The Bastards Continue To Lie In Your Face

April 14th, 2006

The new Inentity and Passport Service website is publishing lies about how the card and NIR will work. In fact, that website contradicts itself:

Using the scheme in daily life

Proving your age

This is one of the simplest transactions and will usually be completed without using a card reader to check information against the National Identity Register (NIR).

Ella is 18 and wants to buy some wine from an off-licence to take to a party. Cynthia is a youthful 70 and is keen to claim an ‘over-65’ discount offered at her local garden centre. In each case the retailer could ask for proof of age. As both Ella and Cynthia have an ID card, they do not need to show:

  • birth certificate
  • pension book
  • driving licence
  • or any other documents that might be requested to prove identity.

Instead each of them can simply hand over their ID card.

In this case the retailers will simply:

  • look at both sides of the card checking for the security features, then
  • compare Ella or Cynthia with their photograph on the card.

If the retailers are satisfied that the ID cards are genuine and that they each belong to the person using them, they will then check the dates of birth to confirm their ages.

It takes just moments for the check to be completed so that Ella can buy the wine and Cynthia can claim her discount. […]

From the page about proving your age to buy alcohol. And then there is this from the Identity Verification Service section, which contradicts the text above:

Identity verification service

The identity verification service will provide a way for accredited organisations to check an individual’s identity. This means that you will have a secure and convenient way of proving your identity in a variety of situations, such as opening a bank account or registering with a GP, for example.

The identity verification service works at different levels according to what information is needed. For example:

  • for a basic transaction such as proving your age it could confirm simply that your card is valid
  • if you are a foreign national applying for a job it could be used to confirm that the status of your visa allows you to work
  • if you are applying to work in a position of trust (as a nanny for example) it could be used to confirm that you do not have a criminal record.

To protect your privacy, all organisations that wish to use the identity verification service will need to be accredited, and they will need your consent before they use the service to check your identity.

My emphasis.

The first one says that you simply hand over your card for a visual check and then thats it. If thats the case, then there is no need for a centralized database, NIR swipe terminals everywhere, and photo ID as used in WW2 would be sufficient. Then they contradict themselvs, and say that the Identity Verification Service would provide ‘basic transactions’ like checking how old you are. This means getting your card swiped in an NIR card reader:

ID card being swiped

and your card being checked in real time, and a record being made at the NIR. Alcohol sellers will demand to be accredited so that they can check the age of buyers without having to rely on the judgement of their staff, and remove all doubt from every transaction.

Now when they say ‘accredited’ that means that the business wanting to be able to use this service simply has to fill out a form, have ‘a legitimate purpose’ and then pay a monthly/per check fee to access the database with its terminals.

Something tells me that ‘Francis Stonor Saunders’ has caused the above bit of copywriting to be shoehorned into that website, It clearly doesn’t fit in there, and must be a response to ‘that email’ which is still spreading like wildfire.

That website is just what you would expect from a double talking lie spreading murder squad headed dragon government.

And another thing. Lets say for the sake of arguement that the servants of Bliar are not lying and that alcohol sellers won’t be using the identity verification service. That doesn’t mean that they won’t write down your card number on the recipt. It won’t stop anyone from writing down your card number anywhere you present it. It won’t stop them photocopying your card and attaching it to your application for whatever you are applying for. The fact of the matter is, that once you enter this system you are compromised; everyone will eventually get the details of your number, attach it to everything that you do and you will be just like those poor Koreans.

Note how there is nothing about the restrictions on who can take a copy of your card, and what they can do with that copy. The alcohol seller should at the very least, be forbidden to use your card details for any reason whatsoever. He should be forbidden from storing that copy or selling that copy to anyone. He should not be allowed to record your transaction and NIR number against your purchace on your recipt…but they don’t care about that. In fact, thats a lie; they DO care about that – this ‘feature’ is the very merchandising of your data which makes the whole enterprise so vauable to government and business.

The final part of the second quote is most interesting.

From where is the NIR going to determine wether or not you have a criminal record? According to this, there is no section for such information on the register, maybe I’m not reading the list correctly.

If I am reading It correctly, this means that if you want to hire a nanny, you can take her card, swipe it in a terminal and then a separate database will be used to check wether or not this person has a criminal record. This immediately raises some questions.

Who will provide access to this separate database? Will everyone who is in the NIR also have an entry in this database of criminals, and when it is checked, will your entry either have a ‘criminal’ or ‘not criminal’ flag against your name? Will you have to pay for access? Will all NIR terminals be able to do this check, or will just the police be able to do it, or will some ‘accredited service’ (another sheep dip operation) be set up on every high street where you can check if people have criminal records or not? Will you, as the prospective nanny employer, be able to take her card from her and check it without her being there? Or will you have to go down to the local ‘ID Centre’ together? Will they print out a certificate saying that she has no criminal record, and if so, and she goes to get it herself, will you trust that the certificate has not been forged?

Do you get my drift? It’s total fucking insanity.

And of course, just because she doesn’t have a criminal record, that doesn’t mean that she is not a criminal or a ‘potential criminal‘.

This scheme is beyond madness. It is beyond Kafkaesqe. If you enroll in it, after everyting you have read, you are a traitor and a total madman.

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