What is a ‘Psikhushka’?

July 6th, 2009

Please read this article in the Telegraph, which describes how a father was ambushed in front of the school his children were attending by social services:


Details of yet another shocking case, which comes to its climax in a county court in eastern England this week, have recently been placed in the House of Lords Library. This follows a comprehensive investigation carried out on behalf of the family by Lord Monckton of Brenchley, who, as a hereditary peer, does not sit in the Lords, but has passed his dossier both to an active life peer and to this column.

Until six weeks ago, Mr and Mrs Jones, as I must call them under reporting restrictions, lived happily with their three young children, two sons and a daughter, aged under 13. Mr Jones, a business consultant, is related to various European royal families and his brother is a senior Army officer seconded to the UN. If he has one weakness, as he admits, it is to refer to these connections, as he did to the heads of the schools attended by his two older children, saying that he was particularly concerned for their security. He asked that he could be allowed to drive into the school grounds when picking up his daughter, because he did not want to leave her waiting, potentially vulnerable, in the road outside.
The headmistress agreed to this, but, concerned about other children's safety, contacted the local police, who in turn passed on their concerns to social services. The result of this was that, on May 18, when Mr and Mr Jones, accompanied by their younger son, arrived at school to pick up their daughter, they were met by a group of strangers, one as it turned out a female social worker. She asked, without explaining why or who she was, whether he was Mr Jones. When she three times refused to show him any ID, he was seized from behind by two policemen, handcuffed and put under arrest.

He was driven by a policeman to a nearby mental hospital where he was told that, because of "a number of concerns", he was being detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act and "sectioned" under S.2 as of "unsound mind". His wife, it turned out, had been similarly arrested, for loudly protesting at the handcuffing of her husband and the forcible seizing from her arms of her young son. The three children had been taken into care by social services.



This is a comment from this blog post about this deeply disturbing story:

I too was shocked by this latest example of State terror. I agree with everything Gareth says. But what's happened here is no different from the post-Stalin Soviet Union. There, people who, it was decided by some lowly apparatchik, were "insane" because they had criticised the state implicitly or explicitly in some way were routinely sectioned, their children sent to orphanages and their futures wrecked.

They were forced to put all their energies into clearing their name, but they often never saw their children again regardless of whether they achieved this, or not. And "common sense" was regarded as a bourgeois concept. Apparently, that's exactly how it's regarded in socialist Britain, too these days.

The comparison between the UK and the Soviet Union of 1955-85 is not just some convenient satirical device for political point-scoring, it now must be viewed as a genuine one.

Personally, I think just before the social workers and their bosses, the police and theirs, the magistrate and the psychologists who with an abusive diagnosis "sectioned" this man and forced him into the British equivalent of a Psikhushka, and the government who created this climate of justified fear in its ongoing war on the middle classes, are all summarily fired, the headmistress who started the whole process should be. She's the worst of the lot.

None of them is fit to sweep our streets. They are the real danger to society. They should be treated as such.

What the hell is a ‘Psikhushka’?!

Punitive psychiatry in the Soviet Union

In the Soviet Union, psychiatry was used for punitive purposes. Psychiatric hospitals were often used by the authorities as prisons in order to isolate political prisoners from the rest of society, discredit their ideas, and break them physically and mentally; as such they were considered a form of torture.

Psikhushka (Russian: психушка) is a Russian colloquialism for psychiatric hospital. It has been occasionally used in English since the dissident movement in the Soviet Union became known in the West.




What this story means is that no one is safe in Britain. You can be picked up at any time for merely saying something that an apartchick does not like. You have no avenue of redress, no court to appeal to and no way to fight back.

Another blogger chimes in BLOGDIAL style:

That gives us ground to lock up and remove the children of all those MPs who voted for their children, and the children of celebrities, to be exempt from the child database then, does it?



Actually, no it doesn’t, because THEY say what reality is, NOT YOU.

What should happen is this:

The magistrate (who is on the board of governors of the Psikhushka where this man was held, i.e. totally corrupt)
The ‘social workers’
The police officers who ambushed him
The school head who made the call

Should all be named.
Should all be prosecuted for aiding and abetting kidnap.
Should all be fined and or imprisoned.
Should all be fired and lose all benefits.

Everyone involved in this should be tarred and feathered. It should happen immediately, and not after a long procedural delay. An example must be made of them to strike fear into any ‘social worker’ or the people they swirl around who thinks that they could do this to another single person in this country.

If that does not happen, every other ‘social worker’ will take this as a message that they can do anything they want with a guarantee of complete immunity.

The question is, who is next, and under what trumped up pretext are they going to snatch some children and lock the parents up? Just when you thought it could not get more insane, it does.

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