Film and Documentary List


Vanishing point
Other peoples lives
Logans Run
The Andromeda Strain
Silent Running
Soylent Green
THE OUTER LIMITS (1963) 03 The Architects Of Fear
THE OUTER LIMITS [TOS] (Season 1 – DVDrips – complete) [‘Obit’ is the essential episode]
The Forbin Project
They Live
The Running Man
Total Recall
Under Siege
Speed Racer
From Beyond
Street Trash
Fahrenheit 451
Saturn 3
Piano Tuner of Earthquakes
The Omega Man
Death Race 2000
Forbidden Planet
The Missouri Breaks
Star Wars (all)
Hercules in New York
Conan the Barbarian
Conan The Destroyer
Red Sonja
Terminator 2

The Matrix (1 and 2)
The Final Programme [Last Days of Man on Earth]
The Animatrix
The Chronicles of Riddick
Chronik der Anna Magdalena Bach
Driller Killer
Afro Samurai
Fanny And Alexander
Tous Le Matin Du Monde
The Man Who Fell to Earth
When Worlds Collide
This Island Earth
Robinson Crusoe on Mars
The Shape Of Things To Come
Starship Troopers
Nukes In Space
Le Testament D’Orph
War of the Gargantuas
Red Dawn
Wild Wild Planet
Battle Of The Worlds
The Illustrated Man
The Fountainhead
War of the Worlds
The Song Remains The Same
Hamlet (Olivier)
The Taking of the Pelham 123
The Terminator
The Exterminator
The Equalizer
Brothers Quay Collection
A Chess Sonata
Demon Seed
Ghost In The Shell
Planet of the Apes
Fantastic Voyage
Earth vs The Flying Saucers
The Conversation
James Bond (Up to Roger Moore’s last appearance)
Hudson Hawk
Dark Star
Invincible Iron Palm
Against Rascals With Kung Fu
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Lady Iron Monkey
Flying Guillotine
7 Grand Masters
Executioners from Shaolin
Shaolin Red Master
Abbot Of Shaolin
Seven Steps of Kung Fu
Five Deadly Venoms
Shaolin Against Lama
Shaolin Blood Mission
Shaolin & Wu Tang
36 Deadly Style
Death Duel of the Mantis
House of the Flying Daggers
Disciples of the 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Raja Hindustani
El Topo
Santa Sangre
The Holy Mountain
Ghost in the shell
Cannibal Holocaust
La Belle et la Bete
Antologia Surrealista
The Original Faces Of Death
Antropophagus The Beast
The blood of a Poet (1930)
La Cabina
The Warriors (1979)
Mountain of the Cannibal God
The Monolith Monsters
Cannibal Apocalypse
Fando and Lis
Hudson Hawk
Dark Star


All Alex Jones documentaries
Ayn Rand – A Sense of Life (Biography)
The Money Masters
Milton Friedman – Free To Choose, all 15 episodes 1980 – 1990
Washington YOU ARE FIRED!
The Business Of Being Born
Out of the Blue
UFOs are REAL | UFOs are real (Google Video)
Stanton T. Friedman IS Real!
Flying Saucers ARE Real! Part 1 & 2 (Stanton Friedman)
The Untold History of the Disclosure Project
Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs
OZ Encounters – UFO’s In Australia
The Disclosure Project – National Press Club, May 9th 2001
UFO- Down to Earth Reason to Believe
UFO’s – It Has Begun (Rod Serling, Jacques Vallee)
UFO’s – The best evidence caught on tape 2 (VCD)
UFO Pilot Sightings
Open Your Eyes to the Skies
UFO Magazine Presents The Journey
[HST] UFO Files – Hangar 18 The UFO Warehouse
UFO Ancient Aliens – History Channel Documentary
[History Channel] UFO Files – Alien Engineering Pt1+2
UFO Invasion At Rendlesham
History Project UFOs – The Real History
UFO – E.T. Encounter (Varginha, Brazil)
Soviet UFO Secrets Revealed
Close Encounters – Proof of Alien Contact (1999)
Final Frontier – UFO Over Illinois
UFO Files Black Box UFO Secrets
Unsolved Mysteries – UFOS
UFOs Under Investigation
UFO’s Uncovered
Black Ops Secrets
UFO Files-Alien Engineering WS
David Sereda with Boyd Bushman – Anti-Gravity Disclosure
Mexico Millitary UFO Footage
Stan Deyo – UFOs Are Here! – 1977 documentary w. Spielberg, Hynek, Vallee
UFOs Hidden Evidence 2005
Deep Sea UFOs
UFOs – The Best Documented Evidence of Government Cover-Up
UFOs and Paranormal Phenomena – Message from Another Dimension
SafeSpace UFO Documentary (2006) – Fastwalkers Files Disclosure
The Secret NASA Transmissions – The Smoking Gun
Horizon – The Case Of The UFOs (BBC 1982) XviD
UFOs 50 Years Of Denial
Unsolved Mysteries – 1 – UFOS
[History Channel] UFO Files – The Gray’s Agenda
Unsolved Mysteries – 2 – UFOS
When UFOs Arrive
UFO’s The Complete Truth – Alien Interventions
UFO Hot Spots (History Channel)
Ufo The Greatest Story Ever Denied
Earth Fire Water Mexico
UFO Files – New UFO Revelations- China-s Roswell
UFO – The Roswell incident footage – From a rare BBC broadcast
[History Channel] UFO Files – UFOs and the White House
[History Channel] UFO Files – The Day After Roswell
The UFO Factor (Canadian Documentary)
The Secret


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