The New Face of BLOGDIAL WTF?! (do we get to wear uniforms?)

February 19th, 2006

Can we get an RSS feed? I can’t find one! Will our posts be named too? CD!

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  1. irdial Says:

    WordPress has built in RSS; Safari picks it up and spits it out. I thiink we will keep the display of titles. I have not had a chance to look through the template specification but I think that we can have the author name displayed. If this is not the case, well, then YOU could be mistaken as having made one of MY posts and vice versa, and GOD knows I would not want to be mistaken as an Atheist…har har!!!

    Comments might be a good thing to keep, If only authors are allowed to comment. Lets see. Like I said before, I loathe most of the WordPress templates. Hopefully it wont be too much hassle to break it and open it up.

  2. pytchblend Says:

    I have the ‘old’ feed on my personalised gooble home pages at

    where should I point for the new rss?

  3. Alun Says:

    I will miss the old Blogdial headers. Can they be imported, or can we have a new round of creative sparking?

    Also, can there be some kind of identifying mark (perhaps a 666 after the name…) for Blogdial members to sort them out from external commenters? If meau meau changes ID again… I mean, is pytchblend one of us in a new guise?

    Comments might be a good thing to keep, If only authors are allowed to comment.
    Does this mean comments are not going to be stored in the Blarchive? And what does the potential author restriction mean?

  4. Alun Says:

    I just left comments! Where did/do they go? Why can’t I see them? Where’s the ‘publish’ button? Someone’s taken my toys away!!!!

  5. Alun Says:

    Good lord! Moderated comments!
    Is this site run through

  6. irdial Says:

    Everything on this WordPress installation is runnign on the defaulst at the moment. It was installed yesterday afternoon, so…there is stuff to fix obviously.


  7. meaumeau Says:

    f meau meau changes ID again

    You do something ONCE and it’s held against you forever – whose side are you on ;)

  8. irdial Says:


    Those HAVE to be trured off! (yes ‘trured’)

  9. alex_tea Says:

    The templates are quite easy to manipulate once you get round “The WordPress Loop” that confused me for a while. I could quite easily knock up a translation of the original Blogdial templates, but it might be nice to sort out the typography and spruce things up a bit…

  10. irdial Says:

    By all means, have a go; i was planning to revert to the old blue border style, where the controls , blogroll serach (yes, search) links and everything else are in a rectangle at the upper right hand corner and the rest is in a big space on teh left…do you remember those days?

  11. pytchblend Says:

    To add the new RSS to your google home (
    1. Click ‘Create Section’
    2. In the ‘Search by topic or feed URL’ type:
    3. Click ‘Go’

    Simple really, just like before, but without the ‘www’
    ~Pytch (formerly known as SLiP on BLOGDIAL)

  12. mary13 Says:

    it might be nice to sort out the typography and spruce things up a bit

  13. captain davros Says:

    Yes, clearly the name of the post can be changed! I never wrote that bit about uniforms or owt, and it completely freaked me to find all the comments in my inbox!

    WordPress is definately changeable, but I had problems getting my blog to look the way I wanted; it takes time!

  14. irdial Says:

    If anyone finds plugins for wordpress that they think are cool please email me so that i can check them out.

    As for titles of posts, now that they are not just for RSS anymore, take care with them.

  15. meaumeau Says:

    greasemonkey script for technorati tags in wordpress (doesn’t work in the rich text editor)

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