Look and learn

May 2nd, 2006

Someone clever once said “That’s the way to do it!”

US counts cost of day without immigrants

Protests force firms to close and hit industry
More than 1 million take to streets over new bill

A sea of white-shirted protesters 300,000 strong, chanting “Si, se puede” (“Yes, it can be done”) surged through Los Angeles.
US immigrants stage boycott day

Mass rallies were staged across the US as immigrants boycotted work or school and avoided spending money as a way of showing their worth to the economy.

Despite Monday being a normal working day in the US, many businesses were forced to close as workers in industries including agriculture, construction and leisure withheld their labour.

Goya Foods halted distribution for the day, while Tyson Foods, the world’s largest meat producer, shut nine of its 15 plants.


Of course, if they really want to make a difference, they could always try a petition.

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  1. irdial Says:

    You see? These people, mostly uneducated can see what their TRUE worth is to government – ECONOMIC.

    They took away their labor and caused actual economic disruption. All the stupid pathetic educated imaginationless losers in the UK who are marching up and down, and their brain dead orgainzers, like I have said many times before, are actaully exascerbating the problem because they are giving people a false sense of accomplishment, while the problem continues to persist. I can GUARANTEE you that if all the people who were against the illegal Iraq invasion and the ten to one who couldnt show up had simply STAYED AT HOME on a WORK DAY the economic damage and subsequent message would have been far greater than what was achieved by the illegal immigrants in the USA.

    In no other sphere do people act so STUPIDLY. If you buy something that is broken, you take it back for replacement or a refund, reflexively. If you want a beer, you go to the place where they sell it and you buy it. But when it comes to politics, people suddenly become amazing stupid; they pay without getting a guarantee, they pay without getting a recipt, they accept damaged goods in complete silence…what the hell is wrong with these people???

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