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May 30th, 2006

Aircraft at Heathrow

The US said the deal was essential after the 9/11 attacks

The European Court of Justice has ruled illegal an EU-US agreement that allows European airline passenger data to be transferred to the US authorities.The court said the May 2004 agreement did not ensure privacy protection for European travellers.

European airlines have been obliged to give US authorities passengers’ names, addresses and credit card details.

The measure – opposed by the European Parliament – was designed to help prevent acts of terrorism.[…]

I nearly choked on my cornflakes when I read this. Amazing.

Now watch as Bliar twists and bends OUR law in an attempt to appease his US ringmasters. You know he will do it, and those opposed will be painted as lily-livered liberati collaborators.

Reds under beds are back in fashion.

Yesterday, in a discussion on “Britishness”, I heard a commentator say one of the characteristics she found so adoring about the British is that they are so apathetic that there will never be another civil war.

She will have plenty of time to reconsider her position on the Isle of Wight Gulag, comrades!

Blair and his bitches underestimate the British at their peril.

I am reminded, somehow, of John Selwyn Gummer, forcing his child to eat a beefburger to downplay the threat of BSE.

The image cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Let’s see Bliar frog-marching his sons into Basra without the correct equipment if he wants to demonstrate his resolve and conviction that his war is worth the sacrifices.

Goshdarn it, how I got here from there I don’t know. It’s Tuesday but it’s a Monday feel and my brain is confused.

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