The Bloodbath: Jultra mops up

May 5th, 2006

“In a planned emergency reshuffle, designed by the fanatical regime leader Blair to deflect attention away the disastrous election results and more importantly from the systemic rot that has taken over thereby evading the real point that nobody wants New Labour period, Blair has finally sacked his most useful pet: the porcine fabricator Charles Clarke:

“Charles Clarke has said he does “not agree” with Tony Blair’s decision to sack him as home secretary […] Mr Clarke told the BBC he could have “carried through” the reforms needed to the Home Office following the furore over foreign criminals in the UK.

The prime minister had to make “hard judgements”, Mr Clarke said, adding that he remained a supporter.” BBC

In a bizarre response to this long-overdue sacking of the hog-wild liar, Liberty’s Shami Chakrabarti got it all wrong in describing Clarke as some kind of statesman and hero who we all dotingly looked up to during the London bombings:

“His finest moment was hours after the London bombings last July. As frightened people hung on his every word, he made vital distinctions between distasteful speech and cold-blooded murder and admitted that ID cards would not have prevented the atrocity. He forgot party politics and demonstrated what a home secretary could and should be”

That’s not how I remember it, I recall a grandstanding dungeon keeper telling the country how many civil liberties they needed to give up to win in the Clash of Civilizations. And who’s Home Office was deliberately and maliciously leaking stories about de Menezes’ visa to revise his death and then protecting the most flawed sociopathic cretin ever to head up the Met who tried to cover up the investigation and who misled the public about the state execution?

There’s a time and place for measured language but this wasn’t it, Chakrabarti is miles off course on this one. Clarke’s finest moment was in getting sacked today and then squeeling like the wild boar he is as he realises he has no purpose outside of whatever slops Blair threw his way. Sadly he has been replaced by ‘preventative war’ advocate, bruiser and Labour attack dog John Reid.”


More brilliance from Jultra.

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