Camoflaged UFO / Light Blue Disc With White Aircraft Silhouette On Bottom

February 21st, 2006

Standing in large construction site on clear blue spring day. No clouds.

Noticed a strange object approaching from direct abeam. APX 2K ft. When object got close to over head angle I noticed that it was a blue disc with almost the same color of the sky but broken by contrast. On the bottom of this disc was a white silhouette of a small single engine aircraft. No protrusions, struts, markings, engine, prop halo or sound. Just a bland white silhouette on an obvious blue disc moving at a slow pace. there was no hindering noises.

I watched it slowly come and go constantly trying to readjust my perspective.

I was the only witness that had this perspective. I have thought about this for years. I became a professional pilot later and am now an International Captain for a Major Airline. I am convinced that my perspective was and is correct.

I have never in my long career over vast territories and continents seen another UFO.


You do know what this means don’t you? It means that if this story is true, that the occupants of this craft were like hunters in a duck blind, using camoflage to get close to their quarry.

This means that these particular people cared about the effect that a sighting would have on the the people on the ground. This is different from using invisibility (projecting the sky above on the undersurface of the disc), because the occupants are deliberately trying to mislead, and not simply hiding.

I have never read of a case like this ever.

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