Freedom for all or none

May 8th, 2006

Your treatment of an educated historian is beyond belief. You have persecuted David Irving just for having a thought process that differs from yours, in other words your thought police have struck again.How dare you jail a human for expressing free thought, because as free people, free thought is our right.If you disagree with what David Irving has said then I challenge you to dabate this issue with him, i.e. a confrontation of evidence provided by both side with an independent ‘judge’. Somehow however I think you have not got the guts for that.The free world condems your thought police and your repressive thought laws.

The pathetic Guardian is baying for some Egyptian Bloggers to be freed from gaol and for everyone to write to the Egyptian Government to make it happen; a ‘lights on’ commenter pointed out that David Irving was in jail just for thinking wrong thoughts, and that everyone should support him also, to the usual scripted written and unwritten howls of ‘he should burn in hell’.

It does’nt work like that. Either all are free to write or none are free. You cannot selectively support freedom of speech. Of course, The Guardian considers brown skinned people, the chinese, South Americans en masse etc as a sort of pet that needs to be protected, wheras Irving is a ‘full human being’ who really ‘should know better’. That is their nature.

They should be pressing for the absurd laws in the UK to be put down. They should be pressing for David Irving to be released immediately. Better that they should solve their own problems before they tell other people how to live.

Lead by example should be the motto, but Britian can scarcely do this anymore as it turns, at the hands of a very criminal few, into the very sort of country people died to prevent it becoming.

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