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June 24th, 2006

Textmate gets better and better every release

Brad Choate has created a bundle for Textmate that allows you to post to your blog directly from Textmate. WordPress has a great interface, but sometimes the WYSIWYG editor borks and does quirky things, and the HTML editor tries to close your tags causing big hearp trouble.

This post was made directly in Textmate. I typed it out in a very vanilla page. If the HTML goes wrong, I can open the post directly in textmate to fix the problem, instead of having to open the WordPress editor, copy and paste the broken HTML, paste it back and then hope that WordPress doesnt try and re-fix my fixes.

Whats that you say? You are not runnig a Mac?!!


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  1. alex_tea Says:

    I’ve been using TextMate again recently (I tried once ages ago, but it never really appealed to me, I was more a BBEdit person back then) and last night I paid for the license.

    I had read about the blogging feature earlier in the week, but hadn’t thought much about. Last night I tried to find the plug-in to download. I couldn’t find a link anywhere on their site for any kind of plug-in. Then I looked in the Bundle menu, and there it was, ready waiting for me. I’d noticed the update when I launched the app previously, but just thought it was updating the software. How very clever.

    My favourite thing about TextMate is it’s interaction with other applications. When editing Actionscript files I can press ?+? to have Flash recompile the current movie. When working with PHP and Actionscript I can press ?+R to refresh the current browser window. I can perform all the Apache commands I need, from inside the app. I can run terminal commands. I can do anything I need.

    Its actually made coding much less of a bore.

  2. irdial Says:

    And the snippets are simply breathtaking. I use them all the time for repetitive tasks…and I have a couple I made myself for the dumbass things that I need to repeat again and again. This is the ultimate editor, and like I said before, I have used them all, Notepad, BBedit, Ultraedit, Jedit, Vi,Pico, and several others and some IDEs…Textmate beats the shit out of them all, no doubt about it, and I don’t use even one tenth of what it is capable of.

    Whats so great about it is not only that its extensible, but extending it is so simple that anyone can do it, and the savings you make in time and typing are signifigant. And it gives you a buzz to see the automagic spill out in front of you.

    All developed by one super talented man. Now that really is astonishing. Take a look at his screencasts, and feel his cool vibe.

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