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Holy Security Theatre Bruce!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Hours-long waits in the security line. Ridiculous prohibitions on what you can carry on board. Last week’s foiling of a major terrorist plot and the subsequent airport security changes graphically illustrates the difference between effective security and security theater.

None of the airplane security measures implemented because of 9/11 — no-fly lists, secondary screening, prohibitions against pocket knives and corkscrews — had anything to do with last week’s arrests. And they wouldn’t have prevented the planned attacks, had the terrorists not been arrested. A national ID card wouldn’t have made a difference, either.

Instead, the arrests are a victory for old-fashioned intelligence and investigation. Details are still secret, but police in at least two countries were watching the terrorists for a long time. They followed leads, figured out who was talking to whom, and slowly pieced together both the network and the plot.

The new airplane security measures focus on that plot, because authorities believe they have not captured everyone involved. It’s reasonable to assume that a few lone plotters, knowing their compatriots are in jail and fearing their own arrest, would try to finish the job on their own. The authorities are not being public with the details — much of the “explosive liquid” story doesn’t hang together — but the excessive security measures seem prudent.

But only temporarily. Banning box cutters since 9/11, or taking off our shoes since Richard Reid, has not made us any safer. And a long-term prohibition against liquid carry-on items won’t make us safer, either. It’s not just that there are ways around the rules, it’s that focusing on tactics is a losing proposition.

It’s easy to defend against what terrorists planned last time, but it’s shortsighted. If we spend billions fielding liquid-analysis machines in airports and the terrorists use solid explosives, we’ve wasted our money. If they target shopping malls, we’ve wasted our money. Focusing on tactics simply forces the terrorists to make a minor modification in their plans. There are too many targets — stadiums, schools, theaters, churches, the long line of densely packed people in front of airport security — and too many ways to kill people.

Security measures that attempt to guess correctly don’t work, because invariably we will guess wrong. It’s not security, it’s security theater: measures designed to make us feel safer but not actually safer.

Airport security is the last line of defense, and not a very good one at that. Sure, it’ll catch the sloppy and the stupid — and that’s a good enough reason not to do away with it entirely — but it won’t catch a well-planned plot. We can’t keep weapons out of prisons; we can’t possibly keep them off airplanes.

The goal of a terrorist is to cause terror. Last week’s arrests demonstrate how real security doesn’t focus on possible terrorist tactics, but on the terrorists themselves. It’s a victory for intelligence and investigation, and a dramatic demonstration of how investments in these areas pay off.

And what can you do to help? Don’t be terrorized. They terrorize more of us if they kill some of us, but the dead are beside the point. If we give in to fear, the terrorists achieve their goal even if they are arrested. If we refuse to be terrorized, then they lose — even if their attacks succeed.

New airline security rules:

My emphasis.

Like I said; we must not react to these events, no matter who or what is behind them, because it is the reaction that is desired. I have said this before. I say it again and again. It is true. No matter what happens, no matter how big the outrage, nothing we do must change. Not a single item of the way we live must be altered in reaction to these staged Wizard of Oz showpieces.

Now, when I say, ‘nothing we do must change’ I do not mean that ‘we’ can or should continue to commit mass murder and the blowing of children to bits. We must absolutely withdraw from all flying carpet politricks, and not because people hate Britain over it, and not as a reaction to people allegedly wanting to explode bombs in the UK in retaliation, but because it is wrong to murder people and meddle in the affairs of other countries.

The morons in the street who say that they don’t mind being stripped naked ‘to stop the terrorists’ are actually the real threat to you and me; they are the real ‘enemy within’ and thankfully, because they are on our doorstep, we can access them and turn them around.

I am the Law

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Police are pressing ministers for radical new powers to dispense instant justice, including the immediate exclusion of “yobs” from town centres at night, and bans on street gang members associating with each other, the Guardian has learned.Senior officers say the powers would be the “modern equivalent of a clip round the ear from the local bobby” and would ensure the introduction of neighbourhood policing across England and Wales has “bite” and meets public expectations.


Ah yes; 2000AD!

  • ‘Juve Cubes’: a place where juvenile criminals are held. Small cube shaped rooms, small because they have to pack in so many offenders.
  • ”Mutie Pens’: places where they keep mutants. Obviously.
  • ‘Lawgiver’ a judges gun.
  • Surveillance: pervasive.
  • International enemies. Of course, ‘East-Meg’, ‘Sov-City’, the rival Megacities in the east.
  • War? of course, fought with TADs (Total Anihilation Devices) naturally.

Judge Dredd and all of the Judges in Mega-City 1 were policemen and judges folded into one, who rolled around on huge motorcycles fighting crime, and dishing out harsh sentences to criminals on the spot.

Its painfully obvious that these people used to read 200AD. The idea of judges dispensing instant justice, the ‘Apocalypse War’, the whole lot comes straight out of a John Wagner / Brian Bolland page.

Never read ‘Judge Dredd’? I quote:

“As punishment for your crimes I remove your citizenship. You will not be allowed to enter Mega-City One for ten years!

Harsh but necessary. Let them serve as an example. Let every man know that citizenship is a privelege – not a right!

The law must be obeyed.

The law WILL be obeyed!”

Britains’s president launches weblog

Monday, August 14th, 2006

British President Tony Blair has joined a burgeoning international community – by starting his own weblog.

The launch of www.tonyblair.con was reported on state TV BBC, which urged users to send in messages to the president.

Mr Blairs’s first posting, entitled autobiography, tells of his childhood, Blair’s National Socialst revolution, and the country’s upcoming war with Iran.

There is a postform for users to send in questions for the president, and a picture gallery containing a series of images of the blogger himself.

The move by Mr Blair comes amid continuing internet censorship by the Blair government.

In a country where the media is strictly controlled, the internet has become the main forum for dissident voices.

But in its bid to crack down on anti-government bloggers, the government uses one of the most sophisticated internet monitoring systems in the world.

Such monitoring will not pose a problem for the president. However, at the end of his first posting – which runs to more than 2,000 words in English – he promises to try to keep things “shorter and simpler” in future.

“With hope in God, I intend to wholeheartedly complete my talk in future with allotted 15 minutes,” he writes.

Nose bleed

Mr Blair’s first entry on his blog, which is available in Persian, Arabic, English and French and includes an RSS feed to get future new entries to readers, is dated Friday.

He begins by telling users of his humble origins. “During the era that nobility was a prestige and living in a city was perfection, I was born in a poor family in a remote village of Edinburgh” he writes.
His father was a “a barrister and lecturer” and a “pious man”, who had decided to move the family to London when Mr Blair was just a year old.

Describing himself as a “distinguished student”, the president tells how he excelled at school, coming 132nd out of more than 400,000 students to take a university entrance test – despite suffering from a nose bleed at the time.

He talks about his admiration and affection for the leader of the Bolshevik revolution Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, and discusses Britains’s upcoming war with Iran, calling former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein an “aggressor” who was “intoxicated with power”.

The French are also heavily criticised by the president. At one point he describes it as “grease of the Axis of weasles” for what he says was its support for the “terrorist groups” which had tried to support Iraq’s secular government.

And the blog’s current poll asks the question: “Do you think that the US and UK intention and goal by attacking Lebanon is pulling the trigger for another world war?”

‘Publicity stunt’

It is not yet clear how well Mr Blairs’s blog will be received. User figures already appear high – by 1100 BST on Monday, nearly 12,000 people had taken part in the online vote.

But Jultra, a London-based blogger, told the Associated Press news agency he thought the president’s efforts were merely a publicity stunt.

“Blair used to have nothing to do with the internet and even talked against journalists and bloggers before he became president,” he was quoted as saying.


BBQ Strikes Again.

Connecting the dots to pull it all apart

Monday, August 14th, 2006

Liquid Bomb Pakistan Link Is False Flag Smoking Gun
Veracity of liquid explosives method also put under dubious doubt

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | August 13 2006

Revelations concerning the origins and connections of the alleged liquid bomb terror plot to Pakistan and the 7/7 bombings in London provide a strong indication that the operation, known for months yet deliberately timed for public release, was a synthetic ruse concocted by the Bush/Blair cabal to re-package the flagging war on terror.

Media reports in the days following the alert cite Pakistan’s ISI as having identified Rashid Rauf as, “the link between the plot’s planners and British-based Muslims who were allegedly preparing to carry out attacks on transatlantic flights.”

According to former NSA official Wayne Madsen, the Lashkar-e-Toiba terror group, to which Rashid Rauf is affiliated, is wholly operated and funded by the Pakistani ISI.

The Pakistani ISI is a CIA front and controls terror cells at the discretion of the highest levels of the US military-industrial complex. This means that the potential mastermind of the liquid bomb plot, Rashid Rauf (pictured), was operating under the oversight and direction of Pakistani and by proxy American intelligence agencies.

To understand why the Pakistan link strongly indicates that Thursday morning’s terror alert was a manufactured ruse, it is necessary to understand the the nexus that connects Pakistani intelligence, the CIA and terrorist organizations.

In October 2001, under the headline ‘Pakistani Intelligence Had Links to Al Qaeda, U.S. Officials Say,’ the New York Times reported, “The intelligence service of Pakistan, a crucial American ally in the war on terrorism, has had an indirect but longstanding relationship with Al Qaeda, turning a blind eye for years to the growing ties between Osama bin Laden and the Taliban, according to American officials.”

The ISI has received CIA funds to create and control militant organizations, including the Taliban and Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Funds transferred from Pakistan bankrolled the alleged 9/11 hijackers before the attack. Ahmad Umar Sheikh wired $100,000 from Karachi to alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta at the behest of ISI chief Mahmoud Ahmad. If this isn’t a direct link from the ISI to Al-Qaeda then nothing is.

Porter Goss, later appointed as director of the CIA, was having breakfast with the money man behind the terrorists as the planes crashed on the morning of 9/11. Ahmad had also met with top defense and intelligence officials in Washington in the days before the attack, including then CIA director George Tenet, Pentagon officials, and White House personnel.

The fact that the Pakistani financier of the alleged hijackers was meeting with the top brass of the US government in the week before the attack was never investigated by the 9/11 Commission.

In addition, alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was repeatedly protected by the ISI, according to Josef Bodansky, the director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare.

Defense Intelligence Agency documents dated from 2001 clearly indicate that the CIA is aware that Pakistan’s ISI supports and bankrolls Al-Qaeda groups but they have deliberately chosen to ignore the connection.

This rich history of ISI creation and protection of terrorist cells, allied with the fact that the ISI is a known CIA front, and added to the revelation that the mastermind of the liquid bomb plot Rashid Rauf is under ISI control, it is therefore obvious to conclude that the entire charade was cooked and orchestrated by elements of the Bush/Blair cabal and sold as promotional propaganda for the increased surveillance and behavioral control of UK and US citizens.

At the very least, the terror cell had been fully infiltrated for months – this has already been admitted – and the snap “foiling” of the attack was coordinated and stage-managed for purposes of political grandstanding on the part of Bush, Blair and the Neo-Fascist apparatus that seeks to use the ailing justification of the war on terror for a future military incursion into Iran.

Another dimension to the indication that we are being fed another hoax, are reports detailing the alleged plot’s links to the 7/7 London bombings.

As this website has exhaustively documented for over a year, the 7/7 bombings and the patsies that were used to take the fall for them, were controlled and engineered by the British intelligence apparatus.

The alleged ringleader of the attack which targeted three tube trains and one bus, Mohammed Siddique Khan, was an MI5 informant, according to former London Metropolitan Police detective and terror expert Charles Shoebridge. Therefore, in the case of the liquid bomb plot suspects, any link to the London bombers is a link to MI5.

It is clear that the scope of the attack has been greatly exaggerated by the British government to maximize fear and subservience engendered by images of alarmed and frightened airliner passengers.

Doomsday proclamations of ten planes exploding into balls of flames in mid-air do not correlate with the capacity of the liquid explosives the alleged terrorists were to use.

The only other example where terrorists used liquid explosives was the December 1994 Philippines Airline Boeing 747 incident, a dry run for a bigger plot conducted by Ramzi Youssef.

In this case, Youssef planted the explosives explosives under one of the seats in the airliner and timed them to detonate after he disembarked for a connecting flight. The subsequent explosion killed only the Japanese businessman who was sitting directly above the bomb. Besides five people with minor injuries, the other 200-plus passengers were unharmed and the plane landed safely.

Only liquid explosives in large and noticeable amounts can have any literal chance of “blowing up” a plane in mid-air. Confiscating pregnant white women’s lip gloss is completely insane and proves in itself that the new airport measures are purely designed to act as a PR coup for the police state.

In addition, photographs of passengers being ordered to pour liquids into one single container completely belies the claim that the alleged terrorists planned to mix the liquids to create the deadly explosives. If mixing liquids was a key component of the bomb making process then why are airport security ordering people to mix liquids?

World Affairs Brief editor Joel Skousen highlights prescient questions about the inconsistencies of the properties of the alleged liquid explosives in relation to the much vaunted scale of the foiled attack.

“The supposed explosive device this time was a Peroxide-based explosive, which is mildly explosive and can be prepared from acetone, hydrogen Peroxide, and an acid catalyst. This type is claimed by governments to be “widely in use by terrorist groups,” though we have no known terrorist events where it has been used, except by one Palestinian terrorist, and then as a detonator only-not as the main charge. This explosive material is usually known by its abbreviation TATP (Tri Acetone Tri Peroxide),” writes Skousen.

“Both Peroxide and Acetone are clear liquids, but acetone (laquer thinner) is easily identifiable by smell and its high rate of evaporation. Experts indicate it is very unstable and highly unlikely to be a stand-alone explosive to take down an airliner. The quantities would have to be large enough to be easily noticed. Thus, even though this is a theoretical threat, banning all cosmetics and lotions is stupid and banning all liquids is unnecessary. Only clear liquids need checking. There is cheap test equipment for TATP, and simple ways for TSA employees to quickly check for acetone and peroxide.”

Returning to how the latest plot is a mirror image of Operation Bojinka – the Ramzi Youssef link is also telling because Youssef has been protected and coddled by the US government at every juncture.

In September of 1992 Youssef entered the US with Ahmad Ajaj. Ajaj’s luggage contained documents on how to make bombs and was stuffed with fake passports and ID’s. Ajaj was arrested – amazingly Youssef was released.

Youssef later masterminded the WTC ’93 bombing with the gracious help of FBI agents. Having penetrated the group before the bombing, the FBI’s mole, Emad Salem, was told to arm the terror cell with dummy explosives so a sting operation could ensnare the perpetrators. Salem was mystified when the orders changed, the sting was called off and the FBI allowed the bombing to go forward. This was all admitted in an October 1993 New York Times front page story.

Again, any Operation Bojinka or Ramzi Youssef link in the case of the liquid bomb plot is a link back to western intelligence agencies.

Within three days of its exposure, Tony Blair and MI5 are already milking the alleged plot for political purposes in re-introducing the argument for 90-day detention without charge legislation. Blair suffered his only defeat to date in the Commons last November when the bill was shot down by Labour rebels – a humiliating rejection of the so-called ‘liberal’ government’s feverish bloodlust for authoritarian control.

Reports of criminal insider trading on airline stocks before the announcement of the alleged foiled plot, specifically British Airways stocks, have also started to filter in and will be the subject of a follow-up investigation. […]

Paul Joseph Watson goes where no one else will go, ties it all together, presents the citations and cleans up the mess. Thre is no excuse for believeing the murder inc lies; if HE can do it, any ‘journalist’ can do it.

“Why don’t they” is the question that you need to be asking. Or not. We don’t need them to join the dots, after all.

Shayler: ‘Blair was an MI5 agent’

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

Digging around over the last couple of days, I came across this post from October 05 concerning more details about what David Shayler knows and has revealed.

Tony Gosling – 15Oct05 – BRISTOL

This story was to be found neither on UK Indymedia or on Bristol Indymedia as neither appear to be working properly. I spent 30 mins. or so attempting to publish this on both without success, seems this is a scoop Indymedia aren’t interested in.

Ex anti-terrorism officer David Shayler came out with an interesting revelation when stuck in Bristol recently.

There has been much speculation as to how the most right wing and powerful elements in the Labour Party used to be such left wing radicals. Did they have a change of heart? Apparently not, according to Ex MI5 Counter-Terrorism Officer David Shayler.

It would also explain why the spooks have been so busy trying to blacken Shayler’s name.

Ex MI5 anti-terrorism officer David Shayler, who spent three days with us in Bristol recently, when his car got brake failure while parked up at the University, said at his Cube cinema presentation that he had access to information contained in Blair’s Security File while in ‘the service’.

“Tony Blair worked for MI5 before he became Labour leader.”
Evening Post reference

The day after Shayler was arrested in France the Mail on Sunday came out with the Headline ‘Shayler Could Bring Down Government’.

On the Monday, Shayler says, Blair Summoned the editor to Downing Street and asked him into the Garden (to avoid bugs) demanding to know what Shayler knew about him (Blair).

The editor wisely explained that due to a government injunction he could not tell Mr Blair anything that Shayler knew or he’d be breaking Blair’s government’s own injunction.

Blair, according to Shayler, had documents in his file which clearly meant he had been spying on his comrades in CND and The Labour Party before being made Party Leader – which explains his so-called radical left activities as a young man – he was a spy reporting back on Communist ‘subversives’ in CND and in the Labour Party!

Shayler says his secret state agent past would make Blair utterly unreliable to hold public office – particularly in the Labour party and would make him a puppet of the hawks in MI6. The same hawks I guess who cooked up the dodgey dossier at our expense which has been used to kill nearly 150,000 Iraqis and open the gates of hell in the Middle East. (oh yes and boost the profits and margins of every single Western Arms business leaving not enough to pay our pensioners and treat people on the NHS properly).

If what Mr Shayler says is true (anyone have any doubt?) and given the history of whats happened in the Labour party, this country and their effect and influence in certain regions of this planet, over the last 15 years.

Wherever you look, Smart People!

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

BBC Give New Labour’s Reid A Leg-Up Whilst The Independent Predicts Literal “Apocolyse” In Britain

In classical BBC style, BBC eventually give in to the New Labour fear propaganda and give John Reid a helping hand, given that the Met haven’t yet pressed any charges under the countless Terrorist Acts that this government have passed and have three more days to do so.

Possible links between the alleged plot to blow up transatlantic jets and the 7 July London bombings are being probed, sources have told the BBC…

Officials in Pakistan said two British men of Pakistani origin have been arrested in connection with the alleged plot.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has identified one of them as Rashid Rauf.

He thought to be related to Tayib Rauf, 22, who was arrested in Birmingham, and is among 19 of the suspects who have had their assets frozen by the Bank of England.

Yes, those trustee Pakistani intelligence officials (whom we cannot name of course, for national security reasons) at the Pakistani ISI intelligence services have definitely made a connection between the 7/7 bombers and the alleged plotters.

What you’re not told of course by our fantastically complicit mainstream media is that the ISI is essentially a sister agency of the American CIA, having been enlarged in the 70s by the Americans to fend off the Soviets from Afghanistan. One of their joint operations was to sell Afghan heroin to the soviet soldiers in order to turn them into addicts.

This won’t be the first joint operation between the two services…allegedly, of course.

Meanwhile, a rare glimpse of critical thinking skills comes from Peter Hitchens at the Daily Mail. Yes, we should all be afraid…of John Reid who is a former Commnuist/Marxist heaviweight, into his adult life, like his previous Blairite counterpart, that liberty dismissing electronic-soft-dictatorship-pushing moron Charles Clarke.

In further developments, whilst doubt is creeping about the true scale of the alleged plot, Mr Reid drops another one for the media to revel in, claiming that at least ‘four major terror plots’ had been foiled in the UK since 2000 – one of them being before 9/11.

Home Secretary John Reid has revealed that “at least four major plots” have been thwarted since the 7 July attacks in London last year.
Dr Reid said the government believes that the first al-Qaeda plot in the UK was in 2000 in Birmingham, preceding the war in Iraq and the 9/11 bombings.

He told the BBC’s News 24 Sunday show that current security measures at UK airports would be “time limited”.

Police are holding 23 people over an alleged plot to blow up several planes.

Yes, that’s right, 9/11 wasn’t really the beginning of the never-ending ‘war on terror’. They didn’t really exploit expertly the fear created by that event at all – it was already there, just so you’re aware.

But the BBC don’t think of asking John Reid for any details whatsoever of this conveniently timed claim. And even if they did, you can guarantee they won’t be able to tell you, for national security reasons, of course. Do however, expect them to not apply any level of critical thinking between the claims of New Labour ministers and reporting such claims to the public.

Yet the mere fact that no charges or convictions have been made does not prevent the Independent from literally predicting that apocolypse is coming. Yes, that’s right. Apocolypse now. There’s been no evidence or proof prevented. But what’s for sure is that ‘al-Qaeda’s leader in Britain’ – someone who hasn’t been mentioned before today but now suddenly appears in the media orgy commentary – may have been arrested as part of the 19, 21, or 23 depending on who you read. They’re not sure, but this new ficticious figure may be there. As part of this alleged plot for apocolypse.

Suspected terrorists were planning to unleash a wave of “apocalyptic” attacks on land and air, using an arsenal of bombs and weaponry, including firearms, investigators have discovered.

Police and intelligence sources have indicated that the alleged plot which was thwarted last week was targeted at the UK, as well as at airliners heading for the US, and could have caused devastating loss of life and destruction on the British mainland. One Whitehall source said “many dozens” of plots were under investigation, involving “hundreds” of suspects.

According to one report last night, al-Qa’ida’s leader in Britain could have been held in the raids. But security sources estimate that as many as 1,200 people here are actively involved with terrorism, and that the country is still under “very severe” threat from other potential terrorist plots. This, they added, explained why there were no immediate plans to lower the current national threat assessment from “critical”, its highest level.

Well, that means that the Independent gets today’s award for the biggest load of gargantuan tripe in a single set of paragraphs by a mainstream newspaper. Written, of course, without any real evidence being presented of the claims made by those whom profit politically from mass fear-mongering.

And you can guarantee, even if any proof of such fantastic claims were presented to the reader, British ministers will catagorically deny any link with their own foreign policy. Of course – because remember, this ‘global’ terrorism hates our freedom, our democracy. That’s why we are allegedly threatened.

Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett was equally forthright, saying people who blamed Britain’s foreign policy for the terrorism threat were making “the gravest possible error.”

“This is part of a distorted view of the world, a distorted view of life. Let’s put the blame where it belongs: with people who wantonly want to take innocent lives,” she said.

Yes, because of course no innocent lives have been wantonly taken in Lebonon, Iraq or Afghanistan, including our own girls and boys, as part of the ‘war on terror’. And we’d better remember that – if you think that, then you must have a distorted view of the world.

And if you think that, in response to this ‘global’ threat to our freedom and democracy, eroding our freedom and democracy isn’t an effective course of action, then you must be soft on terror. Of course.

So I ask again, who needs Stalinist propaganda when you have British mainstream journalists writing a shamefully calculated tirade such as above?

I’ve said it before – if there are convinctions in a fair trial in a British court of law – which typically takes up to two years to begin, when the desired effects of these alerts has taken hold – matching the trumpted up level of claims currently being made by security services, politicians and their media mouths alike, then I will be one of the first to congratulate our security services, and I will personally eat my hat.

But until that time, even on a moment’s brief glance, all of this media junk is nothing but a flailing attempt to win political and monetary income by both the Blairites and the fear-mongering British media. And as always, its the vulnerable who are the easiest targets.[…]

There are so many people out there who know what is going on it will be easy to unseat the monsters if there is one catalyzing event to galvanize the masses into wholesale rejection.

But I already said this!

Times Comment has hidden message: “We know it’s bullshit”

Sunday, August 13th, 2006

The comments of both the Guardian and The Times today are totally immersed in the paralell reality of Bliar and the entirely owned Murder inc. subsidiary.

The first comment on The Guardian (where they have the guts to allow comments) demolishes that insane diatribe entitled, “These ludicrous lies about the West and Islam” perfectly:

“What an appropriate headline this column has.

You forget, for example, that there were American soldiers in Saudi Arabia from very early in the 1990s, well before the WTC bombing.

You forget the vicious overdone sanctions and continual bombing of Iraq both of which continued throughout the 1990s.

You refer three times to ‘war against Islam’ or ‘war on Islam’ – the open letter which prompted your leader does not refer to any such concept.

You write of the absurdity of implying that mass murder is less atrocious when motivated by a sense of grievance. Who has implied this? Certainly not the signatories of the letter.

You, on the other hand, write such words as ‘the conduct of the war in Iraq, regardless of the virtues of removing Saddam…has been riddled with error’. How would you react if someone were to say, ‘the conduct of Al Qaeda, regardless of the virtue of protesting US aggression, has been riddled with error’? War in Iraq and terrorism are both criminal, not simply error-ridden.

If you’re concerned about *mass* murder, about the number of killings, then Al Qaeda with a few thousand dead is to Blair and Bush, with hundreds of thousands dead, as Blair and Bush are to Hitler or Stalin or Mao, with tens of millions dead.

Al Qaeda’s terrorism and Bush and Blair’s wars are both equally unjustified.

Why are you being so defensive? It is absolutely true that Islamic terrorism is provoked by Western aggression against Moslem countries. Tony Blair does not act in the interests of the UK and its people. He doesn’t even act in the interests of the USA, rather he acts in support of George Bush’s mistaken policies.

Why is the Guardian leaping to his defence with, to use your own phrase, such ‘arrant nonsense’?”

indeed. Like I said in an earlier post no one with any education or understanding of this ‘problem’ believes the lies that are being trundled out on rusty whellbarrows by rags like the Guardian and The Times.

There is something interesting however about the screeching screed published by The Times today. It ends with;

[…] This low-level war is going to take a huge effort of will and courage. It is going to mean applying what may seem illiberal measures in order to save lives. In return, the state must exercise massive restraint and not abuse that responsibility. But the real key is for Muslims to realise that their future lies here and to embrace British values and reject violent Islamist theology. The country may indeed be in its greatest danger since the second world war, as John Reid, the home secretary, said last week. But as Britain prevailed then, so it will again.


It ends with “England Prevails”. And we all know where THAT comes from; that’s the motto of the fascist government of Britain in Alan Moore’s brilliant ‘V for Vendetta’. Whoever wrote that piece for The Times is sending a message that he knows the whole scenario, hysteria and Murdoch driven line that the paper is taking is total bullshit.

No one at The Times is so stupid or deluded that they do not understand (even if they never say so in public or in print) that what is happening today is based entirely on lies, and need not be happening at all. They are all constrained by the people who control that paper, and rather than lose their jobs, they keep quiet…which some would see as a crime…but I digress; someone in there took the risk of putting this message in the paper at a time of extreme hysteria.

Bravo to you.

Alex Jones: A Call to Action

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

August 10 2006: Alex predicts the next “terra” attack is just around the corner:

Think he is fear mongering? Check out his prediction in July of 2001:

“Key Terror Clues Found 10 Days Ago “… Say what?

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

(CBS/AP) As investigators continued to search the homes of suspects connected with a plot to explode U.S.-bound jetliners, officials tell CBS News the most critical evidence was discovered about 10 days ago when British intelligence agents secretly broke into one residence and found the bomb-making material — both the liquid ingredients and the detonators.

Officials are trying to keep details about the bombs secret in order to prevent other terrorists from copying the design, reports CBS News national defense correspondent David Martin.

But the director for Homeland Security made it clear Friday that these devices have never been seen before.

“We’re going to reengineer what they’ve done. We’re going to see how that differs from things we’ve known about and how it’s the same,” Michael Chertoff said.

The so-called “sneak and peek” job that uncovered the bombs was the beginning of the end game for an investigation that began with a tip from a member of Britain’s Muslim community in the wake of last summer’s subway bombings.

One of the suspected plotters was tracked to Pakistan, where he apparently met with a man named Rashid Rauf, who both U.S. and Pakistani officials say has links to al Qaeda, Martin reports.

Rauf allegedly directed the bomb plot from Pakistan and sent at least one message urging the plotters in London to push ahead more quickly.

Officials say they don’t know whether Rauf was the ring leader or simply a go-between who relayed instructions from senior al Qaeda operatives.

Also Friday, British authorities identified 19 of the 24 people arrested in connection the alleged plot and froze their assets, while investigators probed their movements, backgrounds and finances.

Many of the names released by the Bank of England, acting on an order from the government, were of Muslim origin, many of which are common in Pakistan. The suspects ranged in age from 17 to 35.

Authorities said Thursday the plot would have caused “mass murder on an unimaginable scale.” At least one of the 24 people arrested was reportedly a woman with a small child; another was a convert to Islam.

The Metropolitan Police said late Friday that one of the 24 people was released without being charged.

Police did not identify the person who was released, nor did they say if the person remained a suspect. Twenty-two of the others had their detentions extended through to Wednesday. The final person’s detention hearing was delayed until Monday, but the suspect remained in custody.

In Pakistan, authorities arrested five people, bringing the total number of suspects held there to seven. A Pakistani official said the five Pakistanis were believed to have been helping two British citizens who were taken into custody there a week ago.

Investigators, describing a plot on the scale of the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States, said the attackers planned to use common electronic devices to detonate liquid explosives to bring down as many as 10 planes.

The bombs were to have been assembled on the aircraft apparently with peroxide-based solution and everyday carry-on items such as a disposable camera or a music player, two U.S. law enforcement officials told The Associated Press on Thursday. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because Britain asked that no information be released.

A U.S. law enforcement official in Washington said that at least one martyrdom tape was found during ongoing raids across England.  […] 


They burgled the houses of these people TEN DAYS AGO, and then set off the drama over a week after they entered the houses of the suspects, with posession of all the facts in advance.
That means that everything that occured on the tenth was not only totally bogus, unneeded and arbitrarily executed to cause painc, but that the whole trail of evidence is contaminated, were the normal rules of evidence in play. It is now clear that the new M|5  ‘threat  level’ system is nothing more than a tool to whip up hysteria and disruption on demand…a panic button.  They have had over a week to fabricate whatever they want….but I digress….

Even if the whole scenario is true, the purpose of these ‘security forces’ is to preserve ‘our way of life’ by thwarting any bomber, and allowing people to travel, live work and eat normally. What they have done instead, is the complete opposite. They KNEW in ADVANCE that something was being planned, raided the houses in secret, and then THEY unleashed the panic.

THEY put the absurd ‘threat level’ to critical, knowing that there was no threat at all, and that they had ALL the people in this supossed action under ‘unprecedented surveillance’.

If any of this were real, no one would have had their travel plans disturbed, there would be no new and mentally retarded ‘taste your baby’s milk in front of me’ regulations…everyone would be able to continue to do what they need to do without any disturbance; indeed, security at airports should be more RELAXED as the ‘security services’ precisely target the people who they claim are out to do this stuff, stopping them before they crystalize their plans. Obviously this is not the case. They are doing this not for the benefit of everyone, but for some other reason. You can make up your own mind as to what THAT is.
The news has been full of bollocks. On ITV they went into a lab and demonstrated Amonium Tri-Iodide as, “something they would have tried to use”. This is utter nonsense on stilts. Every schoolboy knows that it is very hard to make that substance, and that when you make it, it is so volatile that you cannot even move it without it exploding. Furthermore, you make that substance out of a POWDER and a LIQUID and not just a liquid or liquids alone. The ITV crew that made that report was criminally stupid, and doubly so was the lab guy who prepared the substance. No surprise there.

Pakistan is feeding this nonsense so that they are not on the list of states to be dismantled…or at least, so that they get pushed down towards the bottom.

The whole thing smells very bad indeed. Rancid in fact.

Last night on one of the Islamic channels available on Astra, they are collecting monies for the bombed out people of Lebanon with a telethon. People are calling in and making pledges. One woman called in and asked, “how can we buy an F16 for the government of Lebanon?”.

How we laughed!

They have LOST!

Friday, August 11th, 2006

John Perry / Oped News | August 11 2006

The alleged U.K. terror plot has been investigated for months by British intelligence, and the idea that the airliner attacks were planned for today seems to be nothing more than political fabrication and media hysteria.

Tony Blair and George W. Bush even planned the terror freakout in a series of phone calls that began last Friday and continued through the weekend. Blair and Bush put the finishing touches on their diabolical operation in a phone call early Wednesday, the Associated Press revealed today.

That’s right: While millions of travelers are going through absolute hell today because of the sudden terror “news,” it was last week when the U.S. president and U.K. prime minister began their cold calculations on how to get the maximum political benefit from the months-old investigation.

“U.S. President George W. Bush seized on a foiled London airline bomb plot to hammer unnamed critics he accused of having all but forgotten the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks,” AFP noted this afternoon.

“Weighed down by the unpopular war in Iraq, Bush and his aides have tried to shift the national political debate from that conflict to the broader and more popular global war on terrorism ahead of November 7 congressional elections.”

But the American warmongers are hardly alone in needing a “terror boost” for their fading political fortunes. The timing of the hysteria was even more useful to Blair, who was on the verge of being thrown out of Downing Street last night.

“A Scottish MP last night quit the government in protest at Tony Blair’s handling of the Middle East crisis, amid warnings from ministers that the Prime Minister’s continuing support for American foreign policy could cost him his job,” the Scotsman reported this morning.

“Jim Sheridan, Labour MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, became the first to resign from a government post over the war. He quit as parliamentary private secretary to the Ministry of Defense, saying he could no longer accept that Scottish airports were being used to refuel United States planes carrying arms to Israel.”

The newspaper made it crystal clear that Blair had mere days left in power, with some 150 members of parliament demanding Blair’s enemy Jack Straw call the politicians back to London, even though they’re on summer break:

“His resignation came as ministers furious at Mr Blair’s handling of the crisis said they would push for an emergency recall of parliament in a maneuver they hoped would trigger the Prime Minister’s downfall.”

Unlike the theoretical “massacre” of the theoretical terror plot that will soon be exposed in the courts as another make-believe scheme, actual massacres continue uninterrupted in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

At least 2,000 Iraqis were slaughtered in July alone, most in Sunni vs. Shiite violence that has exploded under the U.S. occupation. Baghdad continues to be the capital of death, but the bloodshed happens everywhere, every day, all the time. Today in Najaf, another religious shrine was blown up, leaving at least 35 dead and another 100 hurt.

Morons and Patsies

If the suspected terrorists are anything like the amateur morons arrested recently in Toronto, London and Florida, the “terror plot” will eventually be revealed to be nothing more than idiot fantasies encouraged by the usual intelligence agents.

While Muslim nations will continue be bombed by the United States and Britain, travelers are stranded all over the Western World and England’s beleaguered Pakistanis can expect a new round of bogus terror raids, constant police harassment and attacks by neo-fascist skinheads, Bush and Blair can expect a solid boost for their bloodstained political parties.

The only other beneficiaries of today’s insanity are the “homeland security” and private-army industries, the defense contractors and the personal-hygiene business — having taken our corkscrews, pocket knives and fingernail clippers, airport goons are now seizing shampoo, deodorant, hair gel, toothpaste and pretty much everything else in your toiletries kit.

Not that you can even have a carry-on with your toothpaste and other essentials. As of today, British airports have banned all carry-ons.

Miserable passengers have been photographed standing around with nothing more than a clear plastic baggie holding their tickets and passports. […]

link to another post by this author

Its clear from this and the many posts swirling around the blogosphere and the comments of newspapers that almost everybody with half a brain cell is aware that the ‘events’ of the last two days are nothing but total and utter unrefined bullshit. Only the most ignorant, illiterate, uneducated and moronic of people and posters accept what is being put in front of them as real, as you can sense from the monosylabic drivel that clacks from their keyboards.

What has to happen to break the evil spell of Murder Inc. and the poodle cabal is a galvanising event to extend the rout of these lies and completely unify and solidify the resolve of all the people who have had enough of this total nonsense on a stick.

Spain had one. Britain needs one.

BBQ: Hooded Judge and Jury

Friday, August 11th, 2006

BBQ has published the list names of the people who have had their bank accounts frozen over the fake terror alert, featuring the name, date of birth and partial address of each person.

  • This article is unnatributed.
  • This article is the list alone, without any other comment or context.

BBQ really is the most out of control lie spreading monster; the people on this list have not been convicted of anything at all and the article is publishing the list of their names without any context.

Whoever did this should be named, and then hung upside down by their balls.

BBQ is acting like a hooded judge and jury in a kangaroo court handing out judgements anonymously. I have said this before; every single article that appears on BBQ should be attributed so that we can measure their obvious and flagrant bias.

They are despicable deplorable and horrible. 

Lest we forget, writes a lurker

Friday, August 11th, 2006

With all the fake alerts been kicking off for the last 24-36 hours, Im reminded of this old story about the FSB that was about the Moscow suburb bombings that were a precursor to the Russian invasion of Chechnya, where the FSB were caught red handed planting the devices themselves:

I cant think of a suitable story to attach it as a comment on Blogdial but it needs to be kept in the public consciousness.

A lurker writes…


Friday, August 11th, 2006

I was working in a studio in Canada recently. They had a Fender Rhodes piano there, a standard studio instrument I almost always ignore. I thought, “I’ll use that for a change. How can I use this to do something surprising?” I looked around and found an old amplifier with a rattly speaker. I took the speaker and sat it on the sustain pedal of a grand piano so the strings were all open. The sound from the Fender Rhodes would make the piano resonate in sympathy with it. Then I set up a microphone with a long plastic tube on it, one of those tubes you spin to get a note. The tube resonates at that frequency, so it was selective. (I did this with my engineer, Danny Lanois, who always helps me very much.) I sat down and checked out various notes on the Rhodes. One note – just one note – made the whole system come to life. It made the speaker shake with a beautiful purring sound, like a huge foghorn. The piano was ringing away, and the pick-up through the tube particularly resonated around that frequency and all the harmonics.

This was a case of having a technological idea and then seeing if anything could be made of it. It would have stopped there if that sound hadn’t appeared. The avant-garde technique would be to go ahead with it anyway, because the process is supposed to be interesting in itself. I don’t go for that. I think if something doesn’t jolt your senses, forget it. It’s got to be seductive.

Of course, when I got that sound, I was back in the seed position of the other way of working. It immediately suggested a direction I still haven’t resolved. I didn’t find anything more interesting than just the sound on its own. Everything I put on covered up parts of the sound.

And a second one:

I walked past an enormous rubber plantation in Malaysia. It was a chaos of trees, thousands of them. I thought it strange they should be planted so randomly. Then I reached a point where I realized they were in absolutely straight rows. Only at one point could I see that.

(Brian Eno)

I think Blogdial is a place where you can see trees in straight lines, and when you see a straight line you know you can accelerate.

New Labour New Airport PR stunt

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

It should be a cause for concern that only hours before the latest greatest ‘foiled terror plot’ (a dusted-off rehash of Operation Bojinka), Home Secretary John Reid was proclaiming in another speech to Labour think-tank Demos, that traditional liberty was old fashioned and had to make way for whatever fanatical social realignment Gordon Brown and Blair desired.

To add a dash of New Labour-flavoured pretext to this dangerous nonsense, was the statement that another terrorist plot was effectively imminent:

“The hyperactive home secretary – who will mark 100 days in the job this Friday – confirmed that a terrorist attack on the UK was “highly likely”, as signalled by the current “severe” warning on official government websites” Guardian

Could it be that former-communist Reid, one of Blair’s favourite multi-purpose attack dogs, reshuffled into position as Home Secretary, swapping out former-communist Clarke after Labour’s rightly disastrous May council elections, was not clairvoyant put merely refering to the political/security timetable, arranging his speech (or adjusting the content of it) just pre-arrests and resulting kerfuffle at airports accordingly to an operation he knew was imminent ?

As Home Secretary, it seems difficult to imagine that Reid would not have been aware of what was behind the ‘severe’ warning (which had been fed out into the press in recent days).

Today “..Reid, said such an attack could have caused civilian casualties on an “unprecedented scale”.

Indeed, but it seems it was quite under control:

“A decision was made to move suddenly following months of surveillance […] There were no firm indications of plans for an attack to have been carried out today, but the US homeland security secretary, Michael Chertoff, said it was a “well advanced” scheme. He said the plot was based in Britain but was “international in scope”.

So let’s get this straight. A well advanced ‘plot’ which had been under surveillence for months, and which there are no firm indications it was being enacted today, is rounded up the day after Reid’s speech telling people to give up their liberty because another terrorist event was imminent.

“The decision to take action was made with the “full knowledge” of Tony Blair, the prime minister, who is abroad on holiday but has been in constant contact with ministers about the unfolding events and spoke to president Bush overnight about the situation”

As such, the event has been spectacularly successful in wiping Israel’s now escalating ground invasion of Lebanon, rubber-stamped by a vacationing Blair, off the front pages. […]


Fake Terror Obfuscates Lebanon and Iraq Failures

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Unable to window dress the obvious failure to eradicate growing resistance in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan—even with the mighty propaganda power of a complaisant media—the neocon intelligence apparatus has staged yet another terrorist event, or would be terrorist event.

“The 21 terrorist suspects arrested in the U.K. overnight had a ‘well-advanced plan’ to detonate electronic devices or liquid explosives disguised as beverages or onboard U.S.-bound aircraft, a sophisticated plot suggestive of al-Qaeda, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said,” reports Bloomberg. “The attacks were aimed at U.S.-bound planes of United Airlines, American Airlines and Continental Airlines at London’s Heathrow Airport, the Associated Press reported, citing unidentified [undoubtedly neocon] U.S. counter-terrorism officials in Washington.”

According to White House propaganda minister, Tony Snow (Job), “The president, prime minister and their key intelligence, law enforcement and security officials have been in close and regular contact. And as you would expect, he has spoken to Prime Minister Blair about these developments in recent days.”

Considering past events, including the “terrorist events” of seven-seven and nine-eleven, we can assume select “law enforcement and security officials” were “in close and regular contact” prior to this latest would-be attack as well.

In standard fashion, in order to apply the correct spin from the outset, we are told this latest operation has “global dimensions,” that is to say it will be billed as not only an “al-Qaeda” operation but other designated “global” enemies will be fingered as well.

“Last month, the global militant group al Qaeda called on Muslims to fight those who backed Israel’s attacks on Lebanon and warned of more attacks unless U.S. and British forces pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan,” reports Reuters.

In the coming hours and days, we can expect the corporate media, eager stenographers for the neocon plan, to connect the dots—blame will be affixed to Iran, Syria, and their “proxy,” Hezbollah, through “al-Qaeda,” now dedicated (or scripted) to help Hezbollah, not that the homegrown resistance group needs any help, especially from a CIA-ISI engineered terror group.

Finally, as attention has now shifted to Muslim bad guys (either imagined or a parade of patsies), Israel will likely increase the severity of its criminal behavior against the civilians of Lebanon and those of Gaza as well, as the American public will be navel gazing video footage of inconvenienced air travel passengers. […]

Kurt Nimmo | August 10 2006

Another fraud!

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Red Alert For Staged Government Terror Attack
Terror alert a trial balloon for invasion of Iran, World War III

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | August 10 2006

Today’s red level terror alert in symbiosis with escalation of conflict in the Middle East is the trial balloon for a massive staged false flag terror attack, blamed on Hezbollah or Al-Qaeda, that will light the blue touch paper for World War Three.

Radio host Alex Jones, who predicted a staged attack on the World Trade Center involving the use of Osama bin Laden as a fall guy in July 2001, has now gone on record with a second prediction that a staged government terror attack will occur before the end of October unless a gargantuan effort to prevent it is launched.

Only through a massively increased counter-propaganda effort on behalf of all truth activists can prevent an imminent cataclysmic horror show that will make 9/11 look like a walk in the park.

We have exhaustively documented that criminal elements in control of major western governments have carried out terror attacks and deliberately manufactured fake alerts for political purposes.

In 2002, then White House press secretary Ari Fleischer told the Washington Times that terror alerts were issued “as a result of all the controversy that took place last week,” referring to political heat bestowed on President Bush when 9/11 prior knowledge evidence first surfaced.

From this point onwards smoking guns of government complicity in 9/11 became intrinsically linked with fake terror alerts.

In January of 2003 FBI and CIA whistleblowers told Capitol Hill Blue that the White House was scripting phony terror alerts to maintain hysteria, upkeep President Bush’s approval ratings and milk extra defense funding. The report that five Pakistani men had entered the States via Canada and were planning on carrying out a dirty bomb or biological attack was completely conjured up by the Bush administration’s black propaganda office. New York Harbor was shut down to visibly pump up the fear. One of the named suspects, Mohammed Asghar (pictured left), was tracked down to Pakistan by the Associated Press. He was a fat guy running a jewellers shop and had never even been to America.

World Net Daily commented,

“Other sources within the bureau and the Central Intelligence Agency said the administration is pressuring intelligence agencies to develop “something, anything” to support an array of non-specific terrorism alerts issued by the White House and the Department of Homeland Security…CHB reported that FBI and CIA sources said a recent White House memo listing the war on terrorism as a definitive political advantage and fund-raising tool is just one of many documents discussing how to best utilize the terrorist threat.”

Since those early admissions, every single major terror alert that the US, UK or Canadian government has issued has proven to be completely fraudulent and scripted.

Two months ago this website, in an article entitled ‘Nexus Points Emerge For Potential Summer Attack,’ predicted that, “Numerous nexus points have emerged that suggest major western governments are preparing for a summer terror attack that will come close to but not match 9/11 in scale and will provide the justification needed for an air strike on Iran before the midterm elections in early November.”

Developments today indicate that the governments of the US and the UK are engaging in a process of announcing the prevention of numerous terror plots, in order to prepare the groundwork for a real attack, under protest that they did all they could to defend the people, but that one attack slipped through.

Arrests in the US, the UK and Canada of supposed terror cells that in each case turn out to be low grade morons, victims of government entrapment, or outright fabricated evidence, are part of this conditioning process.

We have provided links to all our investigations of these staged terror alerts and more at the end of this article.

Watershed leaps in the public profile of the 9/11 truth movement directly correlate to the staging of scripted terror alerts. Each time a new national poll is released showing more people questioning the official story of 9/11, a terror alert or a high profile terror arrest is announced. Last time around it was the arrest of Al-Zarqawi – now it’s a re-hash of Operation Bojinka – a plot masterminded by admitted US government agent Ramzi Youssef.

The ramifications for the freedoms of all westerners and the very lives of thousands of Iranians and Syrians, as well as US troops, are too grave to even contemplate.

We must be more vigilant that ever before in an more vocal in our efforts to educate the world about who benefits from terror and where the weight of evidence points towards.


Seven Morons In A Warehouse

Sears Tower: US Government Creates Another Al-Qaeda Cell

Cooked Canary Wharf Terror Plot Recycled

Canadian ‘Terror Plot’ Begins To Unravel

Hyped Terror Raid Proves To Be Paper Tiger

Toledo Terrorists and Government Entrapment

Twenty-Three Intel Experts Say LA Terror Plot a Sham

Bush Plays Terror Card With Bogus LA Attack Plot

NYC Subway “Plot”: Just Another Fake Terror Alert



Whatever happens next, whatever attack, outrage or horror, you must refuse to react. You must refuse to accept it. No matter what they do, and no matter who ‘they’ are, no reaction must be made of any kind.

The only way that ‘world war three’ will be able to commence is if YOU allow it. That means going along in word, spirit or deed with a reaction to any event.

The people behind all of this, no matter who they are, will die either physically or politically. This means that their agenda will inevitably die with them. If we can hold on until that time, without offering reaction to any provocation, not matter how outrageous, we will survive with our culture intact.

If we fail to withdraw from this charade, this ‘drama’:

Evening Standard

we can kiss everything we have loved good bye.

If you are not scared yet, this should help

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Transparent bags

The Department for Transport set out the details of the security measures at UK airports.

Passengers are not allowed to take any hand luggage on to any flights in the UK, the department said.

Only the barest essentials – including passports and wallets – will be allowed to be carried on board in transparent plastic bags.

“We hope that these measures, which are being kept under review by the government, will need to be in place for a limited period only,” the statement said.

British Airways said that passengers who do not wish to fly on Thursday could rebook on flights leaving over the next two weeks.

At Stansted airport, more than 2,000 passengers, clutching their plastic bags, snaked around the terminal queuing to pass through customs. […]

These transparent bags for your ID, wallet and toothbrush are symbolic of what they are trying roll out in the entire society on a permanent basis. When they say, “We hope that these measures, which are being kept under review by the government, will need to be in place for a limited period only” this is the big lie. They want everyone at all times to have their entire lives in transparent plastic bags. They want your bank account transparent to them. They want your health records transparent to them. They want all of your purchases transparent to them. They want the precise details every journey you make to anywhere, no matter what the destination or distance, transparent to them.

In a perfect world, all the people in that airport would go home, leaving it empty and the flights empty and the hollidays cancelled. When this happens, people lose money. Business is damaged. THEN people listen. THEN policy changes. Britain can keep its disasterous ‘relationship’ with the usa because, so far, it is not losing any money out of it. As soon as that changes, then the story is very different. Sadly, we are not in that perfect world. We are in the world of sub humans like ‘Tony Shield from Chorley’, who intones in his brutish grunting animal voice:

“This disruption is one of the short term limits on freedom that are needed”

And that, my friends, is a BIG part of the problem. Subhuman scum who will drag us all to hell with them because they cannot string more than two consecutive thoughts together in a chain of logic. Literally, like sheep.
George Galloway talks about the vast sums of money being put down on gambling tables in London by Arabs in that MEMRI clip. They, of all people, are still coming here despite……but I digress.

I had a Skype call this morning to ask me how to take a laptop on a plane, “since you are not allowed to carry hand luggage anymore; 8 people tried to blow up planes last night”.

The reaction to this, the plstic bagging and the ban on luggage, is completely absurd. The fact is that if this plot is true, they ‘caught’ who was going to do it. There is no need to make a soap opera and spectacle out of it. Its like the insane bans on metal cutlery after the mythical ‘911’. Elal, the Israeli airline never did this of course, because they have a better grip on real security, and for all their legion of sins are not in the throws of hysterical security theatre like the keystone kops at M|5 are.

Note how the utterly stupid and useless M|5 ‘threat level’ was up and running just in time for this apalling charade, and how it has been seamlessy integrated into all the stories about this ‘event’.

Finally, note how this was ‘foiled’ on the tenth and not the eleventh. Amateurs!