Half of all telephone owners are ‘ex-directory’

July 11th, 2006

Perhaps this is why, according to British Telecom, 48% of all landline users, including non-BT customers, are ex-directory. And the figure has been climbing steadily. Add to that Britain’s legion of mobile phone users, virtually all of whom are not listed on any directory, and you have a nation that wants to be left alone. […]


Now. The obvious next question is this; do all these people who jump at the chance of being ex-directory also understand what it means to be forced to carry the new ID card and register for the evil NIR?

SURELY if they were iinformed of what it means, they would be against it en-masse.

The article also has this:

Be ex-directory
Opt out of edited electoral roll
Tick boxes to stop third parties getting info
Join Telephone Preference Service

How will you be able to ‘vanish’ if you are on the NIR? Did the idiot Finlo Rohrer even THINK about this as he was writing this piece? It beggars belief that with the recent leaked emails that the light bulb didnt go off in his head…. Heh…now its ME being dumb!

Clearly all the people who are ex-directory if given the choice would ‘opt out’of the NIR/ID shenanigans. This statistic is heartening. It means that people still value their privacy and are willing to protect it as long as it is easy for them to do so.

That means that we have to create a solution that makes it easy for people to opt out of the NIR should HMG try and roll it out. It also means that in the new system where we take control of our identity documents, we need not only to contact all of these people, but to make it easy for them to use it and thereby destroy the previous system of state controlled identity by default.

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