Sickening blue dots

February 26th, 2010

Look at this map very carefully:

View The Abuse of Children in Care Settings in a larger map

This is a map showing the locations of incidents of the abuse of children in care settings. All the blue points on this map show a case where abuse took place despite CRB checks.

The priceless Alison says:

Putting professional child abusers on the map

As Balls, Badman, Birmingham Council and the BBC shamefully continue to breach the bounds of decency in the wake of Khyra Ishaq’s tragic death by cynically seeking to shift the blame from serial failures on the part of social services on to home education (because the child had stopped going to school when she was already giving profound cause for concern), we thought it was time to pronounce our own verdict: professionals cannot be trusted.

To demonstrate just how many dangerous teachers, nursery staff, doctors, nurses, social workers, police officers, youth workers and other ‘caring’ professionals there are out there, we have put a selection of state sanctioned professionals-turned-child abusers firmly on the map.

Liz Davies, the social worker who blew the whistle on the Islington care homes paedophile ring in the 90s, is arguably best qualified to comment on how and why things went so wrong for Khyra and she has done so eloquently. Disappointingly for the bigoted Balls et al, home education doesn’t come into it; rather it was the abject failure of so called professionals to intervene in what was a clear cut child protection case.

A highly respected social work lecturer and practitioner with specialist expertise in child protection, Liz Davies shares our own low opinion of Lord Laming, whose Every Child Matters recommendations were said to have been informed by the Victoria Climbie case but who we know was simply putting in train the citizen surveillance agenda already decided years earlier in Lisbon. The ‘child protection’ cover story may have worked on the BBC and most of the non thinking masses, but it is increasingly hard to sell as more and more children die as a result of skewed priorities and the failure to focus and target resources on the most vulnerable children. Children like Khyra who were already known to be at serious risk.

We at Home Ed Forums have become increasingly concerned by this government’s blanket claims that children are safe in schools, nurseries and other non family settings as long as they are in the care or company of ‘vetted’ professionals. So much so that we’ve been linking to news reports of the activities of a never ending stream of professional child abusers who have used their ‘trusted’ status to take evil advantage of vulnerable children. Our abuse of children in care settings got so long we thought we’d produce a map to demonstrate the prevalence of abuse by the very people this government has deemed suitable to work with our children. These are the sort of people Balls and Badman believe should have unrestricted access to private family homes and direct access to home educated children alone without the oversight and protection of their parents. Blogdial has already spoken on the perils of the paedophiles’ charter that has their distinctly dodgy backing.

Meanwhile, Hollie Greig is still awaiting justice, but there’s no sign of an investigation, review or even a peep from the BBC. Perhaps that’s because the presumption of innocence is now only selectively applied.

Do feel free to email us new entries as we will (sadly) be putting more child abusing professionals on our map.

Home Ed Forums

Anyone who thinks that CRB checks and the new ISA check have the power to stop crimes from happening is totally insane. The only thing a CRB check does is give criminals unfettered access to their prey. As long as they never get caught, the CRB check is in fact a license to abuse since all the morons out there will take this as a certificate of worthiness instead what it really is, a red flag that you are in terrible danger.

It is my opinion that anyone who wants to work for a ‘service’ that inspects other people’s children is immediately suspect. There are no doubt, people who actually believe that they will be doing good by becoming a ‘social worker’, but as I see it, these people are nothing more than busy bodies, nanny statists, control freaks and potential paedophiles. It is simply not natural to want to earn money to control, kidnap and be the parent of the children of complete strangers. This is of course, completely different to being a paediatrician or a nurse; those people are completely honourable in their professions because their role is not to control, but to heal. Yet, those noble people are being prevented from doing their jobs by the pernicious CRB check system:

Children have missed out on surgery because of “chaotic” Government regulations, medical professionals say.

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) warned their members could not cover absences or work at different hospitals due to Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check restrictions.

Young patients either had to wait or travel long distances to see a surgeon at a different hospital, due to “overzealous” interpretations of the rules by NHS trusts and long delays in returning results, it said.

The RCS said medical staff with an enhanced CRB check should be allowed to work in any hospital, and pointed out the restrictions prevented trainee paediatricians from gaining experience in different areas.

Some trainee surgeons went through more than 10 separate checks in two years, according to the college president John Black.

This is what happens when you leave madmen in charge of a country. They have turned Britain into an insane asylum, with the lunatics, paedophile shielders and peeping toms in charge.

The only proper response is to have nothing whatsoever to do with them on any level. That means not begging them for laptops or any other favours, funding or anything at all. They are completely illegitimate, immoral, un-ethical and dangerous.

Now that many people can see this clearly, they really must make the correct choices, like not paying the BBC TV License. They should do this and then never pay again. The BBC is a factory of lies that has colluded most viciously in the denigration of Home Education. Anyone who continues to pay for them to lie in this way… you get the picture.

The Tories have said that they will not allow this paedophile enabling legislation to stand, should they be elected:

Tories would scrap new duty for parents that educate children at home

The Tories would scrap a new duty that requires parents who educate their children at home to be registered with councils.

Michael Gove, the Shadow Schools Secretary, said that he would block plans which “stigmatise” home educators.

Under the Children, Schools and Families Bill, which has almost finished going through Parliament, local authorities will setup databases of home-educating families and visit them to ensure that standards are met.

It came after a report into home education by Graham Badman, a former headteacher and director of children’s services, published last summer, who said that there was a need for greater regulation.


Mr Gove said that he thought parents who educated their children at home did a wonderful job. He said: “Government should support them and we won’t allow the current Government’s plans to stigmatise home educators to get through.”

Mr Gove promised that clauses of the Bill relating to home education would never become law if the Tories won power in the general election.


If you are the voting sort, and you are Home Educator, if you do not vote Tory, you deserve everything that you get.

Lest you misunderstand me, I am completely aware that the Tories are going to run a bad government. It is the nature of the whole business. That being said, your number one goal in voting should be to 1) punish the paedo-enablers of New Labour. 2) gamble that the Tories will come through on this promise, which will not only cost them nothing, but which will actually save them money. Even if they fail to deliver on this promise, they will not have the money to run this appalling system of home innovations and paedophile grooming.

If the Tories do win, you can expect a short reprieve from inspections, monitoring, home invasion, paedophile grooming and a complete end to autonomous learning. During that reprieve, if you do not organise professional PR to counter the lie machines that are used against you, you are very foolish indeed.

Lets take a look at the current spate of bad press.

  • Everyone knew in advance what the date of this trial was going to be.
  • Everyone knew that after it, there would be a torrent of bad press deliberately crafted to smear Home Education while the odious Bill was passing through the house.

Instead of using a professional PR firm to prime, inoculate and inform all the journalists in advance of this trial and the inevitable bad press, there was no professional campaign whatsoever, save a pathetic, entirely reactive damage limitation exercise, where the participants speaking for Home Education were appended to the end of each piece for the sole purpose of satisfying the ‘journalists’ need to be seen as presenting a ‘balanced picture’.

If what newspapers and the BBC say is so very important, it is obvious that a professional, full time approach to handing perception is an absolute necessity. The map in this post is an extremely powerful image. Imagine it appearing in a national newspaper as part of an ‘explainer’ detailing why CRB checks are complete nonsense. It doesn’t take too much imagination to work out that it would have a huge impact, just as full colour spreads in Grazzia and Tatler would have to explain to those brain dead MPS that Home Education is the most desirable form of education out there, and that Britain is one of the best places to do it – a sphere that Britain is actually leading in for a change.

If this doesn’t happen, if no professional, full time PR firm is engaged to educate every sector of the public about Home Education, then we will be at the same place we are now when Labour return, perhaps with the unctuous monster Ed Balls as Shadow Prime Minister. When they are elected with him in charge, you can say goodbye to Home Education once and for all.

And they WILL be re-elected, I assure you, barring a revolution in Britain.

This full time PR endeavour has only one purpose; to make it psychologically impossible for any MP to consider any controls on Home Education. It should be anathema to them; they should bristle at the suggestion of controlling or interfering with Home Education. The only way this is going to happen is through a properly funded, professionally run PR campaign as I have described, with a small number of people in absolute control over it.

MPs are completely ignorant about Home Education. Most journalists and newspaper editors are also ignorant. None of them can use The Google. If you do not take the information to them on a silver platter (Vogue, Tatler, OK, Gruaniad, Observer, Sunday TImes) then they will never get the ‘opportunity’ to learn what they need to learn, and when the next changeover comes, you WILL be steamrollered. This legislation will be dusted off, added to to make it one thousand times worse, and then Prime Minster Ed Balls will roll it up into a tight cylinder and shove it down your throat while his ‘wife’ the Education Secretary holds you down.


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