Parliament put on notice: DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

November 18th, 2009

Dropped into the BLOGDIAL inbox (twice!):


This is urgent, and requires active participation by all HEs. Please read and forward to all HEs and HE lists that you belong to.

This act is not in competition with or an attack against any HE person or HE organisation. Now is not the time for an HE civil war. We need to deal with the real threat first, then try to resolve conflict within the HE community later. OUR STRENGTH IS NOT ONLY IN OUR CONVICTIONS IT IS ALSO IN OUR NUMBERS.

The Badman recommendations have generated a great deal of fear within the HE community; but the threat is an illusion. If we ALL refuse to cooperate nothing will happen – they will NOT come for you and your children. Their power over us is based on our own fear.

This is a declaration to parliament, putting them on notice that they should not add the recommendations of the Graham Badman Report into new law, and that we will not co-operate with any such law should they dare to enact it.

If you agree with what it says, select all the text between the dividers, copy the text to a new document, print it, sign it or otherwise make your mark on it, and then send it to your MP. Then forward this entire message to any Home Educators and parents that you know and urge them to do the same. You may disseminate this public notice to anyone and any place you think will help it gain momentum.

Whether you are involved in the petition or any other initiative makes no odds. Use this to deluge your MPs and show them once and for all that we are united!

To find your MP’s address use this site:

Notice of Refusal to Co-operate


WHEREAS the recommendations of the GRAHAM BADMAN REVIEW OF ELECTIVE HOME EDUCATION have been accepted in full by the Secretary of State.

AND that these grossly disproportionate recommendations hold serious implications for the civil liberties of parents, children and families in this country.

AND that these recommendations place primary responsibility for assessing the suitability of education and the welfare of the child on the state, rather than the parent – with no prior evidence that either is unsatisfactory prior to this grossly intrusive intervention.

AND that the recommendations of the review assumes that the home is an inherently unsafe or unhealthy place for the child to be.

AND that these recommendations undermine the role of the parent and trample over family freedoms in its haste to set parent and child up against each other, bestowing additional and selective “rights” on home educated children that only the government can adequately minister to.

AND that these recommendations destroy the very possibility of true autonomy in learning.

AND that these recommendations operate from a position of requiring proof of parental innocence rather than reasonable suspicion of guilt.

AND that these recommendations discriminatorily use the coercive and interventionist tools of parental licensing, warrantless entry to the home, inspection according to arbitrary external standards, and an unconscionable new power to interrogate the child without the parents present.

AND that the outcome of these recommendations will be horribly discriminatory to a minority community, the measures eventually having to apply to anyone who has their child at home with them: parents with under 5s, those whose children attend private school, and also those with school-aged children who are at home in the evenings, over the weekends, and throughout the summer holidays.

AND that the outcome of these inspections will be based on the very human whim and prejudices of a local authority officer, who will have the power to destroy the life and education that that parent has conceived for his or her child.

AND that if the government is to avoid further discrimination it also stands to reason that each child who attends school must be given the same “rights” as home educated children – to “have their voices heard” regarding whether or not they are happy to be educated in school, whether they are satisfied with their teachers and whether they feel safe in such an environment.

WE ACCEPT that it is right that appropriate and proportionate action, as currently outlined in the law, may be taken to rectify a situation if there are serious concerns about a child’s welfare, observing that a child being at home with its parents is not, and never has been, in and of itself a child welfare issue.

AND HEREBY RESOLVE that any such utterly disproportionate legislation if passed will fundamentally alter the relationship between citizen and state, and would constitute a fundamental violation of our rights,

AND that any such legislation is illegitimate on its face.

NOW UNDERSTAND that by this declaration, Parliament is PUT ON NOTICE that I and others will not co-operate with any such legislation, and strongly caution you not to consider, debate, or enact any such legislation.

Signed _______________________________


Well well well. At last, the sleeper has awakened!

No more begging. No more pleading. No more nonsense.

No means ‘NO’, and that does not mean ‘maybe’, or conditionally, or partially or “come back after you have thought about it some more”.

Right is right, and wrong is wrong, and no matter what, this is the LAST STRAW. You may go NO FURTHER.

I have said it many times before; there is nothing they can do to force you to obey them, and they rely on your good and honest nature as if it were a character flaw so that they can do bad things to you. They cannot stop the hunters from hunting, they cannot keep drugs off of the street and they cannot even keep them out of the prisons. They are massively overstretched on every front, almost to breaking point. There is no money to come after Home Educators, who are the lowest priority of all priorities. Ed Balls and the other evil clowns have announced a list of 23 new guarantees for all pupils; how are they going to pay for all of it when they are CUTTING The budget by TWO BILLION POUNDS? The answer is THEY CANNOT.

Anyone who says that they are going to cooperate in any way is quite simply a total fool. Filling out their vile forms and engaging with them does 99% of the work of control. If no one communicates with them, if no one cooperates with them they will find their plans to be completely stymied. There are not enough of them to chase up and control everyone. There are not enough of them to collate all the information they need, and of course, whatever they can write down will not have your consent and will be worthless. Even if they could do it, there are not enough people to enforce their disgusting plans.

The facts are these; if you want your liberty you can take it; it is yours, right in your hands right now. You need to put all of your fear aside and simply… ‘do not’.

But that is only if they manage to pass the legislation, and that might not even happen. Certainly it is not going to be made easy for them.

In the final analysis, no matter what happens, either way they have LOST!


In case any of you simple minded people out there have any doubts about the ill intentions of these monsters, take a look at where the Home Education licensing proposal is listed at the website of monster central:


under ‘Safeguarding the Vulnerable’!

Full screen grab here, in case they try and re-write history.

Absolutely unbelievable. These people are declaring that the children of home educators are in need of safeguarding, simply because they are educated at home!

Are you angry yet?

This is just like the scandal of Neu Liebour officially listing Landsbanki as terrorist organisation:

Absolutely appalling.

Once again, there is no depth to which these people will not sink, no lie they will shirk from telling in order to get their grubby fat hands on your children, and as we have seen, the women are as bad as if not worse than the men.

If this has not pushed you over the edge, then you do not have a pulse.

If you are wasting your time bickering over nonsense instead of doing everything you possibly can to put a stop to this, you deserve everything that you get.

They really are the worst bunch of people imaginable, and they really are after you and your children!

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