iTunes remote edit

February 24th, 2006

Have you ever logged into a remote iTunes share to find a whole bunch of sloppy, mistagged files, and wished that you could right click on them and correct them, or even >>gasp<< amend the image file associated with them? Even if you have access rights machine where the files are hosted, there is no way to do this with vanilla iTunes. Until now that is. With this new plugin for iTunes, you can authenticate yourself to the hosting machine, and edit the entries on the hosting system. Its about time; now I can edit all my bad entries, and whats more, all the trusted users on my network can do the same, meaning that I have many hands on the task, and my collection will be in perfect order in no time. I can specify groups of files that are unediable, by genre, artist album ets so that only the wrong or unsorted entries are open to be fixed. Its very good indeed.

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