Captain Hogwash’s Offensive

April 25th, 2006

(Ha, beaten to it while I was working! Darn you and your socks!)

It looks like the government are finally seeing what hatred their piratical mutiny of HMS UK propogates. You will see that not only the readers of the Guardian will not take the bullshit proffered by the Home Secretary but neither will the editor of The Telegraph, and let them be aware this is the tip of the iceberg, they would do well to remember they only have the ‘mandate’ of roughly 20% of the electorate.

Indeed not only does Hogwash peddle the same old lies about the impact of his legislation, he introduces misleading conflations about those who write agianst the government. He twists the comparison from history of the way the Nazis imposed ever increasingly authoritarian and discriminatory legislation into some spiel about the Holocaust, this is incorrect (google – holocaust and blair or clarke,…) and oversimplifies the tragedies of the Nazi regime to the killing of Jews.
The comparison stacks up – the (ab)use of the media is comparable, the cynical ‘populism’ is comparable, the creation of an ‘Other’ within our society is comparable, the inventorising of the people is comparable, the brazenly simplistic belief in ‘technology’ to cure society is comparable, the monomania of their policies is comparable.
The comparison is made not out of spite or delusion but because it is relevant, we can learn from history even if it isn’t exactly the same as our times. The people will not forget history no matter how much Neu Labour try to assert 1997 as year zero – to abolish history and in so doing try to remove the notion of a different future.
Talk of how the situation may worsen in the face of legislation and schemes that are poorly defined (Terrorism Act), spiteful (directed against Brian Haw ‘s demonstration), inefficient (ANPR, NIR, ID cards), counter to the UK way of life (NIR, ID cards) is not only legitimate it is absolutely necessary when the government steadfastly refuses to any voice against them – if it is the case that people only pay attention when ministers are called Nazis then that is what will be done.
If it the case that people need to refuse to cooperate then that is what will be done.

6 Responses to “Captain Hogwash’s Offensive”

  1. Alun Says:

    It’s certainly odd behaviour from Bliar et al, to decide the press are saying ‘the wrong things’, and to try to put it right by…er, telling the press they are saying ‘the wrong things’! Did they expect the Guardian and Telegraph et al. to run crying to Number 10, pleading forgiveness?

    Surely, even a Blunkett could see that all this would achieve would be to set themselves up as editorial Aunt Sallys!

    I’ll have a cup of tea and a slice of cake, please.

  2. meaumeau Says:

    Maybe there aren’t enough Sun readers voting Labour and just can’t sully Murdoch, after all they haven’t bothered berating the Telegraph which has had equally damning (although less bawdy) commentary.

  3. Alun Says:

    Maybe there’ll be a new Clunkett in town pretty soon…

    The home secretary says he “regrets” that 1,023 foreign prisoners have been allowed to walk free when they were meant to be considered for deportation.

    They include three murderers and nine rapists, Home Office figures show. […]

    Former Home Secretary David Blunkett called the problems “astonishing”.

    “My view is that heads should roll,” said Mr Blunkett.


    Well, I’m sure the press will make sure Mr Clarke gets a fair write-up regarding all this, don’t you?

  4. Alun Says:

    Even in the midst of a debate on his future, Clunk manages to slip in some IDiocies…,,1761726,00.html
    (scroll past PMQs)

    John Redwood (Con) asks if any of these criminals are on benefit and says that surely those that are can be identified. Mr Clarke says ID cards would have helped.

    Stunning to think that a significant blunder within a pretty basic system is not seen as portenteous of what might happen with a rather more complicated governmental machine…

    See also, from todays news…

    The Commons Public Accounts Committee estimates that in 2004-05 Revenue & Customs (HMRC) overpaid claimants by

  5. meaumeau Says:

    There’s really no beginning to the man’s capabilities:

    “I told him [Blair] I was prepared to resign if he thought it was right, and he said he didn’t think it was right,”

    Even with his crippled moral compass and dodgy sextant, he could at least follow the example of Estelle Morris and not just offer Blair the option of letting him resign but actually tell him that he is resigning because he feels he is not up to the job (which in this case is true).

  6. Alun Says:

    Bell tolls for safety elephant…. DUNG!

    Clarke axed in Cabinet reshuffle

    Former Health Secretary Frank Dobson said a reshuffle would be like “rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic”.,,1284265,00.html
    Steve Bell’s last few have been so sharp.

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