ID cards to be used for criminal record checks

May 23rd, 2006

Criminal Records Bureau outlines five-year strategy…

By Andy McCue

Published: Tuesday 23 May 2006

The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) has outlined initial plans for integrating ID cards into the criminal record vetting process as part of a “period of major change” in its new five-year business strategy.

The CRB’s current disclosure service charges employers to vet the suitability of new staff who will be working with children and vulnerable adults, although it has been dogged by technical problems since its launch in 2002. Just this week the Home Office admitted that 2,700 innocent people had wrongly been branded as paedophiles and violent robbers because their details were similar to people with criminal convictions.

From 2009 the CRB said it will begin the first phase of integrating the ID card in the authentication and application process for verifying the identity of those undergoing criminal record checks. More immediate targets include a move to complete electronic services as part of the strategy to reduce the cost of processing CRB checks. The current service is based only on paper and phone applications but the CRB said it is aiming for full “e-service delivery” for single and bulk electronic applications by 2008.

The CRB business plan said: “Removing the paper form and moving rapidly to a position where electronic transactions are the most used application channel is an essential step in the drive to create a low-priced but high value disclosure service.” This will lead to the CRB operating on a self-funding basis for the first time since it was set up, with a surplus of 2.4m projected for this current financial year.

Another key change in the CRB will be the setting up of a new online register of vetted people – run by the Department for Education and Skills – for employers to check. Anyone who undergoes a criminal record check will be added to the register which will then be continuously updated. Some of these developments will require changes to the CRB’s 400m PFI contract with Capita, which runs until 2012.

The range of data sources the CRB can search is also to be extended from the Police National Computer and police intelligence sources to include the British Transport Police, Royal Military Police, the Serious and Organised Crime Agency and the police forces for Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man. […],3800010403,39159065,00.htm

My emphasis.

Like we have been saying, the NIR is going to be the key to everything you do and are in the UK.

They are going to check if you have a criminal record or not in real time, on a person by person basis with a swipe of your card. They are going to be able to check you even if you are not present, by submitting your NIR number. You are going to be checked en masse in bulk background checks when companies collect millions of NIR numbers and want to weed out the ‘criminals’.

You can imagine what it will be worth to have your NIR removed from the criminal records DB and put into the ‘trusted people’ DB. Some Home Office bod is going to make hundreds of thousands ‘upgrading’ people…or he is going to get all the ‘free’ sex he can handle.

Note the company that is in charge of all this, Capita, that incompetent firm that has no responsibility for ruining peoples lives. Note also that they intend it to be self funding, meaning that every time a check is made, someone has to pay, and your data is being used to make money for Capita. A licence to fleece the British man….SHAME!

This scheme changes the nature of criminal justice. When you were convicted of a crime, and you pay your ‘tarrif’ to the state, the matter is then finished. With these background checks being done all the time, you will pay for your crimes, no matter how big or small, for the rest of your life.

That is not right.

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