Charles Clarke can fuck off and die in a fire

March 30th, 2006

As you can see, the feeling is widespread:

They are breathtaking, brass-necked bastards, these people, and it disgusts me beyond my powers of expression that I breathe the same air as any of these two-faced, contemptuous cunts. Christ, he’s not even bothering to hide the truth now the Lords have fallen for his “compromise”:

Identity cards will be made compulsory if Labour wins the next election, Home Secretary Charles Clarke has said.

The current scheme is for all passport applicants from 2008 to also have to get an ID card – although people will have an ID card opt-out until 2010. But Mr Clarke said he plans legislation after the next election to make it compulsory for everyone to get a card, whether or not they have a passport.

Mr Clarke said he did not think the opposition would be able to stop the scheme because by 2010 a “large number of people… should either have cards or hope to have cards”. “I would be very surprised if the next Conservative manifesto said ‘stop the scheme’. It would be very difficult to do,” he said.

In other words, soothe us with assurances that the cards would be voluntary, time their rollout so that they are entrenched by the time of the next election, and present us with a fait accompli which cannot be reversed. Mendacious fucking bastards. I hope they all burn to death in a freak series of fires, with the Safety Elephant taking days to die of his injuries. […]

And these are the people who have blogs…many people who are not detectable by the blogosphere are absolutely incandescent with rage.

From the linked BBQ article:

‘Background checks’

The government is launching a new Identity and Passport Service on 1 April, incorporating the existing UK Passport Service, to administer the scheme.

Interviews will begin “later this year” for passport applicants.

People applying for passports will have to visit their local passport office where they will be interviewed, fingerprinted and have “background checks” carried out on them.

Their details will be entered on to the database and they will be issued with an identity card, although they will not be forced by law to carry it.

About 80% of the UK population has a passport and all will have to be renewed within the next 10 years, at an initial rate of about 7 million people a year, a Home Office spokesman said.

Mr Clarke was not willing to set a date for ID cards becoming compulsory, saying it would depend on the rate at which passports were renewed, he told reporters in a briefing at the Home Office as the current plans became law.

So on Aprils fools day, the insanity will start. Note how Clarke says that the date for the cards becoming compulsory depends on the rate at which passports are renewed, ie the rate at which people register. If people do not register en-masse, the system will fail completely.

This is why I keep saying that it is crucial that no one register for this madness. Now is the time for the facts about renewing your passport are published, so that people understand that there is no requirement for you to have a ‘valid’ passport to leave the UK.

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  1. Alun Says:

    The Safety Elephant! Now there’s a nickname.

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