Now they finally see!

June 30th, 2006

“That compliance is what scares me the most. People are resigned to their fate. They’ve bought the Government’s arguments for the public good. There is a generational failure of memory about individual rights. Whenever Government says that some intrusion is necessary in the public interest, an entire generation has no clue how to respond, not even intuitively And that is the great lesson that other countries must learn. The US must never lose sight of its traditions of individual freedom.” Independent

Thankns to the mighty Jultra for pointing this out.

Anyone reading Irdial-List and BLOGDIAL will know that I have been saying for many years that the current ‘whatever’ generation is the most spineless, useless bunch of subhuman Eloi man has ever produced. Now even the mainstream media understands this.

We have a big problem.

As long as these apathetics (like the ones you see in Zardoz who unable even to speak) remain inert, Mass Murderer Bliar and Bogus Brown his evil apprentice and sucessor are going to be able to get away with things we cannot even imagine.

There are still enough of us around to change everything permanently, after all, it only took a handful of people to lead the UK into an illegal and devastating war of colonization, 100,000 defiants could ‘fix the problem’ in a matter of one week.

And finally from Jultra, classic words of pure wisdom:

It’s funny really isn’t it ? We don’t let former pedophiles work in schools with kids, but we put (former-) communists into goverment.


Its true! These monsters were the enemy, and now they control everything, and are rolling out Soviet style measures right in our faces, and we are surprised.

Once again however, it is only because the apathetics are gaining numbers (or at least, they are the ones standing still so that they can be counted) that this is at all possible.


It has to be said also, that these newspapers that decry the uselessness of this generation are the same ones that print the government line time and time again without comment. They never spell out what this generation of lusers should think about themselvs and why, they simply say, “they are all wrong”. Perhaps the independent should:

  • Counter every single PR driven article by marking where PR is the primary source.
  • Counter every government pronouncement with an unambiguous explanation as to why it is wrong (if it is wrong), and the action to be taken to defeat the pronounced measure.
  • Educate. If these Eloi-ish cretins dont know anything, then they need to be TAUGHT.

The above should replace the fanciful front pages that they are so keen on printing in a vain attempt to differentiate themselvs from the other PR pumping rags on the shelvs.

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