Starting to Think About a Revolution

July 8th, 2010

Only one thing missing from this; destroy the evil empire whilst protecting your savings, wealth and the value of your money by buying gold.

Otherwise… it reads like a person rubbing the sand out of their eyes as they wake up.


by DavidRicardo


von John Ryskamp

What are you doing next Thursday? Shall we overthrow the United States, darling?

After all, it’s clear that the United States Government belongs to the powerful, who are determined to loot and destroy us all. I mean, that’s a given now, we all know that, that’s settled, and it’s not going to change. They talk about the “new normal” being a lower rate of growth. Sorry Bill Gross (Bill Gates, too, for that matter). The “new normal” is that the United States is destroying the people of the United States. That’s the “new normal,” and it’s never going to be different. So hadn’t we better destroy the United States before it destroys us?

So darling, put on your best Hitchcockian thinking cap (something from Dolce and Gabbana, please) and ponder: how shall we do it? We have to carry out a killing, but we don’t want it to kill us—and we do want to kill it, we want to stab it with our steely knives and this time we do want to kill the beast.

We’re agreed: have the maximum effect with the least danger to ourselves. That, after all, is the lesson of the Boston Tea Party—very specific targets, attacked at night, with the minimum of physical risk. Dead revolutionaries are no good to the cause.

Few things. It seems, indeed, that we don’t have to think too hard, to look too far afield for ideas. Those who are suffering most are already the most active. But soon you’ll be suffering too: use that. The suffering already have a strategy, something like civil disobedience. It’s called, “Overwhelm to Overthrow.” The revolution: it’s working (fab bumper sticker). You will be amused to learn that the writ of the United States—that dreadful monster—is ceasing to run. They’ll shudder even to read that in Washington, and they’ll press the CIA/FBI button—that’s good, because it’s provocative.

People who are having trouble paying their mortgages are not paying them, and these rascals are not leaving, either. The system can’t cope with that, CIA or no CIA. And it’s spreading, to include those who are having no trouble paying their mortgages, but are looking at the morbid demographics, which tell them unambiguously that soon they won’t be able to pay their mortgages, either. And you won’t either, darling.

So, good stuff, fortifying, even if you’re sitting in suburbia, or in your office—or in your car!—sipping coffee as you read this: them first, you next, comrade. Did you ever think all your hours of watching T.V. would come to revolution? No matter how much money you think you have, the United States is coming after you, to destroy you? But remember it, because it’s true.

So, appraisal fraud is a good defense, but rock-solid demographics are turning out to be a good defense against mortgage payment as well. Laughing at the United States Government is also a very good strategy. It reminds us that the United States is mortal, and that we the people are not. It reminds us that the Constitution does not begin, “We the United States.” How does it begin? It begins, “We the people of the United States.”

The Times itself ran an article with the headline, “Owners Stop Paying Mortgage, and Stop Fretting.” Well, that made me fret. Naughty Times—aiding and abetting the overthrow of the United States, are you? No one could have dreamed, five years ago, that such an article would be written—or that the Times, the newspaper of record, would publish it. It violates contract rights, property rights, loyalty to the United States, blah blah blah—it even threatens apple pie (don’t ask me how). It violates every right except one: survival.

Of course, renters have a bigger problem. The eviction process is swift in their case—but that only invites the question, what suggestions do you have for them? What legal approach should they take in order to make their cases like those of the mortgage scofflaws—cases lasting, basically, forever, and, in short, overwhelming the courts? Hmm? Of course, if the landlord is behind in mortgage payments, then use as a defense that the landlord has breached the covenant of quiet enjoyment by putting the lease agreement at risk. So look into that, my pets. Any other ideas?

Then there are those pesky taxes. That’s a revolutionary fave. Of course, most people have taxes withheld then have to get them back. Instead, file as exempt and then make the Government come after you. Sound risky? There is interest and penalties as the process proceeds, but here again, ask for an IRS hearing, and then appeal the result to the U.S. District Court. Argue, again, the demographics: they prove you are going to need that money because the economy is falling apart.

And if you get stern looks about that, remind our hooligan courts that the cases which allow the Government to loot us all—West Coast Hotel v. Parrish and United States v. Carolene Products—both ground policy on “maintenance” of important facts such as income and health. Ask the Court what, in fact, is “maintenance”? It sure isn’t deference and discretion, the grounds on which the last two bailout bills went forward, the basis on which the looting is still going forward.

This too is a revolutionary fave: throw the Government’s words back at it, make it reveal that it doesn’t mean what it says, that it really means to destroy people. Make them stutter, slobber, and do bad, contradictory things in public, the whole world watching. Provocative.

Then there’s also bankruptcy. This is on the rise despite the provisions of the new bankruptcy bill. Make them change the system by overwhelming it with cases. Remember that time is not on your side. The Government is out to destroy you, and is moving quickly. Also note that the fees are often so high that people cannot afford to file for bankruptcy, so if you are anywhere near the bankruptcy situation, get a move on.

But now I’m running out of time, and I’ve been tweeted fifteen times since I started writing this. Long story short: don’t bite government if it can bite back, but if it can’t bite back, bite hard. This takes some strategizing, some hard thinking and creativity. But remember the goal: to get a government which enforces our survival, not our destruction. And that means ALL of us, not just some. And it means WE are able to enforce it—it is not enforced “for” us by others (with that being the only method individuals have of getting it enforced). A gazillion years of shoddy thinking, dirty deals and plain old-fashioned organized crime masquerading as “authority,” have left us with a shambling monster that needs to devour us in order to live. It’s the Vietnam War strategy brought home: the country must be destroyed in order to save the country.

Surely a government that stupid can be outwitted, can have its own devices, its own rhetoric, used against it. But remember the goal: overthrow, not reform. Specific, de jure overthrow. A new government, not a new, improved United States Government.

Finally (or rather, to start with), just plain old rumor and comparing notes. In short, the underground. Discussing with your neighbors and friends, what works and what doesn’t. What ties the United States in knots without tying you in knots.

So let’s overthrow the Government—it’s dying anyway, let’s hurry it along to its grave. The rotten carcass, it’s stinking up our country. It’s a sociopolitical oil spill, and it’s spreading like mad.

And let’s not wait until Thursday. Actually, my calendar’s open Wednesday. How ‘bout then? Let’s do revolution. Just think of the above as a sort of post-modern declaration of independence. Just do it.


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