Britain in the middle of a UFO Flap

July 1st, 2008

UFOs spotted by Navy engineer above the M5 motorway

Michael Madden, 25, said he watched in disbelief as the disc-shaped object floated above his head before it “zoomed off at incredible speed”.

He said the unidentified flying object flew for up to three minutes above junction 21 of the M5, near Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Mr Madden was on his way back from Manchester with colleague Michael Casson, 22, at 9.50pm on Sunday June 29 when he saw the suspected ‘extra-terrestrial’ craft.

He said: “I work with aircraft and grew up next to Manchester Airport so I know exactly what a plane looks and sounds like. This was definitely not a plane.

“It was a circular disc which was glowing bright, hovering hundreds of metres up.

“Other people must have spotted it. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life. It really did look like the alien aircraft in films. It had an antenna fixed to the back.”

Mr Madden’s claim follows a string of recent UFO “sightings”.

On June 7 three soldiers said they saw 13 UFOs, which looked like “rotating cubes”, while on night patrol at Tern Hill military barracks near Market Drayton, Shropshire. One, Corporal Mark Proctor, 38, of the 1st Battalion of the Irish Regiment, recorded the sighting on his mobile phone and reported it to Army officers.

That sighting came just two hours before helicopter police officers reported an encounter with a huge craft 80 miles away near Cardiff. They claimed to have given chase to the “flying saucer-shaped” object after it almost collided with their aircraft near the Ministry of Defence base of St Athan.

Then Father-of-two David Osborne, 47, videoed 12 orange objects in the night sky above Basingstoke, Hampshire, at 10.40pm on June 28.

The alleged UFOs moved across the sky, switching from a D formation, to a random pattern, to a line then a triangle before disappearing.



Note some points about this article:

  • It was printed.
  • It is reported straight, without any ridiculing photos or ‘kill lines’.
  • There are no ‘balancing’ quotes from ‘skeptics’ or ‘scientists’.
  • No one told this military man to shut up.
  • This military man was willing to be named.
  • The report was printed immediately after the event.

It seems that we have reached a tipping point, where there is no further doubt about the reality of UFOs and there is a general consensus that this subject should be taken seriously.

What can we expect next?

A continuing flow of reports and perhaps another spectacular event over a major city, on the scale of the Phoenix Lights event or the Hudson Valley event; only this time, there will be thousands of witnesses and thousands of high quality video footage from thousands of vantage points.

For the record, read what we have to say about UFOs, here are the BLOGDIAL posts on this subject.

You need to watch the following UFO documentaries if you want to get a firm grip on this subject:

UFOs Are Real

Out of the blue

Wether we have a spectacular and irrefutable event or not, it seems that the ‘journalists’, editors and military authorities have turned a corner and are now willing to let information about UFOs flow like any other information.

There is speculation in the internetz that this is being done because one country is hoarding information about all of this. Many articles produced by India Daily on the subject are full of the sort of detail that is ‘too much’ for a daily newspaper. Now it seems (flowing from the original speculation) that the change in attitude in the newspapers here is a part of this campaign. Or maybe not.

Either way, this article is definitely indicative of a change in thinking (or maybe even a START in thinking) on this very important subject.
Or maybe the ‘journalists’ are reacting to the huge increase in hits they get when they run a UFO story, like the guys at the Chicago Tribune who ran the O’hare story; listen to them gush at how far the story spread.

UFO pieces make money.

This will have some economic effects changing the way newspapers treat these stories. They will go for higher quality UFO stories, because the more believable the report is, the more exiting it is to the public, and the more hits (money) they will make out of the article. An event reported by an ignorant hick is no where near as ‘newsworthy’ as a report from an MP or a military man or a pilot. As these credible people come forward and are not ridiculed, this will cause more credible people to come forward with their accounts; the negative feedback created by ridicule kept credible people away from this subject, now, the opposite is happening and this will accelerate the exposure of this phenomenon. Hoaxers will be discouraged as these journalists take more care about what sort of UFO stories they are printing.

This time, the cat really is out of the bag!

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