Iceland: more statist fail in the guise of protecting freedom

February 19th, 2010

Iceland is at a unique crossroads.

So is everywhere else, but this situation is unique only in size not nature.

Because of an economic meltdown in the banking sector,

Without saying what the precise nature and cause of this ‘meltdown’ is, you will never be able to solve this problem.

a deep sense is among the nation that a fundamental change is needed in order to prevent such events from taking place again.

You will never be able to change anything correctly without knowing the cause of your problems.

At such times it is important to seek a collective future vision and take a course that will bring the nation and the parliament closer together.


It is violent collectivism the Icelandic state that the root cause of your problems, Icelandic people!

On February 16th a parliamentary resolution will be filed at the Icelandic parliament suggesting that Iceland will position itself legally with regard to the protection of freedoms of expression and information. This suggestion for a future vision has sparked great enthusiasm both within the parliament and among those it has been introduced to.


The state cannot create rights. Freedom of expression is the right of all men. When there is no state, you have this freedom by default. There is no reason why a state free Iceland cannot be a data haven for all free people everywhere, who pay for the privilege of hosting their information on servers owned by Icelanders. You do not need a state to protect this right. Also, if other states where servers are housed decide to block Icelandic IPs, what are you going to do about it?

The main goal with the proposal is to task the government with finding ways to strengthen freedom of expression around world and in Iceland, as well as providing strong protections for sources and whistleblowers.

We have heard this before; when the state says it wants to strengthen something, they actually mean they want to regulate and destroy it. There should be no laws whatsoever regulating speech. That means no laws controlling the contents of any server or publisher with equipment installed in Iceland.

To this end the legal environment should be explored in such a way that the goals can be defined, and changes to law or new law proposals can be prepared. The legal environments of other countries should be considered, with the purpose of assembling the best laws to make Iceland a leader of freedoms of expression and information. We also feel it is high time to establish the first Icelandic international prize: The Icelandic Freedom of Expression Award.

This is completely absurd. First of all, who is going to define these goals? The state; the very people who claim the power to be able to give and take away rights; think about it, all the time the Icelandic state has either had or not had laws about this on its books, were you or were you not free to host whatever you like? Why all of a sudden should the decision of a few people unlock your rights, or extend them? These people have no business telling anyone what they can or cannot do with their computers. Who they connect those computers to, what is on them, who controls them; none of this is the business of the state.

They say they are going to take into account the legal environments of other countries… what, like Saudi Arabia? If I were an Icelander, I would rather not leave my freedom to communicate in the hands of these incompetent and immoral people, whose dangerous vaguearies (yes, ‘vaguearies’) will end up curtailing my freedoms.

As for establishing a price for Freedom of Expression, freedom of expression is a prize in itself, you dullards.

This proposal does not belong to any single group or party, but should be considered a joint project of all parliamentarians to find a harmonious tone of reconciliation in order to pull the nation out of these difficulties with something to achieve together.

Tones of reconciliation will never and have never put out fires. The problems of iceland need to be addressed once and for all. Violent collectivism (if I were you) should be abandoned completely and permanently. Fiat currency, fractional reserve banking and your corrupt state should be abandoned permanently. You can then start to build the sort of place that will be the envy of the world, which will attract billions in investment and the brightest people in the world.

We have already been in touch with, and introduced the proposal to, various interest groups whom this new legislation package might affect, including industry, media and civil society. So far we have only received positive feedback from all levels.

They are all stakeholders in the state; its no surprise that they are for it. Industry uses the violence of the state to destroy competition and steal the money of the population. Media is licensed by the state, uses it to keep rivals out and steal money from the public. The same goes for ‘civil society’, who, despite the definition, exist as creatures of the state, especially the fake charities and other organisations, that receive stolen loot from the violent state.

A keen interest has developed among the foreign press in relation to this legislative proposal, perhaps because all over the world the freedom to write news is increasingly being smothered. In their mind Iceland could become a reverse to tax haven: a journalism haven.

This is interesting language isn’t it?

Tax havens exist to protect the rights of the individual against the predatory and violent state; how is it that protecting free speech is different to protecting a man’s right to his own property? A haven for journalism is exactly and precisely the same as a tax haven; both of the exist to protect the rights of the individual against the predations of the state.

If you needed proof of the bogus nature of this adventure, that is surely it.

Here it comes…

The suggestions in the proposal for a legislative package would transform the possibilities for growth in various areas. Iceland could become an ideal environment for Internet-based international media and publishers to register their services, start-ups, data centers and human rights organizations. It could be a lever for the economy and create new work employment opportunities.


They want people to ‘REGISTER’ their services; why on earth should anyone have to register their service with the Icelandic state? Web hosting is a PRIVATE CONTRACT between the owner of hardware and an individual or other entity; there is no need for the state to interpose itself in this PRIVATE ARRANGEMENT. And you must remember; if the state can REGISTER (in other words, LICENSE your website) it can also DEREGISTER your site if they choose – that translates to “shut you down and take you off line”.

This is not guaranteed protection of freedom of speech, this is the state colonising a previously free and private set of services so that it can find a rich stream of fees to keep its disgusting leech body alive.

If this proposal became a reality it could improve democracy and transparency in Iceland, as firm grounding would be made for publishing, whilst improving Iceland’s standing in the international community.

Democracy is illegitimate state violence, and Icelanders should abandon it. Without a state, there would be no need for transparency, since that opaque and evil entity that ruined and ruins people’s lives in Iceland would be gone.

Iceland’s standing in the international community is of no concern to Icelanders, who if they have any sense, want only freedom, no state and sound money. If they have those, their reputation amongst free people will skyrocket, attracting, as I said above, investment and brains. The phrase, “The international community” actually means the opinion of the rulers in other states. They are just as illegitimate and violent as the operators Icelandic government’s apparatus; who CARES what they think, everyone with two brain cells in every other state from Greece outwards is desperate to get rid of their state and the violent thieves that man the levers of them.

Once again it is perfectly clear; the answers to any particular problem will not come from more government, or the state. They just want more legislation, registration, controls and leech streams to further entrench and embed themeless in the lives of every person.

They lie reflexively, steal, murder and destroy, and anyone who is for them is a FOOL!

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