports are renewed, ie the rate at which people register. If people do not register en-masse, the system will fail completely.

This is why I keep saying that it is crucial that no one register for this madness. Now is the time for the facts about renewing your passport are published, so that people understand that there is no requirement for you to have a ‘valid’ passport to leave the UK.


Thursday, March 30th, 2006

People are starting to stand up and be heard.

From my (other) favourite blog 2lmc spool.

One of Britain’s leading symphony orchestras has been forced to scrap an American tour, partly because of the “mind-blowing palaver” and cost of securing visas for 100 players and staff.

the cost of arranging the visas, estimated at £45,000, would render the trip uneconomic

For those in the US whose response is “fine, we don’t want any of those pansy orchestras around”, there’s also this:

Other agents said rock musicians, also fed up with the process and expense, were refusing to visit the US to work. Katie Ray, of Traffic Control Group Ltd, which secures visas and work permits mainly for rock bands, said some artists were now choosing not to tour in the US.

Of course, the usual rubbish emerges at the end of the article.

John Caulfield, the US embassy’s consul general in the UK, [said] “We are all paying a cost because of terrorism.”

Indeed, I remember all the terrorist outrages caused by rock bands and orchestras in the US. Oh, no, wait, no I don’t.

Promises promises!

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

But Shadow Home Secretary David Davis vowed that if the Tories win the next election his first act as Home Secretary would be “to do away with this Bill”.

Lib Dem MP Nick Clegg said the Bill would “erode privacy, curtail freedom and cost an extraordinary amount”.

He added: “It is a monstrous expansion of big, big government.”


so in between now and then, you must make sure tha you do not register for the NIR. That no one is registering and the database is virtually empty, with people doing anything they can to avoid going on it, with widespread and vocal hostility and disobedience, we will make the scheme look totally pathetic.

Anyone who willingly registers  is now an enemy of Great Britain and the British people.

The Guantlet has been thrown at your feet…

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

So now there is no choice. You must take a stand. Will you continue to be a free man, or submit to being a numbered citizen?

ID card deadlock comes to an end

A sample ID card

Labour’s manifesto promised ID cards would be voluntary

The battle over the government’s controversial ID Cards Bill has ended after peers accepted a compromise deal.Under the compromise, anyone who renews a passport will have their details put on a national ID database – but will not have to get a card until 2010.


“The amendment preserves the integrity of the National Identity Register by ensuring that everyone who applies for, or renews a passport or other designated document has their biometric information and other identity details placed on the register,” he [Burn’em] said.

“However, it also goes towards meeting the concerns of those who have argued that the card itself should not be compulsory at this stage by allowing those who apply for or renew their passport before 1 January 2010 to ‘opt out’ of being issued the ID card itself, even though their identity details will be entered on to the register.”


Do you see yet? The Lords, for all their worthy bluster, cannot prevent ID cards when the government agrees to abide by the exact wording of their manifesto. A card will not be compulsory, but you will still be tagged.

You know what to do. You have been told.

‘Nazi’ Burnham strikes back

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Sir – Danny Kruger’s choice of comparison, “Labour isn’t wicked – but it’s doing just what the Nazis did” (Opinion, March 27), is not only inaccurate but will be offensive to many.

Information that may be held by the identity cards scheme is strictly limited by the Bill and includes only personal information such as name, address, date and place of birth. We have always made clear that it would not hold sensitive information such as medical records, religious beliefs or sexuality.

Suggesting the Government will have knowledge of, and control over, your life through the National Identity Register is untrue. It is also nonsense to suggest either that “every outpost of the state” or private enterprises will have access to the register. The Bill sets strict terms on the limited number of public bodies with access to the register, while private organisations will be able to conduct verification checks only with the consent of the cardholder. The scheme also creates an independent National Identity Scheme Commissioner with oversight of the whole scheme who will report to Parliament.

Our citizens deserve better protection from the growing threat of identity fraud. Being able to prove who we are is a fundamental requirement in a modern society. The identity card scheme gives individuals a robust and secure means of establishing that identities are real and not fabricated.

Andy Burnham, Under Secretary of State, Home Office, London SW1 […]

Facist pig and holocaust 2 facilitator Andy Burnham spills out more doubletalk and lies in response to being accurately compared to the Nazis. Lets take it apart line by line…why? because you would think that these monsters would at least be careful about how they lie before they write to a national newspaper:

Information that may be held by the identity cards scheme is strictly limited by the Bill and includes only personal information such as name, address, date and place of birth. We have always made clear that it would not hold sensitive information such as medical records, religious beliefs or sexuality.

It might not hold it now, but it could do so with ease in the future, and if you refuse to divulge your religion, or ‘race’ you will be fined. Also, once the system is in place, it is a simple matter to start up a secret database where the unique key is the NIR number and the religion field and any other offensive totalitarian mass control field can be added at will.

Suggesting the Government will have knowledge of, and control over, your life through the National Identity Register is untrue.

No, you lying scum, it IS true. If you cannot withdraw money from your account without your card and your card does not belong to you, and you can have it taken away from you (deactivated) by a single phone call, that, by any definition, is total controll. Without money you cannot eat, travel or do anything. We are not that stupid that we cannot see through this particular lie.

It is also nonsense to suggest either that “every outpost of the state” or private enterprises will have access to the register. The Bill sets strict terms on the limited number of public bodies with access to the register, while private organisations will be able to conduct verification checks only with the consent of the cardholder.

This is another lie. How can identity be checked without millions of terminals everywhere? If as he asserts, people are demanding that they be able to ‘prove they are who they say they are’ in order to meet that demand, millions of terminals will need to be rolled out. Just to verify credit card transactions alone will require NIR terminals in every retail outlet. This is pretty obvious.

As for private organizations only being able to conduct checks with the consent of the holder, this is utterly irrelevant. The consent of the holder is moot if she is forced to be swiped to buy her bottle of stoli. This band of murderers not only kill people, but they are killing the english language. In particular, they are trying (in vain) to change the meaning of the words ‘voluntary’ and ‘consent’.

The scheme also creates an independent National Identity Scheme Commissioner with oversight of the whole scheme who will report to Parliament.

And we will all trust the fox in charge of the chicken coop.

Our citizens deserve better protection from the growing threat of identity fraud. Being able to prove who we are is a fundamental requirement in a modern society. The identity card scheme gives individuals a robust and secure means of establishing that identities are real and not fabricated.

THERE YOU HAVE IT! “Our Citizens” meaning ‘our property’!!

And for the record, the british are not citizens, they are subjects of the crown.

And as for ‘offensive’, I’ll tell you what I find offensive:

  • I find it offensive that mass murder was comitted and no one is being brought to book.
  • I find it offensive that ID cards more invasive than any other ever concieved are being introduced by force in this great country.
  • I find it offensive that pathological liars, takers of bribes and slavering Soviet wannabes are in charge of one of the greatest countries on earth.
  • I find it offfensive that the elephant eared clarke and his ventrilloquist doll Burhnam twist the english language and lie to our faces on a regular basis as if we have no brains.

That is what I find offensive, and judging by the intensity of the words being used at this moment from sources that are normally the most calm and sedate, so does everyone else in Britain.

Also, just when did this ‘modern society’ start? By my count we have been in the modern age since the 1920’s and we have all done without ID cards very well, in fact we have thrived without them.

The people who llived in countries with repressive ID controlled regimes have all fallen; Franco’s Spain, the Soviet Union and its satellite states. The writing is on the wall. Introduce ID cards and watch your society stagnate and then crubmle.

Further to all this, the EU has agreed on a technical specification for an europe wide driving licence, to completely eliminate all national licences by 2032. This is absurd for many reasons that you will be aware of, but the ones that make me mention this are the following:

In 2032 Britain will not be a part of the EU.

Any technical specification outlined today will be redundant in five years; planning a specification to be completely rolled out in 2032 is just insane.

No minister working today will be in their jobs when the process is completed; that means that the people who put this into motion will not be held accountable for its consequences.

It is very important that when measures like ID cards, releasing GM organisms into the environment and anything that is trans-generational and permanently transforming should only be done or passed into law when the people who set it into motion can be personally held to account for the consequences. Failing that, in the case where long term projects are really needed, like the channel tunnel, some way of passing responsibility has to be impliemented so that bad projects can be stopped in their tracks, and future governemts cant just say ‘we didnt start it, but we are now going to use it so that we dont waste the time, effort and money.

stuck on gum

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Gum Blondes

via wackydoodler

Anti-war protesters lose appeals

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
Law lords have ruled against 20 anti-war campaigners who claimed they were right to take action aimed at preventing the Iraq war.

The group had asked if a valid defence was available to peace activists who allegedly broke the law to prevent an even greater “crime of aggression”.

The case centres on action taken near Southampton docks, and at RAF Fairford in the run up to the war in 2003.

The five law lords unanimously dismissed the appeals.

‘Not a crime in domestic law’

Fourteen of the group, known as the Marchwood 14, are Greenpeace volunteers who say they should not have been convicted of aggravated trespass near Southampton docks because they were trying to stop an “illegal war”.

The same argument was also offered by five people who entered RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire and allegedly tried to immobilise American B52 bombers which were later involved in “shock and awe” attacks on Baghdad.

A charge of aggression against an individual in a British court “would involve determination of his responsibility as a leader but would presuppose commission of the crime by his own state or a foreign state”, he said.

This would in turn call for a decision on the “culpability in going to war” of the UK government or a foreign government, or both if they had gone to war as allies.

He argued that the courts would be “very slow” to review the exercise of the government’s prerogative powers in relation to the deployment of the armed services.

He said it was “very relevant” that Parliament had not considered whether the international law crime of aggression should be adopted into British law.

‘Dangerous precedent’

Taking that step “would draw the courts into an area which, in the past, they have entered, if at all, with reluctance”.

Lord Hoffmann said that to allow “the use of force in such cases would be to set a most dangerous precedent”. […]

Greenpeace have got it totally wrong. You cannot use force against the army to stop them going to war. Its like a mosquito biting an elephant in the hopes that it will stop it trampling a village.

There is no way that they could have imagined that their actions would have stopped the war. If they belived that, they are completely delusional and need to pack up and go home.

Did they really imagine the courts, which are an aparatus of the state, would side with them, when these very same courts are unwilling or unable to prosecute the mass murderer Bliar and the Cabal? Are these people really that naïve?

I have said this before; what Greenpeace, StopWar and all those other 70’s style protest groups need to do is understand the problem, and then deal with it appropriately. Kicking the tyres of a B52 is innapropriate. Gathering togerther 7 million taxpayers and getting them to withdraw their services in a co-ordinated economic attack, now THAT is appropriate.

The astonishing lack of imagination, dearth of oblique thinking, these are the true problems with Greenpeace and all organizations like it. When they have in the palm of their hands, literally millions of people who are willing to work with them to prevent an illegal war, the only thing they can think of is to march away the soles of their shoes on a Saturday, waste paper by sending out pointless status reports instead of doing what they need to do; dismantle the war machine at source; the taxpayer.

†Those idiots at StopWar are at it again:

Protests outside BBC studios nationwide

Tuesday 4th April at lunchtime

The Stop the War Coalition is calling for protests outside BBC studios and offices accross the country, at lunchtime on Tuesday 4th April.

This is to respond to the BBC’s failure to cover the huge troops home demonstration on March 18 on national news and also to protest the general pro-government bias of much of their reporting on the war.

We are asking groups to organise protests at every BBC office. We will be leafletting the offices with a copy of a letter addressed to Mark Thompson. […]

I have some words for StopWar.

  1. BBQ is a wholley owned arm of the state. Get used to it.
  2. No matter what BBQ says or transmits, the venal government of mass murderers will not pay it any heed, even if it shows exactly what you desire.
  3. It’s the internet STUPID. You can reach all the people of this country by using the internet; forget BBQ as a way to reach into the minds of the people – we have a new, frinctionless tool to use that works brilliantly, if you are creative, honest, and have somehting worthwhile to offer to people in the first place.
  4. For the nth time; DEMONSTRATING IS TEH STUPID

The (non)future of citizenship

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

“I take the view that it is part of being a good citizen, proving who you are, day in day out,”

The words of Andy Burnham, the treacherous pirate in charge of the NIR/ID card scheme, whose poison is can be read here.

Mr Burnham was asked why Labour had not told voters that the cards would be compulsory. He replied: “Actually, we did. […]

Whilst this is true of the actual legislation and there have been many posts on Blogdial and elsewhere to highlight this, the Neu Labour lie machine have also remorselessly spun the concept of a ‘voluntary phase’ and a secondary vote being required (before punishments can be implemented). It is a tragedy that the mainstream media have largely been unquestioning (I mean *real* questions) in the spun accounts and only now that the House of Lords are providing a wafer thin bulwark against the legislation are the government being asked to account for the true picture.

“The irony is that if we were to listen to what the Lords are saying, we would actually create two biometric databases: one for the passport system and one for the new National Identity Register. […]

This is another deception, the international requirement for biometric passports can be satisfied by simply having a machine readable version of your passport photo – there is no need for any other extra information to be collected by the passport agency to fulfill this requirement, and certainly not the level of information the government wants for NIR.
Secondly only last week it was announced that the government were looking at distributing the NIR database between various companies in their cackhanded way of addressing a ‘decentralised’ database.

Additionally this morning he came up with the old chestnut of the ‘unelected chamber defeating the will of [20%] of the people’.

Now back to ‘being a good citizen’, his words describe the sort of country where people will have to use ID cards to access public/stakeholder services – imagine that you have to submit your NIR number to;
gain tax credits – and every time you actually want your child to use a nursery or pre-school creche you have to have your ID card scanned (for quality control);
or what if petrol (or travel mileages) were to be rationed, every time you buy a train ticket or go to the petrol station you have to submit ID;
Access public buildings – e.g. borrow a book from a library;
Use an internet cafe (ID already required in Italy);

These and other scenarios may seem bizarre, but I ask, in what other sorts of circumstances will ‘good citizens’need to be “proving who you are, day in day out”.


Admin – how do you get large text to work in wordpress?

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) first images received

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

The first images are in from the MRO, and they are absolutely stunning…and HUGE.

JPL are going to have a hell of a time distributing these files; each of the full res TIF files are 190megs, and the JPEGs are 91megs.

They really should build a site that serves these files by torrent only…and come to think of it, its quite a feat to get such long files back from mars is it not? Either way, this is quite an exiting mission; when the orbiter gets into a less eliptical orbit, the resoultion will be ten times higher.

This is what life is about.
This is what money should be spent on.
This is mankind at his best.

+++++++ UPDATE August 30th 2010 +++++++

Being from the generation weaned on space exploration without questions asked, I used to get very exited about NASA and all of its feats. Now of course, its clear to see that NASA is the completely wrong way to go about space exploration, as its very foundation is a slave society based on coercion and theft.

If private enterprise were free to flourish without the yoke of the state around everyone’s neck, who knows how far we would have gone by now. In every other field of human technological endeavour, private enterprise far exceeds the state in capabilities and price. Had space exploration been done on a purely private basis, in a completely free society without a state, we would have bases on Mars and not be simply looking at it with probes.

After this post was written and thanks to Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell, I was finally able to bring together all of my ideas about Liberty (which I have held since I was very young, thanks to  my parents and a ‘Social Studies’ teacher who I now believe must have been some type of Libertarian or Anarchist) around the time of Ron Paul’s second run for the US presidency.

I discovered something wonderful; all the things I knew were true, Libertarians hold as true. Many of the things I felt were true but could not express were confirmed as true and spelled out very clearly by Libertarians; and by ‘Libertarians’ I mean specifically Murray N. Rothbard.

I cherish things that are true; this is why I have always loved science and maths. Libertarianism is true, clear, free of contradictions, ‘cop outs’, means justifying the ends, necessary evils, excuses and fallacies. Accepting its truth means that you must give up your blind love of organizations like NASA and its achievements, but in exchange you get the truth… and that is worth the price.

Insanity in Virginia / Identity theft prevention

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Alex Jones provides another belly laugh:

Virginia Training Manual Lists Property Rights Activists As Terrorists
Says video cameras, binoculars, sketch pads are terrorist tools

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | March 28 2006

A Virginia training manual used to help state employees recognize terrorists lists anti-government and property rights activists as terrorists and includes binoculars, video cameras, pads and notebooks in a compendium of terrorist tools.

The manual, discovered by the Virginia News Source, is keen to emphasize that terrorists are not only Middle Eastern in scope and the main focus is afforded to domestic terrorism.

Included with Hamas, Al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihad, the following groups are identified as terrorist organizations.

In any anti-government and militia movements
Are property-rights activists
Are in any racist, separatist and hate groups
Are an environmental and animal rights activist
Are a religious extremist
Are in a street gang

Presumably, tourists, journalists, hikers, bird-watchers, scuba divers, artists, painters, and anyone who takes a photograph is also now a terrorists according to the official list of terrorist paraphernalia provided.

– sketch pads or notebooks
– maps or charts
– still or video camera
– hand held tape recorder
– binoculars
– SCUBA equipment
– disguises

Reading further into the manual, associations between domestic terrorists and the supporting the American Revolution are subtly made. In Alex Jones’ 2001 documentary 9/11: The Road To Tyranny, FEMA officials give a seminar in which they identify George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers as terrorists.

The manual encourages people to report any suspicious activity to an authority figure. Presumably, if property rights activism is deemed suspicious then anyone protesting or communicating about the recent eminent domain issue will be reported and investigated on grounds of terrorism.

The manual concludes by encouraging state employees to seek more information from FEMA and Homeland Security.

Shortly after 9/11 a Phoenix FBI manual that was disseminated amongst federal employees at the end of the Clinton term caused waves on the Internet after it was revealed that potential terrorists included, “defenders of the US Constitution against federal government and the UN, ” and individuals who “make numerous references to the US Constitution.” Lawyers everywhere cowered in fear at being shipped off to Gitmo.

This manual is another surreal and frightening reminder that government officials are being trained to embrace a Gestapo like mentality whereby any political activism or even individualistic outdoor leisure activity is deemed to be suspicious and a possible indication of terrorism.

Click here to read the Virginia manual in full.

This manual is interesting for another reason. First of all, there is an image of a man in a gas mask that looks just like Booji Boy:

and more seriously, there is this:

Where this ‘anit-terror’ manual tells people how to avoid identity theft.

I wonder if the people who wrote this and the people who read it and take it seriously made the intuitive leap that it would be better if eveyone did not have a unique government assigned SSN for thieves to use.

If the REALID cards are rolled out in the USA, how is anyone going to take the precaution of removign their card from their wallet, when they will need it do anything and everything?

As for the British, we are in a very good position right now. There is no centrally stored unique number assigned to anyone, all the government databases are separate; in fact, we are in a very secure situation right now, that will only be made worse by the introduction of an ID card and the joining of all government databases into a monolithic system.

Note how they tell you to change your drivers licence number to one that is not your SSN. Translation: one different number for each different service; compartmentalization of your key documents and accounts is the answer to identity theft, the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what shit headed computer illiterate labour monsters are pushing to introduce.

They also fail to mention what ‘dumpster diving’ really is; it means going through someone’s garbage to find their utility bills, credit card recipts and other useful tidbits so that you can sucessfully become the person you are trying to impersonate. By buying a $20 dollar cross shredder, you can make your garbage unintelligible to dumpster divers. They don’t mention what dumpster diving really is because the people who authored this (and using the word author is an insult to authors) are totally clueless fear spreading morons, who use any unfamiliar word or phrase to instill fear in their ignorant readers.

Sickening and vile behaviour.

The writing is on the wall

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

When Britain was Great

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Instead of an Iron Duke, we have a Rubber Poodle. Instead of an ultra-Tory in opposition, we have have an MOR pseudo-Tony. No more pistols at dawn , just press releases over lunch….

Iron Duke fights duel over Catholics

Saturday March 28, 1829
The Guardian

It is our duty to announce to the public an event which fortunately has not been attended with fatal consequences to the personages concerned. A meeting took place yesterday morning in Battersea-fields between the Duke of Wellington and the Earl of Winchilsea.

[…] From the Duke to Lord Winchilsea: “My Lord – is a gentleman who happens to be the king’s first minister, to submit to being insulted by any gentleman who thinks proper to attributed to him disgraceful or criminal motives for his behaviour? Your lordship is alone responsible for the consequences. I call upon your lordship to give me that satisfaction for your conduct which a gentleman never refuses to give.”

From Lord Winchilsea. “My Lord – the satisfaction which your grace has demanded, it is of course impossible for me to decline.”

The Duke of Wellington and Lord Winchilsea met at the appointed place. The parties having taken their ground, Lord Winchilsea received the Duke of Wellington’s fire [apparently not aimed at him] and fired in the air. After some discussion the accompanying memorandum was accepted as a satisfactory reparation to the Duke of Wellington. […]
There is no honour in politics any longer. There is little enough in British life altogether, for that matter. I would rant about the ‘respect’ culture Herr Blair insists we must engender, when he commands so little of it himself… but I wither at the thought. I would rail against the ‘professional politician’ as an invasive species detrimental to the natives of these Isles, for the evidence lies clear around us… these new, mutant isoforms of human beings falling somewhere between parasites and saprophytes, feeding both from the remaining living Britains and sucking the vitality from those millions already mentally dead. I long for truth, and look for someone to trust, someone to inspire, but today the clouds are low and dark and there is a sickness in my stomach and a stench in my nostrils. The sounds of Wellington’s gunshots have long since died, and in their place only the slither of snakes crawling over the rotten, bloated corpse of a once Great Britain.

The only solution, pick up your metaphorical pistols and challenge these whimpering political dogs to a fight! I will see you, Sir, at dawn, and the choice of weapons shall be mine!

Youre always so happy, how the hell…

You’re like a dumb dumb patriot

If youre supposed to be so angry, why dont you fight

Let me benefit from your right?

Dont you know the only way to change things

Is to shoot men who arrange things

Robin I would try and explain but you’d never see in a million years.

Feed the enemy

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

It’s always raining over the border
there’s been a plane crash out there
in the wheatfields
they’re picking up the pieces
we could go and look
and stare

How many friends have we over there ?
the border guards fight unconvincingly
whatever we do
it seems things are arranged
we always have to feed the enemy

You could dance for me
and punch me through
dance for me

We watched them trash thee last camera
glued to all our TV’s
the actors on the replay
trying again to touch you and me

But they always seem to know
exactly what they’re talking about
now they’ve got you in a corner
you’ve got no room to move
you’ve got no room for doubt
that’s exactly what they’re talking about
now they’re got you in a corner
no room to move
no room for doubt

From Magizine’s ‘Secondhand Daylight‘.

A record whose atmosphere fits perfectly with this very odd, tightrope time that we are living in; prescient, fantastic, chilling work but somehow filled with hopeless beauty at its very heart.

Something is certainly up, both here and in the usa, where the Charlie Sheen event is causing a wildfire of alam clocks, waking up the slumbering sheeple in a totally unexpected way. David Letterman is becoming more overt and vicious in his attacks on Murder Inc; everyone has had enough it seems and its about fucking time.

I keep saying that anything is possible, and any future is possible. All it takes is the collective redirection of all the people , or at least, enough of the people on this planet to steer the mass towards a future that is not dystopian. Futurists got the future wrong before, there is no reason to believe that they will not be wrong now. There is no reason why the world should end up in a prison planet scenario, a THX-1138 hive society. We have to make the future. This means staying straight and true, never opting for convenience for illusory gains, like the giving up of liberty for security. What seems insurmountable today, will tomorrow be an incomprehensible past. Soviet Communism. The Berlin Wall. Every empire that ever existed. All of these seemingly ‘there forever’ things all dissapeared and we now wonder how on earth they ever were in the first place.

The bogus ‘War on Terror’. The Bush Regime (Murder Inc). ID cards. Pervasive CCTV. All of these things will cease to exist; it is only a question of when, and wether or not we will reap the benefit. There is no reason why for example, in a CCTV crystal nacht, all cameras in the UK  could not be taken down and destroyed. Is that more incomprehensible or unimaginable than the Berlin Wall falling at the heads of many hammers?

Because I say it can happen, it CAN happen.

Labour compared to Nazis in The Telegraph

Monday, March 27th, 2006

‘Labour isn’t wicked – but it’s doing just what the Nazis did’

That is the headline of an article in The Telegraph an asonishing headline and attack, and a part of the fallout from the anonymous email that is breaking the hypnotic spell that the wholley owned subsidiary of Murder Inc. has spread over this great nation.

Once again, these are pretty strong words…surprisingly strong.