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American Judge: German Government still Nazi

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

A Home Educating family from Germany has just been granted political asylum in the USA. This is highly significant:

Homeschooling Family Granted Political Asylum

Immigration Judge Says Germany Violating Basic Human Rights

In a case with international ramifications, Immigration Judge Lawrence O. Burman granted the political asylum application of a German homeschooling family. The Romeikes are Christians from Bissinggen, Germany, who fled persecution in August 2008 to seek political asylum in the United States. The request was granted January 26 after a hearing was held in Memphis, Tennessee, on January 21.

“We can’t expect every country to follow our constitution,” said Judge Burman. “The world might be a better place if it did. However, the rights being violated here are basic human rights that no country has a right to violate.”

Burman added, “Homeschoolers are a particular social group that the German government is trying to suppress. This family has a well-founded fear of persecution…therefore, they are eligible for asylum…and the court will grant asylum.”

In his ruling, Burman said that the scariest thing about this case was the motivation of the government. He noted it appeared that rather than being concerned about the welfare of the children, the government was trying to stamp out parallel societies—something the judge called “odd” and just plain “silly.” In his order the judge expressed concern that while Germany is a democratic country and is an ally, he noted that this particular policy of persecuting homeschoolers is “repellent to everything we believe as Americans.”

The italics are my emphasis.

Of course, this is exactly what is happening in the UK, with its new fascist law. Under this new law, if a family in the UK fails to apply for a state license to home educate, the quality of home education is not to be taken into account in any proceedings, a home education license is to be automatically denied, and an School Attendance Order is to be issued.

This is not the action of people who are interested in the welfare or education of children, it is the act of people whose sole concern is that everyone is registered.

‘Embarrassing for Germany’

“This decision finally recognizes that German homeschoolers are a specific social group that is being persecuted by a Western democracy,” said Mike Donnelly, staff attorney and director of international relations for Home School Legal Defense Associaton. “It is embarrassing for Germany, since a Western nation should uphold basic human rights, which include allowing parents to raise and educate their own children. This judge understood the case perfectly, and he called Germany out. We hope this decision will cause Germany to stop persecuting homeschoolers,” he added.

The persecution of homeschoolers in Germany has been intensifying over the past several years. They are regularly fined thousands of dollars, threatened with imprisonment, or have the custody of their children taken away simply because they choose to home educate.

The Romeikes expressed relief when they heard the decision.

“We are so grateful to the judge for his ruling,” said Uwe Romeike. “We know many people, especially other German homeschoolers, have been praying for us. Their prayers and ours have been answered. We greatly appreciate the freedom to homeschool we now have in America and will be building our new life here,” he added.

Donnelly testified at the hearing on January 21, telling the immigration Judge that homeschoolers are persecuted all over Germany.

‘Ignoring the Truth’

“There is no safety for homeschoolers in Germany,” Donnelly said. “The two highest courts in Germany have ruled that it is acceptable for the German government to ‘stamp out’ homeschoolers as some kind of ‘parallel society.’ The reasoning is flawed. The fact is that homeschoolers are not a parallel society. Valid research shows that homeschoolers excel academically and socially. German courts are simply ignoring the truth that exists all over the world where homeschooling is practiced. They need to look beyond their own borders.”

In 2003 the highest administrative court in Germany, which interprets its federal Constitution, ruled in the Konrad case that it was permissable for parents who have jobs that require them to travel—such as circus performers and musicians—to homeschool, but homeschooling was prohibited for parents who wanted to for reasons of conscience. The highest criminal court said in the Paul-Plett case in 2006 that the government was allowed to take custody of children whose parents want to homeschool for reasons of conscience.

Reasons of conscience, and your right to act by their motivation is an essential freedom that everyone has. It is the same for conscientious objectors, people who will not eat meat, etc etc. For a german court to rule in this way, that it is OK for people to home educate for reasons related to MONEY but not conscience, is an accurate indicator of the pure evil that resides in the bosoms of Germans. And once again, this is not just the German government that is on trial here; just as it was in the 1930's the German people cannot claim that "I know nothing" A German family has FLED due to this persecution. They are all culpable. PERIOD.

Donnelly challenged the reasoning of the German courts.

“It is ridiculous for German courts to say that homeschooling is allowed if you have practical reasons but disallowed if you have conscientious reasons,” Donnelly said. “This is simply about the German state trying to coerce ideological uniformity in a way that is frighteningly reminiscent of past history. Homeschooling is a growing social movement all over the world, and the Germans want to stamp it out based on a fabricated notion that homeschoolers are a ‘parallel society.’ Germany’s treatment of homeschooling families is worthy of condemnation from the international community. I am proud that a United States immigration judge recognized the truth of what is happening in Germany and has rendered this favorable decision for the Romeike family.”

German homeschoolers have been organizing and trying to draw the attention of German politicians. It has been difficult. Juergen Dudek is a homeschooling father who had been sentenced to 90 days in jail for homeschooling, but whose sentence was reduced to a $300 fine. He noted that officials in Germany have no appreciation for homeschoolers who think differently than the state.

‘Send a Loud Message’

“It is incredible to me that these officials give absolutely no weight to our faith or other conscientious objection to attendance at the public schools,” said Dudek. “We have had a number of families who are not homeschoolers, but who know that the German school system is failing, who called us to encourage us. In our re-hearing the judge issued a decision reducing our sentence from jail to a fine but was totally dismissive of our reasons for wanting to homeschool. We have always been encouraged by the support of American homeschoolers, and we hope that this decision will send a loud message to the German people that what our country is doing is wrong.”

A board member of the Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit, an organization working for freedom for homeschoolers, said that the ruling would be helpful to homeschoolers in Germany.

This decision reveals to the rest of the world that the German state acts outside the mainstream of Western democracies. Germany is in the company of countries like China, North Korea and others where fundamental human rights are not respected. Germany’s behavior exposes the totalitarian character of the German school law that takes away a parent’s right to educate their children. A decision on behalf of the Romeikes puts blame on the German government and is a serious warning to Germans officials to change their policies and further accept the rights of the parents. We hope that the decision will send a clear message to authorities in Germany to make changes right away!”

Mike Smith, president of HSLDA, also applauded the decision.

“It’s recognition that the German state is persecuting homeschoolers,” he said. “We are pleased to have been able to support this courageous family, and we hope and pray that this decision will have a decisive effect on German policy makers who should change their laws to recognize parents’ rights to educate their own children.”

What this jugement says is that Germany is an illiberal and unfree country, where illegitimate and immoral Nazi era laws, rather than being removed from the statute books, are being enforced with a ferocity, zeal, fervour, glee and intensity worthy of the original Nazis.

This Jugement means that any worker from the evil Jugendamt who tries to come to the USA to kidnap Germans on this most absurd of pretexts will be told in no uncertain terms to go back to Germany. Contrast this with the shameful way that France treats Germans on the run from the Nazis.

This story is going to cause Germans to re-assess their perfect society to which no parallel is to be allowed. This judge is calling all of Germany a state that is not fit for free people.

The Swedes should look very seriously at their Utopia and how the world perceives them; what is for sure now, is that any Swedish family that wants to escape their fascist government now has a country where they can escape to and be guaranteed that they will be protected. All they have to do is get on the plane without having their children kidnapped before it takes off.

The Romeikes are going to find that they have landed on their feet. They are now in a country that not only accepts Home Education, but it is also a place where there are millions of Home Educators. They will have a great Home Ed social life. In the USA Home Educators are highly organised; it is a place where there are services and publishers that will be happy and eager to serve them. The Universities are competing to attract Home Educated people to become their pupils. It is a place where Home Education and its practitioners is not a sponge cake soaked in bitter and foul ideologies where irrational, negative, serf minded and noxious people are desperate to control others whilst demanding freedom for themselves.

And best of all, they will not have to be constantly looking over their shoulders… it’s a place where they can be free!

Should they be foolish enough to set foot in Europe, they can expect to have their children kidnapped on the spot of course.


Read this shameful article in Der Spiegel, which shows that the German public and in this case, the press, are completely culpable:

Religious Persecution?
German Home-Schoolers Granted Political Asylum in US

Why the question mark? These people are being persecuted because they are Christians. PERIOD.

A family of evangelical Christians who said they were being persecuted for their religious beliefs in Germany have been granted political asylum in the US. The couple fled to Tennessee so they could home-school their five children, which is illegal in Germany.

They did not ‘say they were being persecuted’, they WERE being persecuted!

Most asylum seekers in the US tend to flee wars or dictatorships, but one German family moved to the American South in 2008 because they believed they were being persecuted for their religious beliefs. On Tuesday an immigration judge in Tennessee agreed, and granted them political asylum.

A shameful, Nazi law promoting scumbag wrote this article. CLEARLY they did not BELIEVE they were being persecuted, they WERE being persecuted, and that is why they were granted asylum.

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike, who are evangelical Christians, say they were forced to go the the US because they wanted to educate their five children at home, something that is illegal in Germany.

Judge Lawrence Burman issued the ruling on Tuesday in Memphis, according to the Home School Legal Defense Association, which is representing the Romeikes.

The family left Germany after several run-ins with authorities.

They FLED Germany, to avoid being fined, imprisoned and having their children kidnapped by the state. That is a little different from ‘leaving Germany’.

The parents had ignored repeated orders to send their children to school.

As is their duty and right. The writer inserts this as if it is a proper pretext for the law to act.

German state constitutions require parents to send their children to public or private schools and they can face fines or even imprisonment if they don’t comply.

Now this Nazi is trying to put a spin on the true origin of the law, Hitler, by saying that ‘German state constitutions’ require school attendance. This shameful lack of acknowledgement of the origin of this evil law makes the writer complicit in it and the persecution of this family and all other Home Educating families in Germany.

In October 2006, police came to the Romeike home and took the children to school.

This is not right, understandable, moral or defensible. That it is stated as a plain fact is nauseating.

In November 2007 Germany’s highest appellate court ruled that in severe cases of non-compliance, social services could even remove children from home.

‘Severe cases of non-compliance’… is that all it is? ZIEG HIEL!

Uwe Romeike told the Associated Press that the 2007 ruling convinced him and his wife that “we had to leave the country.” The curriculum in public schools over the past few decades has been “more and more against Christian values,” he said.

A decent parent.

‘The Freedom to Choose’

Lutz Görgens, a German Consul General in Atlanta, Georgia, said in an e-mail statement that German parents had a range of educational options for their children. Mandatory school attendance in Germany ensures a high standard of learning for all children, he said.

This is a lie, and a distraction. No matter what schools are on offer anywhere, the parent has the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to educate their child in any way they see fit, and this is not the affair of the state in a free country.

“Parents may chose between public, private and religious schools, including those with alternative curricula like Waldorf or Montessori schools,” said Görgens.

If you cannot choose no school, you have no choice. Only a brainwashed Nazi boosting official like Lutz Görgens could put forward this rationalisation.

But Romeike was not comfortable sending his children to public school anymore. He said three eldest children had had problems with violence, bullying and peer pressure. “I think it’s important for parents to have the freedom to choose the way their children can be taught,” he said.

The couple took the kids out of school in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg in 2006 and were fined around €70,000 ($100,000).

Par for the course; the state dolls out theft, followed by violence.

In 2008 Romeike, a music teacher, sold his collection of pianos and rented out his home in the village of Bissingen. The family now live in Morristown, Tennessee, in the so-called Bible Belt. Like many of their neighbors they teach their children at home.

And MILLIONS OF OTHER AMERICANS you pathetic beast.

The decision on the family’s political asylum could still be overturned if the US government appeals the ruling. But Mike Donnelly, the attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association, said he hopes Tuesday’s ruling will influence public opinion in Germany — which is part of the reason his group offered to represent the Romeikes, he said.,1518,674312,00.html

First of all, why would the US Government appeal this ruling? On what grounds?

Once the news of this gets out, it is unlikely that anyone in the US will go against this family. The millions of Home Schoolers in the USA will make such a deafening noise (or at least, in a perfect world that is what would happen) no politician would DARE call for this family to be sent back to the reich.


Ron Paul’s State of the Republic Address

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

ContactPoint: the BLOGDIAL predictions begin to come true

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Over the years, BLOGDIAL has made many predictions detailing precisely what would happen if ContactPoint was rolled out. We gave detailed reasons, explanations and descriptions of how these bad things would happen, and now they are all coming to pass as we predicted.

ContactPoint database suffers ‘serious’ security breaches during trial phase

The controversial database containing personal details of all 11 million children in England has suffered at least four security breaches even before its nationwide launch.


Over the past year, staff at England’s 150 main councils have been going through their records for vulnerable children – such as the offspring of high-profile parents or those fleeing abuse – whose details should be “shielded” for their safety.

we said:
On the first day that ContactPoint goes online, and all the 330,000 tokens have been distributed, a minimum of 330,000 children will have their records accessed. If these are printed out, they have escaped the database and are in the wild. Unless they are going to supply 330,000 secure shredders to all the ContactPoint users, you can guarantee that these printouts will be lost, sold and misused.


At least 51,100 people have also demanded to have their personal information hidden from users of ContactPoint amid persistent fears that it is unsafe.

we said:
Rich still able to opt out
This proves that ContactPoint is not and cannot ever be secure, and that its users are not trustworthy and can never be trusted. The rich and famous will be able to opt out of ContactPoint. If ContactPoint were secure, there would be no need for this opt out option for the rich.

In November the Government declared that a pilot phase involving 20 councils and charities had been a success, and that the project will be taken up nationally.

we said:
This is one of the most absurd statements ever. Just when you thought that they couldn’t get more stupid, we have the imbecile ‘Kevin Brennan’ saying they need more time to CHANGE THE VERY NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE and RE-DEFINE THE RULES OF MATHEMATICS before they roll out ContactPoint.

The fact is, you computer illiterate JACKASS, no matter how long you delay it, not matter what you do to re-design it, data will always be copyable, and if you put together ContactPoint in the way it has been planned, it will still be copyable. Read how this is going to be done, in evidence already submitted to you. Even if you make it difficult for insiders with root level DB access, wholesale copying WILL take place on a page by page basis. Remember, there are going to be 300,000 people with authorized access; it will be impossible to monitor them all, like that PHD’s submission says.

No amount of security reviews will be able to stop people from printing off ContactPoint pages. Deloitte knows this. The alterations you are talking about will do nothing to reduce the risk you are putting all the children of the UK in.

These are the FACTS.


But there have been at least three security breaches so far, in London, Staffordshire, Peterborough and Surrey, according to details obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

One “serious” breach involved two staff at Westminster City Council, where many politicians and public figures live, losing details of children that had been originally stored in an envelope.

we said:
And of course, piecemeal copying of ContactPoint is just as bad; with one million people granted access to it, printing off pages, saving screen grabs and just writing down details with a pencil and a piece of paper, these sorts of criminal activities could happen without a wholesale data breach.


An official report admitted February’s incident had been a “serious breach of the duty to maintain confidential data securely”.

“Officers involved have taken all possible steps to locate the data and clearly understand the seriousness of this incident,” the report said.

we said:
No sanction will put the data back in the database, or repair the harm done to a child after the fact.


and we said:
Firing the administrator, hanging drawing and quartering him and then feeding the remains to pigs will not put humpty dumpty together again. No penalty, not matter how severe can erase all the illegal copies taken from a database. That sort of magic is just that, magic and not part of the real world.


Peterborough Council refused to release, under FOI laws, details of its report into its “minor” security breach, claiming it did not think releasing information was in “the public interest”.

“The incident in question was a minor disciplinary incident that was dealt with swiftly,” a spokesman said.

“Changes were made to remove the possibility of this happening again and at no time was any information released into the public domain or used inappropriately.”

That is what they say, but they cannot prove it can they?

we said:
Imagine a disgruntled employee makes a copy of the ContactPoint database and then does not make it public but sells it secretly to a criminal gang. No one would ever know that the copy had been made. Out of the 11 million children, hundreds would be cherry picked for kidnapping, and no one would be able to connect these kidnappings to the covert release of ContactPoint. That criminal gang could operate for years off of the ContactPoint data without anyone knowing.

That is a far more horrible scenario is it not? Do you feel queasy?


Two of the councils that acted as “trailblazers” for the information-sharing project in 2005 were forced to investigate after staff breached guidelines on data use.

East Sussex County Council said: “There was one incidence of inappropriate behaviour in the early stages of the project, with one practitioner sharing access information with a colleague who had not yet received access information.

“Both accounts were suspended until the issue was dealt with through the [council’s] usual disciplinary procedures.”

We said:
Tokens shared over phone in the one minute window
Depending on how it is set up, people will be able to share the random number on the token over the phone. When the session expires, the person selling access can sell a new random number to the scumbag who wants to get access to the data. In this way, the ContactPoint user can keep her token, limit access to her black market data clients and still remain in the system on a long term basis.


Sheffield City Council said: “There have only been two incidents that have required formal investigation – both were identified by the internal auditing built into the system.

That means they have only detected two; it is impossible to know how many breaches there have been:

we said:
Just how are they going to know if the data was not sold on again? They cannot know this, and if the data is partitioned into small stripped parcels, whoever bought a stripped parcel will have plausible deniability. There are many data brokers out there who sell data aggregated from many sources. All they have to do is strip out all the data that makes the stolen database identifiable as ContactPoint data (the unique numbers and everything else, leaving just the names and addresses) and then they can add this data to their current databases and claim that what they have is simply what they were using previously. Lets say you choose to buy only the subset of ContactPoint where the children are exactly seven years old. You would be able to send a mailout to these families without raising too much suspicion.


“The two incidents referred to above were considered to be ‘inappropriate use’ of the system by authorised users as per our user guidelines.”

Tim Loughton, the shadow Children’s Minister, said: “These incidents are just the tip of the iceberg.

“Once there are 400,000 users of ContactPoint there be scope for colossal abuse of the system. ContactPoint is not and cannot be secure.

“The Government should not be taking chances with the contact details of 11 million children – particularly given their appalling track record of keeping public data safe.”

He added: “Ed Balls needs to pull the plug on this dangerous project before it is too late.”

we said:
Gordon Brown has already admitted that they can never keep ContactPoint data safe because it is being run by human beings.

That means that he understands that he is a paedophile facilitator by knowingly setting up this database with foreknowledge that the data will escape and end in the abuse of children.


Meanwhile, almost 44,000 requests to have children’s records shielded – making only their name, date of birth, gender and ID number visible on the system – have been received in the past year to more than 130 councils that are using the systems, according to figures provided to this newspaper. In total, officials have shielded more than 51,100 records.

Government guidance states that there are only “limited circumstances” where shielding should be allowed – where children or adults would otherwise be put at risk of significant harm.

we said:
Every Child Matters, but it seems, some children matter more than others.


This is pure evil, and the fact that they are going to ’shield’ the identities of the children of the rich and famous proves that this database is dangerous to every child.


The majority of councils said they had not completed the process, meaning that even more children could be shielded next year.

Critics say the effectiveness of the system is undermined if many children have their details hidden.

“These shocking security breaches reveal just how unsafe this database is,” said Annette Brooke, the Liberal Democrat’s Children’s spokeswoman.

“The initial pilots of ContactPoint raised serious security concerns, but the Government insisted on ploughing ahead with it.

“This intrusive database must now be scrapped. Parents have every right to demand that their children’s personal details are not put at risk.”

Where is the legal challenge to this outrageous scandal? The fail ridden LibDems can promise whatever they like; they will never be able to deliver anything to anyone. Only the Tories can destroy this database; it should be the first thing that they do when they take power.

we said:
ContactPoint: Online Catalogue for Rapists

“A RUTHLESS rapist found victims by getting a job as a care worker and trawling a council’s database for vulnerable young girls.


Simeon Kellman, 43, used computer records to identify teenagers who had just come out of the foster care system.”

A Department for Children, Schools and Families spokeswoman said further training and guidance had been issued to prevent further security problems.

The biggest bunch of lying, predatory, anti-family, subhuman garbage says, in essence, that they can secure ContactPoint. By what magic can they do this? The fact of the matter is that they cannot.

we said:
This is the danger we have been talking about for almost a decade; once the data is out, it can never be put back.

No matter what they say, no matter what assurances they give, they will never be able to secure data in databases. Period.


“Security is of paramount importance for ContactPoint and a significant set of measures and controls are in place. The use of ContactPoint is monitored and audited at both national and local level.

Someone clever said:
32. An audit system does not prevent all improper access. The Police National Computer, for example, has a substantial audit resource and yet the Independent Police Complaints Commission comments:

‘Every year sees complaints alleging the unauthorised disclosure of information from the Police National Computer. Forces have reviewed their methods of preventing unlawful entry but there will always be a few officers willing to risk their careers by obtaining data improperly.’[34]

“In the small number of instances where unusual activity has been detected or suspected, the local authorities involved immediately investigated and took the correct course of action.


“None of these incidents led to data in ContactPoint being compromised, none involved any data being printed or downloaded from ContactPoint, and there is no evidence that any of these instances indicated malicious intent.”

She added: “This demonstrates that the stringent security processes we have in place are effective.”


The Telegraph

That is a bald faced LIE.

In this very article an incident is cited which,

“involved two staff at Westminster City Council, where many politicians and public figures live, losing details of children that had been originally stored in an envelope“.

That means that the information was on ContactPoint, had been PRINTED OUT onto PAPER and then stored in an envelope. If this incident did not involve ContactPoint, then why is it mentioned at all? And once again, all the assurances in the world cannot guarantee us that this has not already happened somewhere else, unbeknownst to this lying harpy at the DCSF.

As for this computer illiterate piece of trash’s use of the word ‘download’:

Every schoolboy knows that it is IMPOSSIBLE to create a database system accessed by browsers that can prevent the users of the system from copying the entries. The fact that ContactPoint holds ‘minimal’ (more on that later) details makes it easier to copy entries, since they can all fit in a small space in the browser and can be copied with a single click of the mouse. And remember, we are talking about COPYING entries; to use the word ‘download’ is disingenuous. The point about the dangers of this database is that the entries can be copied, will always be copyable and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop copying, short of not having a database at all. It is very important that right now, some journalist puts up a bounty for a photograph of a ContactPoint entry to demonstrate that anyone can make a copy of a ContactPoint entry, and that those copies can be transmitted to anyone anywhere, and the idea that the entries are ‘not downloadable’ is purely farcical.


These mental retards, child traffickers and monsters keep trotting out the same lie day after day, year after year without batting an eyelid; this is the measure of how venal, repulsive, corrupt, dangerous, dastardly, soulless, inhuman and filthy they are.

Anyone at any Local Authority or anywhere else who operates an account on ContactPoint is guilty of a very serious breach of ethics. There are no two ways about it. They are participating in a project that uses children to generate money:

we said:
The children of Britain sold to a French company that operates in 30 countries.
ContactPoint: The price of children

Like the title of this post says, the predictions are starting to come true. For all we know, a complete copy of the ContactPoint database might already be in the wild, circulating for hundreds of thousands of pounds per flash drive. And yes, the entire ContactPoint database could easily fit on a single key fob sized flash drive.

If a wholesale dump of the database has not yet been done, there is still time to erase everything and dismantle the system. This should be undertaken by the Tories as an emergency of war time urgency, because once the data is out, it is out forever and the genie can never be put back in the bottle.

In the meantime, ContactPoint must be rendered useless. That means you should reject any contact, service or approach of any kind that involves data sourced by ContactPoint. If you are in contact with ‘the system’ and you can find out what your child’s unique ContactPoint number is, you could start by making sure that anything you touch that comes from the LA does not have this number on it. I’m sure you can come up with your own ideas.

Sadly, we cannot rely on the morality of the people who are working with ContactPoint, who would not give up their jobs to save the lives of children they are abusing by touching that immoral system. As for the ‘Charities’ that have access to ContactPoint, I would suggest that no one give money to any charity that does not explicitly denounce ContactPoint and refuse any offer of access to it.

One way or another, either through the Tories or the economic collapse, ContactPoint is going to be destroyed as a working system. What is in question is wether or not a wholesale dump of its contents is going to be released to the public before that happens.


Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

This astonishing document is snarfed from the TPUC site:


This is taken from

OK – so now the cracks are really beginning to appear.

I am indebted to my good friend and fellow Freeman on the land, for allowing me to use his documentation for this:-
Let me fill you in on the background so you have the case history:-

“Jim” (As we will call him”) is a Freeman on the Land along with us (More on that here & – and a few months back he decided (Like many of us) that he wasn’t going to pay the UNLAWFUL Council tax that they were trying to enforce upon him via thier unlawful statute legislation. So he stopped paying:-

In due course he started receiving the threatening letters until one day the “summons” appeared on his doormat. (Note: A summons is merely an invitation to attend their place of business to discuss a punishment – its an offer – Read more – just as the Council Tax Bill is an offer to contract with them – read more on this)

The “invitation” was to appear before Wirral Magistrates Court for a hearing concerning the issuing of a liability hearing. Now as we all now ALL magistrates courts are merely a trading styles of the “run for profit” company called “Ministry of Justice” – see below and you can get a copy of the document I have acquired clearly showing:-

  1. The corporate status of the Ministry of Justice
  2. The Directors (Lord Falconer of Thoroton & Others)
  3. The fact that Ministry of Justice has County Court Jugements against it
  4. The trading styles of MOJ (Top right – which includes “Magistrates Courts”


Now call me blonde but I would say this is pretty damned conclusive that we are dealing with a corporate court convened by a corporation to simply lift money from you and I.

So … “Jim” jotted the council a little letter which is shown below:-


Jim sent this letter about THREE WEEKS before the date that the hearing was due to be heard on.
So … the DAY BEFORE the hearing, Jim received a phone call from the Wirral Council LEGAL DEPARTMENT and what they said was staggering …


  1. Now this is incredible that on the back of one letter they decide to withdraw and more importantly confirms the following:-
  2. Council tax is UNLAWFUL, as you and I well know that if these leeches had once ounce of a lawful case for taking this money then they would fight it to the death

They KNOW Council Tax is unlawful and are simply robbing those who haven’t woken up to the facts yet to the tune of £140,000,000,000 per annum (thats 140 BILLION of our money!)
So, Jim being the experienced fellow he is – asked them to email him with confirmation that they were going to withdraw and printed below is their email.


Jim then asked for further clarification in a formal letter and here is the letter that they sent!


Then Jim asked them to confirm in writing that because there was now NO LIABILY that the council tax was no longer due
This is the letter they and this is probably (in my opinion) one of THE single most important documents in the fight against Council Tax as it PROVES beyond ANY DOUBT that we DO NOT HAVE TO PAY this UNLAWFUL COUNCIL TAX.
Look at the bit in red!


So not believing a word of the Council or the courts Jim rocked up to the court on the morning of the Liability hearing and standing as a Freeman on the Land asked the Judge to confirm the withdrawal of the other side which the Judge duly confirmed. The judge then told Jim that he needn’t have turned up and then Jim hit with it.
“I know that sir, but there is the small matter of mys costs”

BAM! – They were not expecting that one!

So, Jim has now duly entered a claim for costs of £1,400 against Wirral Council which is still ongoing at this time as the courts are trying to play silly buggers with Jim – he has even had one judge step down and refuse to adjudicate in favour of his costs – as you can see – its a stitch up!

Anyway – Jim has some other things planned and I will keep you abreast of developments but there you have it.
A UK Council running away from a court hearing because they KNOW they dont have a LAWFUL leg to stand on and the whole Council Tax is a scam to relieve you and I of money.


Now. After having read that, and caught your breath after having counted from one to ten slowly, you need to ask yourself two questions.

  1. If the councils are nothing more than private companies, how is it that the ‘social services’ attached to them are able to steal children? If Tesco’s came to your house asking to see your children, “to make sure they are safe” you would laugh in their face would you not?
  2. How is it that these people think they can serve you with a school attendance order, if everything else they do is accepted by them as non binding without a written and signed contract?

These are questions you have to answer for yourself before you consider ‘registering’ with them, accepting delivery of an SEO, or engaging with these creatures in any way whatsoever.

If I were you, I would have a close read of the articles at TPUC, and then try and explain to yourself how it is possible that these people can do what they are doing.

Hypothesis for hypotheses

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

It is amateurs who have one big bright beautiful idea that they can never abandon. Professionals know that they have to produce theory after theory before they are likely to hit the jackpot. Francis Crick

A student once asked me, “Dr. Pauling, how do you go about having good ideas?” and I answered: “You have a lot of ideas and you throw away the bad ones.” Linus Pauling.

Temperature and year ZERO!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Wow! That Copenhagen package really worked. Global warming has been dramatically reversed. In fact, if Al Gore could see his way to turning the heat back up just a little, most of us would be deeply appreciative…

“Climate science” is the oxymoron of the century. There is not a city, town or hamlet in the country that has had its weather conditions correctly forecast, over periods as short as 12 hours, during the past week. This is the “exceptionally mild winter” that the climate change buffoons warned us would occur as a consequence of global warming. Their credibility is 20 degrees below zero.

Yet nothing shames them, nothing persuades them to come out of the bunker with their hands high and “fess up”. Patronisingly fobbing off the public with fabricated excuses has become second nature to them. Latterly they have been concocting alibis about the Gulf Stream to explain Britain’s Arctic conditions. Uh-huh? Is it the Gulf Stream that has frozen the Vistula and given Poland a temperature of –25C? Is it the Gulf Stream that has caused the worst blizzards in Beijing since 1951?

The entire Northern Hemisphere is frozen. The world looks like a Christmas pudding with icing on the top. That is completely normal, part of the random climate fluctuations with which our ancestors were familiar. Yet fraudulent scientists have gained millions of pounds by taking selective samples of natural climate change, whipping up a Grande Peur and using it to advance the cause of world government, state control and fiscal despoliation of citizens.

2010 should be the year when all that ends. It is time for Zero Tolerance of AGW fraudsters and their political masters. It is time to say: Green taxes? We won’t pay them. Nor will we vote for or permit to remain in office any politician or party that supports the AGW fraud. This year is one of those rare occasions when we have an opportunity to punish and control our political masters – provided Britons have the will to break with the two-party system.



My emphasis.

You can start by refusing to pay for the ridiculous and pointless ‘energy efficiency’ certifications required by the EU for anyone who is renting or selling their house.

But why not go all the way? Why not refuse to pay this astronomically large and illegitimate debt that the governments have run up so that a small cabal of bankers can have money transferred to them?

Why not get rid of it all?

We know that we do not need them for anything whatsoever; why not be done with it, with the state, once and for all?

That is the real question. No government in opposition is going to run and be elected on a platform of destroying their own power, even if that is what they should be doing.

The pressures that are mounting in the hearts of every man (as we can read in Gerald Warner’s piece above) are going to cause an explosion (or more accurately an implosion), bringing about the sudden end of the state. There need not be any violence or disruption; just like it happened in South Africa and East Germany, all of a sudden, it will all simply end and everyone will wake up in a very different place. This is coming. It is inevitable. The only thing that is unsure is what the shape of that place will be after it happens.

Slaves of Iceland: Libertarians have your way out

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

January 5, 2010 is a historical day for Icelanders. The Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson had a tough decision to make, and difficult choices to make. To listen to the 23% of the nation that signed a petition calling on him to put the state guarantee for 5.4 billion dollars to be paid to the British and Dutch governments to a national referendum. Or to ignore the nation and sign the bill for the government, after the bill had been passed through the parliament with a narrow vote on December 30, 2009 after months of acrimonious debate, tainted with secrecy and dishonesty on the part of the government. Every day throughout the debate, new information would emerge and documents would leak to local media or wikileaks. Yesterday, the people of Iceland finally had a chance to have something to say about their fate, because if the state guarantee is accepted it will mean that Iceland will become like a third world country, spending its GDP largely on paying interest on foreign debt. Last summer, a bill for a state guarantee was passed that had a significant meaning not only for Iceland, but also for other nations around the world facing the same problems of private debt being forced on taxpayers. The bill included a reasonable and fair way of handling the interest and the debt: Icelanders would pay, but only a certain percentage of their GDP, and if there were to be another financial black hole, they would not pay during that time. Thus it comes as no surprise that the Dutch and British governments reacted so swiftly with a condemnation of Iceland’s citizens for having the audacity to think they have the right to exercise their democratic rights in deciding for themselves what is in the best economic interests of their nation.

Let’s also put this debt into perspective: 320.000 people live in Iceland, each and every person on the island, including children and the elderly, the disabled and the poor, would have to pay around $30,000 under the bill. The danger if Icelanders will accept this enormous burden is that the entire welfare system would simply collapse with no money to run it. On January 5th the Icelandic president had the courage, backed up by his nation, to place the interest of the people before that of the banks.
Of course there has been an incredible spin by the government controlled media, attacking the nation and the president for this simple and fair demand. The UK and Dutch media were also full of misleading news, saying the nation had demanded not to pay, and that we would become isolated and there were even suggestions that the British navy should flex its muscles against this nation which has no military. As if the terrorist act they imposed on us was not enough during the darkest hour of our crises to bring us further down!

The spin is failing because people around the world are finally starting to hear our side of the story, and other suppressed nations have perhaps seen this as a sign that they can also rise up against the corpocracy in our world where those with the money have as a rule always won. Let’s hope the nation will not been coaxed into fear of isolation and let’s hope the people of the world will join in this experiment of letting the interest of the peoples rise above the interests of banks, corporations, and international bullies such as the IMF. We need your support. I will soon issue a comprehensive report on the entire Icesave saga.
Love and rage from Iceland.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir
Party group chairman for The Movement in the Icelandic Parliament
Documentation: I append links to the files about Icesave that were leaked to wikileaks, and which show how the EU member states blackmailed Iceland into the same corner the government helped push into by accepting the Icesave bill. This file also contains letters between the main financial adviser to the Iceland Finance Minister and Mark Flanagan of the IMF:

The people of Iceland need to face up to the facts of this matter.

As individuals, they are no more personally responsible for the failure of a bank in their country than the people of Tazmania are. No person can be made liable for a debt incurred by a third party without the written consent of that person, so unless every person has signed a contract that makes them legally bound to repay the debts of Landisbanki, Icesave or ANY bank they are not liable for that debt, PERIOD, no matter what anyone says. It is entirely immoral for the government of Iceland to socialise the debt of these banks and tax the Icelandic people to raise the money. This is unambiguous and criminal theft.

Watch this:

at 14:35. For a very clear explanation of the background.

The answer for Iceland is Libertarianism and Austrian Economics.

First of all, they need to close down their central government PERMANENTLY and not replace it with anything. Then they need to start trading with each other for and with real money, which means gold, or fish or whatever it is they have to hand or that they determine money should be.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir said:

The danger if Icelanders will accept this enormous burden is that the entire welfare system would simply collapse with no money to run it.

The welfare system of Iceland needs to switch to an entirely voluntary basis; Icelanders cannot afford (either financially or morally) a socialist style system of welfare based on theft. It is precisely this sort system that got them into this trouble in the first place.

Murray Rothbard says:

English laissez-faire liberalism, even though it generally accepted [p. 148] "Poor Law" governmental welfare, insisted that there be a strong disincentive effect: not only strict eligibility rules for assistance, but also making the workhouse conditions unpleasant enough to insure that workhouse relief would be a strong deterrent rather than an attractive opportunity. For the "undeserving poor," those responsible for their own fate, abuse of the relief system could only be curbed by "making it as distasteful as possible to the applicants; that is, by insisting (as a general rule) on a labour test or residence in a workhouse."6

While a strict deterrent is far better than an open welcome and a preachment about the recipients' "rights," the libertarian position calls for the complete abolition of governmental welfare and reliance on private charitable aid, based as it necessarily will be on helping the "deserving poor" on the road to independence as rapidly as possible. There was, after all, little or no governmental welfare in the United States until the Depression of the 1930s, and yet — in an era of a far lower general standard of living — there was no mass starvation in the streets. A highly successful private welfare program in the present-day is the one conducted by the three-millon-member Mormon Church. This remarkable people, hounded by poverty and persecution, emigrated to Utah and nearby states in the nineteenth century, and by thrift and hard work raised themselves to a general level of prosperity and affluence. Very few Mormons are on welfare; Mormons are taught to be independent, self-reliant, and to shun the public dole. Mormons are devout believers and have therefore successfully internalized these admirable values. Furthermore, the Mormon Church operates an extensive private welfare plan for its members — based, again, on the principle of helping their members toward independence as rapidly as possible.

Note, for example, the following principles from the "Welfare Plan" of the Mormon Church. "Ever since its organization in 1830, the Church has encouraged its members to establish and maintain their economic independence; it has encouraged thrift and fostered the establishment of employment-creating industries; it has stood ready at all times to help needy faithful members." In 1936, the Mormon Church developed a "Church Welfare Plan, . . . a system under which the curse of idleness would be done away with, the evils of a dole abolished, and independence, industry, thrift and self-respect be once more established amongst our people. The aim of the Church is to help the people to help themselves. Work is to be enthroned as the ruling principle of the lives of [p. 149] our Church membership."7 Mormon social workers in the program are instructed to act accordingly: "Faithful to this principle, welfare workers will earnestly teach and urge Church members to be self-sustaining to the full extent of their powers. No true Latter-Day Saint will, while physically able, voluntarily shift from himself the burden of his own support.


For A New Liberty The Libertarian Manifesto

320,000 people live in Iceland. They have a 21st century infrastructure, a tourism trade, fishing and many other things, including the magical Björk who on some level understands that Icelanders need to "start their own currency".

They do not need a central government to enslave them, to feed them, to 'keep them safe' to organise them, to regulate them, to print and control their money, to regulate their banks or do anything else of any kind. These people are in a very good position to adopt the principles of a pure Libertarian society powered by Austrian Economics; that means no coercive central government and absolutely no central bank – voluntary interaction and exchange in all areas of life at all times. All they have to do is shutter their government, promise not to bother each other and launch their new money.

We know how a purely voluntary society operate, but what would the new Icelandic money really look like? Well, that is up to the market. Money is a commodity, just like wood, oranges, geothermal heat, tea or anything else that one person has that he wants less than something someone else has. People whose business it is to make money know how to craft it so that it is acceptable to the greatest number of people; it is something that they have in abundance that they have little real need for, which they can use to make more money. This is a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs to step in and create a good set of monetary units for Iceland.

A clever person with alot of money could mint (for example) small gold coins, say the size of a us Dime.

The weight of a US Dime is 2.268g
The price of gold at the date of this post is $36.38/g
That means that each of these new Icelandic gold coins would be worth 2.268*36.38 = $82.51 : enough for a weeks shopping at the grocery store.

Smaller amounts of money would be minted in silver coins:

2.268*18.23 = $41.35

for a dime sized coin made of pure silver. Price of twenty pints of bitter. Or a canister of natural gas.

These are two examples of the shape of money that could come out of a market driven currency. The money makers business is then to inject this new money into the economy, taking a small profit whenever the money is exchanged. Read about how it works:

This is the true and remarkable story of private coinage and banking in Britain in the early years of the Industrial Revolution (1775-1850). Making money was a business in demand. The needs of business for small denominations were changing. Merchants needed small denomination coins in copper and silver.

The Royal Mint couldn't be bothered. It made coins to serve the elites, not the new and burgeoning working class. Free enterprise stepped in with a new industry that truly saved the day—before the Crown cruelly stamped it out and ended one of the most beautiful experiences with private money in world history.

It is very likely you have never heard of this episode. You can read dozens of histories of the early years of capitalism and know nothing of this spectacular industry – to say nothing of its lessons for today.

What is going on here? George Selgin, professor at the University of Georgia, has discovered the monetary equivalent of the lost city of Atlantis. He has written a full-scale historical narrative—one that is deeply interesting and engaging—that has been largely unknown, even to scholars of the Industrial Revolution.

It is not only the first full-scale history of this episode ever written. It is likely to maintain a place as the definitive work for many decades. It is 400 pages, but always and everywhere very interesting. It includes 20 pages of color photos. The prose is elegant, and the method of analysis is thoroughly Rothbardian: this is flesh-and-blood history of real human beings.

These coins would be desirable not only in Iceland, but all over the world; they are gold, and gold is money.

Thanks to the small number of Icelanders, a single billionaire could jumpstart this new currency. Many millionaires could do it. It has been done before, for purely commercial reasons; this time it would not only be commercial pressures that propel the adoption of this currency but also the thirst for freedom, that would propel it.

However the Icelanders decide to solve their problem, one thing is for sure; they need to understand what their problem is before they can solve it.

Their problem is the parasitic, resource sucking corrupt and evil Government of Iceland, and all of its institutions, pure and simple. If they do not face this fact, they will wind up being further enslaved and pauperised.

As the guest in Max Keiser's report said, the educated (and productive) will flee Iceland to set up life somewhere else rather than be destroyed by this slavery, and who could blame them? Of course, the answer to that would be for the Government of Iceland to bring in exit visas for all Icelanders so that no one can escape, and don't think for an instant that they would not do it. They are already willing to sell the entire population into slavery at the behest of foreigners, so locking them all into a giant geysered gulag is just the next logical step.

Finally, they can demand all they like with petitions and other old fashioned and impotent strategies. Governments like those things; it shows how bereft of imagination and common sense the best of the population is. It makes them feel secure and powerful: "If this is the best that they have, 'demanding' their freedom and signing petitions on a website that WE set up, well HAW HAW HAW, we can take them any time we like!". These Icelanders, with a very small population, have fewer people to connect with, convince and organise. Their population is more homogenous than many developed countries, they are all in the same boat at the same time; it could not be better for them.

Its going to take a nation wide, 320,000 strong Old Holborn style refusal to cooperate to get them clear of their blood sucking government. That is the first step. Once that government is no more, and there is no replacement, the incredible force of the market will begin to solve their problems in very short order. They have the balls to do it; what they need to do is do it with a clear plan and understanding of their problems and the way out.

If they do it, Iceland might just become THE place to be in the early part of the 21st century!

Icelander's Emergency Reading List:

The truth about ‘Nation Building’

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Oh what a tangled web we weave,

When first we practise to deceive!

Austrian Economists on the ball.

Old Holborn gets O.U.T.

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Today marks the first day of my self declared freedom to live under common law and simply ignore whatever “laws” those 646 idiots in Parliament decide on my behalf is good for me.

I have become a “Freeman of the Land”.

Great, you say. Wait and see what happens when the bailiffs or the coppers turn up. Well, that is exactly what I intend to do. Common law has worked for the people of England perfectly well until Parliament decided they could do the job better. I see this journey as a massive learning curve, involving huge amounts of researching law and challenging authority, standing up to bullies and thieves and living the one life I am lucky to have as I see fit.

The first of a raft of letters goes out tomorrow informing various authorities that I no longer submit to their authority. The fact that I was born does not mean I have to give my earned income to the State in taxes, it does not mean that I am not free to speak my mind wherever and whenever I chose and it does not mean that anyone has any authority over me. To use a religious argument, if I am made in God’s image, then he and he alone has authority over me. No one else. By law.

So, what do I expect to happen? Well, they won’t like it, that’s for sure. I expect lots of various bodies to come knocking on my door, demanding my appearance at court or payment for this or that. Tough luck guys, Old Holborn has learned how to say no and mean it. It is not negotiable and never will be.

If you want to understand how common law works, there are numerous sources on the Internet, like the excellent TPUC site. Freemen are growing in number and living their lives as they wish. They don’t drive Ferrari’s, don’t own villas on the South Coast of France and they (generally) don’t wear Ted Baker suits either. They don’t have credit cards or P60’s, Rolex’s or iPhones. But they do have their God Given liberty and they scare the establishment shitless.

Today’s first step is a little sign on the garden gate. It states quite clearly and politely:

“No Intended Access”

Walk up my garden path and I will assume you to be as hostile to me and my family as if you’d jumped over the back garden wall. You take the consequences of that action to enter my property, uninvited. (Note to self: let the milkman know)

So here’s to a year of bankruptcy, arrest, summonses and threats. Just for simply saying no.

Bring it on. Others lost their lives in wars for rights and freedom. I have my entire life to gain.


This is very significant.

Old Holborn runs a top twenty political blog (16th in the UK), which is read by hundreds of thousands of people.

Two things are going to happen. If he does this, and demonstrates that he can do it without consequences, other people will follow him and the curtain will finally and quickly be pulled back, the fat naked emperor will stand shivering in the cold and it will be the beginning of an explosion of true liberty in Britain. If the state decides to make an example of him, it could spread the message of the ‘freemen of the land’ by the power of the national press and if it’s ‘D Noticed’ by the even more powerful blogosphere.

Either way, there is going to be some noise.

There are many people in the UK who are ready to follow Old Holborn and to get O.U.T. and like we and all the other smart people keep saying, there is nothing that they can do about a mass refusal (mass implosion) to accept anything that comes from the state. No violence is required, no pointless demonstrating, 1, 2, 3, 4, and the (n+1).

The absolute last thing anyone needs is to replace one state with another ‘better’ state; the state itself, as a concept, as a way of ‘organising society’ is the problem. The freemen on the land, particulate, individual, self governing, property owning, freely interacting, contracting and exchanging without any coercion or force is the ideal. In practice not having a state would mean that there would be no one to tell you you can or cannot do something on your land or in your own house that does not affect anyone else. It means there is no one to tell you that you cannot imbibe whatever you like, say or print what ever you like, cook food for strangers and all the other things that are regulated ‘for your own good’ – in other words, you are free. Some people (and they are, despite their claims to the contrary, completely violent types) will rail against and resist freedom, claiming that violence needs to be used against people who cook food for others or who drive on the roads or who build houses or cut hair for a living etc, all meted out by a state. There will always be violent, control freak types. Without a sate to back up their violent tendencies, they will be reduced to nothing more than hot air machines.

Old Holborn has a family. He is not putting just himself at great risk of physical harm. What he is doing should be instructional to all those who still think that engaging with the state is in any way a sensible option. Pulling apart their illogic and lies is entertaining and informative and should be done, but there has to come a point where you throw up your hands and say, “enough is enough”, and mean it.

All eyes on Old Holborn, everyone O.U.T.!